Weight Room Title Bar

by Mister Bill

John had always loved big women, so it was no surprise that he'd fallen in love with Sarah. She was a gorgeous blonde with a big, perfect hourglass figure- Miss America plus a hundred pounds. Too fat for the fashion scene, but the picture of beauty to an FA. He'd always dreamed of a supersized mate, but decided long ago that it was an impractical fantasy. Sarah was everything he could hope for in a woman, and he would not risk her love or her health in the pursuit of some unattainable ideal.

Several months after they'd met, they were in a state of bliss. They talked of marriage, and shared their fantasies with one another, and to John's surprise, Sarah was not shocked by his. She simply filed it away as one more fact about her lover. Then one day she told him about her magic. Sarah was an educated, intelligent woman from upstate New York, and John was a successful businessman from the city. Understandably, he felt that the practice of magic didn't fit into this picture well, and he was not amused. But Sarah was very persuasive.

"You can have your deepest fantasy fulfilled if you'll help me with this project I've been working on" she said. He loved her, so listened in spite of himself. (Besides, she knew what his deepest fantasy was, so she had his undivided attention.) "You see, I'm not an experienced user of this stuff", she said, waving her hand at the small pile of books she'd shown him. "This is a legacy from my late mother. She taught me the basics, but I need a partner to use the best tricks in here. That's where you come in. The spell I want to try requires two people- a recipient, and a caster who has a resonance, a connection with that recipient- such as a lover."

"This spell was used by magicians to avoid starvation during lean times. It would keep them comfortable and healthy by siphoning off the sustenance of food that others were eating, even food that was far away! If targeted correctly, and used sparingly, it could keep the caster alive for weeks."

John was fascinated in spite of himself. Sarah was obviously in deadly earnest, and though she had a marvelous sense of humor, he didn't think that a joke like this was her style. But he did have questions. "Okay, I can see that this- this spell could be amplified to cause weight gain, and that's my fantasy for you, but what's in it for you?"

Sarah smiled wickedly. "The spell increases the comfort and well being of the recipient, and if that part is also amplified, it could create unbridled pleasure in proportion to the amount of food taken. Now we've had some great sex, but unbridled pleasure is something I want to try!" John found that his hands were shaking. He was actually buying in to this!

"When can we start?" he asked in a slightly shaky voice.

"This afternoon", she replied.

They got ready in the basement of Sarah's generous farm style home upstate. The preparations were remarkably simple. She came downstairs wearing a large, white, belted satin night gown that made John's pulse quicken. At five foot eight and two hundred forty pounds, she was a vision of soft, luscious womanhood, but now John's mind and imagination ran wild with the possibilities of growth in that figure.

"Okay John, I've carefully calculated the timing, distance, and range of this incantation, and you need to say the words exactly as I've written them. The effect should center on the Chinese restaurant in town, and last through dinner, until 6pm. I think the evening's consumption of an entire restaurant should fill me out nicely, don't you?" She was catching John's excitement, and her own voice was nervous with anticipation. She stood before him, and they began.

John looked at his watch. It was 3pm. Three hours worth of magical gluttony! As the foreign words rolled off of his tongue, he felt an energy building in him, in Sarah, and in the room- this crap was for real! He kept his voice steady in spite of his shock.

When he finished speaking, the energy rushed out, and he had the mental impression of a huge web spreading out, heading for the horizon. A tendril of that web was attached to Susan. It was a very big web. As he frowned in puzzlement, Susan said "something's wrong. I should have felt the effect immediately." They looked at each other, and had the same thought at once. "The books!" they cried in unison. They rushed back upstairs to the living room.

John was scared to death that he'd said something wrong. But after a few minutes, Sarah said "Ha! Here it is! I got the syllables in the third line wrong. I got the duration right, but the focus and the range are off by an order of magnitude" She trailed off with a look of shock on her face as the implications of what she was saying set in. "Hon, get me the map," she said in a small, calm voice.

Just then, John sensed the net of the spell growing taut, as if it had come to land and closed some kind of magical loop. The reverberation of energy in the room was intense, and Janet fell back on the couch as the connection to her body snapped tight. "Oh, my!" she said. As he went for the map, he stopped in amazement at the spell's effect on Sarah.

