Weight Room Title Bar

by B J Morris

George worked as a lab assistant at the Chemico Agrolabs. His job was to wash out the glassware, cart around heavy equipment, and not ask too many questions. It wasn't much fun but it paid twice as much as any other job he could get with just a high school diploma.

Though his job was unfulfilling, his social life had become much better since he had joined a new dating service specializing in the big women he loved. It was through Chubby Buddies that he had met Terri and after just a few dates she had fallen hard for him. She lived with a roommate, Cheryl, who he had met one night while picking up Terri. Cheryl was also a member of Chubby Buddies and a real cute redhead. He had enjoyed their conversation but thought nothing of it until Terri told him a few weeks later that Cheryl had become crazy about him too! Terri also told him that instead of scratching each other's eyes out or otherwise ruining the roommate's long standing friendship, they had chosen a different method to compete for his affections. Ever since George had met Terri, he had been encouraging her to gain weight. Knowing this, Terri decided that she would challenge Cheryl to a weight gaining contest with George as the prize. He couldn't believe his ears! It was a dream come true: one of these girls was going to eat her way into his heart!

George agreed immediately. Nothing could have pleased him more. Terri told him she weighed 195 and Cheryl was just about 200. The girls decided to invite George over to their place for dinner periodically and he could watch them fight for his affections. During the first of these dinners, Cheryl decided that they needed an incentive: once a week he would weigh them both and the one who gained the most that week would win a date with George.

A couple of weeks later he left work late headed for dinner at the girls' apartment. George was supposed to drop off a bottle at the waste removal company that night but he just didn't have any time left. The bottle represented a failed tomato growth hormone from the Agrolabs. He'd heard that the tomatoes had grown bigger all right, but they lost flavor or something like that. Whatever the reason the stuff was junk he would have to drop off at the waste removal company in the morning.

He parked across from the girls' apartment. Looking down at the bottle on the front seat he started to worry about some jerk breaking into the car to steal the bottle. He reopened the door and grabbed the bottle. He'd bring it into the apartment during dinner. After all, it wasn't toxic or anything. Better to keep it from getting stolen than to get in trouble tomorrow at work.

Cheryl opened the door, munching a bag of potato chips. "What's that, George?" she asked.

He tossed the bottle jauntily in the air. "Some stuff from the lab that I've got to deliver in the morning. Nothing dangerous. I just don't want it to get stolen."

"Put it in the bathroom closet, out of sight," Terri called from the kitchen.

"Okay." George stole a look at Terri. Each of the girls had been steadily adding the pounds but Terri, starting out behind Cheryl, looked like she had passed the redhead.

He looked in the closet. It was a mess. He shut the door and looked around for a better place. "Dinner's ready!" Terri called. With a shrug, he set it down on the sink and headed into the dining room.

The dinner was very tasty and, of course, the portions were large. Cheryl had doubles of everything with Terri matching her bite for bite and adding just a bit more. Dessert was ice cream sundaes, neither girl skimping on the hot fudge sauce. George was a happy man.

After dinner George marched the girls into the bathroom to be weighed. Cheryl tipped the scales at two hundred twelve pounds, and increase of four pounds that week. Terri hopped on the scale and proudly displayed her two hundred nineteen pounds. George had guessed right. She outdistanced Cheryl's weekly weight gain by two and half pounds.

"I win!" she squealed. "Where are you taking me, George?"

George didn't answer her as he watched Cheryl sullenly slink into the living room. He followed her.

Terri stood on the scale, arms akimbo. "So much for the winner's rewards..." She looked down at the bottle George had left on the sink. Terri picked it up and read the label curiously.

"A tomato growth hormone? Goal: rapid growth of plant's fruit. Results: hormone's over stimulation of flesh growth sometimes causes fruit's pH to climb resulting in a bitter taste. Grade: Failure. Hhmmm."

Terri made her way into the bedroom and opened the window. On the fire escape were her two tomato plants, tiny green tomatoes hanging from yellowing leaves. She unscrewed the cap and dripped a little of the liquid at the plants' roots. Nothing happened. Then as she was about to climb back inside, the tiny green tomatoes began to swell. They looked like tiny green balloons! Within a few moments they were the size of full grown beefsteak tomatoes Terri was amazed. She climbed back inside, shaking her head.

She decided to keep the stuff so she set it down on her dresser. Terri was almost out of the room when she paused. Those tomatoes had swelled up right before her eyes. I wonder what would happen if.....naw, that's nuts! Still, she returned to the dresser. Terri unscrewed the cap and picked up the bottle. If this stuff works on me like it did on those tomatoes, she thought, I can win this weight duel hands down. She licked her lips, lifted the bottle, and took a small sip. It tasted strange but not too bad. Terri closed the bottle and set it down. She waited.

