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Dairy Matters
by Scott Guthrie

Joan is working the night shift in her lab. She had made her research of cattle nutrition her life's work. She had finally developed an enzyme to promote fattening in dairy cows after they quit producing milk.

Joan goes to the cooler, pours herself a large glass of milk, sits back down and relaxes while she drinks.

'The first group was a complete failure, and the second did only slightly better,' she thinks as she finishes her milk, leans back and smiles. 'But the third group proved my theory was right.' She looks at the charts on her desk. 'My enzyme enabled them to gain from four to six pounds a day for a period of one hundred days.' She opens a thin folder and spreads out the milking records of the new group, scheduled to start tomorrow.

Within an hour she has filled out her own charts on the cows. She stands, stretches, and looks at her reflection in the glass door. "I wonder if it's because of my own extra weight that got me interested in fattening cows?" she stands, runs her hands over her slightly plump figure, then hefts her full bosom, "or do I have some dairy genes in me?" she jokes to herself.

Joan opens the cupboard, removes her lunch, returns to her desk and eats while reading this month's dairy science journal.

Her thoughts are completely absorbed in an article written by a distant college as several hooded figures quietly enter the lab. Suddenly her arms are grabbed and a gloved hand covers her mouth.

"If you promise not to scream," a disguised voice whispers in her ear, "I'll remove my hand."

Joan pauses before she nods in agreement. The hand is removed from her mouth and she is tied to her chair. Looking around she sees five figures, the hood and robe of their costumes cover them completely.

"Your research seems to have gone well with this last group," the apparent leader comments. He continues to read while the others stand around the two of them.

He finishes and tosses the report on the floor. "Eight cows have been fattened because of your experiment and another eight have been delivered." He turns her chair toward him. " After you finish with this experiment, how many hundreds of cows will have your poison forced down their throats? They spend their lives being artificially impregnated, being milked by a machine several times a day, year after year. When they finally can't produce enough milk they should be allowed to live out their final years in peace." He moves closer to her and she can see the anger in his eyes. "But your junk food will make them fat and ready for the butcher in a few months."

He stands, keeping his gaze fixed on her. All but one of the others are becoming nervous. "Shouldn't we finish our plan and get out of here?" one of them finally asks.

"Yes," the leader agrees. "Where is their medicine?"

She returns his stare. "In the refrigerator there are eight jars. I only made enough for the cows they sent me."

The shortest one brings the jars and places them on the desk. A hostile female voice comes from behind the hood. "So this is their medicine?" she looks at Joan and then the others, "she doesn't look well, does she?" she laughs and fills Joan's glass. "I think you need your medicine more than those poor cows do."

The leader grabs her hand. "We don't hurt anyone," he says in a commanding voice.

She jerks her hand free. "I was the one who found out about this place and I will do what I want to with her." She looks at the others. "Get out." She turns and smiles at Joan. "I'll get rid of this liquid fat my way."

The leader looks at her. "You're on your own. I will tell our people you are no longer one of us." He signals the others and they follow him out.

She moves the glass toward Joan. "You can take your medicine or I can force it down your throat."

Joan meekly nods her head, her long auburn hair falling over her shoulders as she does. She opens her mouth and gulps the fluid down as her captor pours the contents of the glass between her full lips.

"Your kind is always admired," she sneers. She slaps her hand over her chest. "Men always look at a busty bitch like you and ignore my kind." She reaches over and hefts one of Joan's full breasts. "Maybe that's why you're interested in dairy cows?" she muses.

She pours the rest of the jar's contents of thick pink fluid into the glass. "You need a full dose," she comments with a voice full of envy as she holds the glass in front of Joan.

Joan looks up in horror. "One pint is a dose for a 1000 pound cow!"

Her captor grabs her long auburn hair and glares at her. "Eight cows have already had your medicine forced down their throats." She tips the glass slowly. "If you don't drink this I'll shove a hose down your throat the way you gave this to those poor cows."

Joan slowly drinks the second glass of fluid. "Are you going to untie me before you leave?" she asks.

"Are you getting hungry yet?" her hooded antagonist asks. When Joan refuses to answer she refills the glass from the second jar.

Joan's mouth falls open in unbelieving shock "you've given me enough for a full grown cow! you can't be thinking of giving me anymore!"

The glass moves toward her. A wicked voice comes from beneath the hood. "And there's more to come!"

Joan tries to struggle but gives up as a switchblade appears from beneath the robe and the blade is extended. "If you don't take your medicine I'll be very upset!"

Joan sits back and gulps the fluid as it is poured into her.

As the glass is filled a fourth time she again struggles against her ropes. She stops as the blade of the knife approaches her face. "I don't want to kill you." The voice hisses through the hood, "but I wouldn't mind a reason to put my mark on your pretty face."

Joan sits back in resignation. "Ok, I give up." She takes a deep breath.

She drinks the contents of the glass and two more before she refuses to open her mouth for the next. "I can't drink any more." She begs as the glass is removed from her lips.

Her hooded torturer pats Joan's slightly rounded abdomen. "Are we starting to feel a little full?" she unsnaps Joan's pants. "Now you're ready for the rest."

Joan feels her swollen stomach bounce from the touch. Strangely, it doesn't feel painful as it should. She wonders about what this much of an overdose might do to her. As she finishes her eighth glass, her stomach feels like it's glowing with warmth. She glances down as her captor begins on the fifth jar. Her belly is slightly bloated, a pleasant warmth spreads through out her body.

"Half way there," the voice sneers from beneath the hood. "And I bet you don't think you can drink another drop." Her switchblade glints in the artificial lighting.

Joan groans as the fluid is poured into her, but it is now becoming a groan of unimagined sensations. As the rest of the fifth and sixth doses swell her already stretched stomach, her mind begins to fantasize of her becoming the mother of all cows. Her belly round enough for her to carry a full size cow and each one of her breasts, larger and heavier that the fattest udder of any of their test cows.

She drifts partway back to consciousness as her captor stops. "I want you to be awake," the cruel voice laughs. "I want you to feel every ounce sloshing down your throat, with it's promise of making you the fattest woman..., naw, the fattest human ever." She refills the glass from the seventh jar.

Joan seems to fight the ropes, but she is squirming on the edge of ecstacy. As the enzyme begins to flow down her gullet, she struggles slightly, apparently trying to get loose, but actually wanting to gulp it down even faster. She struggles for a moment after nothing is flowing and slowly opens her eyes.

"Think you've drank it all?" the woman holds the final jar a few inches in front of her. "Let's see if you can expand enough to hold this last dose." She tosses the lid aside and raises the jar triumphantly.

Joan's mouth is still open and her tongue uncontrollable licks her lips. The rich fluid floods down her throat and swells her belly more than she could imagine possible. But instead of agonizing pain, she feels a strange mixture of ecstacy and contentment. As the rest of the fluid is poured into her bloated stomach she is barely conscious, lost in unknown pleasure.

After the last of the fluid is poured into her, her captor smiles and looks at Joan's bloated belly. "It's a good thing I unsnapped your pants." She pats Joan's stretched panties covering her round tummy. "With one dose a full grown cow gained 400 to 600 pounds." She steps back and gives Joan a last look. "And you'Ve got 8 doses in you." She turns and steps out the rear door.

Joan releases a long groan, but it is a sound approaching orgasm. She glances at the clock. "Four o'Clock," she groans. "Bill won't be here till 7:30 or 8." She looks at her swollen abdomen, "I look like I'm about six months pregnant." She closes her eyes and groans again from another wave of inner warmth. "I'm so stuffed I can't stay awake," she thinks before she falls asleep.

"Joan, wake up! Joan what happened?"

she slowly opens her eyes and sees bill untying her. "Oh bill," she cries as she throws her arms around his neck. "It was horrible." He calms her down. "I'll call the police, you can tell me while we wait for them."

While he makes the call, she goes to a cabinet and gets a large bag of potato chips. She sits back down, tears the bag open, and tells him about the previous night's events while she eats the entire bag.

"I don't want the police to know that they forced me to drink the enzyme." He starts to protest and she places her slightly plump finger against his lips. "If we tell them, our backer might abandon us." She looks at her plump belly and tries to close her pants. She gives up and chuckles as she stands and puts on a lab coat. "Promise me it'll be our secret."

Bill agrees to tell the police that the enzyme was dumped but not tell them it was dumped into her.

The police arrive and over the next two hours they search for any traces of who the hooded people were. They leave with little hope of identifying the culprits.

Shortly after 10, Joan finally leaves. Bill promises that what really happened will remain their secret. "I'M concerned with how much the enzyme will affect you." He mentions in concern.

Joan smiles. "I already was more than a bit plump," she says as she pats her round tummy. "We've been studying how it affects dairy cows; now we can also study how well it works on a human."

She climbs into her car and starts her short drive home. Once she is out of sight of the lab she changes direction and stops at all five fast food drive-ins ordering enough at each place for a good size family. She finishes two of the orders before she stops at a grocery store. She fills two carts with an assortment of nutritious and delicious foods. She gulps down the third fast food order while she drives home. She works on the fourth while she fills her refrigerator, freezer and cabinets with the groceries. She starts to take off her coat and looks at her bloated abdomen in amazement. She removes her coat and is shocked that she can't get the snaps closer then 4 inches to each other.

Joan reads her mail while she finishes the fourth order. She gets a notebook and draws up a chart of her expected weight gain. "Last week I weighed 155 so I'll use that for a starting weight."

Joan weighs herself and jumps off the scale in shock. She gently steps back onto the scale and watches as the numbers climb to 182 before they stop. "Well," she jokes to herself, "a lot of that is all the food I've just stuffed myself with and not new fat."

She finishes the last fast food order while she prepares for sleep. Her panties are stretched more than she thought they could and she has to struggle to get them off because of the waistband. "I better get some larger clothes before I go in tonight." She caresses her growing belly, "I better get maternity clothes so I won't outgrow them as fast."

"It's a good thing my family left me more than enough money." She looks at her reflection in the full length bedroom mirror, "because it looks like I'M going to be the next test group." She undresses and climbs into bed. She looks at her swollen stomach as she pulls the blankets up to her neck. "I wonder how much I'll gain?" she looks at her large bosom. "The cows stored a lot of fat in their udders." She shakes her head and smiles. "Mine are going to be udderly, unbelievable humongous," she thinks as she falls asleep.

The ringing of the phone wakes Joan from a dream of endless banquets. "Hello", she mumbles.

"How are you doing?" Bill asks.

"Alright I guess," she replies as she completely wakes up.

"Are you going to come in tonight? we need to talk about what happened last night and calculate what may be happening to you."

"I'll be there in an hour or so." She replies. She hangs up the phone and gets out of her bed. She stretches before she turns on the light. "Well," she comments to herself as she looks at her reflection, "I guess I've put on a little bit from this morning's feast." She caresses her plump tummy and runs her hands onto her soft hips. She smiles as she hefts her full breasts and they begin to overflow her hands. "I better get some bigger clothes before I go to the lab."

Joan tries to put on underpants and decides to forget them. She then puts on a bra and her fleshy breasts start to flow over the top. After putting on her sweat suit she goes into the kitchen.

She looks around and realizes how hungry she is. Opening the refrigerator she removes a gallon of milk and pours herself a large glass. She opens a box of donuts and looks at the clock while she wolfs down the first one. "7:40 pm, I better try and control my appetite until I get some larger clothes," she thinks while she eats her second one and tosses down the rest of her milk.

Joan gulps down about a quart of milk before she returns the bottle to the refrigerator. She eats two more donuts while she gets her purse and starts for the nearby mall.

There are only three donuts left of the dozen by the time she parks. As she enters the mall she decides that, since her clothes were starting to get snug before last night, she is close to a size larger than the clothes she's wearing. Glancing around she notice an 'Expectations' Store. "Maternity clothes should fit me longer than regular ones," she thinks. "Even so I think I'll get them a couple of sizes larger and tell them they'Re for a friend."

The sales girl is very helpful and smiles when Joan mentions that her friend's breasts are a good bit larger then hers. "She could keep a set of twins extra plump," the girl jokes. In half an hour Joan leaves with several sets of maternity clothes two sizes larger than herself and bras four sizes larger.

Joan stops at a snack food shop and purchases several large bags of chips and pretzels, four 2-liter bottles of coke, and three pounds of assorted candies.

After she returns to her car, she gulps down half of a bottle while she finishes the donuts. "If I keep eating like this," she muses while she caresses her round belly, "I'M going to look like I'M expecting a cow." She laughs and starts for the lab. On the way she finishes the bottle and picks up eight fast food orders. "She poured enough enzyme in me for eight cows so I might as well enjoy myself." Joan finishes three of the orders and the coke before she arrives at the lab.

At the lab, bill looks at her as she enters. "How much have you consumed since you left?" he asks as his face take on a look of surprise.

Joan smiles as she puts the cokes in the fridge and removes a half full gallon bottle of milk. "I started a report on myself last night." She tosses the notebook to him as she digs into the fourth order.

Bill reads the report and then studies her for any obvious signs of her weight gain. "What have you had today?" he asks in concern.

Joan finishes a burger and smiles as she pours catsup on the fries. "I had about a quart of milk and nine donuts before I reached the mall." She takes a large bite and washes it down with a second large glass of milk. "Three donuts, a two liter bottle of coke, and three orders on the way here." She finishes the fries and munches on some pretzels while she continues. "The two orders just now," she picks up the bottle of milk and gulps down what is left. "And about a half gallon of milk."

Bill is now looking at her in shock. "If your appetite proceeds like the cows, you should be eating three times your average in another day." He shakes his head, "but you sound like you'Re already eating that much if not more."

Joan stands and walks toward him. "We should expect me to be eating a lot more. I was force fed 8 doses although I'm not a 1,000 pound cow."

Bill forces a smile. "But at the rate you're going, you might get that heavy."

She wraps her soft arms around him in a comforting hug. "I know you're worried," she whispers. "Last night I thought it through and realized that getting fat doesn't bother me." She smiles, "one of my Aunts is fat and I started wondering how it feels from the inside to be fat." She steps back and strokes her fleshy sides. "So I want you to accept that what's happening to me is my choice. I feel our two student helpers will understand and not tell anyone." She sits back down and slowly munches on the sixth order.

Bill approaches her. He puts one of his hands on her soft shoulders. "If you want me to I'll even complement you as you fill out."

Joan reaches up and puts one of her hands over his. "That sounds like a good idea. And since the enzyme was designed for dairy cows, if you tell me I'M looking like an extra well-fed, contented cow, I'll know it's a complement."

She finishes the sixth order and stands up. "I bought eight meals because I had eight doses poured into me." She pats her plump tummy and her flesh billows beneath the cloth. "I think I better try on my new clothes." She smiles and goes into a side room used for naps during 24 hour work shifts.

Bill updates the report on her and checks on how the replacement enzyme is doing. "We should have enough to give the cows in two days," he calls out to Joan.

"That's good," Joan replies from the next room. "Is Peg coming in tonight?"

bill puts down the report and walks partway to the door. "She should be here in about fifteen minutes."

The door opens and Joan walks out. She stops and slowly turns completely around. "What do you think?" she asks.

Bill studies how the clothes hang on her. "As loose as they are, how long do you think it will take you to grow into them?"

Joan smiles and pats her round belly. "With an appetite like I'm getting," she says with a sly look in her eyes, "the question should be how long until I split the seams." She laughs as she grabs the waistband and pulls it out. "So I got maternity clothes."

Bill smiles, "did you get the tops bigger because of how fat the udders of our last group got?"

She laughs and bounces her plump breasts. "If you think I have large breasts now." She giggles, "since a human woman normally has more fat in her breasts then a dairy cow, mine should get really huge."

"What are you talking about?" a female voice asks.

They both turn and see Peg staring at them in shock.

Bill explains what happened. "Joan has accepted what happened and plans to enjoy getting fatter."

Peg still looks at him in shock. "I can't believe it." She almost sobs as she turns to Joan.

Joan smiles and looks at bill. "I think It'll be easier for her to understand if we can talk about it woman to woman."

Bill gently takes Joan's hand. "If you need me, call." He squeezes her hand before he leaves.

Joan waits until the door closes behind him before she turns to Peg. "Sit down and We'll talk about what the enzyme will do to me."

Peg sits down and accepts a glass of coke. "How can you actually like the idea of getting as fat as the cows?" she asks quietly.

Joan sits down beside her and hold her head in her soft hands. "Last night after I left here I thought about what it will be like." Joan sips her drink while Peg drains and then refills hers. "I have an Aunt who weighs around 500 pounds. She always has a good attitude about herself."

Joan pats her swelling tummy and her soft flesh quivers. "Last summer I mentioned to her that I was starting to put on some extra weight. I asked her about how it felt to be as big as she was." She smiles and refills her glass. "Aunt Judy stood up and had me stand before her."

"'Feel the fullness and softness of your fore arms and then your upper arms,' She told me. After I did this she continued, 'Remember how your arms felt as you feel mine.' I had to step closer and my full breasts touched her much larger ones. 'It's a good thing we'Re talking before you fill out any more,' She laughed and the motion of her ponderous breasts made mine jiggle. I felt her arms and tried to imagine that they were mine."

Joan gets a bag of pretzel and they both munch while Joan continues. "Next she had me feel the softness and fullness of my belly." She caresses her soft tummy. "I'M a good bit fuller than i was on that day," she jokes. "Then she had me feel the softness and weight of hers. I was surprised when I actually felt I'D enjoy having a body as large and full as hers. She then had me heft and caress my breasts and then caress hers. I admit I found myself somewhat envious of the immense size and fleshiness of her bosom."

Peg sips her drink while she listens intently to Joan's story. "So now you'Re almost excited in knowing you'Re going to be getting as big as her?" she finishes her glass and refills both of theirs while Joan continues.

"Aunt Judy gave me a magazine about large women and told me to read it while she prepared dinner. I didn't realize how long I had been reading until I smelled delicious aromas coming from the kitchen. Before I finished the article I was on, Aunt Judy started bringing out an assortment of delicious looking and smelling food."