Her hips and thighs began to swell out visibly, her generous breasts were filling out to the size of melons, and her stomach was pushing against her formerly loose belt. Her entire body was expanding before his eyes, at a slow but inexorable pace. Her rounded face was a curious mixture of apprehension and pleasure. "Ooooh, how marvelous," she cooed, as the effect of the spell washed over her and then subsided. She had gained fifty pounds in the space of minutes, and John's mouth was watering. She sat up slightly, noting her additional bulk, and her concern returned. "The map, John. I expected to gain this much over the whole evening, and it's only been a few minutes. What the hell's going on?"

She calculated the distance and direction of the spell, and they traced it out together. When their fingers rested on the same spot, they looked at each other in shock.

"Babe", John said, "you were aiming for a restaurant ten miles away, right?" She nodded. "Well, it landed a hundred miles away, and it didn't hit a restaurant, it's latched on to NEW YORK CITY!"

Sarah though about it. "Because the focus is so wide and far away, it's reverberating between here and the target, working in waves. The interval between them will get longer as the duration expires, but the successive waves will get more intense."

At that moment, three things happened. Sarah said "Oh, my God" in quiet voice. John got a hard on. And the spell kicked in again.

The panic on Sarah's face dissolved into a look of ecstasy, and her already plumpened frame began to expand at a more rapid pace. Her belt began to roll and stretch as her flesh pressed against it from all sides, rolling above and below it. It was already too tight to unbuckle, and unlike stupid, flimsy clothes from some fantasy, would not break without causing her considerable pain first. Thinking quickly, John grabbed a sharp letter opener from the coffee table and cut one side. The belt flew away with whiplash force as Sarah's expanding belly flowed against it.

John imagined everyone in Manhattan eating. A light snack, an early dinner, a hot dog from a street vendor. Every scrap of food being consumed in a large chunk of the city was being redirected into Sarah's body! He imagined everyone going home, sitting down to dinner. The thought was overwhelming, horrifying and fascinating at the same time.

Filled to the brim with pleasurable sensations, she was barely aware of her surroundings. John could only watch in fascination as his lover expanded. Her thighs and ass were growing rapidly, forming a large shelf of fat around her hips and across her back. Her breasts also kept up with her gut, flowing forward and filling out, rolling slightly to each side as they flowed out across that expanding ball of flesh.

After about fifteen minutes, the second wave subsided, and John guessed that Sarah now weighed over 400 pounds! Her satin nightgown, once loose and flowing, now stretched over her like a white sausage skin, outlining every curve of her fat, luscious body. Her breasts pressed the hardest, with large, erect nipples pressing clearly through the sheer material. All along her waist and hips, the seams of the gown strained and bulged, but miraculously held. Her face was wide, round and inviting, and her neck was disappearing into soft rolls of double chin. She looked soft and huggable to him, but he would have been hard pressed to circle his arms around her. He was scared to death, but as he grabbed her fleshy, wobbling shoulders, he couldn't help but notice the soft, warm fullness of her inviting form, and a wave of lust swept over him. Gritting his teeth against his urges, he shook her out of her dazed trance.

"Come on, girl! This is amazing, but how do we stop it? You can't absorb dinner from the whole city! You'll be as fat as a house- LITERALLY!" She smiled lazily and licked her now full, pouting lips.

"After that last wave, I'm not sure I care, lover. Besides, I can't be linked to the whole city, just a couple of square miles." She saw his rock hard erection and smiled even more, but she also saw the concern on his face, and got serious.

"Okay, John, I'm not sure. The spell is set to run a certain course, and that's exactly what it'll do unless something breaks the magical resonance we've set up. It doesn't matter if that course is set for three hours or three years."

"There's got to be something we can to do stop it before six. Think about it, Sarah. It's not quite four o'clock now. Right now, people are heading home, wrapping up work. What you've absorbed so far is just snacks, but in the next hour, they'll be sitting down to eat! By six, you'll have sucked up Manhattan's DINNER!"

She considered it, though she didn't seem nearly as upset as he'd have been in her shoes. "Okay, dear, the spell is working in waves. I'm not sure how many are left, but we should have a little break here. Let me look at these books again." She rolled to one side and retrieved a book from under her thigh. It had been sitting beside her, and she'd grown over it. "Wow, " she said, running her hand over the smooth skin of her rippled, rounded side, "this is going to take some getting used to. But the way that feels when a wave rolls in- I've never felt anything like it.!" She turned her attention to the book, and John sat and watched her raptly, taking in every curve, excited as hell in spite of his worry. She was still reading 15 minutes later when the next wave hit.