Nothing. She turned to the mirror. Nothing.

Then it happened. Her body started to swell. Breasts, stomach, hips, thighs slowly grew bigger. She got excited. Her clothes grew tighter and tighter. Just like the tomatoes, within a few moments it was over.

She had gotten noticeably fatter just by taking a sip of the stuff. Terri paused. She didn't feel sick or anything. In fact, she felt great! She rushed into the bathroom to weigh herself. Two hundred thirty-one pounds! Wow, she had added twelve pounds in minutes! She couldn't wait to show George.

"George! George, come here!"

George and Cheryl heard her and hurried to the bathroom. When they got there they couldn't believe their eyes.

Terri's clothes fit so tightly she looked like a knockwurst in a wiener casing. A devilish grin spread across her face and her eyes twinkled.

"Watch this."

She lifted the brown bottle to her lips again and sipped from it. For a moment nothing happened, then her body started to slowly expand. Her hips, breasts, stomach, and thighs grew larger, dangerously straining the already too tight clothes. Three buttons popped, flying off into a corner of the room. A loud ripping noise accompanied the splitting of her jean's seams. His mouth fell open.

Terri giggled and stepped onto the scale. The indicator swung around to 243. "Another twelve pounds," she stated, sounding satisfied. She swirled around the contents of the bottle. "And there's plenty more pounds to come..."

"Give me that!" screamed Cheryl. She snatched the bottle away before Terri could stop her. "If a sip can do that..." she whispered. Cheryl took a double swig.

Again nothing happened for a moment. Then slowly the expansion began, more powerfully than it had been with Terri. Slowly, yet remorsefully, her breasts burst out of the blouse and bra, her stomach sprung open the waistband of the black slacks, and her thighs shredded the rest of the pants wide open. Triumphantly, Cheryl stepped onto the scale Terri had vacated. The indicator read 244.

Cheryl rested her hands on her plump new hips and nodded, satisfied. "There! Over thirty pounds! Now I get to go on the date. What do think, George? Am I big enough yet or do I need more of this stuff?"

Before she could drink anymore, George grabbed the bottle from her. "Stop that! I don't know what else this stuff will do to you. What if it makes you sick?"

"Oh, come on, George," Terri admonished him. "Do we look sick to you? No! In fact, I never felt better. Give me some more of that stuff, too."

"Yeah, George. You said you liked fat girls! Well, pass me that bottle and I'll make myself the fattest girl you've ever seen!"

"Hell," Terri responded, "give it to me and I'll make myself the fattest girl you've ever dreamed of!"

George paused, looking at the bottle. It was true. Both of these girls wanted him and each was willing to grow into the girl of his dreams. That was what they were doing on their own before Terri discovered what the bottle could do. He looked at the contents. He thought there was at least a quart of the stuff left. He looked at Cheryl. If a couple of swigs put on thirty pounds...there was enough here to make them both enormous!

A plan took form in his mind. He went into the kitchen with the girls following him and poured about a shot into each of two glasses. He handed them each a glass. "I want each of you to keep doing what you're doing. Just keep eating and getting as fat as you can. I'm going to continue to weigh each of you at the end of each week. Only now the one who's gained the most that week will get another shot of this stuff. When its all gone, the one who's fattest wins."

The girls looked at each other for a moment.

"I'm going to get twice as fat as you, Terri."

"Oh, yeah? I'm gonna make you look like a beanpole, sister!"

And with that they both gulped down the contents of the glasses. They each began swelling larger in mere moments, bursting out of what was left of their clothing. They returned to the bathroom and Terri and Cheryl weighed themselves again. They both were excited to see they were starting out more or less evenly at 289 pounds.

"I've decided to move in with you girls so that I can see this for myself." Terri and Cheryl looked delighted. "The weight duel starts now," he said simply. Both girls raced out to the kitchen.

Terri and Cheryl stuffed themselves on the most fattening things they could find. At the end of the first week Terri had gained six pounds, two more than Cheryl, and won the right to take the first shot. George had measured out the dose carefully, trying to make it equal to the dose he had given both girls at the beginning of the week. Terri, for her part, wore a sweater and jeans several sizes too big. She belted in the jeans with a piece of rope that she loosened before drinking the fluid. Again the almost magical expansion took place, making George's eyes bug out. When it stopped, Terri had to loosen the rope even more. She weighed herself and found that she now weighed 340. George thought she looked marvelous.

Cheryl was infuriated. She spent the next week gorging herself on anything she could lay her hands on, putting on nine pounds that week and winning the next shot. Before drinking it down, Cheryl had donned her tightest pair of shorts. The potion caused her to expand, first ballooning around her form-fitting clothes and then exploding out of them. She chuckled as the scale weighed her in at 347.

