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Circus Circus
by mjm

I went to Vegas to dance in one of the shows. My struggle with my weight had always been a battle. As hard as I tried I couldn't manage to stick to any kind of a diet and my weight continued to climb. Eventually I lost my dancing job. Next I got a job as a cocktail waitress but wasn't good enough at it to keep that job either. I continued to bounce around fromone casino to another until I finally got a job working a booth at CircusCircus. Naturally, during all those years my weight continued to climb.Then one night, as I sat in my tiny apartment feeling sorry for myself for being a 26 year old blue eyed 5'10" 250 pound single blonde with nofriends it hit me.

The next day, I went to visit my boss. He was only a few years older than me. I really liked him a lot and it seemed like he liked me too but he was my boss. "Jim, I had an idea last night that I want to discuss with you." I said. "I'm open for suggestions. Shoot." he replied. "You know, we have all sorts of acts and attractions but the one thing that we don't have that circuses used to have is a fat lady." I commented. Jim's eyes seemed to brighten and he began to listen more intently. I continued to explain that I thought it would be a good idea to have one. He agreed but said, "OK, but where are we gonna' find one?"

My next comment caused him to choke on his coffee. "You're lookin' at her!" I said. As soon as he stopped coughing and sputtering he said,"Maybe you have a seriously distorted view of yourself. I realize that you're far from thin but you're a hell of a long ways from being really fat and even farther from being fat enough to qualify for being a circusf at lady. Further, this is Vegas. We don't do anything unless it's the biggest, grandest, showiest, record breakingest thing possible. Management would never consider anything less than a circus fat lady who was the fattest in the world and or of all time." Without batting an eye I said, "Ic ould get that fat!"

After a few moments Jim asked how. "I have a very slow metabolism. As hard as it might be to believe, I really don't eat a lot but I keep gaining. If you could arrange for me to have a comped room and comped privileges at the buffets you'd be amazed at how fast I could gain. Of course, I wouldn't be able to work the booth because I'd need to spend all my time eating and sleeping and getting fatter." I explained. "Why? Why do you wantt o do this?" he asked. I explained that my life was going nowhere. I had no friends or family to speak of. The one and only thing that I wasever able to do consistently and do it well was gain weight. I knew that eventually, I would get very fat and I might as well do it now and get whatever benefits from it I could manage. He looked at me with a very strange look;i t was part happy, part sad, part amazed and part incredulous.

After a long pause he said, "OK. I'll discuss it with management andg et back to you." I went to my booth and spent the day charging people a dollar so that they could throw a ball at three milk bottles to try to win a stuffed bear. Just as I was about to leave Jim caught me and asked me into his office.

"OK. Here's the deal. We'll do this provided you sign an employment contract." Jim said sternly. "Fine" I replied. "Look, my job is at stake here. If you don't deliver within a reasonable period of time, they'll cancel your contract and I'll get canned. Understand?"Jim said. "I'll do my part!" I assured him.

Jim explained that the casino wanted to start advertising that they were gonna' have the fattest circus fat lady as soon as I got close to their goal which was close to seven hundred pounds. Seven hundred pounds was a big number. I hadn't really thought about how fat I actually would have to get. Then I realized that I could do it in about a year or less. Jim then informed me that Circus Circus expected me to be there in less than nine months which would coincide with a competitor's special event. I thought about it for a minute. Could I gain fifty pounds a month for nine straight months? I looked at Jim and said, "No problem."

That night, I packed my stuff and moved into one of the comp rooms. Jim came up and brought me the contract which I signed. Jim asked if I needed anything. The room was a mini- suite so it had a half kitchen with a sink, microwave and a small fridge. I told him I might need a bigger fridge. He made a note and together we went down to the buffet.

I knew the cashier and she had already been given instructions that I was on full comp so I headed for the serving line. One of the waitresses came over. She was assigned to assist me at the evening buffet and she did a good job. I proceeded to stuff myself to near bursting and Jim had to help me to my room. Everything went well that first month. So well in fact that I managed to gain 75 pounds which was ahead of schedule. I had gotten into a sort of rhythm and made friends with all the buffet staff so eventually I started entering and leaving through the kitchen which made things easier. Jim continued to check on me and we became closer and closer yet he was still my boss so to speak. I wasn't actually paid any money but the casino gave me everything I needed so all went well.

During the second month, my rate of gain slowed so I only gained 60 pounds. I was still ahead of goal so all was good. During the third month, I only gained 50 and I started to worry but I was still ahead of goal and I was up to 435. My mobility was good and I felt great except for the fact that I had to get accustomed to a constant uncomfortable stuffed feeling.

During the fourth month, I only gained 40 pounds and I really started to worry but Jim was optimistic since I was still ahead of goal and basically on target. I was up to 475 and only had another 225 to go. During the fifth month I only gained 30 and everyone was starting to worry, even Jim who seemed to becoming fonder of me pound after pound and after I hit 450 reallys tarted spending a lot of time with me.

I was up to 505. I had 195 to go and only four months to do it in and it really didn't look like I was gonna make it. Jim decided that I needed some"Special" help. Jim figured that I needed about 20,000 calories a day so he brought in a big tank with a remote controlled electric pump. The tank was filled with a special liquid food supplement that was partially pre-digested and had about 100 calories per ounce. Jim figured that I needed at least 200 ounces a day which was a little less than two gallons.

I wasn't allowed to leave my room until I had consumed my two gallons which meant that I only got to visit the buffet a few times a day but that was OK. The supplement worked wonders. I gained seventy five pounds the sixth month and was ahead of target again. Jim cut me back to a gallon a day so I could spend more time at the buffets, I really had grown to love them.

During the seventh month I only gained 50 pounds but that was Ok because I was still ahead and with only 70 pounds to go over the next two months. We were all feeling quite pleased. During the eight month I gained 40 and felt really great. However, it was then that we got the bad news. Jim came to my room and said, "There's a European circus that has a lady who's billed as weighing 750. Management wants you to beat that by the first. ""That wasn't our deal." I declared. "They know but they're willing to renegotiate if you're willing and think you can do it."he replied. I was willing and with the help of the supplement, I knew I could do it. We renegotiated my contract and I began a 3 gallon a day supplementr egimen. At the end of the month we were all surprised to see the laundry scale balance at 762. No one seemed as thrilled as Jim. So thrilled that he kissed me which was a first.

As Jim lead me to the special booth they had prepared for me to be on display he said, "When you go on display, I won't be your boss anymore therefore there is no reason to stop me from telling you that you have become the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I would like to begin seeing you socially and who knows, maybe you'll learn to feel for me the way I feel for you." I looked at him and said, "I was already there a long time ago."