Joan gets another bottle of coke and opens a bag of chips as Peg finishes the pretzels. She refills her glass and drinks half the contents before she continues. "She smiled as I put the magazine aside and looked at the feast in front of me. 'I know you were surprised that you enjoyed how I felt and that you could imagine how good you might feel.' She started to fill my plate with an assortment of foods. 'so now I'M going to feed you until you'Re so full you won't want to move.' I started eating and she complemented and encouraged me as I put away more food then I ever thought I could hold."

Joan finishes her drink and refills it, "when I admitted I was starting to feel full she brought out a pumpkin pie and a large bowl of real whipped cream. 'I know that this is your favorite desert', She said with a smile. She cut the pie in quarters, put a piece on my plate and covered it with whipped cream. 'You know you can eat it all', She said with a smile as she once more refilled my milk glass. I dug in and enjoyed the taste more than I can remember. I finished the piece and emptied my glass as she served me the next piece and covered it with more whipped cream."

Peg gets another bag of chips and dumps them on the table. "As much as you had already eaten, you still had room for another piece?"

Joan smiles and stuffs a handful of chips into her mouth before she continues. "Before I started on the second piece, I unsnapped my pants. I undid the zipper and told her I was ready for the rest of my desert. I finished the second piece and patted my bulging stomach while I gulped down the rest of my milk. When i started on the third piece, Aunt Judy caressed my stomach, 'I know you can hold the rest and then you'll know how it feels to be really well fed.' I finished the third piece and slowly finished my milk. I paused as I watched her cover the final piece with all of the whipped cream in the bowl. I looked at it and then at her. She smiled and caressed my bulging belly, 'I know you can get it all in.' I smiled and slowly began eating the whipped cream until I could see some of the pie. She refilled my milk when I was about halfway through. I finally finished the piece and gulped down the last of the milk."

Joan smiles, "even with all I ate last night, I didn't feel as stuffed as I did then." She takes another handful of chips as she continues. "Aunt Judy helped me up and removed my now snug pants and shirt before she helped me into an easy chair. 'Caress your tummy and enjoy how wonderful you feel with an extra-full stomach.' She went to her room and returned in a few minutes with some of her clothes."

"'I'm going to let you rest for a few minutes,' She commented as she spread out a full set of clothes. 'then you'Re going to put on my clothes and I'll fill them out with pillows.' While I rested, she gathered all the pillows she could find."

"She helped me up and I groaned as I felt my stomach shift from side to side. 'I know your tummy is filled with as much food as you can hold,' She commented with a laugh. She helped me into her pants. I held them up as she stuffed in pillows until the were snug." Joan takes a long drink from her glass. "Then she put her bra on me." Joan looks at her full bosom. "One of her cups could still hold both of mine."

Peg finally makes a comment, "one of yours could hold both of mine, so hers must be unbelievable."

Joan laughs and finishes her drink. She resumes her story while Peg refills both of their glasses. "She stuffed a pillow into each side. She put one of her blouses on me and stuffed more pillows into it until I looked like her younger twin. 'You'Re going to have to imagine how full your arms should be,' She joked as she stood back and studied my pillow-filled form."

"For the rest of the day I wore those clothes and she showed me how to move comfortably around the house. We acted like a couple of dorm room-mates. For supper she fed me a meal as delicious and big as she had for lunch." Joan eats another handful of chips and smiles, "I probably gained a couple of pounds that day." She strokes her plump tummy, "but they're worth it."

Peg thoughtfully sips the rest of her drink and munches on chips while she studies Joan's rounded figure. Joan stands slowly. She turns completely around, modeling herself for Peg's approval. "I may not completely understand how you feel," she comments as she admires Joan's full figure, "but I know that you'Re somehow enjoying the idea of getting as fat as your Aunt." She refills both their glasses and offers a toast. "To our first human subject," she says with a smile. "May you delight in every pound you gain and every inch you fill out. And may you stop fattening before you'Re bigger than you want to be."

They touch their cups and drink the contents without stopping. Joan laughs and throws hers at the wall. Peg's cup follow and they laugh as the plastic cups bounce onto the floor.

Peg looks at Joan's clothes. "When those start to get tight I'll see how much I can let them out." I never told you that I've done some sewing to help pay for my books." She says as she pulls Joan's pants out. "And you were smart to get maternity clothes a couple of sizes bigger.

Joan laughs as she pulls her top out as far as she can. "And i got my tops even bigger than that."

They both laugh and talk about Joan's appetite. They try and calculate how much she might be eating when her appetite reaches it's limit.

Peg takes Joan's notes and studies them while Joan phones in an order for three large pizzas and three bottles of coke.

Until Peg leaves, they talk about Joan's expected weight gain and what Peg can do to make Joan feel good about it. They estimate that her appetite could be as much as ten times what it had been. "If I'M eating that much in a week," Joan says with a smile. "I'll be as big as my Aunt in two months."

Peg laughs, "we calculated the most your appetite could increase. You'll probably be eating less than that."

Joan stuffs down a large slice of pizza, "my appetite is at least four or five times what it was already." They both laugh at this obvious statement. She smacks her lips and savors the multi- topped pizza. "This morning I just needed to eat and didn't really taste what I was eating. But my tastebuds are more alert than I can ever remember."

Shortly after midnight, Peg leaves, promising to keep the secret.

The next morning Chris, the other student helper, comes in and Joan tells her what has happened to her and why she not only accepts, but looks forward to watching her figure become fuller and heavier.

When she finishes, Chris smiles, "I've always enjoyed cooking but my room-mates don't like me to cook because they say my meals have added more pounds to them then they'D like to admit."

Joan laughs and pats her round belly. "I'M going to let you try and add more pounds to me in a week then you'Ve added to their skinny bodies in the last year." They both laugh for several minutes. Chris promises to bring in plenty of delicious food and all Joan has to pay for is the ingredients. "I like to think of my dishes as art," she says with a twinkle in her eye. "And you'Re going to be my masterpiece!"

Joan smiles, "I expect that you and Peg might want to bet on how much I'll gain." She caresses her growing belly as she looks at Chris. "And with your help I plan to pack on more pounds than either of you think I will."

Chris pats Joan swelling belly. "I'm going to make sure that you gain a good bit more than Peg thinks you can."

Joan shakes her head and her long hair flows. "And I'll fill out more than either of you believe I can."

They check on the next group of cows until bill arrives. Joan tells him some of what she and the others discussed and he reminds her that he'll help her as much as he can.

Joan picks up the file on herself and tosses it to him. "Then you can fill in the entry for my weight today." She walks over to the cattle scale. "I better start using this one, because mine at home is going to break in a month or so." She climbs on the scale and watches the indicator climb to 179. "I've got a long way to go to break this one," she says laughing.

Nov 2 -- 8:00am -- wt. 179 -- appetite 4-5 times original

Bill smiles, "If you get that heavy, We'll get a truck scale."

Joan laughs and leaves for home. Chris goes with her, "you make sure that the cows are fed nutritious meals." She pats Joan rounded tummy, "If you'Re going to keep yourself stuffed to you limit. I'M going to make sure you'Re stuffed with delicious, nutritious and calorie laden food."

Joan smiles as they stop at the grocery store and Chris fills two carts. They drive Joan's to place and move the food inside. Chris borrows Joan's car and goes to her apartment for a few days worth of clothes.

Joan munches on toasted whole wheat bread, covered with jelly. She finishes the loaf and half a gallon of milk by the time Chris returns.

Chris prepares a breakfast big enough for six. Joan begins eating the first stack of pancakes. She tries to keep up but finally falls behind.

Chris places the final plate of pancakes on the table at digs in. "All this cooking makes me hungry," she says between mouthfuls.

Joan pats her full stomach, "you aren't trying to keep me company while I fill out, are you?"

Chris stuffs a large forkful into her mouth. "What makes you think that?" she mumbles with her mouth full.

Joan cleans up the kitchen while Chris finishes eating. "You cook and I clean up." She jokes as she puts away her last dish.

Chris washes her dish and hands it to Joan. "At least until you'Re too big." She steps back and studies Joan's profile. "And at the rate you'Re going, that might not be too far away."

They joke as they prepare for sleep. "Have you thought about how you'Re going to get around?" Chris asks.

Joan smiles, "I picked up a big beautiful woman magazine at the grocery and there is an ad from a company that modifies vans for very large people." She looks around her apartment. "And I'M going to check out the house for sale next to the lab."

Chris changes into her sleep wear and Joan changes into her maternity sleep wear. "Tomorrow morning we start the cows on the next experiment." "And you'Ve got a two day start on them." Chris comments as she drifts to sleep.

Joan is dreaming of delicious meals. She sighs as she wakes and inhales the aroma of the food Chris is preparing. She struggles out of bed and quietly enters the kitchen.

"I wondered how long it would take you to smell my handiwork," Chris says as Joan steps beside her. She opens the oven, "I've got your appetizer ready," she says as she removes a large platter. "A half pound of baked carrots, four potatoes, a meat loaf and some french bread."

Joan carries it to the table and gets a gallon of milk before she digs in. "With food like this." She comments after several mouthfuls, "we might have to increase our estimates of how much I'll be eating." She laughs and her swelling breasts jiggle.

Chris smiles, "I'M just making sure I'll win my bet with Peg." She fills two bowls with soup from the large pot and joins Joan. "I'M not sure if you like me talking about how much you might gain or...."

Joan interrupts her. "Chris," Joan says as she grasps her hand. "I know I'm going to get huge. I told you about how my Aunt showed me what it will be like and, in a way, I'M looking forward to it." She pats her growing belly. "I told bill that if he made comments about me looking like one of the cows in our last group, i'D take it as a complement." She picks up the bowl and drains it. "If it wasn't for you making me nutritious meals, I'd be gorging myself on junk food." She refills her bowl and sits back down. "You said you loved cooking if only you had some one to cook for," she takes a spoonful of soup and smiles.

Chris finally smiles, "If you like the idea of us thinking of you as one of the cows." She starts on her bowl of soup. "Then I better get my bet made with Peg before she finds out how much you love my cooking."

Joan finishes her appetizer and gets a larger bowl for herself. "And I'll make a bet with bill that I'll get heavier than you think I can."

They laugh and resume eating. Chris finishes first and cleans up while Joan fills her growing stomach.

On the way to the lab they stop at the grocery store and then at the house Joan is thinking of buying. "It's a one floor house so you don't have to worry about stairs," Chris comments as they walk around it.

Joan smiles, "It comes with the two lots between it and the lab." She looks at the house and laughs. "If it looks like I'M going to get too big for the house I'll have land to build a custom designed house."

"Maybe you should build a custom designed barn," Chris says laughingly.

They both laugh as they get back in Joan's car and drive to the lab.

Peg greets them and helps bring in the groceries. "How do you like Chris' Cooking?"

Joan laughs as she fills a large glass with coke. "It doesn't have the taste of mcdonald's," she takes a long drink, "but I agree with her that I better have some good foods so I'll be a healthy fat heifer." She finishes her glass. "How are the cows doing?"

Peg hands her the charts. "We gave them the enzyme at noon and they'Re eating like the last group did."

Joan studies the reports. "Chris, why don't you tell her about the house," she mentions as she walks to the stalls.

"Is she putting on an act, or does she really prefer mcdonald's to your cooking?" Peg whispers excitedly.

Chris smiles, "first off, she insisted that she is going to enjoy getting huge and wants us to complement her as she fills out. I think she was joking about how much she likes my food so your bet on her weight will be low."

Peg looks at her with confusion, "then why are you telling me?

"Because I'm thinking of fattening her as a challenge. If you guess a low weight, I won't have to try to hard." She grins mischievously, "but if you guess higher, I'll have to use all my skills to get her to gorge until she's well over your bet."

Peg smiles, "I don't know how much she told you about her Aunt, but I know she wants to get that fat and more." She looks at Joan's chart. "If her appetite reaches ten times what it was," she mumbles and thinks for several minutes. "Her Aunt weighed around 500, so I'll bet that she can put on 200 more!"

Chris steps back in mock horror. "And for me to win, how much more do I have to fatten her?" she says giggling.

Peg leans back against a table and empties her glass of milk. "I'D like to say 100 pounds, but I'll agree that you'Ve won if she exceeds 750."

Chris looks in Joan's direction. "Joan, I'M going to feed you as much as you can hold," she turns to Peg, "and then bring out desert." They both laugh at this. Peg gets her books and leaves.

Chris enters the barn and watches Joan looking at the cows. "We got a real assortment of conditions this time." She mentions.

Joan turns with a smile, "are you going to tell me how much I'll have to gain for you to win?"

Chris shakes her head. "If I did that, you'd know how much more you'll need to win your bet with bill." She looks at the cows. "When you'Re as big as your Aunt, I'll tell you."

"Do you want to be on which one of the cows gain the most?" Joan asks as she studies the charts.

#1 -- 7 yr -- poor condition -- 900lbs

#2 -- 8 yr -- poor condition -- 850lbs

#3 -- 7 yr -- ave. Condition -- 1000lbs

#4 -- 9 yr -- ave. Condition -- 1020lbs

#5 -- 8 yr ave. Condition -- 990lbs

#6 -- 7yr above ave. Cond.-- 1100lbs

#7 -- 9yr above ave. Cond. -- 1120lbs

#8 -- 9yr extra good cond. -- 1250lbs

Chris studies the charts and then the cows. Joan returns to the lab and begins snacking. She is more than halfway through a large bag of chips before Chris joins her.

"It a hard choice," she comments as she gets herself some coke. "But I think I'll take #5, she's just barely in average condition and has the build to fill out."

Joan smiles as Chris begins eating the chips. "Since I'M going to gain more than any of them, I'll pick #8. She's already in extra good condition and that's without my enzyme."

They settle on the amount of the bet and finish their snack. Until midnight, Joan helps Chris with her classwork, check on the cows, and study house designs in a magazine she bought. They finally throw it away and sketch a house with a minimum amount of walls. They design a bathroom with a tub big enough for #8. "Are you sure I won't get bigger than that?" Joan asks with a laugh.

Chris smiles and increases the tub's dimensions by a foot. "If you out grow this, We'll just build you an indoor pool."

Joan feeds the cows while Chris prepares a midnight feast. "When you get all this delicious food in you," Chris says with a laugh, "I'll bring out your desert."

Joan laughs and begins scarffing down the sumptuous meal. Chris joins her and does well herself. She stops long before Joan does. Joan finally finishes, sits back and pats her swollen stomach. "With feasts like this, I might get as heavy as the sum of both of your bets."

Chris smiles as she places a double layer cake on the table. "Is that a request?" she asks as she refills both their glasses and takes a small piece for herself.

Joan picks up her fork. "You'Re the one telling me how much to eat." She takes a large piece. "But how long until you can't keep up with my appetite?" she says as she digs into the cake. She keeps eating until only crumbs remain. "I hope you don't mind if I just sit here for awhile?"

"just like the cows." Chris says as she pats Joan's bulging tummy, "give them a good feed and all they want to do is rest."

Joan picks up a journal. "But I can read while I rest."

The remainder of the night Chris works on her studies. Joan helps her or reads reports from other labs.

Bill joins them at 8 and Joan climbs onto the scale. "186." Joan says with a smile. "I'm already packing on flesh faster than the best cow in our last group."

 Nov 3 -- 8:00am -- 186

Bill fills out her report. "But you had eight doses." He smiles at her as they return to the lab. "If the effect of eight doses was equal, regardless of you weighing less than a cow, you'd be gaining about 15 pounds a day." He comments with a laugh.

"What makes you think I don't want to be filling out that fast?" Joan jokes.

"Because you haven't bought that house yet." He replies.

Chris heads for the door. "I have an appointment with my other instructor so I'll see you at home."

Joan picks up the phone while Chris leaves. "If the house looks good on the inside," she says while dialing, "I'll be living there within the week.

 After a short conversation she grabs her purse. "The realtor is going to meet me there." She walks the short distance and the realtor is there within minutes.

Bill joins them halfway through the tour. "I've helped a friend do some remodeling so I'll give you my opinion." They finish the examination of the house. Bill gives his approval and returns to the lab.

Joan offers a bid under the asking price and the realtor calls the owners. The price is accepted and they make arrangements to close the deal the next morning.

Joan returns home and gorges on the breakfast Chris had prepared. "At this rate I might gain 15 pounds a day," Joan jokes as she pats her bloated stomach. She tells Chris about the house.

"My fiance has a van," Peg comments as they prepare for sleep. "I'M sure when I tell him about my bet with Peg he'Ll be glad to help."

Joan looks at her expanding reflection in the mirror. "As fat as she is, my Aunt is able to do most anything. Let's go easy on breakfast and we should be able to get everything packed before we'Re scheduled to go in."

They both drift to sleep and Joan dreams of her Aunt being jealous of her expanding figure.

<Nov 3rd 7pm>

Chris has completed dinner and is packing some books when she hears Joan getting up. "Supper is on the table," she calls out.

Joan smiles as she sits down. "You should have woke me when you got up." She begins eating.

Chris closes another box. "I got up about two hours ago and decided that I could start packing and get your supper ready." She places the box beside several others and starts on the last shelf of books. "I'll get a couple of hours of sleep tonight."

Joan nods as she stuffs another forkful of potatoes into her mouth. "The physiological reports on the last group of cows should be in today. I'M expecting the report to show the there was modification of organs and skeleton as they gained weight." She resumes eating.

Chris laughs, "then you might get bigger than we thought you would." She puts the last book into the box and puts it with the others. "All we have left to pack is what's in your room."

Joan finishes eating and carries the dishes to the counter. "If you want to take care of that," she comments as she washes up, "I'll go in and you can come when you finish packing."

Chris agrees, "I'll call Jim and we can load everything into his van. Then he can bring it to the house in the morning."

Joan prepares to leave. "What about the furniture?"

Chris shrugs her shoulders, "he and his buddy can bring that tomorrow."

Joan opens the door, "then I'll see you in a few hours." She closes the door and climbs into her car.

