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Note: For those who didn't see it, this story is based on the Jan. 28, 1998 episode of the "Drew Carey Show" that had to do with Nikki's weight gain after she and Drew had been engaging in -- for an undisclosed period of time -- "food fun" and feeding fests. This original fiction takes that story-line one step farther.

-- Big Chris 1/30/98

Drew & Nikki's Food Fun
by Big Chris

The day after the speech dinner fiasco, Nikki called Drew during lunchtime. She was relieved to be able to get through to him, although she cringed as she heard Mimi shouting in the background. Drew just chuckled. "Don't mind her -- she's giving someone else grief for a change."

"Oh, Drew ... I had just had to call you now." Nikki's voice sounded worried and weak, a little voice calling through the line. "Last night your words made me feel so much better -- what you said about 'fat' -- and I went to bed with the most wonderful feeling ... I know how much you love me and I just had to call ... to tell you you're the most kind, understanding man I could have EVER hoped to meet. Oh Drew, I love you so much! And I don't want you to feel like you're in love with someone who can't control herself; you know what I said about trying to lose some weight? I'll really try ... I'm going to show you I can do it."

Drew sat down at his desk and cradled the phone close to his mouth. His voice was soft and reassuring. "Nikki, you really don't have to do that for me. Actually, I kind of like you with some 'junk in your trunk!' O.K., O.K. , I guess I shouldn't tease you about it." He turned to see if Mimi was close by, ready to eavesdrop and ridicule the situation; but there she was, across the room giving a hapless courier a piece of her mind. "Truth is, Nikki," Drew continued, I've kinda enjoyed our little food fests. Boy, last week when I was feeding you that peanut butter -- I thought I was gonna go through the roof, I was so hot. Little wee Willie Winkie was starting to make an appearance through the old pajama bottoms." He heard her giggle on the other end. "Look, I've thought a great deal about this, and I'd sure like to continue all of that ... frankly, Nikki, last night I dreamed you gained a lot more weight and it really, really turned me on. Wanna come over after work? I could buy some triple chocolate donuts and a vat-load of maple syrup! Hey, after chow-down, you can even take a bath in the syrup, if ya want!"

Nikki was laughing now, very relieved that Drew had echoed her exact feelings. "I'll be there as soon as I get off from work ... warm up that maple syrup for me!" She hung up, leaned against the wall and sighed a deep sigh of complete and total relief. She had worried -- although she knew it would have been out of character for Drew -- that he might have allowed her to diet ... and she really didn't want to do that at all. Nikki found herself starting to daydream about Drew putting the blindfold on her, teasing her with tastes as she tried to guess what the various flavors were as they entered her mouth. She forced herself to get back to work, but kept fantasizing about their food sessions for the rest of the workday -- one which now seemed to drag on and on.

Drew turned from the stove as Nikki walked into the kitchen early that evening. "Hey, beautiful ..." Drew said, leaning towards her as he gave her a soft kiss, his hand reaching through her open coat, resting it gently on her belly. It was now so plump and soft from their recent food extravaganzas. "You sure look good enough to eat." He winked a wicked wink as he took her coat off and placed it on a chair; and already she knew: everything was going to be fine.

Nikki cocked her head to one side, playing the coquette, and put one hand on her fuller hips. "You think I'm a one-course or a two-course meal? Maybe even three?" She poked her finger into his belly-button, causing him to shiver. "Ooh, Nikki!" Drew laughed, amazed at his own ticklishness. She was practically cooing as she started to press her belly against him. "So, listen Drew ... what have you got cooked up for this evening?"

He turned to check on the dinner, stooping to glance in the stove. "Well, looks like about done, " Drew chirped merrily, "Have a seat at the table, Nikki. I'll be your loving waiter for this evening." He draped a white dishcloth over his arm to illustrate this as he grinned, winked, and wrinkled up his nose; and his glasses bobbled and danced on what she thought was the cutest nose in Cleveland.

As Nikki sat down at he table, Drew finally noticed she had brought along a a brown shopping bag -- there was obviously something bulky inside of it. "So, what's in the bag?" Drew asked, putting on an oven mitt. "Oh, you'll find out after dinner," she teased, "But only after you feed me a nice big dinner -- I'm starving!"

Drew was already starting to get aroused and almost stumbled as he brought the first platter to the table. It was filled to the brim with fried chicken drumsticks, and Nikki thought they were probably the biggest she had ever seen. "Wait, there's more!" Drew smiled as he made his gleeful announcement and produced, like a combination cook/magician, platter after platter of steaming hot food -- sweet potatoes with brown sugar sauce, mashed potatoes with thick, brown gravy, mountains of herb dressing, and several thick pies for dessert. There was so much food it filled the entire table.

"Wow, Drew ... you cooked all of this yourself?" she inquired, amazed at all of the food and how fabulous it looked. "Can I start in now? I'm incredibly hungry tonight!" Nikki looked at the spread and thought about how great it appeared ... and how much fatter she would bcome from Drew's luscious cooking.

