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What You Can Learn in College
by Azorfire

It was about four years ago ..., I was in college. Being a young and idealistic FA with lots of big women in one place made college a wonderful experience for me.

So many big women! We had a large student body and so there were plenty of lovely girls to choose from --- far more than in the high school I had attended. From the relatively lightweight but numerous 150-200 lbs with their large chests and perky bellies...to a select group of wonderfully bottom-heavy 350+lbs girls with their large, round, portruding fannies and fullsome bellies.

It was here that I met Jenny.

Jenny was smart, cute, sexy and fat. In the upper 200's and at around 5'5 her weight was mostly distributed in her hips and tummy. I was attracted to her almost instantaneously...all those lovely curves....those big sexy breasts...and that killer attitude she had...she was a dream come true.And what was best of all....I noticed she didn't have a problem with overeating.

In fact...it almost seemed as though she was trying to overeat. We had the usual college "all you can eat" facility and every day she was sitting with her friends....a cluster of big girls and all of them had huge platters. In the first month that I noticed her...her weight must have jumped at least 10 lbs. Or so I fantasized.

It wasn't until a few months later that I worked up the courage to talk with Jenny.She was sitting by herself on a bench one day...her hips spread wide on the flat surface reading a book.

"Hi, my name is Mike....I have noticed you in class reading....Gone With the Wind is one of my favorites, too" I said. It was a half fib --- I had enjoyed the movie but only read the book because it was required.

"Well this is about my third time reading it"she smiled back."Why don't you take a seat?...it has been a while since I have chatted about literature with anyone but my writing arts class"

I squeezed next to her and we took up talking...eventually I asked her out to eat...and a few days later we were sitting in a booth at a Hardees.She ordered three burgers and fries.

"I hope you don't mind," she giggled. I suspected she was testing me out. "I love to eat....and i guess it shows." she said, poking her large tummy.

"I don't" I smiled "In fact..."

I went on to tell her about how I didn't mind ladies being big, or even getting larger...she was stunned...but also fascinated.

And so our relationship grew after that...as did her body....a few weeks later she decided she wasn't going to restrain herself with the burdens of society's views of weight....and so her gainning really began.

Without restraints her body swelled like never before and in that month she gained over 12lbs....over the course of that year our love (and her weight) grew and grew. By October of this year she weighed in at around 380lbs...a really REALLY heavy bottomed girl.Her measurements said it all. At 45dd-52-85. It is

getting hard for her to fit her fabulous fanny into chairs but she didn't seem to mind.

It is now nearing December and I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my lovely super size 400 pound girl....

The things you learn in college .....