Once again, the pleasant feeling of the spell, amplified a hundred times, washed over her. She relaxed, her fat arms and legs spreading wide apart, and her eyes rolling back in her head. She began to grow fatter, faster than the first two times. Her night dress was finally giving way under the press of flesh underneath it. Grabbing the letter opener again, John split one of the seams at her hip.
With that small section weakened, the entire side of the gown split from top to bottom under the pressure beneath it. Sarah's body spilled out, thrusting the remnant to the side, and flowing over the couch. Her hip flowed over the cushion, an advancing roll of pink flesh. Her one free breast, now a mammoth orb, continued to roll out and to the side. The roll of flesh behind it rolled outward beneath her arm and around her back. She continued to expand, like a water balloon filling with water.

John thought about the metaphor. Overfilled balloons break. But the spell was doing her no harm, so far. Her body maintained its marvelous proportions, and her skin, though stretching, was as smooth and inviting as ever. This, it seemed, was a balloon of incredible strength, that would not break however much it was filled. And the faucet was turned on high. He sat and watched, transfixed. After half an hour, the globe of her stomach pushed the rest of the nightgown away as the wave subsided. Her entire body was exposed to John.

He was amazed. Her feet stuck out at an angle, pudgy flippers pushed apart by two mammoth thighs. Her enormous stomach spread out over those thighs, and though it didn't match the width of her hips, it flowed forward almost to her knees. Her breasts were the size of watermelons, though they seemed firm and solid, with upturned nipples that defied gravity. Her hands and forearms were plump but dainty looking against her bulk, and her upper arms were enormous rolls, a visual counterbalance to the hips beneath them. Sarah's neck had disappeared as the double chin became a roll of fat supporting her head. She was easily as big or larger than your average circus fat lady.

It took what seemed ages for her to come back from the pleasurable wash of the spell. As she focused on her surroundings, she shifted her enormous body, and the couch gave way beneath her with a sharp crack.

"Crap" she said, "this was my mother's couch." Then the reason for the breakage registered on her for the first time. "Holy cow, lover- and I do mean COW! You're right, this has got to stop. Fun is fun, but we can't let this finish out- it's not even five o'clock, and who knows how many more surges I'll get! Get me a drink, lover."

John's arousal was so intense he didn't think he could stand with his pants on, but he managed. While his beautiful girl pored over her mysterious books, he fixed them both some stiff whiskey and cokes. Taking another look at the sight on the couch, he poured himself a stiff shot as well before bringing hers back to her.
She drank it in one long gulp, and wiped her full, sensuous lips. Even this ordinary action heightened John's excitement. "Okay, babe, here's the deal. This whole thing is based on some sort of resonance, not only between me and the target, but between you and me as well. Break that resonance, and the effect ends. The trouble is, there's no specific advice given on how to do that."

John paced as he thought. Sarah, naturally, did not. A light bulb came on. "The food consumption and the pleasure are linked, right?" She nodded, her fat face wobbling deliciously. "So, if we introduce another source of either consumption or pleasure, that would throw off the balance and end the resonance!'

She considered it. "I think you're right. Consumption is out of the question, since that's what we're trying to stop, but pleasure" Her wicked grin returned. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, John?"

"I thought you'd never ask." He replied, as he quickly took off his clothes. He was a fit, handsome man, and she licked her lips at the sight before her.

"Come here, babe, I think I'll take care of consumption and pleasure at the same time." He would have loved to give in, but he stopped her.

"Darlin, we need to kill the resonance, so we need one or the other." She pouted, but nodded at his logic. He considered the problem. Missionary style was obviously out of the question. But where there's a will, he thought "Can you roll over dear?"

"Oooh," she said, as she started to rock her vast body from side to side, "give me a hand, lover- on second thought, give me both of them!" Even with her help, it took several minutes to roll her over on to her stomach, and John was sweating with exertion and excitement when she was positioned correctly. His hands were all over her large, luxurious body as he pushed her over, and she shivered with pleasure at every drop of his hot sweat that fell on her body. He saw her backside for the first time, as large as a pair of beach balls, and the enormous shelf of her fat hips, tapering into a generous, rolled back. Her stomach and breasts were clearly visible, resting firmly on the floor, even though her arms were fully extended.
Sarah was also panting with exertion and excitement, feeling his hands and eyes roam over her body. "Quickly, lover, the next wave can't be far off, and it's after five. Who knows how fast I'll expand next time!" With this final encouragement, John found her mound, and thrust his rock hard erection into her.