"Be my guest," Drew replied; he started serving up a huge plate for her, piling on all of the rich food. Even a big eater like Drew was amazed as Nikki devoured plate after plate of the delicious fare. She paused after "thirds" and leaned back contentedly. She had on a tight sweater that revealed her growing pot belly, now becoming as big as Drew's tummy. Drew had decided he would rather wait on her and watch her stuff herself, while maneuvering the platters around the table as Nikki consumed the biggest meal Drew had ever witnessed anyone eat in just one sitting.

Drew bent over Nikki as she undid her jeans to let her soft, round belly balloon out, and she let out a groan of delight as Drew massaged her swollen belly. It occurred to him that she looked like she was four months pregnant; and as he rubbed her cute, inflated-looking tummy, Drew licked her gravy-laden lips clean and followed with a deep, soulful kiss. She looked deep into his eyes and asked: "You do want me to eat as much as I want and get quite fat, don't you?" Drew beamed a wide and slightly goofy grin, wiped a crumb from her chin, and answered his sweet girl.

"Oh, Nikki ... I would love for you to get fatter ... even fatter than me! Don't worry what the guys might think -- just think about us, and how much more lovely you'll be. I realized last night, after you showed me how much weight you've gained, that you'd be the most luscious girl I could ever want if you kept chowing down." He took his hand and brushed back her blond hair, admiring her growing double-chin and her cute, plump cheeks. She looked gorgeous, and he kissed her deeply once again.

His kiss seemed to renew her appetite and she turned and started to wolf down more of the drumsticks, murmuring with delight and giving Drew orders with a full mouth. "Please ... more stuffing and gravy ... and another glass of milk ... Oh God, this is so delicious! Drew, I feel like I'm getting SO FAT! Mmmmm! Oh, this is great!" Drew was stunned as she tore through several more plates of food until she looked like she was going to explode out of her tight clothes. In a flash, she suddenly leapt to her feet, grabbed the brown bag by her side, and scurried into the next room.

"Don't peek until I put this on," she barked from the next room, "I want this to be a big surprise!" Drew sat down and stared at all of the empty platters, flabbergasted that anyone could have eaten so much food ... besides himself, of course. A voice called out from the doorway: "Well, honey ... what do you think?" Drew turned and almost fell out of his chair.

Standing in the doorway, one leg positioned in front of the other in a high-fashion pose, Nikki wore the dress she had been practically packed into the night before, but she had sent it to a tailor to be re-made sometime during the day. It now had buttons down the front, but her obvious intention was for it to be way too small for her much-fatter body -- the buttons were straining against her growing plumpness and there were big gaps between them where her fat was trying to burst out of that tight, gold dress. "Come here, lover boy," she demanded, rubbing the sides of her lusciously protruding stomach. Drew raced across the room and embraced Nikki, thrilled at how she felt so much bigger in his passionate hug -- her hips were wider, meatier, and even plumper than they had felt the night before ... and her big breasts heaved against him as his tongue found the insides of her mouth. He grabbed at her round ass, pressing her close to him, feeling her incredibly swollen belly push firmly against the fatness of his own stomach. Oh, this is heaven, he thought ... his penis stiffening against her thigh.

Nikki's knees buckled and she slid, slowly and still in Drew's embrace, to the floor of the kitchen. She lay there, moaning ... her belly rising up, about to pop her buttons, more and more of her flesh exposed through the gaps as she seemed to fatten and swell before his very eyes. "Pie! Oh, Drew ... I want you to feed me pie! Lots of it! I want you to feel me expand in your arms!" She was now getting quite excited and rubbed her own hips, feeling stuffed from her enormous meal, yet still hungry for the sweets she knew would finish off that dress.

Drew nabbed an apple pie off the table, and knelt next to Nikki. He quickly cut the pie into nice, big slices and held them against her mouth where she could chomp off big hunks at a time; soon her lips and mouth were covered with pie filling as she ate with a vengeance, laughing and groaning in turns, her belly rising more and more, as one by one, Drew fed her the three pies. "Oh, Oh, Oh!" she moaned, as she gasped for air, before thrusting her head up to scarf down the last bite of the last pie. Finally, the impossibly tight, gold dress could take no more.

POP-POPPA-POP-POP! Five buttons burst off her dress, right over her enormous, basket ball-sized belly; and that great, big stomach came swelling upwards out of the dress. Nikki gave out a huge, shuddering moan ... and Drew sensed she must have experienced a food-orgasm. He could no longer control himself -- his penis was about to burst his zipper. He ripped open the dress where the last three buttons on the lower part had held, and pulled off her panties, struggling them past her fleshy, plump, now quite-padded hips. Sure enough, Nikki was already very, very wet. In an instant, Drew removed his pants and his underwear and moved onto her, his big, thick penis sliding softly into his beloved.

"Oh God, Drew! You're huge! Oh, oh, oh..." She moaned louder and louder as he pumped deeply into the recesses of her vagina, her ever-swelling belly holding him up as he leaned against it -- her belly was now as big as a nine-month pregnancy. Nikki grabbed and clutched his back, pulling him deeper into her as they fucked for twenty minutes, hard and deep ... until, in a duet of growling groans, they both came with a furious intensity. Drew flopped down next to her, turned and admired her great belly which continued to balloon out of her burst-open dress. Nikki spoke first ...

"So, big boy ... wanna do it all again?"

-- The End --