After she stocks up on munchies she drives to the lab. "I wonder if that vehicle modifier place is open at night." She carries the bags into the lab and Peg helps her put the contents away.

"Where's Chris?" she asks as she pours herself a coke.

Joan pours one for herself. "She wanted to finish packing and help Jim load it into his van. She should be here in a couple of hours."

Peg gets a large envelope from a counter. "This came for you today." She hands it to Joan.

Joan opens it and spreads the papers on her desk. She studies them for several minutes, her smile growing as she reads. She stops and finishes her drink, "I was right about their bodies adapting to the increase in weight," she says, refilling her glass and opening a bag of pretzels. "As the cows gained weight, not only did their digestive organ grow, but all other organs. Their bones became somewhat larger and definitely more dense." She pauses for some pretzels. "They aren't sure but it is probable that their skeleton structure became slightly wider.

Peg reads the report while Joan checks on the cows. As Joan returns, Peg puts down the report and studies Joan as she reenters the lab. "If that report is right," she speaks with hesitation. "Then your body is going to adapt to your increase in weight." She looks at the report before returning her gaze to Joan. "As you get fatter, your organs and skeleton will grow, allowing you to become fatter than we estimated!"

Joan smiles and runs her hands over her plumpening form. "Then I better call about getting a car modified for a really huge woman." She sits down, opens the magazine to the ad, and begins dialing.

While she talks, Chris enters and Peg tells her about the report. Chris smiles, "we talked about the report this morning." She looks at Joan while she continues. "For some reason, Joan seems to be envious of her Aunt's weight and is looking forward to having her Aunt envious of her. Since her body will adapt so that her tremendous obesity will be normal, she can really enjoy herself."

Peg picks up her books. "It may take me awhile to understand how she feels," she looks at Joan, "but I'll try." She waves to Joan as she leaves.

Joan finishes her call and gets a handful of pretzels. "Is Peg having trouble accepting my attitude of getting as huge as one of our cows?" she asks before eating them.

Chris laughs, "I think she's more upset that this means I'll win our bet easily."

Joan finishes eating and drains her glass. "And I'll win the bet against you."

Chris starts to read the report. "What did you find out about getting a modified vehicle?"

Joan joins her. "They'Re almost finished with one they'Ve built as a test model. They modified it to fit some one from 500 to well over 1,500 pounds. Since it's a test model they'Ve offered it to me for a good price and should deliver it in a week or two."

"What are they going to say when they see you don't weigh anything close to 500?" Chris asks without looking up.

Joan refills her glass and gets one for Chris. "I told them what's happening to me. It took them by surprise but they reacted better then I thought they would and they promised to keep quiet."

Chris finishes the report and looks at the clock. "If you feed the cows," she says with a grin, "I'll get lunch ready for you."

Joan walks to the door and stops. "I hope you can keep up with my appetite," she jokes. "Because with that report, we both know I'll be eating more than ten times what I was before." She continues into the barn.

Chris smiles, 'then We'll have to supplement your meals with burger king and pizza hut,' She thinks as she prepares a feast for Joan.

After Joan's huge lunch, Chris grabs a nap. Then they work on the experiment and Chris' Class work.

Shortly after dawn, bill arrives. Joan shows him the report and he agrees with her. "Then however huge you get, It'll be normal." He comments with a mischievous smile.

Joan returns his smile as she steps onto the scale. "We'Re going to have to recalculate how much my appetite will increase." She looks at the dial, "192, it looks like I'M already up to 6 pounds a day," she jokes. "At this rate I may be putting on as much as ten a day before I stop."

Nov 4 -- 8:00am -- 192

bill grins, "we better try and figure out how long the enzyme may affect you. We stopped the cows after 100 days." He looks toward the stalls. "We made it to be affective for about four months, so we might as well use that for a probable stopping point."

Chris is standing at the door. "We better get going so you can buy the house and we can get you moved in."

Joan joins her and looks at bill before they leave. "If your remodeling friend can be trusted, you better tell him so he can get started." The two of them get in her car and drive to the realtor's office. Within two hours, the house is hers and they have unloaded Jim's van. He promises to have her furnishings in a couple of hours.

Chris looks at the empty kitchen. "I guess we better go to mcdonald's for breakfast."

Joan laughs as they get in her car. "And Wendy's and burger king."

They pick up four orders at each. They sit on the floor on talk while they eat. Chris eats one and part of another before she stops. Joan finishes eight and leans back. "Ahh," she says patting her gorged belly. "I wonder how long before I outgrow my maternity clothes?"

Chris lays down and closes her eyes. "The question should be if Peg can make clothes faster than you'll split the seams of the previous ones."

They both laugh and drift to sleep.

When Jim and his friend return, they quietly bring in the furniture and leave without waking the sleepers.

<Nov 4 pm>

Joan wakes around six and gets up quietly, so as not to awaken Chris. She takes the remaining orders and eats them while she decides where to place her furniture, books and other items. She finishes and hears Chris getting up.

Chris goes into the kitchen. "You wash up and I'll fix a good dinner for your first meal in your new house." She calls out as she unpacks the pots and pans.

Joan agrees with this and takes a hot shower.

She finishes and joins Chris in the kitchen. "I hope you'Re preparing a feast." She jokes. "Knowing that my body is going to adapt as I get bigger and fatter has helped my appetite." She says, patting her plump tummy.

Chris fills the largest bowl she can find with her rich soup. "I'M going to feed you until you can't swallow another bite." She returns to the stove and brings a large tray, loaded with baked potatoes, french bread, vegetables covered with melted cheese and other delicious foods.

Joan eats while Chris showers and changes. She returns as Joan is slowly finishing her feast. She sits back and pats her bloated belly, her flesh billows slightly under her blouse. "Eating like this is going to help my stomach stretch out faster than it has been." She says with a smile. Chris opens the oven and removes a large apple pie. "I'll join you for one piece," she says as she begins cutting it. "But the rest is for you." She places her piece on the table, and the rest on a large plate in front of Joan.

Joan rubs her tummy before she begins. "What are we going to do when my belly makes me sit too far back from the table?"

Chris refills Joan's glass with milk. "I'M certain we can take care of that when it happens." She sips her milk and begins on her piece. Joan begins eating and almost finishes her second piece by the time Chris finishes hers.

Chris washes the dishes while Joan works on finishing off the pie.

"I hope I can get all of this in me without exploding," Joan comments as she forces down another mouthful.

Chris sits down and pats Joan's growing stomach. "Once you get it all in," she giggles, "you'll be that much closer to outweighing your Aunt."

Joan finishes the pie with renewed vigor. While Chris washes the plate, she sits back and massages her stuffed to it's limit tummy. "We better not do this too much or I'll weigh as much as the sum of your, Peg's and bill's estimates."

Chris smiles and gets her books. "Do you want me to handle the lab for awhile?"

Joan forces herself up from the chair. "As long as I can do my job," she says with a smile. "I'M going to enjoy eating all my appetite wants." She pulls her maternity pants waistband. "And since my body is going to adapt to my immense increase in weight I'm going to enjoy that too.

They both laugh and walk to the lab.

Bill greets them as they enter. "It looks like you'Ve already had a housewarming feast," he jokes as he gently pokes her plump tummy.

"Just for that," Joan replies with a giggle. "You have to get the food I'M going to need tonight."

Bill smiles. "I'll be back," he calls as he leaves.

Chris looks around, "where's Peg?" she asks.

Peg enters from the stalls. "Bill and I talked about the report," she studies Joan's softening figure. "And how you'Re going to get fatter than we estimated."

She looks at Chris, "I think we should forget our bet and concentrate on keeping Joan comfortable."

Joan laughs as she pats her rump, thighs and belly while she talks. "With all I'M going to fill out. I'M going to be the most comfortable woman ever." She looks at her plump breasts. "Or maybe I'll have to change that to cow." She giggles.

Chris agrees about the wager. "With the information on that report, it's anybody's guess as to how big she might get."

Peg fills three glasses with coke and passes them out. "The past few days, bill has been mentioning things that started me wondering." She takes a long sip before continuing. "Has he ever made any advance toward you?" she asks Joan.

Joan looks at Peg in confusion. "We've only talked about our work. I always thought he preferred thin women."

Peg nods, "last semester in my humanity studies we discussed what turns people on." She looks at Joan, "I don't think he ignored you because you weren't thin." She drains her glass and refills it. "Today I slipped a few questions to him about his preference in women." She takes a long drink. "I'M almost certain that bill loves women who are definitely fat or even bigger."

Joan stares in disbelief for a few seconds. Then a grin slowly crosses her face. "I hope he also loves women who are beyond extremely obese!" she laughs.

They all agree to keep this a secret and for Peg to discretely find out as much as she can about bill's tastes.

Peg leaves while Joan and Chris begin the night's work.

Bill returns shortly with several bags of groceries. He puts them on the counter, "have fun," he calls out as he leaves. Joan puts the two gallons of milk and 4 two liter bottles of coke in the fridge while Chris checks out what he brought. Two of the bags are filled with the foods Chris has been preparing, but the other is filled with cakes and candies.

"Well," Joan comments as she opens a Pepperidge farm cake. "I think this proves bill's desire for a really large woman."

Chris shakes her head while she put the rest in the refrigerator and cabinets, "If he feeds you like this," she giggles, "what he's going to get is an extra fat cow."

Joan hefts one of her overflowing breasts. "You mean extra fat dairy cow." She mumbles with her mouth full.

They start the night part of the experiment. By midnight, Joan has snacked through almost one fourth of the cakes and candies.

Chris has prepared Joan's midnight feast and carries it to the table. "You'Ve had desert," she grins, "now it's time for the good food."

Joan smiles and gobbles a large candy bar. "This has been my appetizer," she sits down and looks at the large amount of food Chris had prepared. "Now I need some good food to fill my tummy." She digs in to the feast.

Chris joins her for a short time and then cleans up while Joan chows down.

When Joan finishes she pushes her chair back and pats her full abdomen. "I think I'M up to the size I bought these," she pulls the waistband away from her round abdomen. "Now I'M going to find out how much I can fill out before I'M too pregnant with fat for them."

Chris laughs, "I hope you plan on lots of good food for your pregnancy."

Joan rises and pours herself a large glass of milk. "And a pregnant woman needs lots of whole milk." She drains the glass and refills it. "And since I ate my veggies," she smiles and gets a few donuts from the bag, "I deserve my sweets."

Chris laughs and fills her glass. "I'M sure bill is going to keep you well supplied with those." They touch their glass and then drink them dry. Chris studies Joan's plump figure. "If what Peg said about bill's preference in women in true. He's overjoyed that you'Re going to pack on a incredible amount of weight."

Joan smiles and gets another candy bar. "With the high calorie foods he's bringing me," she eats the bar in several bites and smiles. "He might end up with more woman than he can handle."

Chris smiles and shakes her head, "then I better make sure the meals I make for you are not only nutritious but loaded with calories."

Joan smiles, "and we better tell Peg to get her sewing machine warmed up."

Chris laughs and they resume work on their experiment.

<Nov 5 7:30am>

bill arrives shortly after 7:30. "How's the experiment going?" he asks with a smile.

"The cows are continuing just like the last group," Chris replies without looking up from her books. "Or are you asking about Joan?" she giggles.

Joan enters from the stalls. "I'M doing fine." She jokes, finishing a large candy bar. "But we have to remember I was given enough enzyme for eight cows." She pats her soft tummy and notices bill's eyes follow her motion.

Peg has just entered and puts her books down. "Do you need me to let out your clothes?" she jokes.

Joan pulls out her waistband. "If these weren't maternity clothes, I would." She steps onto the scales. "198, that's six pounds in the last 24 hours." She fills in her report. "I thought I'd put on an extra one from the sweets you brought."

Nov 5 <8> -- 8:00am -- 198

Bill tries to conceal a smile, "I thought you'd like a change to keep your appetite up." He answers in a concerned voice.

Joan laughs and tosses an empty wrapper at him. "I think you have a good idea. It's just going to take a day or two to show up on the scale."

Bill smiles, "I'll call my buddy about remodeling your house this morning."

Joan smiles as they leave. "We'll make a few ideas before we come in tonight."

They walk to Joan's house and then drive to the store. "Why don't we get enough food for a few days, instead of coming every morning?" Chris asks as they leave the car.

Joan agrees and they fill four carts before they reach the checkout. Joan buys a couple of lottery tickets. "Tonight it's worth 80 million."

Chris buys a couple herself. "I know the odds, but what the heck." They return home and Chris prepares a huge breakfast.

While Joan digs in, she watches how much Chris is eating. When Chris stops and begins cleaning up, Joan pauses. "I don't know if I should say this, but if you keep eating like you'Ve been the last few days.."

Chris smiles, "I wondered who would notice first." She slowly turns around, modeling herself for Joan. "Since you'Re going to put on hundreds," she says with a twinkle in her eyes, "I might as well enjoy eating as much as I want."

Joan laughs, "I can prepare some of the enzyme if your appetite fails." She resumes eating while Chris laughs. She finishes eating and they study the house for a few moments.

Joan finally shakes her head and smiles. "I think We'll just wait for bill and his friend to suggest what we can do."

Chris agrees and they prepare to go to sleep.

Chris smiles, "I wondered who would notice first." She slowly turns around, modeling herself for Joan. "Since you'Re going to put on hundreds," she says with a twinkle in her eyes, "I might as well enjoy eating as much as I want."

Joan laughs, "I can prepare some of the enzyme if your appetite fails." She resumes eating while Chris laughs. She finishes eating and they study the house for a few moments.

Joan finally shakes her head and smiles. "I think We'll just wait for bill and his friend to suggest what we can do."

Chris agrees and they prepare to go to sleep.

<Nov 5 6:pm>

Chris wakes and begins preparing supper.

Joan wakes before anything is ready. She showers and prepares for supper. "I wonder what bill is going to bring tonight?"

Chris laughs as she starts carrying plates to the table. "Probably more than last night since you didn't gain anymore than the day before."

Joan laughs and pats her rounded stomach as she sits down, her flesh quivers. "I think a good portion of it has stayed with me." She begins eating as Chris sits down.

They both eat and Joan comments about how delicious the food is. When Chris rises and begins washing up, Joan pauses. "I think you'Ve almost doubled the amount you were eating."

Chris watches Joan as she resumes eating. "Just a calculated guess but I think you'Ve finally reached 10 times your original appetite."

Joan smiles and continues to eat until all the remaining food is in her growing stomach. "And with the fattening sweets bill is getting me. I might weigh as much as a cow before I stop gaining." She gets up and finishes washing up while Chris prepares for work.

After finishing the dishes, Joan turns on the tv and waits. Chris emerges for the bedroom and stops her from turning it off. "I want to see which of us won," she jokes.

Joan relaxes and eats a handful of peanuts while the announcer hypes up the lottery. Finally the numbers are displayed. "Oh well," Chris sighs as she throws her tickets away. "Let's get going," she calls out. She gets her books and opens the door before realizing Joan is still sitting down.

"Are you feeling ok?" Chris asks as she rejoins Joan.

Joan looks up and smiles. "I think we should forget about having this house modified and just build the one we designed." She jumps up and her flesh swollen bosom jiggles. She hands Chris her lottery slip and laughs. "We can hire enough people to get it built in two months."

Chris laughs as they leave for the lab. "At the rate you'Ve been packing on the pounds, and with the rich foods bill's going to keep you supplied with." She looks back at the house, "the question is will it be done before you outgrow this house?"

Joan smiles, "let's not tell anyone until we get someone to build it."

Chris agrees and they enter the lab with controlled expressions.

Bill looks up from the reports as they enter. He smiles as he admires Joan's fuller figure. "I already got the groceries and my friend said he'D call you in an hour." As he leaves, Joan catches a glimpse of his smug expression.

Peg joins them as the door closes behind him. "I got him talking last night and he admitted that he's finding you more attractive as you fill out." She giggles, "he made me promise not to tell, but since you already know." She starts laughing. She stops laughing and then continues. "He's always found fat women more appealing but didn't want people to wonder about his tastes. I got him talking about how big he thought you might get."

Chris was pouring cokes and she joins them. She takes a long drink before continuing. "He admitted that he's not sure how huge you might get but that he's going to love every pound you gain. I tried to convince him to tell you how he feels." She takes another drink. "He asked that Chris and I help you as much as we can. I tried to get him to decide on when he'D tell you how he feels." She finishes her coke. "He wanted to wait until Christmas but I'M going to encourage him to tell you on thanksgiving day."

Chris smiles, "we could have a feast." She pats Joan's round tummy. "And when he sees how much you can eat, he won't be able to resist."

Joan laughs and chugs down her second coke. "Even though I'll be eating a lot more by then, I'll eat until I can't move."

Peg gets her books, "look at what he bought for your night's eating." She giggles as she leaves.

Chris had been restocking the shelves and fridge. She looks at Joan and places Joan's food from bill on the counter. "With food like this," she smiles and places several cakes, pies, and a pile of various candy bars on the counter, "you might weigh as much as one of the cows when we started."

Joan laughs, she takes a large candy bar and shoves it into her mouth. "But what if he wants me to be the heaviest cow in this experiment?"

Chris looks at her in confusion, "are you serious?" she asks in disbelief.

Joan smiles as she fills a large glass with milk. "We won't know until I stop fattening up." She drains the glass and refills it. "If bill's trying to show how he cares for me by buying all this delicious food." She opens a pie and cuts it in quarters. "I'll show my affection for him by eating all of it." She consumes the first piece and finishes the pie with more than a quart of milk.

While they are checking the cows the phone rings and Joan answers it.

A voice comes over the phone. "My name is Jake, bill was to tell you I'D call. He told me you need a house modified for someone who is extremely heavy."

"I've changed my mind about modifying a house." Joan says with a smile. "What I want to do is build a house with a open room design."

The voice pauses for a moment, "I've designed houses like that and they can be built in a little over a month. The fine touches and finishing work can be done with people living in it."