The effect on both of them was electrifying. John had seen the geometrical progression of the first three waves, and he was frightened of the what would happen if the fourth one hit while they were making love. The feeling of urgency and danger only heightened his pleasure. Sarah rocked back and forth on the ground, her whole body shuddering and rolling with pleasure.

As he thrust harder and faster, the pressure within him built stronger, and Sarah's ecstasy became almost unbearable. He ran his hands over all he could reach, and everywhere, his body encountered smooth white skin, and warm, soft, feminine flesh. Nearly immobile, Sarah could only sway there on her hands and knees, moaning, with orgasmic waves washing over every inch of her body. "Finish it, lover!" she cried "Fill me up!"

It didn't take long, but as John came, he felt the fourth wave of the spell rushing back on them. As he lost himself to the longest, most intense orgasm of his life, the spell force hit. He saw Sarah begin to expand before him in a tidal wave of flesh. Linked to her as he was, the wash of spell pleasure flowed over him as well, mingling with the orgasm in an indescribably intense flow.

He was knocked back by the force, and as he lost consciousness, his last thought that he was going to be crushed flat, smothered by his lover. His pleasure soaked mind imagined her expanding until the house itself could no longer contain her, the walls cracking and the roof falling away, even as her gown had done. "They'll need to put up a full circus tent just to cover her- after they pull my flattened body out, of course. I can think of worse ways to go out." He thought wryly, and then the room went dark.

When he came to, sunlight was streaming through the window. He could hear Sarah humming as she puttered around in the kitchen. He pushed off a blanket that had been laid over him and sat up. As he was about to decide he'd had a weird dream, he saw the couch. It looked like it had been flattened out by a truck. Both arms were bent over, and the middle was smashed flat. "Sarah?" he called, in an unsteady voice.

"Be right there, lover. `Bout time you woke up." He could now hear the floor creaking ominously as she shuffled about.

"What happened last night? At the end, I mean?"

"Well, The good news is, we broke the spell. The better news is, we didn't break it too soon. That last wave with the sex thrown in was the most incredible experience of my life. When I came around, you were still passed out. I could hardly move, so I had to find a spell that would let me stand and walk. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to roll to where the right book was. Want some breakfast, dear?" He could hear her ponderous footsteps approaching the living room.

"The pleasure hit, I felt it too. But what about the consumption?" His mouth was dry, and the powerful erection of the night before returned in an instant.
"Oh, that came through, too," she said, as she waddled into view, holding two large plates of food in her hands. John was stunned. Before him stood a naked mountain of female flesh. A pair of Teighlors! A trio of Dolly Dimples! Even a portion of that final wave had made his delectable girlfriend huge beyond his wildest imagining. Her feet looked like tiny flippers, nearly covered with rolls of fat drooping down from her calves. Her knees were invisible, hidden deep beneath the twin towers of flesh that were her thighs.

Before, he would have been hard pressed to encircle her waist. Now, wrapping his arms around one of those legs would have been impossible. They topped off in mammoth hips, and an ass the size of a dinette table. To the sides and rear, they formed an enormous shelf that John could almost have sat and ridden on!
Her full, round majestic belly swayed out a full three feet in front of her. Riding atop it and to the sides, her breasts rolled hypnotically, firm and full, like two enormous sacks of Jello. Her arms stuck out from her sides, swathed in rolls and billows of shoulder and arm fat. Her forearms, hands, and fingers, though chubby and full, still looked dainty and delicate against the rest of her bulk. Atop it all sat the same smiling, beautiful face he had come to love, framed by a huge roll of fat around the cheeks and neck, and topped with lustrous, curling blonde hair.
From some effect of her magic, her body seemed to defy gravity. Though the floor groaned beneath her, and her movements were ponderous, she would surely have been completely immobile without magical assistance. She winked at him mischievously, turning slowly around so he could see every facet of her new form. Her body rolled and shook with each movement, and every inch of her was a monument to decadent overindulgence.

"Well, lover," she said, "I don't have to ask what you think, your cock's telling me everything." She carefully set breakfast down, and pushed him gently but firmly on to the ruin of the couch. "Remember what I said last night about consumption and pleasure at the same time?"

He nodded dumbly, and was engulfed by warm, soft flesh. He couldn't tell if he was touching breast, belly or arm, and it really didn't matter. Sarah slid down lower. John gasped "Sarah, will you marry me?"

"Mmmmph.." She replied.

Author's note- This is my first effort, and I'd like comments. Like it? Hate it? If I get good feedback (pun intended), I'll write more. MrBill549@AOL.com
(Alternate title for this story "The Night New York Went Hungry") J