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Country Living
by K-Dawg

It was a clear April morning as Melissa Springer walked out of her car. She smelled the fresh clean air of the country. It was weird that after twenty two years in the city, she would finally get some real living. She stepped onto the newly paved rock road, and walked up to her steps. She was 5-7, 125 pounds of beauty. All the men were going to go nuts. Long brown hair, crystal blue eyes, she was the toast of the town. She rang her aunts door bell, and her plump Aunt B greeted her with fat arms. She hugged her Aunt, and sat down for dinner.

"So, hows your din Melissa?" asked her Aunt.

" Its ok B. Although it is too buttery." Melissa replied.

Her aunt said, nothing, but under her breath muttered that Melissa was too skinny. Melissa went on with her usual workout for the rest of the week, but found it harder and harder to run miles with B always calling her in for lunch or breakfast. The effects weren't noticeable, but she was definitely softer. Her aunt smiled to herself, knowing that the family tradition was still in affect.

Now, the Springer family was all fat, all except for Melissa. Her parents were plumpers, but not as fat as the rest of them. Her Mother and father moved out of the country when she was two, mainly because they wanted her to get a good education. She was supposed to become a teacher, but that fell threw after she was caught sleeping with the SuperAttendant. Her parents died, so she had no money. That's when strangely, she got a call from her aunt to tell her she could move to the country. Of course she accepted, but now she was starting to have doubts.

Two weeks later, as they were sitting down for dinner, Aunt B asked Melissa some questions about clothing.

"Melissa dear, I think you should buy some clothes for country life, not city life."

"Naw, my clothes are just fine." She replied as she unbuttoned her jeans. They had shrunken in the wash. Actually, they were snug because of the seven pounds that had manifested its way to Melissa's body. She was softer, but still not noticeably heavier. And if she did, she would notice her clothes getting snugger and workout more. Not if her aunt had anything to do with it.

At night, Aunt B carefully took all of Melissa clothes out, and replaced them with a larger size. She also added some new ones, so Melissa could reveal more of herself when they went out. Now, whenever Melissa went out, people would stare at how much she was changing in only the short time down there. It had only been a month, but she had already put on 15 pounds. Her butt was getting flabby, as well as her stomach. Her face wasn't getting rounder, but some blemishes had developed from her late night chocolate binges. Her thighs were buried under a small layer of fat, as well as her arms. Her breasts were starting to overlap her bra. Her Aunt was now putting more butter and lard into every meal. Plus, Melissa wasn't exercising anymore. She was too busy eating and watching t.v. Life was getting pretty easy. She did sometimes help with chores, but then always counter acted that with a piece or two of layer cake. Sounds fun, huh?

It now had been a month and three weeks since Melissa had moved to the country, and she was definitely blending in. All 165 pounds of her slowly moving around the house to refill her snack bowl. Her body was all chubby. Her butt was the roundest and flabbiest part, and wiggled with each step. Her breasts flopped around and her belly was causing a lot of pressure to anything she wore that had a button. Her aunt was going to get her ready for the last stage, the pie competition.

"Melissa?" B asked a month later. She was now ready to start getting her ready for the pie eating contest. Melissa had now grown to 1185 pounds, and was in heaven. Her aunt found her on the couch, underwear and all, playing with her tummy as she stuffed marshmallows into her eager mouth.

"Melissa, I just got news that in one month, they are having a pie eating contest, and since I know you love pies, I signed you up. Now, its going to be hard, but I know you can win it with a little help from your auntie."

"Pies?!?" "I love them!" " What is the prize?" Melissa enquired.

" Free pies from Joe's Bakery for the rest of this year and next year, until the next pie contest!" With that, Melissa agreed.

Now, all she did was cram pies into her ever widening face. Her belly was pushing her knee's farther and farther apart each day she sat at the table. Her breasts had already outgrown three cup sizes, and were going on number four. Her butt was starting to ooze out over each side of the chair. She still was pretty, only in a larger package. He swelling paunch was now giving her more room for more food. Her aunt new that there was something wrong with the fact that two weeks, her niece had gained a whopping 45 pounds, but she couldn't stop her, in fact, she was starting to cook more, because her niece was constantly hungry. She knew that if her intake would double, so would her weight, so she increased the food size and quantity by not two, but three times.

Melissa went to bed hungry that night. Her aunt told her that the night before the contest, she shouldn't eat because then she would have enough room to win. Melissa, however, would not listen. She got out of bed, and waddled towards the steps. A button from her pajama pants popped off, giving her more breathing room. She got to the fridge, and pulled out some ice cream, cheese, milk, pies, and a few eclairs. She started to feed. About an hour later, all her shirt buttons popped off, and her breasts and belly surged out. She was magnificent. Her ass had caused the chair to squeak, and was starting to snap. Her body was huge. Double chin jiggling, and giving birth to a third. Then at four a.m, it happened. Her pants and shirt had been torn to shreds. Her massive gut tried to touch her knees, when her chair creaked and then broke. She got up from her gluttony, and looked down at what she had become. She was over 300 pounds. In the past two weeks, she added over 140 pounds on. It was almost impossible, but she did it. She waddled to the refrigerator, and ate another piece of cheese, and headed back to bed. Unfortunately, her aunt found out, and scolded her. Melissa had to prove her worth. Well, she did. She won by eating twenty two pies. Her only challenge was a man who ate 15. Melissa was going to get pies for the next year.

Jackie came over to see her niece Melissa for the first time in two years. When she got in the living room, all she saw was a white pale ball of flesh watching t.v, and pushing pies into her mouth.

"Melissa? Is that you?"

"Who is there?"

" Your aunt!" I can't believe she made you a member of the family!"

" Well, I like being one of the family. Its great!"

With that, Melissa ate another pie, and celebrated her 700th pound.

The End