"That sounds great," Joan pauses for a drink, "I know it's getting late but could you bring over some ideas tonight?"

"I'll be there in half an hour," he promises.

Joan hangs up the phone and informs Chris about Jake coming over.

Chris smiles and starts to put away the sweets, "we don't want him to know that you'Re the very heavy woman."

Joan laughs, "but he'Ll know by the time he finishes the house. She begins eating a bag of chips. "I better eat up now so i won't be getting hungry while he's here."

Chris agrees and fills two glasses with coke. They talk about how big the house should be while they wait.

Less than half an hour later, Chris answers a knock at the door.

Jake introduces himself and puts a large folder of house designs on the table. "Bill told me about what is happening to you," he comments as he looks at Joan. "He made me promise to keep it a secret before he told me."

Joan relaxes, "I wondered how to tell you how big our 'Friend' Is without admitting it's me." She smiles and Chris offers him a coke.

He takes a drink and then begins laying out a few plans. "Since you'Re going to be very wide," he pauses and clears his throat.

Joan laughs, "since you'Re in on the secret, I've accepted that I'M going to get huge and I'M sort of looking forward to it.

Jake smiles a little easier. "How wide do you guess you'll be?"

Chris brings the drawing they had done. "We thought a house with no interior walls might be best."

Jake smiles as he looks at the drawing and begins making notes. "Then We'll only have to worry about the doors for the front, bathroom, to the garage, and the back." He studies the drawing for another moment before showing them a pamphlet on bathroom fixtures. "This company makes fixtures for extremely large people." He spreads them out. "I need to ask this, and if you don't want bill to know, just tell me."

Joan laughs and drains her glass. "Because of new information we got on our last experiment, we've had to increase how much I might gain." She pauses while Chris refills their glasses. "I have to admit we aren't sure." She takes a sip. "I'll probably end up weighing well over 800." She pauses and looks at Chris, Chris nods and Joan continues. "We've made several calculations and my top weight could be 1,500 to 2,000. My skeleton and organs will adapt so the only problem in my moving on my own will be the increase in mass and size."

Jake's mouth dropped open when she told of how big she might get. He relaxed as she finished talking. He turns to the last file. "This is a bathroom they designed for a person weighing 2,000 pounds. They built one for testing. They have it for sale or they can build one to your specifications."

Joan studies the huge bathtub/jacuzzi and the rest of the fixtures. "Maybe we should get it big enough for bill to join me?"

they all laugh and design the bathroom to be 20 by 20 feet. Jake draws in an accordion door eight feet wide.

Joan changes the notation to ten. "We might as well be sure," she jokes as she starts on a large bag of chips.

Jake marks the wall of the bathroom. "How big do you want the rest of the house," he asks.

Joan thinks for several minutes, eating chips as she does. "How wide can a truss roof be without center supports?"

Jake pulls a dog eared book from his portfolio. "I can get pre-made trusses up to 50 feet."

Joan smiles, "50 feet wide," she looks at Chris. "How long sounds good to you?"

Chris shrugs, "100, I guess. But it's up to you."

Joan looks back to Jake. "I bought the house with two empty lots. What limits do I have?"

Jake looks at the property layout she hands him. "If we lay out the house parallel to the road, it could be 160 with no problem. It would give you a lot of privacy in back." He makes a couple of notes. "With a two car garage that would leave you 120 feet inside."

Joan smiles, "how soon could you get started?"

Jake puts his pamphlets and drawing into his folder. "I can get the permits tomorrow. Since it's been a slow year for building houses I know two contractors who wouldn't mind working together. They should be able to start the day after tomorrow."

Joan stand and shakes his hand. "Let's see how long we can keep this a secret from bill."

Jake agrees, "I won't even tell him how big we've designed it for."

After he leaves, Chris prepares lunch while Joan checks on the cows. After they gorge on Chris' Sumptuous feast, they spend the rest of the night talking about decorating and furnishing.

Joan opens a catalog. "It's a good thing Jake left this on custom made furniture. They'Re the same company that's making the bathroom." She reads more of the descriptions. "They have designs the same as the bathroom fixtures so We'll order that size."

They finally decide on several chairs, four couches, and the largest bed they make.

Bill arrives shortly before 8:00. "Did Jake call?" he asks.

Joan puts down her glass of milk. "He's going to be able to start tomorrow. Chris and I are going to keep the changes a secret until he's done." She turns as Chris enters and gives her a wink. "He has someone interested in my extra lots and I should break even in costs."

Peg enters and pours herself a glass of milk. "Has your appetite started to level off?"

Joan shakes her head and her long thick hair flows. "I'M up to about ten times what it was. I'M not going to keep track of how much I'M eating because it might influence how much I eat. I want to eat as much as my body wants and not what the charts and our estimates say."

She walks to the scales and smiles, "well , I'M over the two hundred mark. 206, so I've gained 8 in the last day."

<Nov 6 206>

Peg marks Joan's chart, "I've bought some designs that are made for women of tremendous proportions. I can get started and let them out before you rip the seams."

Joan laughs and gets her purse. "Here's a hundred dollars. When you need more just let me know."

Peg smiles, "half for materials and half for me, ok?"

Joan agrees, "when I reach my top weight I'll have you make me a complete wardrobe.

Bill promises to take care of getting her food for the nights. "This cow fattening project was ours, so I feel partially responsible."

Joan laughs, "If you mean responsible for some of my new flesh, I have to agree." Chris and Joan leave and manage to control their laughter until they reach her house.

Chris prepares breakfast while Joan calls the furniture company.

She finishes as Chris begins serving her freshly prepared delicacies. "What did you find out?" Chris asks as she starts eating.

Joan smiles and swallows a mouthful of pancakes. "They'Re going to start on the frames this week. They'Re sending a selection of fabrics today." She resumes gorging.

Chris finishes first and prepares for sleep.

Joan finally stops and pats her growing belly. "Knowing I have a place being built big enough for me to weight a ton." She slowly stands and massages her billowing flesh, "has sure helped my appetite."

Chris laughs and pokes Joan's flab rolling over her waistband. "As if it needed any help."

They laugh and joke while Joan call the lottery office and makes arrangements to come in and have her winning automatically deposited in her saving account. She readies herself for sleep and drifts to sleep thinking of her custom built home.

<Nov 6, 5pm>

Joan wakes before Chris and bathes. Chris hears her and begins preparing supper.

After Chris finishes eating she watches Joan for a few minutes. "Do you realizes you'Re eating faster than a few days ago?"

Joan smiles and swallows a mouthful of pasta. "It's like my throat is wider and as soon as my mouth is full I feel like swallowing." She takes a large forkful and swallows it after a few chews. "Not only is my body adapting to my increase in size, but it's making me capable of eating more food in the same time."

Chris starts washing up and Joan brings the remaining dishes in a few minutes. Chris turns in shock and looks at the empty table. "You ate all that food already? she asks in disbelief.

Joan smiles and caresses her plumpening tummy. "And I'll be ready for bill's treats by the time we get there."

Chris shudders and they finish washing the dishes. "If you'Re going to be eating faster this soon," she shudders again. "You'Re going to be packing on more than ten pounds a day!"

Joan smiles and tosses Chris her books. "Peg needs to know, but let's keep it a secret from bill as long as we can."

Chris catches her books and follows her. Outside the labs she stops Joan. "Since you can accept what's happening to you, I'll help you as much as I can. You'Re giving me room and board," she pauses and pats her slightly round tummy. "With extra board. So I'M going to get extra night food. That way bill won't realize how much more you'Re eating."

Joan digs her keys out of her purse, she gives them and two hundred dollars to Chris. "When you run out just let me know." They enter the lab smiling.

Bill looks up and tries to conceal his pleasure with Joan's fuller figure. "Everything's going fine with the cows." He grabs his things, sneaking glances of Joan. "I already put away tonight's food." He leaves as Peg enters from the stalls.

Peg sits down in shock as Joan tells her about how she's almost swallowing food whole. "I was thinking about what type of clothes to make you." She stutters in shock. "I think large shifts with extra cloth to let out and stretch pants with a string waistband. But I have no idea how long they'Ll fit if you pack on the pounds as fast as you might."

Joan smiles as she downs a glass of milk in one gulp. "I better get some larger glasses and dishes."

Peg giggles and starts to leave. "Look in your locker," she calls out as the door closes behind her.

Joan opens her locker and laughs. "If we weren't sure of bill wanting me fat and contented as a cow." She places a five pound bag of candy on the table. "He left this for me to snack on if I didn't want you to know."

Chris laughs, "why don't you save it for desert and you can eat it while I do the dishes." They both laugh and check on the cows.

A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. Joan answers and lets Jake in. "Did you have any problems getting the building permits?" she asks as she pours cokes for all of them.

Jake smiles and lays out the permits and the building contracts. "When I told them two construction companies were involved they fell over each other to get them ok'D. I talked to both owners this morning and they got started ordering what We'll need. They'Re going to lay out the house early tomorrow morning and pour the concrete around noon."

He pauses to take a long drink. "They'Ll start building the framework tomorrow and should be able to put it up a day or two later, depending on the concrete. You won't be able to have thanksgiving dinner there, but you should be able to move in the first week of december."

Joan smiles and looks at Chris. "Do you think I'll still fit the house," she says with a laugh.

Chris opens a large bag of pretzels. "Unless something happens to really boost your appetite we don't have to worry."

Joan signs the contracts and accepts a copy of the blueprints. "I'M glad we can get started this soon."

Jake agrees and prepares to leave. "I need to get up early so I can be there." He smiles, "bill won't know it's your's until you tell him." He leaves and they return to the cows.

They work and eat through the rest of the night. Chris takes the plans home and returns before bill arrives. "I glanced at my calendar and realized that Peg and I have a wedding to attend friday."

Joan looks surprised. "In town?" she asks.

Chris shakes her head. "I'M afraid it's a six hour drive. We planned to leave tonight and come back friday night. With my working schedule I'll drive both ways. But it means you'll have to cook for yourself or eat out." She pauses and then smiles. "Let me make a call." She picks up the phone and Joan returns to check on the cows.

Several minutes later Chris joins her. "Last year I worked at swedish smorgasbord. My boss Helga weighed just over 300 and often hinted I'D find a good man if I filled out a bit. I told her that I'M feeding you to put on a lot of pounds for your boyfriend. She's expecting you for breakfast and supper on friday. She'Ll have a table moved into the kitchen and will be glad to put a few pounds on you."

Joan smiles, "If she's going to impress me with her food, I'll impress her with how much I can eat."

They fall silent as the door opens. Bill enters, "how's it going."

Chris tells him that Peg and her had planned to attend a wedding and she has arranged for someone to keep Joan fed. Bill promises to get food that takes little or no cooking.

Nov 7 <11> 8:00am -- 214

Joan has weighed herself during their conversation and fills in her chart. "I've put on another eight pounds today." She grabs her things and heads for the door. Chris gets hers and they leave.

<When they arrive home, Chris prepares a huge breakfast. "I hope you still like my cooking after you taste helga's."

Joan smiles and begins eating. Chris joins her and is eats her fill shortly before Joan finishes. "I'll have to watch how fast I eat until you'Re full," Joan says as she pats her swelling stomach. "I'M going to shock helga."

They both laugh as they prepare to sleep.

Nov 7 5pm

Chris wakes and begins preparing dinner.

Joan joins her. "Have you looked out the window?" she asks.

Chris smiles, "I didn't realize how big the floor would be."

Joan carries two platters to the table. "I'll eat slowly until you'Re full." She begins and takes her time.

Chris finishes and places a large pot of soup on the table. "The soup's for you." She says with a smile.

"I'll use it to wash everything else down." Joan controls her eating until Chris is full.

Chris sits back and pats her plump tummy. "Now let's see how fast you can finish."

Joan smiles and begins gulping down what remains of their feast. She finishes everything except the soup. "If you'll help me, I want to see if we can pour the soup into me."

Chris looks at her in surprise. Then she grins, "you'Re going to weigh well over a thousand pounds." She picks up the pot. "Here's more than a gallon of soup heading for your stomach."

Joan smiles, "I can hold it." She opens her mouth wide. Chris smiles, "here it comes." She puts the edge of the pot against Joan's full lips and slowly tips it. The soup pours into her mouth and down her expanded throat. Chris keeps pouring until all of the rich soup is in Joan's bloated belly.

Joan sits back and massages her swollen abdomen. "Now I'M really full." She says with a slight groan.

Chris smiles as she begins to wash the last of the dishes. "We might have made a mistake by doing this before going in."

Joan laughs and her bloated belly jiggles. "Maybe it will get bill to admit how he feels about the new and improved me."

Chris laughs and helps Joan to her feet. "If you want, I can go in and tell him that you'll be a few minutes late?"

Joan agrees, "let's keep my ultra eating a secret for a while."

Chris goes to the lab and tells bill that Joan is going to meet Jake at the house.

Bill conceals his disappointment. "I know Jake will do a good job," he mumbles. He picks up some notes and leaves.

Peg was waiting for him to leave. "What's really going on?" she asks.

Chris smiles and tells her about pouring the soup into Joan. "If she eats like that when she goes to helga's, she'Ll probable gain at least five pounds a meal." They laugh and Peg leaves.

Joan arrives a few minutes later. "I was so stuffed all I felt like doing was sitting." She comments as she massages her larger abdomen. "I don't plan to eat like that for dinner." She closes her eyes and smiles. "Maybe when I go to the smorgasbord."

Chris smiles, "I hope helga can keep up with you.

The rest of the night goes like the others have.

Nov 8 -- 8:00am -- 224

Bill arrives and Joan sees his pleasure in her gaining 10 pounds since yesterday.

Chris looks at Peg. "Just come over to the house at eight and We'll get going."

Peg nods in agreement and checks on the cows.

Joan smiles at bill. "Have fun," she jokes as she closes the door.

Chris prepare breakfast and Joan helps. They eat and go to sleep.

<Nov 8 6pm>

Chris wakes and begins preparing dinner.

Before any of the food is ready, Joan joins her. "I hope helga can take care of me the way you have," she says with a laugh.

Chris pokes Joan's widening hip. "I hope you don't like her foods better than mine." She hands Joan a platter loaded with pancakes.

Joan begins eating and Chris joins her with the rest of their meal.

When they finish eating, Joan cleans up while Chris packs her bag. "I wonder what food bill got me." Joan mentions as Chris joins her.

Chris shakes her head and smiles, "If all he gets you are cakes and candies, you should order a pizza."

Joan smiles and hefts her growing bosom. "He's always had a couple of gallons of milk for me."

Chris laughs, "you'Re looking more like one of the cows everyday."

Joan laughs, she pats her plump hips and her soft flesh gently quivers. "When I finish filling out, I may not be the heaviest," she moves her arms outward. "But I'll probably be the widest."

They stop laughing when they hear the doorbell. Chris answers it and Peg joins them. She smiles at Joan, "I hope you'Re ready for what bill got for you."

Joan smiles, "did he get anything nutritious?"

Peg smiles, "a couple gallons of milk and a fruit basket."

Joan smiles, "how much other food did he get me?"

"I'll let you find out for yourself," Peg answers almost laughing.

Chris enters with her suitcase. "We better get going."

Peg picks up hers. "I put a quart size mug in your locker," she whispers to Joan. They leave and Joan walks to the lab.

Joan looks at finished framework and the stacks of building materials. She enters the lab and looks at the bags of food on the counter.

Bill enters from the stalls. "Are you going to be ok on your own?" he asks hopefully.

Joan smiles and bats her long eyelashes. "If you got enough food, I'll be fine."

Bill admires her for a second before he regains his composure. "All the cows are doing fine. How are you feeling?"

Joan coyly smiles at him. She runs her hands along her rounded belly and over her full hips. "Fat 'N' Sassy. She replies with a laugh.

Bill turns quickly, but not fast enough and she catches a glance of his face turning red. "Then I better get going." He leaves and Joan checks on the cows.

Joan returns to the lab and checks what bill had bought. "And he was embarrassed about my appreciating my filling out," she muses and empties the bags. "Chips, pretzels, a dozen large candy bars." She then checks the refrigerator. "Five Pepperidge cakes," she says to herself as she removes one. "With all this he should be proud of my new flesh." She gets the mug Peg left her and fills it with milk. "One of these should be enough for one cake." She proceeds to read bill's daily report while consuming the cake and milk.

During the night she keeps her tummy happy by constantly snacking on the food bill brought. At midnight she orders an extra large pizza. By morning she starts on the last bag of chips.

Joan turns as bill enters. "How did the night go?" he asks.

Joan stands and tosses the bag to him. "I didn't finish these," she laughs.

Bill catches them with a smile. "I thought it would be better if I got too much," he says with hesitation.

<Nov 9 8:am>

Joan tosses her chart to bill and then steps onto the scale. "234, that's ten more pounds of me." She comments with a smile.

Bill tries to conceal his excitement as he fills out her chart. "I'll have to get tonight's food after you come in."

Joan laughs, "that's a good idea. Now I better find out how good helga's cooking is." She comments while leaving.

On the way home she stops and talks with Jake about how the house is going. "I still think we can have you moved in the after the first week of december," Jake tells her while they watch the men work on the framework. "I've got the bathroom fixtures ordered and they will be delivered monday. The men have agreed to work through the weekend so we can be assured of getting it ready for you."

Joan smiles and looks down at her fuller form. "As long as I can move in before I'M too big for the house I'M in now."

Jake smiles, "has bill admitted his appreciation for you yet?"

Joan shakes her head and her long thick hair flows over her soft shoulders. "Only in the food he gets me for my night shift. When ever I comment on enjoying my plumpening figure, he does his best to conceal his excitement by faking embarrassment."

Jake gently squeezes her chubby arm. "If you keep gaining weight like you have been, bill won't be able to resist you much longer."

Joan smiles, "the longer he waits, the more of me there'll be for him to enjoy." She thanks him, gets in her car and drives to the restaurant.

Joan parks her car and enters the swedish smorgasbord. A large woman, about a hundred pounds heavier than Joan, approaches her with a smile. "You must be Joan," when Joan nods she continues. "I'M helga, Chris told me you'Re going to put on some weight for your man." She steps back and studies Joan for a moment. "You'Ve got the build to outweigh me." She comments as she leads Joan to the kitchen. "If there's any of my foods you really like, tell me and I'll give Chris the recipes."

Helga offers Joan a wide, sturdy built chair. Joan sits down and helga pulls the table closer to her. Helga begins to bring an assortment of dishes from the stove and oven. "Now you just tell me what you like and I'll get whatever you want." She steps back and smiles as she watches Joan begin eating. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but how much are you planning to gain?"

Joan swallows a mouthful of baked apples. "I'M about 235 now and I intend to weigh over four hundred before I'M done." She resumes eating.

Helga smiles, "I'M about 330 right now and I'M going to put on another 20 or so pounds for my man. I've got some clothes that don't fit me anymore. I can bring them in tonight and you can borrow some of what I'M wearing until you outgrow them." She smiles, "It's silly to buy clothes you plan to outgrow." She looks at Joan's pants, "your maternity clothes are a good idea."

She gets more food as Joan begins finishing what is in front of her. "I promised Chris I'M going to feed you until you can't force down another bite."

Joan eats at a normal rate and helga gives her words of encouragement along with an incredible assortment of delicious entrees. After more than an hour, Joan is finally full. She forces herself up. "If you were feeding me all the time I'D be over two fifty already." She adjusts the waistband of her pants. "And these wouldn't be snug, they'D be tight."

Helga laughs with her. "I'll see you about six tonight."

Joan thanks her and pays the previously agreed upon bill. She returns home and falls asleep as soon as she gets into bed.

<Nov 9 6:pm>

Joan wakes shortly before six. She grabs a shower, dresses and hurries to the restaurant.

Helga welcomes her and leads her into the kitchen. "I filled you up with my breakfast foods," she comments as she loads several plates from the stove, "now let's see how much supper you can hold."

Joan smiles, "If they taste as good as they smell," she digs into the assortment of delicious smelling foods. Joan pauses and asks helga what's it like to be as large as she is.

Helga smiles, "It's kind of difficult to explain. But since you'Re already more than plump, just imagine how much softer and fuller you'll feel as you fill out."

Joan continues eating with renewed gusto. After well over an hour she tries to push herself away from the table, but pushes the table away from herself.

Helga laughs, "and you'll be stronger the larger you get."

Joan smiles as she struggles to her feet. "I better get to the lab before the day shift wonders where I am." She pays helga, "I'll let Chris know which foods I liked best and she can get the recipes from you."

Helga nods in agreement, "It's a very special woman who'Ll fill out for her man." She steps to a closet and brings out two large bags. "These clothes fit me from about two fifty to just over three hundred." She smiles and hands them to Joan. "When you outgrow them, let me know and I'll loan you some of what I'M now wearing. The next time Chris has to go away," helga laughs, "I expect to see more of you and for you to be able to hold more of my food"

Joan heartfully thanks her for a delicious dinner and the clothes. She puts the clothes in her car and drives to the lab.

Bill is waiting as Joan enters. "Is there anything special you'd like me to get?" he asks as he prepares to leave.

Joan smiles, "you'Ve been doing such a good job I'll let you decide what I need."

Bill, for once, returns her smile and leaves.

Joan sits down and relaxes. "As full as my stomach is, all I want to do is sleep," she thinks to herself. "But I don't want bill to know."

Joan remains seated until she hears bill's car and quickly goes to the stalls.

Bill enters, places the bags on the counter and begins putting items in the refrigerator.

Joan watches from around the corner for a minute before joining him. "Did you get anything different than last night?" she asks.

"Just about the same things," bill replies as he finishes restocking the refrigerator. He turns to face her and tries to conceal his appreciation for her heavier form. "Chris gets you the nutritious foods and I get foods to stimulate your appetite."

Joan smiles as she fills a regular size glass with milk. "This is just sweet." She smiles and blinks her eyelashes. "Or are you hoping this goes somewhere special?"

Bill's face blushes red before he can turn away. "I just thought you'd like something to drink besides coke." He mumbles.

Joan puts her plump hand on his shoulder. "You know I've always loved milk," she whispers in his ear.

He relaxes slightly and then steps away. He turns to face her as he opens the door. "I'll see you in the morning." He says with a less tense expression and then leaves.

Joan sits back down and relaxes for half an hour before she feels like moving. She checks on the cows and works on reports. After an hour she has the first of the cakes with a quart of milk. She continues to work and snack.

Shortly after two in the morning Joan remembers to order a pizza but finds all the places are closed. "Oh well," she says with a sigh, "I'll have to make this food last till morning." She tries to control her snacking. An hour or so later she is really hungry for something nutritious. She is feeding the cows, absent mindedly takes a handful of feed pellets and munches on them. After she returns to the lab she munches on pretzels when she realizes what she had previously eaten. "Well, it is a balanced feed." She rationalizes to herself.

Joan finishes the pretzels, fills her mug with milk and sips it while thinking what she's really hungry for. She returns to the stalls and samples the feed. "I never thought of this before," she muses. "But this has a taste I'M really hungry for." She gets a scoop full from the bin and finishes it while she reads the index of this month's dairy science journal. She returns to the feed bin and fills the largest bowl she has with about five pounds of feed. "I know I'M not going to eat all this." She thinks while she returns to her reading.

Over the next two hours she has two mugs of milk and empties the bowl. As she gives the cows her last check of the night she grabs another handful of feed. "I know it's balance nutrition for you," she smiles and hefts her billowing breasts, "and I'M part dairy cow myself." She fills out the charts and updates the reports.

After an hour she leans back and starts to massage her neck. "Even my neck is fleshing out," she thinks while continuing to caress her fuller neck, feeling the surprising amount of softness it has filled out with.

"How was the night," bill asks as he enters.

Joan smiles, "I almost ran out of food, but I left some for you." She laughs as she gets on the scale, she jumps off the scale and then gingerly steps back on, watching the numbers slowly rise. "Two forty seven."

<Nov 10 sat 247>

bill was studying her chart and looks up in surprise. "You'Re joking?" he asks in amazement.

Joan smiles as she strokes her silky soft flesh. "It must be because of helga's insistence that I eat all she prepared for me." She smiles demuringly at bill. "Promise not to tell Chris," she asks, "I don't think I'D want her to see how much my tummy can hold everyday."

Bill stares at her in shock and admiration. "But what if Chris leaves again?"

Joan laughs, "If that happens, I promised to impress helga with how much I gain and how much I can eat." She grabs her purse, gets in her car and drives the short distance home.

As Joan enter her house, she smells Chris' Cooking. "When Peg didn't shown up I figured you hadn't gotten back."

Chris smiles and begins placing breakfast on the table. "I dropped Peg at home so she could change."

Joan picks up the phone and calls Peg. "Chris' Friend helga has given me clothes she's outgrown, so you won't have to get started on making new ones for me yet."

"Then it's a good thing I haven't gotten started." Peg answers. "How much does she weigh?"

Joan laughs, "she about 330, but she's planning on adding another twenty."

"Before you catch up with her?" Peg laughs and promises to talk the next evening.

Joan sits down and begins eating. When Chris finishes cooking she joins Joan. "How did you like helga's cooking?" Chris asks.

Joan gulps down the rest of the pancakes. "She has a few that I really liked and she promised to give you the recipes." Joan resumes gorging and finishes before Chris.

Chris finishes eating, "give me a list and I'll call her tonight."

Joan writes down a few of the delicacies and then prepares for sleep. Chris washes up and then goes to her room.

<Nov 10 7pm>

Joan wakes and starts to get up. "What the?" she mumbles. She sits on the side of her bed and supports her swelling breasts as well as her plump hands can. "I knew I was filling out but these seem to be packing on more than they were." She thinks to herself. She throws on her robe and is slightly surprised that much more of her growing breasts are exposed than yesterday.

"Are you ready for supper?" Chris calls from the kitchen.

"I'm going to grab a shower," she replies. She closes the door behind her, drops her robe and studies her expanding appearance in the mirror. "Is it my imagination or have my breasts fill out more in the day than the rest of me?" she runs her hands over the silky skin of her swelling bosom. "It's a good thing the enzyme helps my skin keep up with my filling out." She studies her reflecting more closely. "My areolae seem to be slightly darker and my nipples look larger," she touches them gently, "and they'Re more tender."

Joan takes a quick shower. She pulls on her maternity pants. "These should still fit for a few days", she muses as she gets her largest bra. She starts putting it on but has to take it off. "They really are sensitive," she thinks while putting tissues into the cups. "These should help," she carefully puts it on and struggles to get the clips fastened. "I better check if helga gave me any in the morning." She thinks as she puts on her blouse and buttons it. "I wonder if bill's eyes will bulge out as much as I am." She muses. Looking at her reflection.

"Can I help?" Chris asks from the hall.

Joan comes out smiling. "It looks like I'M going to out grow my tops before my pants." She jokes. They go to the kitchen and eat what Chris has prepared.

Chris finishes first and washes while Joan gulps down the rest. Chris takes the remaining dishes and washes them while Joan relaxes for a few minutes.

After she puts them away, Joan rises and gets her purse. "I thought I was keeping track of how you'Re filling out," Chris comments as she studies Joan, "but your breasts seem to be fuller tonight than I thought they'D be."

"You'Re right," Joan grins, "I don't know why but they seem to have decided they haven't been growing as much as they think they should." She picks up her mail as they leave.

Chris grins as they walk to the lab. "I'll be ready to catch bill, in case he passes out."

Joan laughs, causing her weighty breasts to jiggle. "It'll take more than a few extra ounces in one night to shock him." Then stop giggling before they reach the lab.

Bill is putting groceries away as they enter. "Cow 2 was a little restless this morning," he comments without looking at them. "I increased her feed by ten percent and she calmed down." He turns to them and barely manages to contain his pleasure in her appearance. "Have you felt restless?" he asks with a gleam in his eyes.

Joan pours herself a glass of milk. "Unlike the cows," she pauses and gulps down half the contents, "I eat whenever I want to." She finishes the milk and smiles at him.

Bill returns her smile, "as long as you'Re contented," he jokes as he turns to leave.

Peg watches him leave. "I think he'Ll be ready for you by thanksgiving."

Joan opens the large folder from her mail and spreads out fabric types and patterns. "These are from the furniture company. I'D like both of your suggestions."

Peg sits down, while Chris fills two glasses and Joan's mug with coke.

After almost an hour they have decided on a few different types of patterns and colors, Joan fills out the enclosed order form.

Peg takes it with her. "I know it's monday but I go past the post office so It'll go out with tomorrow's mail." She drains her glass before she leaves.

Joan and Chris begin their nightly vigil. Chris makes sure Joan has food available and Joan doesn't eat beyond what she's hungry for. They have a normal lunch and talk about keeping her diet somewhat balanced.

Joan smiles and wolfs down a large snickers bar. "I know we can't count on bill's help." She jokes, opening another bar. "But everything you'Ve been feeding me has been nutritious."

Chris has been studying Joan's growing figure. "I wonder why the effect of the enzyme has waited this long to affect them."

Joan looks at her billowing bosom. "With the enzyme making my body modify to whatever I'll weigh, I'M looking forward to weighing twice what my Aunt is." She strokes her soft flesh, "and i actually like the idea of my bust being my largest measurement."

Chris nods in understanding, "but what is causing this extra fattening of them?"

Joan smiles, "wait here. She gets the bowl she used last night and goes to the stalls. A minute later she returns carrying it full of feed. "I accidentally tasted some last night." She fills her mug with milk before she sits down. "A few hours later i felt hungry for something I couldn't think of. I went back and tried a tried some." She eats a handful, followed by a gulp of milk. "It's like my body was telling me what I needed." She takes another handful and swallows it. "It's a balance, vitamin enriched feed for the cows, so I knew it would be good for me."

Chris laughs, "that's what's causing your breasts to grow faster."

Joan smiles as Chris realizes this. "If this is the only side effect. There's no reason I shouldn't keep eating it."

Chris agrees, "I've been wondering how to keep up with your increasing appetite and still make it nutritious." She goes into the storeroom and returns with a twenty five pound bag. "Since I keep track of the supplies, bill won't know if some of it is going into you."

Joan laughs, "we started joking about my becoming part of the experiment." She eats another handful and empties her mug. "So I might as well have some of their food."

Chris laughs as she leaves with the bag of feed. A few minutes later she returns. "I better order more feed in the morning. But how do we keep bill from wondering about the extra deliveries?"

Joan smiles, "you can go to the feed store before the grocery."

Chris thinks for a moment. "I was wondering how I could cook enough by the time your appetite peaks." She refills Joan's mug and her glass. "And you solved it for me."

Joan looks at her expanded stomach. "I think I had some advice to help me." They both laugh and Joan proceeds to finish the bowl. They agree to keep this as secret from Peg as well as bill.

<Nov 11 8:am 260>

In the morning, bill arrives. "Did you have any trouble," he asks.

Joan smiles as she walks to the scale. "Not with Chris here to feed me." She giggles as the numbers rise. "260, well I guess I'm over the ten pounds a day stage."

Bill smiles, "you'Re going to have to invite your Aunt sooner than you thought."

Joan smiles at him while Chris gets their things. "See you tonight," she whispers coyly.

When they get home, Joan gives Chris money for the feed and groceries. "Have a couple pounds of feed while you wait," Chris jokes before she leaves.

Joan first goes to her bedroom, removes her blouse, bra and gently massages her bloated bosom. "I think they'Re even fuller than they were last night." She cups her plump hands under them and marvels in their softness and weight. "Peg said bill likes large, voluptuous women." She hefts them and squirms in pleasure with the warm flesh that flows over her plump hands. "And I'M going to be larger, and more voluptuous than he has ever dreamed of." She puts her housecoat on and smiles because of all the breast flesh it doesn't conceal.

By the time Chris returns from the stores, Joan has consumed about a pound of feed and a quart of milk.

Chris begins fixing breakfast. "I got four 25 pound bags of feed." She comments as she mixes pancake batter. "You can get them while I get cooking," she laughs.

Joan goes to the door. "I better check what clothes helga gave me before I go to sleep." She brings in the bags and puts them in the closet.

Chris smiles and puts a platter of pancakes on the table. "I know how big helga was, so don't worry until you eat." She returns to her cooking and shortly joins Joan with the rest. They eat and then sort helga's clothes into different sizes.

"I might fit the smallest size for another day or two." Joan comments as she tries some of them. She looks at the bras and tries the smallest two sizes before the third fits with little room for growth. "As full busted as I am, I better start wearing one at night."

Chris laughs as she hands Joan a bra expansion piece. "With the way you'Re growing, you better keep this on the nightstand."

Joan laughs, causing her voluptuous bosom to bounce and billow. "That might not be as much of joke as you think." They prepare for bed and quickly fall asleep.

<nov 11 6pm>

Chris wakes and begins preparing supper. "It's a good thing Joan loves the cow feed," she think while preparing supper, "because I'D be having to spend more and more time cooking." She glances toward the bedrooms and then returns to the stove. "I was afraid that she'D try to gulp down as much as she can. But she prefers to enjoy the flavor of the foods." Her thoughts are interrupted as Joan gets up.

Joan slowly sits up on the side of the bed and releases the front of her bra. "I'M almost too big for this size already!" she thinks to herself. She puts the expansion strap in place and relaxes as her bloated bosom flows, but doesn't bulge out of the large cups.

Joan goes to the bathroom and washes up. She dries and gentle stokes the tender flesh of her swelling breasts. "They'Re so sensitive I don't want to wear a bra," she glances at her reflection and looks at how much they'Ve grown. "But as big as they'Re getting I better keep them supported." She puts a thin layer of cotton padding into the cups and gently puts it on. She finishes dressing and joins Chris in the kitchen.

"I bet you'Re hungry," Chris jokes as she puts a large and average bowl of hot soup on the table.

Joan sits down, causing her flesh to jiggle. "And I'M just a growing girl." They both laugh and dig in. Joan gets a bowl of feed for her desert. After they finish and clean up they walk to the lab.

Bill smiles as he watches the exposed flesh of Joan's bloated bosom quiver. "I've got to pick up some things before the stores close," he mumbles as he hurries out.

Peg is also in the lab and they control their laughter until his car starts. Then they begin laughing uncontrollable. Joan and Peg collapse in their chairs while Chris fills glasses and Joan's mug with coke.

"I thought his eyes were going to bounce off the walls," she laughs while sitting down.

Peg takes a gulp before she is able to speak. "It's only fair if Joan is going to bounce like she is." She studies Joan's appearance for a moment, her expressing becoming more serious as she does. "Did you plan to dress like that or are your breasts growing faster than the rest of you?"

Joan leans back and smiles. "They'Re growing well, don't you think?"

Peg takes another drink. "Since I'M going to try and keep you in clothes. Is there anything else I should know of?"

Joan thinks for a moment. "Chris knows helga is heavier than me," she glances at her burgeoning bosom, "I'M almost into her largest bra and with as heavy as they are I really need support."

Peg walks to her locker and pulls out a sketch pad and portfolio. "In my fabric design classes, we were given the assignment of a woman who had just given birth." She digs into the folder while she talks. "The woman was already very full busted and with nursing her breast size would more than double." She pulls out a group of stapled drawings. "We had to design a bra that could be adjusted to various changes in weight and size."

Joan and Chris study the drawings while Peg tells them more about the assignment and her final solution. "The woman's original build wasn't given, so I made her heavy boned. I knew the instructor might not like this." She shows them the various drawings. "So I had her breasts triple in size." She smiles at Joan. "Now I have a real model to work from."

Joan gulps down the rest of her coke while Peg gets a notepad and measuring tape from her bag. "You haven't seen how big I am without my clothes," she jokes while removing her top. She removes her bra as gently as possible, and stands holding her full arms slightly away from her swelling torso.

Peg stands behind Joan and measures her chest. "This is going to be a real challenge because all your measurements are growing." She walks around and faces Joan. "Especially here," she giggles as she shifts her tape up into place to get Joan's present bust measurement.

Joan keeps herself from squirming as Peg takes a few other measurements. When Peg finishes, she helps Joan put her clothes back on. "I didn't think it was cold enough in here to make your shiver." She asks while filling the glasses and mug with milk.

Joan sips her milk thoughtfully for a few minutes. "It's not the cold," she finally admits. "I haven't told Chris, but besides fattening up more, they sort of tingle and sometime are extra sensitive."

Peg quizzically looks at her. "I hope I'M not being too forward," she starts, "but is there any chance you might be expecting?"

Joan laughs, "I'M expecting a few hundred pounds more of me." She stops laughing, "I already thought of that and I can assure you there's no chance of it."

Peg laughs slightly, "I'll get one done tonight and you can try it tomorrow after bill leaves."

Joan thanks her as she leaves. "I'll remember how sensitive they are," Peg whispers as she closes the door.

Chris is checking the cows as Joan enters. "How hungry are you?"

Joan smiles and gulps down a handful of feed. "Is it time for lunch?" she jokes.

The rest of the night passes with working on the study and eating.

"Since you'Re enjoying the feed," Chris jokes while Joan eats the remains from her large bowl, "I can take more time in making sure my foods are delicious."

Joan tips the bowl and swallows the remnants. "And it's nutritious." She turns as a car drives up.

"How'd the night go?" bill asks without looking at Joan.

"Not bad," Chris responds. "Jake's doing a good job on the house, but we aren't going to let any one see it till he's done."

"I'M doing better." Joan laughs as she enters. She picks up her charts, enters today's weight and leaves with Chris before bill realizes what she's up to.

<Nov 12 8:am 274>

"so what are you up to?" Chris asks as they leave.

Joan smiles, "274, the way bill was keeping from looking at me I thought I'D make him read it himself."

Jake turns as they approach. He studies Joan as she approaches. "Has bill fainted yet?" he jokes. They laugh and he shows them how the framework is going. "We can't finish this wall until the bathroom fixtures arrives. I called them saturday and they told me to expect the truck before noon."

They walk around while Jake explains how far he hopes to be by the end of the week. "I'M still saying we can move you in the first week of december."

"You'Re doing a great job," Joan comments. "Chris should be able to get some of her friends to help me move without bill knowing."

"How soon will they have your furniture ready?" he asks.

Joan smiles, "they promised to have it ready by thanksgiving."

Jake smiles, "If they ship it the next monday, We'll be able to store it inside."

Joan writes him a check for the materials and man hours so far and thanks him for the great work he and his men have done.

They enter the house and Joan has about a pound of feed while Chris prepares breakfast. They eat and prepare to sleep. "I wonder why your breasts are sensitive?" Chris asks.

Joan giggles. "As fast as I'M filling out. It's a good thing all of me isn't as sensitive." They laugh about this and drift to sleep.

<Nov 12 6:pm>

Joan wakes and gently releases the clips of her bra. "The expansion strap doesn't make the cups any bigger." She whisper to herself. "I hope Peg's project can hold me as well as her drawings." She gets the largest size bra, puts it on and washes up before going into the kitchen.

Chris glances at her while stepping away from the table. "You'Ve got to be kidding?" she exclaims, leaning back against the counter. "If your bust is growing this fast, It'll be heavier than the biggest udder in both groups!"

Joan smiles and gently hefts her ponderous bosom. "I'M just trying to drive bill wild." She sits down and begins eating.

Chris brings the rest of the food and joins her. "It's not my choice," Joan comments, gently caressing her rapidly expanding flesh. "It's a good thing my skin is growing just as fast or they'D be covered with stretch marks." She resumes eating.

Chris smiles, she finishes eating and washes the dishes while Joan gulps down what remains.

Joan brings her dishes to the sink. "Now for a little desert." She giggles, while she gets slightly more than a pound of feed. "Even if this is the cause of my extra growing," she mumbles with her mouth full, "my stomach wants some."

She gulps it down as Chris finishes washing up. "Now let's see what bill's reaction is?"

as they walk to the lab bill drives away. They enter and Peg greets them. "Bill said he had some things to do so he left a few minutes early," Peg says laughing. She looks at Joan in surprise and amusement. "I designed it to fit you when you outgrow helga's bras." She hands Joan a package. "I think you'Re almost there already."

Joan smiles and carefully undresses. "I hope you remembered how sensitive they are?" she takes the custom designed bra and Peg helps her put it on.

As Joan helps support her overly hefty breasts, Peg makes adjustments. "Now let's see how well it works."

Joan lowers her plump hands and slowly turns around. "I'M surprised it's so comfortable. It's like a hammock." She walks around the lab for a few minutes. "Now for the real test," she jokes, and bounces up and down a few times.

Peg smiles as Joan's billowing bosom bounces and jiggles. "My main concern was how well it can hold them when you do that."

Joan smiles,watching her flesh quiver. "And the material actually makes them feel less sensitive."

Peg smiles, "I lined them with silk and cotton. Have you thought of anything else that might happen to you?"

Joan looks at her in faked shock. "I certainly hope nothing else like this!"

Peg smiles, "I'll see you tomorrow." She leaves while Chris returns from the stalls. "Are you hungry yet?" she asks, getting a cake from the counter.

Joan smiles, fills her mug with milk and drinks half of it. "You can have a slice or two if you want." They laugh and begin another night of eating and research.

<Nov 13 8:am 278>

they are both surprised when Peg enters. "Hasn't bill arrived yet," she asks.

Joan looks at Chris. "I wonder if he's trying to keep from going into shock when he sees how I've filled out?" she jokes.

Peg studies how well Joan's hammock bra is doing. "Even though I've probably added another pound", Joan comments as she gently caresses them. "It's still doing a great job."

Peg smiles, "I'll make another one tonight, but I might have to make bigger ones every week or so."

Joan laughs and her bloated bosom ripples. "And soon you'll have to keep me in clothes."

Peg nods in agreement. "I'll just make smock type dresses until you finish gaining."

Joan and Chris leave. On the way home, Jake shows them the bathroom fixtures and how well built they are. "Right now you'd look like a baby with them, but by the time you stop growing.." They all laugh about this.

Joan and Chris enter the house and begin preparing breakfast. "Why don't you grab a shower while I get our food ready?" Chris suggests.

Joan agrees and goes into the bathroom. She takes her time with a warm shower. As she washes her hefty bosom she smiles, "this water makes them tingle, but in a more sensual way." She dries, dresses and enters the kitchen.

"Ah, breakfast." Joan laughs as she sits down to a large pile of pancakes. She puts several pats of butter into the stack and pours a good quantity of maple syrup over them. She digs in as Chris puts a large bowl of oatmeal beside her.

Chris sits down with her own breakfast. "If this isn't enough, you can fill up with some feed," she jokes.

Joan laughs and her swelling flesh quivers. "I thought this was just the appetizer." She starts on the oatmeal. She finishes, puts her dishes in the sink and gets more than a pound of feed.

Chris gets up as Joan resumes eating. "Could I try on some of your old clothes?" she asks, trying to adjust her snug blouse.

Joan smiles and gulps down a handful of feed. "I'M never going to fit into them, so take 'em all if you want." She gulps down the rest and shows Chris which boxes contain her old clothes.

Chris tries on some jeans and they'Re loose on her. "Oh well," she jokes, taking a belt and tightens it to the shortest notch. "Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays should fill me out enough."

Joan laughs, "then you can have helga's clothes."

"Sweet dreams," Chris giggles as she goes into her bedroom.

Joan gets into bed and falls into a restful sleep.

<Nov 13 6:pm

nov 17 8:am>

over the next several days, Joan continues to gorge and fatten. Her breasts become huge, round masses of silky smooth flesh, her areolae expand and thicken, her nipples grow and become engorged with the slightest stimulation. Her weight increases by fourteen pounds a day.

<nov 17 sat 8:00am 344>

Joan smiles as she steps off the scale, her soft flesh jiggling. "I hope that's my new clothes in the box," she laughs.

Peg smiles and holds a large colorful smock in front of her. "I made two that should fit for a week, I hope."

Joan takes her snug top off and smiles. "I'M going to need bigger hammocks for my fat udders before then," she jokes, putting the smock on. It is loose and extends below her plump knees. "I guess I can live with this look," she giggles.

Peg admires how her work looks on Joan. "I think I'll make the next one with a larger neck opening. That should really drive bill crazy."

Joan laughs and her flesh quivers. "If he ever gets here before we leave." She caresses her jiggling neck and double chin before smiling at Peg. "It's surprising how round and full my neck is getting."

Peg smiles, "I told you he's having trouble controlling his excitement over how much you'Ve filled out. He promised to be here for our thanksgiving feast but he's using every excuse he can not to be close to you before then."

Joan smiles as she puts her blouse in Chris' Bag. "Make me one that will really show off how much I've grown. He'Ll probably pass out when he sees me and I'll have to give him mouth to mouth respiration."

"Can you do that without smothering him?" Peg laughs. She promises to make special clothes for the feast. She checks the cows as they leave.

Joan and Chris enter the house and have a large breakfast. "Your old clothes aren't tight on me yet," Chris comments, "but by new years I'll be into helga's."

Joan smiles, "I think I'll call helga and tell her how we'Re doing."

They laugh and go to bed.

<Nov 17 sat 6:pm>

Joan wakes to the smell of Chris' Cooking. She gets a large handful of feed as she enters the kitchen. "Is supper ready?" she mumbles with her mouth full.

Chris is putting a platter of mash potatoes and a large bowl of gravy on the table. "I'll join you with the rest," she jokes, returning to the stove.

Joan sits down, pours the rich gravy onto the potatoes and begins eating.

Chris places a dish of mixed vegetables on the table. "The french bread should be ready in a few minutes." She fills her regular size plate with potatoes, gravy and vegetables. "I better get some before you finish this." She comments with her mouth full.

Joan smiles. "I don't want to be at fault for slowing your weight gain."

Chris smiles as she brings a platter loaded with buttered french bread. "I'M not worried about that," she says biting into a large piece. "I'M more worried about getting too big for helga's clothes."

Joan gulps down her bowl of veggies. "I think I'll eat more feed and less of what you cook so I can watch that happen." She smiles and uses pieces of bread to scoop up mounds of potatoes and gravy.

They finish at the same time and wash the dishes together. They walk to the lab, admiring how well the new house looks. "He said the first week of december, and it looks like he'Ll make it." Joan comments as she looks at the extra wide, double doors.

Chris smiles, "I hope I don't get so wide that I need more than one door."

They are laughing as they enter the lab. Peg greets them and studies how much Joan fills her clothes. "I think I better make larger bras for you soon."

Joan smiles as she shrugs out of her billowing smock. "Remember to add a couple of inches for how much I'll fill out tonight."

Peg smiles and carefully takes measurements of Joan's fattening figure. "You don't seem to be as sensitive as you were," she comments as she writes down Joan's new measurements.

Joan smiles and accepts her mug filled with coke. "They'Re still growing like crazy." She takes a long drink. "It still looks like their measurement is going to be much bigger than my waist or hips."

Peg laughs as she gets her books together. "I'M glad you warned me." She leaves as Joan finishes her drink.

Joan and Chris check the cows and study the day's report. "If I keep gaining like I have been. I'M going to weigh more than the heaviest starting weight." Joan laughs, running her plump hands over her ballooning bosom, her swollen stomach and widening hips. "And I might outweigh a couple of them."

Chris laughs and goes to the lab. "Then I better get your snacks ready." She calls over her shoulder.

Joan gets a big scoop full of feed. "I better start my snacking with some nutritious food." She opens her mouth wide and pours over a pound of feed down her expanded throat and into her voracious stomach.

Chris smiles as she drinks her glass of milk. "You'Re not the only one." She fills her glass and Joan's mug with coke. "Now the sweets will take care of us until lunch."

The rest of the night passes like the others. Peg arrives at eight with two larger hammock bras. "Do you want to take a chance of bill seeing you?" she asks.

Joan shakes her head, causing her thick full hair to flow over her soft, flesh rounded shoulders. "Let's keep him from seeing me until thanksgiving."

Chris had gotten their things together. "Don't forget to weigh yourself."

Joan smiles as she steps onto the scale. "359. Hey I finally broke the fourteen a day plateau." She looks at Chris, "maybe we should start recording your weight?"

<nov 18 sun -- 8:00am> -- 359

Chris shakes her head. "I don't want to know how much I weigh." She puts her hands between her plump tummy and her waistband. "When I can't fit into your clothes, I'll still have helga's to grow out of."

They leave and arrive home before bill arrives at the lab.

Joan grabs a shower while Chris prepares breakfast. After they eat, Joan fills up on some of the feed. "I want to be really full when I try on my new bra."

Chris laughs, "that food isn't fattening them out that fast!"

Joan smiles, and gulps down a bowlful. "Uurp, ahh. Now I'M full." She looks at her soft round stomach, bulging out of her open gown and pats her gorged belly causing her warm flesh billow. She smiles and lets her gown fall to the floor. Chris holds one of the new bras. "They certainly are bigger."

Joan smiles, "this one is getting slightly snug," she comments, removing her garment. She puts the new one on and Chris helps adjust it. "I think they'Re bigger than my 500 pound Aunt's." She smiles, "and I've got more than a hundred pounds to go, so who knows how big they'Ll be by then." She goes to her room and quickly falls asleep.

Chris laughs and takes a shower before going to sleep.

<Nov 20 tue 1:pm>

Joan wakes from a food filled dream by the ringing of the doorbell. "Be there in a minute!" she calls out as she struggles with her sheets. "I hope Peg has larger dresses and ready soon." She walks with a slight waddle, caused as much by her increase in weight as her wider and stronger skeletonal growth. She opens the door and sees her modified van.

"Joan must not be awake yet?" a friendly young man asks.

Joan smiles, "so this the van." She slowly walks around it.

My name is ted." He introduces himself. "I'll show you around and then you can give Joan the tour."

Joan smiles as she decides not to reveal who she is. "It looks sturdy enough," she comments.

Ted explains how the van has been modified up to carry 5000 pounds. The front seats have been replaced by a multi-adjustable bench seat. The steering wheel has been mounted so it is beside the driver and con be adjusted all the way to the right side.

Joan sits down and laughs as she realizes how much room there is for her. "I'M sure Joan will be overjoyed with this." She tells ted. "She's visiting a friend and won't be back 'til late tonight."

Ted turns as an average sized van drives up. "She's already paid for it, so here's the keys. We've got a long drive home so I'll leave and she can call if there's any problems.

Joan smiles as she takes the keys. "I'M certain she'Ll love it."

Chris joins her as ted drives away. "Are we going for a drive or do you need to get back to sleep?"

Joan leads her back into the house. "Let's get dressed and then We'll show it off at all the drive throughs."

Chris laughs as she dresses. "I guess if you gorge on fast foods it helps you keep your appetite excited."

Joan smiles and gets a half full bag of feed. "This should help me with my good nutrition." She puts the bag into the van and steps on the entry platform. She grasps the hand holds, feeling her size and weight as the platform rises. She then sits down, turns the ignition and carefully drives away.

"It's different driving with the steering wheel beside me," Joan comments.

Chris hands her a large cup of feed. "And there's enough room for you to really fill out."

They laugh and visit all five drive throughs. Joan gets three meals at each, while Chris manages to consume one from each.

They go to the mall and shop for small furnishing for the new house. They return home around seven and wait till bill leaves.

When they arrive at the lab, Peg greets them smiling. "We saw your new van and bill asked me how big a woman it was built for. It's the first time in over a week he's mentioned anything about how huge you might get."

Joan laughs, "we better decide who's going to carter our thanksgiving feast."

Chris smiles, "how many people do we tell them it's for?"

Joan thinks for a moment, with a mischievous grin. "I should be able to hold fifteen servings and you can handle enough for two."

Peg laughs as Chris stares in faked shock. "Then we need to order for twenty. Does helga's place cater?"

Chris laughs, "If we tell her it's for twenty, she'Ll give us enough for thirty." She nods her head, "I'll call her tonight. She might even join us."

Joan smiles as she hands them glasses of coke. "Do you think bill will think he's outnumbered if she's here?"

Chris agrees, "I'M certain she'Ll understand. But I hope we can have her here for Christmas."

Peg drains her glass, "I better get going so I can finish your dress tonight." She gets her books and leaves as they check on the cows.

Chris calls helga and she quickly agrees to cater their feast as long as Chris promises to eat as much as she can hold. They discuss what foods will be brought and agree to pay when it arrives.

For lunch, Chris does her best at preparing a somewhat balanced meal out of what bill bought. "It's a good thing you love the cow feed." She comments. "It's mixed for the cows but your needs are close enough that it's the best thing you can have in volume."

Joan smiles and gulps down a half pound of feed. "It's designed to put pounds on the cows," she runs her plump hands over her bloated bosom, around her swollen belly and over her massively spongy hips, "and it works real well on me too."

Chris laughs and they enjoy the midnight feast.

In the morning, Joan weighs herself before Peg arrives. "Well, sixteen pounds puts me up to four hundred and four pounds."

<Nov 21 wed 8:00am -- 404>

Chris smiles and pats her plump tummy, "and I'M getting closer to really filling your clothes."

Peg enters with a large package. "I said I'd get it done in time."

Joan removes her large smock and puts the new dress on. "Be ready for bill to faint when he sees me." She bounces once and the exposed flesh of her bountiful breasts flows and jiggles for several seconds.

Peg smiles, "We'll catch him, but it's up to you to bring him back to consciousness."

Joan caresses her mammoth mammaries, "and when he opens his eyes, he'll pass out again." They all laugh about this as Chris and Joan leave.

On the way home, Jake tells them that everything is going fine and they can move in about two weeks.

They arrive home and have a large breakfast. "Now that my van's here and the house will be ready on time," Joan comments with her mouth full of hashbrowns. "I can really eat."

Chris smiles and stuffs her mouth until her cheeks are bulging. They finish eating, clean up and prepare for bed.

<Nov 22 thu 6:30pm>

Joan wakes and is surprised when she sees the time. She slowly gets to her feet, her new pounds of flesh billowing as she moves. She enters the kitchen and sees a note on the table.

"Dear Joan, I'M at the lab helping helga set up our feast. We should be ready about seven so wait until then to come over. Please try and control you appetite and don't eat anything. You want to shock bill with how much your growing stomach can hold. Chris."

Joan smiles and glances at the clock. "I've got plenty of time for a shower." She takes a warm shower and fixes herself up before putting on her new dress. "If bill doesn't say anything, I think I'll give him a big hug and see how well my billowing bust can smother him."

Joan's stomach quietly rumbles as she walks to the lab. "Just wait till we get there," she whispers to herself. "Then I'M going to stuff more food into you than you'Ve ever had." She smiles as she opens the door.

Chris and Peg are putting the finishing touches on the feast. "What do you think?" Peg asks.

Joan smiles, almost drooling as she scans the tables covered with an incredible assortment of foods. "It's almost like one of my dreams." She finally answers.

Peg and Chris carry a extra wide chair from the storage room. "Helga had them bring this for you." Chris says with a laugh.

Joan sits down and then realizes some one is missing. "Where's bill?" she asks with apprehension.

Peg smiles as she sits down. "He wanted to change clothes. "He told us to start eating and he'Ll join us around eight."

Chris gives Joan a platter loaded with turkey, ham, potatoes drowned in gravy, stuffing and sweet potatoes. "We've got a deal with helga," she laughs as she places a large plate of relishes beside Joan. "If we can eat all of this tonight, she'Ll give us our Christmas feast for half price."

Joan smiles as she spears a large piece of turkey. "Then it's mostly up to me," she stuffs it in her mouth, "but you have to do your best." She mumbles to Chris.

Chris smiles as she digs into the mound of food on her plate.

For the next half hour Peg eats and tells what bill has admitted to her of his love of very large women. "None of his family was heavy but there was a girl in highschool that he guessed weighed over two hundred. He was a quiet person and she was friendly with him. They studied together and she sat closer each time. After a week she finally started snuggling him. They never went any further and he was embarrassed to let anyone know she turned him on."

Joan pauses gorging. "Did you get him to admit how big a woman he'D like?"

Peg laughs for a moment. "A few years ago he went to the state fair and met a high school friend that was working the midway. When they started talking about preferences in females, bill admitted his attracting to large ladies. His buddy, Mick, laughed in a friendly way. "How would you like to meet Flo?" he asked.

Bill wasn't sure but mick convinced him. Mick left and came back after half an hour. "I've already told her about you and she really wants to meet you," he told bill. Bill agreed and mick gave him a key. "Her trailer is #43 and she gets off at eleven.. She just expects to meet and talk with you."

Mick showed him around until shortly before eleven. He showed bill the trailer and bill went in to wait. While he waited, he noticed the few furnishings were large and heavily built.

He heard a knock, followed by a pleasant female voice. "Bill, I'M here." The door opened and the trailer shifted as the side show fat lady entered. "Mick told me about your attraction to extra full figured ladies. Am I full enough?" she pauses and sits down as he stares in surprise. "My banner says I'M 600 pounds, but I'M really about 540." She smiles, "would you mind if i sit on the couch with you?"

Peg refills her plate for the first time. "He didn't tell me what else they did, but he decided that he didn't think a woman could be too big for his likes."

Joan gulps down a serving spoon full of mashed potatoes and gravy. "If she weighed 540 I'M still too small for his tastes."

Chris laughs. "But he knows you'Re going to get a whole lot fatter." They all laugh and barely manage to stop as they hear bill arrive.

"I see you'Ve already started," he jokes as he puts his coat away.

Joan waits until she hears him walking toward her, then she gets up and turns as fast as she can without losing her balance. "So what do you think," she laughs and spreads her arms wide, her fleshy bosom quivering as she steps toward him.

Bill stands in surprise, with his mouth dropping open.

Joan smiles and slowly moves toward him. She shifts her bloated body from side to side as she walks. Her silky flesh jiggles and ripples with her motion. "If you don't think I'M big enough yet," she asks in a husky voice. "Just wait until Christmas." She stops in front of him. Her swollen stomach and massive mammeries almost touching him.

Bill finally regains his composure and smiles. He steps forward until her spongy flesh starts to flow around him. He wraps his arms around her as she wraps her fat inflated arms around his neck. His hands don't reach completely around but he pulls her close as well as he can. "I've been afraid that if I saw you, I wouldn't be able to resist your increase in weight." He whispers in her ear.

"Tonight you can watch what I've been doing to fill out as fast as I have." Joan whispers back. They release each other and he walks her to her chair. She sits down as he moves a chair beside her and sits down.

Bill puts a few of the delicacies on his plate and then piles her's high with some of everything. "I know about the bet with helga," he gently caresses her flesh swollen arms, "and I'M sure I can help you."

Joan gulps down a large mouthful of ham. "If you keep showing how appreciative you are of my growing body," she takes a large forkful of dressing, "I'm going to put more food in me than you can believe." She resumes gorging but doesn't use her ability to swallow large amounts in one gulp.

He finishes his small plate of food in the time it takes her to consume her loaded platter. She looks at the assortment of pies. "With as much as I'M going to eat," she laughs. I think I'M ready for my first desert and then I'll have some more of the main course."

He smiles as he steps to the pies on the counter. "Apple, pumpkin, pecan, which type do you want," he asks jokingly.

Joan sits back and pats her blubbery tummy. "How bout some of each?" she asks with a burp.

Bill smiles, brings a complete pie of each and places them in front of her. "You'Re going to win the bet," he whispers in her ear as he gently massages her soft round shoulders.

Joan smiles and takes a large piece of pumpkin pie. "Just keep going like that and I'll stuff myself until it's all in my stretched stomach." She eats the piece and picks a large slice of apple. "And tomorrow morning, the scales will show how much I've gained." She resumes eating.

Bill continues massaging her shoulders and works his way down her massively puffy arms. "And you'Re going to get a lot bigger before you'Re full." He whispers. He kneels beside her as he continues on to her bloated belly. "And you'Re loving every mouthful."

Joan smiles and stuffs the last slice into her large mouth, causing her plump cheeks to bulge. "And with your care," she mumbles, "I might end up being the heaviest cow in both experiments." She swallows the mouthful and smiles as bill piles her platter with as much food as it can hold.

"Now that you'Ve had an appetizer," he jokes as kneels down on her other side and resumes fondling her fat and food swollen stomach.

Peg and Chris have been eating and trying to ignore bill and Joan. Chris finally speaks to them "do I have to push myself so We'll win the bet?" she asks.

Joan smiles with her mouth stuffed with sweet potatoes. "Yes you do," she mumbles. She swallows her mouthful. "Helga gave us all this food so you'll have to stuff yourself."

Chris smiles and gets one of the pumpkin pies. "I love pumpkin and I'M going to get as round as one."

Peg laughs, "If you keep eating like this, you'll outgrow Joan and helga's clothes."

Chris smiles and begins stuffing her face with the rich creamy pie. "Tonight I'M eating to win the bet."

Joan finishes the food on her platter and bill begins to refill it. "The candied sweet potatoes really hit the spot," Joan comments with a sensual groan.

Bill smiles as he puts the rest of them on her platter. He loads the other half with turkey, ham and stuffing. "I don't know how much Chris can eat," he laughs as he places it in front of her, "but another platterful in you should win the bet."

Joan smiles and spears a sweet potato with her fork. "And then I can have a second desert." She stuffs it in her mouth and groans in pleasure as she continues to force more food into her enormous belly.

Bill begins massaging her shoulders and on down her arms. "If there's anywhere special you want me to massage?" he whispers to her.

She swallows the stuffing in her mouth. "Right now you'Ve been doing it where it helps me most. But when we'Re alone..." She stuffs another sweet potato into her mouth and enjoys it's flavor and texture as she chews. Bill smiles as he hugs her heavy, puffy arms. He then resumes affectionately fondling and kneading her massively spongy belly.

Chris finishes her pie and sits back. "I can't believe how stuffed I am." She rubs her stretched stomach as she looks at Joan. "I'M afraid that I can't hold any more."

Joan stuffs the last of the ham into her large mouth.

Peg quickly gets up, "you just keep doing what you'Re doing," she tells bill. She begins scraping what remains on each serving dish onto Joan's platter.

Joan keeps stuffing her mouth full and smiles when Peg empties the last serving dish. She chews while Peg gets the remaining pies. "With the pieces we've eaten, you'Ve got more than three complete pies left for desert.

Bill watches Joan as she works on getting her last platter of food into her massively overfull stomach. "Do you think you can hold the pies?"

Joan smiles. She gently grasps his hand and pushes it into her incredibly spongy flesh. "I don't know if I'll be able to move." She winks with a smile, "but if you don't stop. I won't either."

Bill smiles and nuzzles his face into her full, soft upper arm. "Helga's going to supply us with Christmas dinner for half price."

Joan smiles and resumes eating the food remaining on her platter. She is eating much slower than she had started, but her expression reveals her determination.

Peg cuts the pies into pieces and Joan slowly eats each piece.

Bill massages her swelling belly and snuggles into her massively fattened arms and occasionally nuzzles her mammothly bloated bosom.

Joan finally forces down the final piece and washes it down with a full mug of milk. "I've eaten more in the last few hours than I did all yesterday." She groans in pleasure and rubs her plump hands into the soft flabby skin of her belly. "And I bet the scales tomorrow morning will show it." She closes her eyes and relaxes.

Bill smiles and gently massages her massively swollen abdomen. "Anything I can do to help you feel better?"

"just keep doing what you'Ve been doing." She whispers, "I should be able to move in a little while."

Bill stands beside her. He leans into her huge, spongy bosom and gently kisses her round, full lips. "Peg promised she can take care of the cows tomorrow, so I can take care of you until you can move."

Joan opens her eyes and smiles at him. "If you start appreciating how much I'M gaining." She bats her long thick eyelashes. "You'll make me more and more contented, and I'll eat more and more food. Uurg, and a feast like I've just had will be an average meal." She puts her cushiony arm around his neck and pulls him forward until his face in buried in her ponderously plump breast. "I'll be heavier than any of the cows and one of these will weigh more than the fattest udder." She releases him and relaxes.

Bill slowly kneels beside her and gently massages her gorged belly. "It's a good thing you love the cow feed or Chris wouldn't be able to cook enough."

Joan snuggles into his caresses. "How did you find out?"

bill snuzzles into her heavy bosom. "One morning I found a few feed pellets in the snack dish before Peg washed it. Then I kept close track of how much the cows were eating and knew some of it is going into you."

Joan relaxes and groans slightly. "Now we won't have to conceal my special appetite." She closes her eyes and nods into a gorged induced sleep.

Almost an hour later, she opens her eyes and smiles. "Now I feel like moving." Bill gets up and she stands before he is able to help. "Remember the report on the skeleton and organs adapting to the weight gained? well my body has be getting stronger and wider as I get fatter and fatter."

Bill is unable to suppress a yawn. "I think I'll grab a nap so I'll be ok in the morning." He walks into the side room and almost collapses on the cot.

Chris enters as he hits the bed. "I'M surprised he lasted as long as he did." She studies Joan for a moment. "There's so much of you that I'M not sure how much of your swollen belly is from tonight's feast."

Joan giggles, "I bet my stomach's bigger than it was a few hours ago."

They both restrain their laughter so as not to wake bill.

The rest of the night, Chris does most of the physical work while Joan updates the reports. Several hours after she finishes her feast, she begins nibbling on a large bowl of feed. By morning she has eaten several pounds.

Peg arrives shortly before eight and glances into the break room. "I can take care of the cows until he wakes." She looks at Joan and smiles, "It looks like you'Ve almost outgrown the special clothes I made you."

Joan smiles and waddles to the scales. "Some of this is extra food in me," she comments. "But a lot of it is new me." She steps on the scale and smiles as the indicator rises. "Four forty two." She starts to walk to the door. "As much as I ate last night." She glances at Chris and pats her billowing tummy, "I'M ready for breakfast."

<Nov 23 fri< 20> -- 8:00am -- 442

they arrive home and Joan takes a shower while Chris prepares breakfast. "I'M hungry," Chris calls out as she starts cooking, "but I haven't had anything since the feast."

Joan laughs, "If bill starts showing his appreciation like last night. He better get me another bag of munchies each night."

Chris thinks to herself as she hears the water start. "It's a good thing she's eating that vitamin enriched feed to balance out those sweets."

She finishes cooking and starts eating by the time Joan enters the kitchen.

"It's a good thing Peg designed these hammocks to be adjusted." Her bounteous bosom rolls as she sits down. "I was joking to bill about how big these might get." She takes a large forkful of pancakes. "But I may have spoken closer to the truth."

They both laugh and finish their huge breakfast. Chris showers while Joan goes into her room and falls asleep.

<Nov 23 fri 6:00pm>

Joan wakes to the smell of Chris cooking supper. She sits down and begins eating what Chris has ready. "I know my tummy's bigger because I'M really hungry." She pours some feed into a large bowl and gulps it down.

Chris joins her and begins eating. "It's a good thing you love the feed or I'D be spending all my time cooking."

Joan smiles and swallows the rest of the feed. "And I like what it's doing to me," she jokes as she pats her ponderous bosom.

Chris smiles as she continues eating. "Now that bill's admitted how he feels about you. Are you going to be eating more?"

Joan finishes her potatoes and starts washing the dishes. "If he keeps on like last night. I'M going to be the most contented and fattest cow you'Ve ever seen."

Chris helps her finish the dishes. "With him on the day shift and you on the night shift we don't have to worry about that." She pauses and smiles, "unless you want to."

Joan caresses her overly plump abdomen. "I'D love his attention, but if we have time together I'M going to put on even more."

Chris laughs, "as big as you'Re going to get, will it matter?"

Joan smiles as she picks up her things and opens the door. "I'll have to think about it."

They walk to the lab and Peg greets them. "How do you feel after last night's feast?" she asks Joan.

Joan smiles and pats her growing belly. "Fat 'N sassy and ready for more."

Peg laughs as she gets her books. "I better get some larger clothes made tonight." She leaves as bill enters from the stalls.

"You'Re looking good." He comments as Chris goes to the stalls. "Did you eat more for supper?"

Joan smiles, "I might have, but I'll need a reason to eat more tonight."

Bill begins caressing her silky soft flesh. "What we need is a way we can be alone together."

Joan sighs in pleasure. "Why didn't you tell me how you felt when I started gaining?"

bill massages her overly full arms. "I was afraid if I told you, you'd wonder if I was just saying it to help you feel better. I've always been attracted to large women, but didn't want anyone to know I'D love to watch a fat woman get fatter."

Joan smiles, "and I'M going to get fatter than you could have hoped any woman could."

He snuggles into her heavy, bloated bosom. "And I'M going to make you feel happy and contented so you'll eat even more."

Joan giggles and her flesh ripples. "Since my body is adapting to my incredible weight gain, I'M actually looking forward to how big I'M going to get.

"I'M excited that you'Re getting fatter each day and are going to be really huge before you stop." He attempts to heft her ponderously plump breasts. "Do you really think one of these might weigh more than the fattest udder?"

Joan smiles, "since I eat more of the cow feed, they might. But if I weigh more than the fattest cow. They'Re going to be unbelievable."

Bill steps back as he hears Chris approach. "I better get going." He grabs his notes and leaves.

Chris enters after she hears bill leave. "I hope I didn't scare him off," she jokes.

Joan laughs as she fills the snack bowl with feed. "I think he can't believe that I'M also looking forward to how big I'M going to get." She gulps down almost half the contents before stopping. "And this is going to make my breasts so huge that he won't know what to do."

Chris smiles, "we need to find a way the two of you can be alone together."

Joan studies the reports for a moment. "We aren't going to do too much for awhile so an hour a day should be enough." She munches on the feed while she thinks. "Let's wait until my house is done. He can come over at eight and you can take care of the lab till nine."

Chris has been checking the food bill brought. "That sounds like a good idea. " She opens the bags. "I wonder why he didn't get more than he has been?"

Joan smiles, "since it looks like the surprising increase in my breasts is because of the feed." She tips the bowl and gulps down the rest. "I'M going to eat more of it so I'll be the most buxom woman ever."

The rest of the night goes like the others. Joan eats almost a pound more of the feed than she has been.

<Nov 24 8:00am> -- 460

Bill arrives before Peg. "How are the cows doing?" he asks.

Joan smiles as she walks to the scale. "The others are doing fine. Now let's see how I'M doing." She steps on it and watches the numbers. "460, I didn't gain as much yesterday, but 18 pounds in one day is a good bit of new me."

Bill strokes her flesh bloated arm. "And there's more to come." He whispers.

She tells him of how they can be alone when her house is finished.

He looks at her in confusion, "you didn't tell me that house is yours."

She laughs, "a woman needs to have a few surprises." She jokes as she and Chris leave.

They go home and Chris prepares a large, delicious breakfast for them. "By the end of next week, We'll be moved into your new house." Chris comments as she begins eating.

Joan swallows a large bite of pancakes. "With bill's attention and my not worrying about getting too big for the house," she stuffs in another mouthful of pancakes and gulps it down before continuing. "I think bill will be more than overjoyed at how fast I'll be packing the pounds on."

Chris finishes and begins washing up. "And if I don't watch it, I'll be over two hundred by Christmas."

Joan laughs and her soft flesh billows. "If you aren't by then. After the Christmas and new year's feasts, you'll be well over that mark." She helps Chris finish the dishes. Then they go to their bedrooms.

Joan lies down and caresses her magnificently bloated bosom. "If that cow feed is the cause of these growing so full and heavy." She closes her eyes and smiles. "If the feed is making them fatten out this fast, I wonder what else might happen?" she thinks as she drifts to sleep.

<nov 24 6 pm>

After they eat a large dinner, Chris and Joan arrive at the lab. "I wonder if bill's trying to keep track of how much feed you'Re eating?" Chris asks Joan.

Joan laughs and her swollen flesh jiggles. "He probably is, he likes how big they'Re getting and I'M having fun joking about how huge they might get."

Peg smiles as she overhears them. "Then I better make some bigger bras today and design some to be able to hold larger breasts than I though any woman could have."

Joan smiles and pats her massive mammeries. "But no woman ever had eight doses of my enzyme poured down her throat."

Peg laughs and gets her measuring tape. "You can't put all the blame on that," she comments as she unrolls two tapes connected together. "You'Ve been eating a lot of regular food and then gulping down pounds of cow feed at night." She writes down the measurements and leaves.

Chris goes to check on the cows as she sees bill leaning against the doorway.

Bill had been watching and smiles, "are you getting worried she might not be able to make bras capable of holding them?"

Joan waddles to the counter and begins checking the foods bill had brought. "That doesn't worry me," she jokes while opening a box of a dozen donuts. "If these get too big for her to design for." She pours herself a quart of milk and gulps down half of it. "I'll try one designed for a dairy cow's udder." She eats four of the donuts and refills her now empty mug.

Bill walks to her with admiration in his eyes. "I looked at your new house and I was amazed at how well designed it is for a woman as tremendous as you might get." He hugs her as well as he can.

Joan smiles, wraps her flab swollen arms around him and pulls him between her fat bloated breasts. "When I'M moved in," she whispers, "you'll be able to explore how much I've filled out and where I'll find room to pack on even more weight." She pulls him closer and they passionately kiss for several minutes.

She finally releases him and he feels the weight and softness of her ponderous jugs. "And we both know where some of it is going to stay." As Chris enters, he turns and grabs his coat before she can see how aroused Joan made him.

Joan proceeds to finish the donuts and milk while Chris tells her how the cows are doing. "Are you trying to drive bill insane before you move?" she asks.

Joan pours coke for both of them. "I think he was going crazy by not telling me how he felt." She gently runs her plump hands over her expanding figure. "Now that he's admitted it, he can feel what he could only glimpse."

They both laugh about this. For the rest of the night the continue the experiment and eat.

<nov 25 8 am -- 478>

bill arrives shortly before eight. "I know you haven't added as much as you did thanksgiving." He jokes as Joan slowly walks to the scale.

"Probably not," she answers as she steps onto it, "but eighteen pounds is still a nice amount for an average day." She steps down and her flesh billows magnificently.

Peg enters, "how's it going?" she calls out.

"I'll see you tonight," bill whispers as he gives her a kiss and quickly steps away.

Joan blinks her long full lashes at him in agreement. She calls to Chris and they leave.

For the rest of the week, Joan continues to slowly increase the amount of cow feed she eats each night.

<Nov 26 8 am-- 496>

<nov 27 8 am -- 512>

<nov 28 8 am -- 530>

<nov 29 8 am -- 549>

<nov 30 8 am -- 568>

<nov 30 7:30pm>

On thursday night, Peg brings in her larger and more supportive bra. "I hope this design will be able to hold them?" she jokes as Joan studies it.

Joan hands it back to her and removes her almost snug dress. "I think you better make some larger dresses this weekend." She laughs, causing her ponderous bosom to bounce and jiggle more than it was.

Peg helps her change bras and struggles to adjust the straps. "It's a good thing your body is adjusting as you fill out." She steps back and watches as Joan slowly turns around. "As fast as you'Re growing, your skin is still supple and is able to expand fast enough to prevent stretch marks."

Joan struggles to get the dress back on, "It's too bad my clothes don't expand as well as my skin." She jokes.

A few minutes later, bill enters from the stalls. "Did Peg get your new clothes made right?" he asks.

Joan smiles and takes a couple of steps, causing her bounteous bosom to flow and quiver. "Now I have room to fill out again." She jokes.

Peg and bill leave while Chris prepares snacks.

Chris pours several pounds of feed into a large bowl and leaves the rest of the bag on the table. "Now that Peg has designed bras capable to support more of you," she smiles.

Joan smiles and gulps down almost two pounds of feed. "My job is to find out how much they can hold." She refills the bowl and munches while they study the reports.

Peg arrives around 7:30. "I got two of your next size dresses done," she comments as she opens the box she was carrying. She holds it up to Joan and smiles. "I was hoping that size would fit until you were over 600."

<Dec 1 sat< 23> -- 8:00am --586

Joan glances at the clock. "It's almost eight, so let's find out how close I am." She steps on the scales and smile. "586, I think this would fit for another fourteen pounds," she comments as she tugs gently at her dress. "But a couple pounds more and the seams would be gone!" she laughs and her spongy flesh billows as she does.

Bill enters while she is laughing. "What's the joke?" he asks.

Peg smiles, "she was just saying that if I hadn't gotten her larger clothes done, she'D outgrow her present ones in another couple of days."

Joan smiles to bill as she and Chris prepare to leave. "Jake said he'D know when my house would be done today. So I better see him now." She contains her laughter as they leave.

Jake greets them as they enter her house. "I see you weren't joking about how fast you'd be packing on the pounds. Well, what do you think?" he asks as he shows them around.

Joan smiles as she checks out the kitchen area and the main room. "It looks like it should be big enough for what we expect me to weigh." She walks into the bathroom and smiles. "And I love taking long hot baths."

Chris smiles as Jake goes to unload a truck they heard drive up. "Do you think bill will be able to fit in it with you?"

Joan laughs, her bloated flesh jiggles as she climbs into the huge tub. "As deep as it is," she jokes while acting as if the tub was filled with water. "If he can't fit beside me," she pats her round, fat swollen belly, "he can rest on me."

Chris laughs as she pokes Joan's soft flesh. "And if there's not enough room for him beside you on the bed."

Joan laughs, "he can sleep on the softest, warmest mattress ever." She gets out of the tub and they rejoin Jake. "It's looking great," she comments.

Jake smiles and looks at the house, "the men have done a great job. We should be done by wednesday afternoon."

Joan smiles, "then the housewarming party is saturday afternoon." Chris and Joan walk to the house they'Ve been living in.

Chris begins preparing supper and Joan picks up the phone. "It's time to invite Aunt Judy." She dials while watching Chris cook. "Aunt Judy, this is Joan." "I'M doing pretty good, in fact I've put on a good bit since last summer. The reason I'M calling is I'M having a housewarming party this saturday and I'D like you to come." "It's starting at two. You remember where the lab is?" "well, it's right next door. You'll know it because it's built on two lots." "Great, I'll see you then, bye."

Chris had been putting dinner on the table and had already started. "What's she going to say when she sees that a good bit means you weigh around a hundred pounds more than her?"

Joan laughs and begins filling her plate. "I have no idea, but I know she'Ll be impressed." They eat and go to their bedrooms. Chris turns when she hears Joan laugh. Joan is in her room and turn to face Chris. "Guess what," she asks with a laugh. She steps forward and Chris smiles as she watches Joan's soft wide hips bump the doorway. "I was wondering when this would happen."

Chris smiles, "I can move your bed into the living room and you can sleep there for the next couple of nights. When your house is ready, my boyfriend and his buddies can pack and move everything. When you get in your custom built house you won't have to worry about that for a long time." They both laugh and then go to sleep.

<Dec 2 sun 8am -- 604>

<Dec 3 mon 8am -- 621>

<Dec 4 tue 8am -- 638>

On wednesday, Bill arrives several minutes early. "Jake said that you'd be able to move in today," he comments as he strokes her flesh swollen arms.

Joan smiles and pulls him into her massively bloated body. "And then I won't have to worry about getting stuck in the house I've been living in," she whispers.

<Dec -- 5 wed 8am -- 654>

She steps on the scale and smiles. "654, even if Aunt Judy has filled out, I probably outweigh her by more than a hundred pounds." She jokes as she waddles toward bill.

Bill spreads his arms out and barely reaches around her billowing sides. "And you might gain another hundred in the next week," he laughs.

She pulls him between her bounteous breasts and lovingly kisses him for several minutes.

When she releases him, he snuggles into her ponderous fat. "With you around me," he jokes, "I won't have to worry about getting cold."

Joan wraps her globular arms around him and pulls him close. "It'll take a lot more of me to do that," she whispers. "But before I finish filling out, you might disappear when I hug you."

They quickly separate when they hear Peg at the door. "Let's wait until after the housewarming for our time alone?"

bill smiles as he steps back, "then there'Ll be even more of you to love."

Chris joins her and they go to see Jake.

He sees them coming and smiles as they approach. "I know you sleep in the day," he starts, "but all we have to do is clean up. We should be out of here by noon and the landscaping people promised to finish their work tomorrow."

Joan smiles and pats her bulging hips. "That's good, because I'm getting too wide for the inside doors of the house I'M in now."

Jake laughs, "If you get too wide for these door," he opens the double doors and stands with both arms outstretched, "I'll put bigger ones in for only the cost of materials."

Joan smiles and glances at Chris. "Then I guess I won't have to watch how much I eat." They all laugh at this. Joan and Chris have their final dinner in the temporary house and then prepare for sleep. Fortunately the bathroom doorway was somewhat wider than the bedroom, but Joan admitted she was concerned when she might not be able to wash up completely before the house was done.

Joan lies down and lovingly runs her plump hands over and around her flowing flesh. "Tomorrow I'll be in my house designed for me to get as fat as I'M going to get and even more." She closes her eyes and drifts to sleep. Dreaming about her filling out, with bill there to encourage and complement her.

<Dec 5 wed 5:pm>

Joan wakes when she hears Chris preparing supper. She puts her clothes on and joins her in the kitchen. "Our last meal before we move?"

Chris smiles, "I'M going to leave the lab early so I can really stock up on groceries."

Joan fills a platter with veggies and bread. "Remind me and I'll give you enough money." She begins eating and Chris joins her with the rest of their meal.

Chris finishes first and begins washing up. "I called Jim before you woke. He's going to get all our things moved tonight while we'Re working." She takes the rest of the dishes from Joan. "Why don't you get the house keys from Jake and I'll join you when I finish?"

Joan smiles as she gets her purse. "I'll see you there." She laughs as she bumps her expanding hips on the door frame.

The door of her custom built house is unlocked and she opens the door. "Well," she asks Jake, "you said it would be ready for me to move in today?"

Jake laughs, "I know better than to disappoint a woman of your majestic size." He bows and makes a sweeping motion with his arm. "It's all yours." He smiles and walks with her as she decided where to position the couches and chairs. Jake moves them and in a few minutes she is sitting on one of the specially built couches, writing him the final check. "I'M going to be away this weekend, so I'll miss your party." He steps back and smiles. "We both know you'Re going to be bigger than bill could imagine. I just hope I've built this place big enough."

Joan laughs, "even if I tried, I don't think I'll get that huge."

Chris enters as Jake leaves. "If you and bill are alone for the first hour of our shift, are you going to feel like it with your tummy full of supper?"

Joan laughs and pats her flesh bloated belly. "All that food will give me extra energy." They look over the house and set up the wall partitions for Chris' Room.

Jim arrives with the first box and checks out the house. Chris steps beside him and puts her slightly plump arm around him. "Are you thinking about getting as big as Joan?" he asks her.

She steps back and models her fuller figure. "It might take me awhile, but who knows."

Joan smiles, "I'll leave you two alone. They all laugh as Joan goes to the lab.

Peg is filling out reports as Joan enters. "Have you moved in yet?" she asks with a laugh.

Joan pours herself a mug of coke. "Jim's moving our things and his friends are going to help him with the big stuff." She drinks while reading over Peg's shoulder.

"So who's coming to the party?" bill asks as he enters from the stalls.

Joan waddles toward him and pulls him into her spongy flesh. "Chris, Peg, you, my Aunt Judy, Jim." She glances at Peg. "Can your boyfriend keep a secret?"

Peg drains her glass. "He already knows. He asked what I was doing making clothes and bras of incredible size so I promised him to keep it a secret."

Joan smiles. "If he's going to come, what's his name?"

Peg gets up and stretches. "Tom, he also knows Jim and understand Jim thinking Chris looks better with her new flesh." She gets her things and leaves.

Bill smiles and gives her a warm hug. "I wish I could stay but I've got some things to get done by nine." He gives her a kiss and starts to leave.

Joan smiles, "next week I won't let you get away so easy."

Bill smiles, "we got a new load of cow feed today so don't worry about eating too much." He laughs as he leaves.

Joan studies the reports while she checks out the snacks bill brought.

Chris joins her a few minutes later and they talk about how they can have time alone with their men.

<Dec 6 thu 8:00am -- 670>

Bill arrives shortly before eight. "Are you ready to move in?" he asks as he nuzzles her plumpening shoulder.

Joan smiles and pats her widening hips. "Now I don't have to worry about getting too wide for the doorways." She walks to the scales and smiles as the counter stops. "16 more pounds of me," she says proudly as she turns and wraps her soft, full arms around him. <Wc64>

bill leans into her spongy flesh and whispers. "Are we going to start our private time tonight? or do you want to wait till after your housewarming party?"

Joan giggles and her flesh jiggles against him. "I think we can wait until then." She releases him and steps away as Peg enters.

Pegs puts her books down as Chris enters from the stalls. "I better go to the store, so I can get your new house well stocked." Chris comments.

Joan gets her purse. "I hope this is enough," she jokes as she hands Chris 2 hundred dollar bills.

Chris laugh as she leaves. "I'll fix a good breakfast when i get back."

Bill turns to Joan as she prepares to leave. "Are you going to be able to wait till then? he jokes.

Joan picks up the half-full bag of feed from the table. "This should make a good appetizer," she laughs as she leaves.

Joan unlocks the door and puts the bag on the table. She fills a large bowl and munches while she puts her books on the shelves.

An hour later, Chris returns with bags full of nutritious foods. While Chris prepares a huge breakfast, Joan puts the foods in the cabinets and the large double door refrigerator.

After they eat, Joan slowly rises and waddles to her custom built bed. She lies down and relaxes. "I don't think I'll get as wide as this bed," she thinks as she drifts to sleep, dreaming of her fattening body covering more and more of her huge bed.

<Dec 8 8am -- 718>

Joan and Chris have taken turns at the lab and preparing the house for the party that evening.

Bill arrives early. "Thought Peg and I might help get your place ready for the party."

Joan smiles and waddles up to him. "Since I told you we'd be taking turns tonight." She throws her fat bloated arms around his neck and pulls him into her extra soft belly and breasts. "Did you just hope you'd find me alone." She smiles and climbs onto the scales. "Another 24 pounds in 24 hours." She laughs and her belly shakes and jiggles.

Bill smiles as his hands gently feel her billowing flesh. "You'Re the softest, roundest, heaviest woman I've ever seen," his hands squeeze her rolls of fat lovingly. "And I can't describe how wonderfully spongy you feel."

Joan gently takes his head and pushes his face between her humongous breasts. "And the more you tell me that," she takes a deep breath, enveloping even more of his head. "The more of me I'll want for you to love."

She loses herself in the joy of his caresses and fondling. They barely manage to separate before Peg arrives.

Joan waddles home while they begin their shift. She opens the door and deeply inhales the delicious aroma of Chris' Cooking.

Chris grins as Joan enters and looks at the food covered table. "I thought you'd want to fill that big belly of yours so you wouldn't shock your Aunt with how much you can eat."

Joan sits down on her sturdy, wide chair and pats her fat bloated belly. "Or do you just want company while you eat?" she laugh as Chris sits down and they both dig into the delicious meal.

Chris pushes more into herself than Joan can remember. "Now that we've got a way for bill and I to have some time together,"

Joan mumbles before taking a tremendous gulp. "We'll have to get time for you and Jim to enjoy your increasing size."

Chris just smiles and gulps down another forkful of hashbrowns. "I just want to be able to hold my share of tonight's feast." When she finally gives up, she leans back and pats her tight tummy.

Joan finishes and begins cleaning up. Chris forces herself up and helps. With everything cleaned, they both head for their bedrooms. Chris groans in a cross of pleasure and pain. "Jim, tom and Peg are going to set things up and let us sleep."

Joan grins as her gorged condition pushes her toward sleep. "Aunt Judy won't be here until 7." She closes her eyes and the only sounds for several hours, are their heavy breathing and occasional groan as their digestive systems struggle to digest their overload.

<Sat dec 8 6pm>

Joan has been awake for awhile, but decided to remain in bed. She moves her hands and gently strokes the soft flesh of her enormous breasts. "Soon," she smiles and her fingers strokes the outer edge of the bumpy rise. "Bill will be exploring my well expanded body and telling me how much more he hopes to see." She stops and decides to get up. She showers and gets her clothes on before she hears Chris moving.

"I was waiting until you were through," Chris explains. "Are you as ready as I am to impress our men?"

Joan smiles and pats her massive belly. "But I also have to impress my Aunt." While Chris showers, she checks out what the others have done during the day.

When Chris joins her, they move a few things to give them more room to move.

Tom and Jim arrive a few minutes before 8 and begin bringing the feast in. Chris smiles as she bumps against Jim. "Do we have to wait until every one is here?

"I think your Aunt has just shown up," Peg calls out as she enters. She waits by the door and greets her. "You must be Judy," she says while holding the door open. "Joan has told us all about you."

"Well I've gained about fifty pounds since she last saw me." She laughs and her ponderous bosom jiggles. She stops and takes a few steps back as she sees Joan. "You said you had gained a bit," she gasps in surprise, but with a gleam in her eyes.

Joan smiles as she slowly turns, modeling her massive body. "Let's eat and I'll tell you all about it." They all sit down and begin eating. After Peg is full, which only takes a half hour, she goes to relieve Bill at the lab.

*note to continue* <sat dec 8> dinner party:

Aunt has gained 50 and is happy with Joan's incredible gain in weight. She tries to keep up with Joan's eating but can't

Joan finally sits back and encourages her to eat until she can't swallow another bite.

After everyone leaves, she makes romance obvious with bill