The weeks continued on this way with the girls adding as many as fifteen pounds a week before receiving a dose of the liquid and adding an additional thirty or forty. Within a month, George had to buy a new scale to accurately measure the girls' weight. Each had approached five hundred twenty pounds by this time. He decided that he would begin increasing the dosage for each winner to help them grow even faster. The first time he increased the dose, Cheryl added 65 pounds. Two weeks later, Terri was the winner and the potion added 77 pounds to her frame. By the end of two and a half months of the duel, Cheryl weighed 796 and Terri tipped the scales at 821.

Terri snuck into George's room late one night, searching for some of the weight increasing formula. She decided that she was through waiting to see who would win this weight duel. After all, she was the one who had figured out what the formula would do in the first place. She deserved to win!

The bottle was hidden in the back of one of the drawers. In the dark she wasn't sure how much was left but she carefully poured some portion of it into a bottle of her own, then replaced it. She crept out of the room, careful not to make a sound. Unbeknownst to her, Cheryl had done much the same thing the night before.

It was Saturday morning and Cheryl woke early. She dressed quietly, putting on the 8XL sweatsuit she had ordered. The clothes hung on her like a circus tent but that would soon change, she mused.

In the living room she pulled her bottle out from a back pocket and sat on the large couch. With a gleeful giggle, she opened the bottle and drank down the three-fingers of liquid it contained. Then she folded her hands across her already expansive waist and waited.

She didn't have long to wait.

Within moments her body began to rise like dough. Her thighs started to thicken and press against each other. Her stomach swelled out larger and larger threatening to completely cover her lap. Now her breasts began to inflate, starting from the size of cantaloupes growing through watermelon and beyond. The sweatsuit began to tighten, then stretch threateningly from the strain. Cheryl couldn't believe how huge she was getting. She could no longer see her knees past her stomach and breasts. And she was still getting bigger!

After twenty minutes, the process finally stopped. She looked at herself in the wall mirror across the room. Cheryl had grown enormous! Her body covered more than half the couch. She struggled to her feet, collapsing more than once back into the couch before finally standing.

Cheryl moved ponderously over to the heavy-duty scale George had set up in the living room. She gently stepped onto it. The indicator blurred before stopping. It read 1142. Over half a ton! Cheryl stepped off the scale and admired herself again in the mirror. Her tremendous stomach pushed out from under the sweatshirt and strained against the waistband. Her breasts and hips pulled tightly at the material. Maybe she should sneak back into George's room while he was still sleeping and steal some more of the formula?

A shriek behind her made Cheryl spin about. There stood Terri, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open in astonishment. Cheryl laughed out loud. "So, you were going to make me look like a beanpole, eh? Get a load of me! I'm an eleven hundred pound mama!"

Terri shook her head in disbelief. Then a wicked smile crept onto her lips. "Oh, yeah?" She dashed out of the living room and returned a moment later with her own bottle of stolen liquid.

Cheryl realized what it was too late. Terri unscrewed the top and gulped it down. Now it was Cheryl's turn to stare in disbelief as the potion performed its magic on Terri's form. The potion made her body swell, whole sections of it expanding at an incredible rate. It didn't take long for her to balloon out of the clothes she wore. Her knees dimpled beneath barrel-sized thighs, belly and stomach swelled out to hang low below her waist, and her breasts grew huge and pendulous. When it looked like the growth had stopped, Terri, too, climbed on the scale. She now weighed 1272 pounds. She walked over to Cheryl, floorboards creaking under their immense weight.

"Twelve hundred pounds! I make you look tiny!"

Both girls glared at each other. George entered the room, wiping sleep out of his eyes. He looked at the girls, blinked, and let out a yelp. Terri and Cheryl turned to him and smiled. George couldn't take his eyes off the two gorgeous hunks of womanhood in his living room. "My goodness..."

Cheryl struck a sexy pose. "Eleven hundred forty-two pounds and they're all for you, honey!" she cooed.

"Twelve hundred seventy-two pounds! I'm much bigger than she is!"

"Not for long!" Cheryl shouted. She bumped past George and headed for his room. Terri was but a step behind her.

Cheryl reached the room first, dove into the drawer, and pulled out the bottle. Her eyes lit up when she saw nearly a quarter of it was still left. She started to drink thirstily. Before she could finish, Terri grabbed the bottle from her and sucked down the last of it. George arrived a heartbeat later.

Slowly at first and then much faster, the two girls started to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Cheryl's straining sweatsuit quickly burst like a balloon, displaying all of her inflating form. Terri, unencumbered by clothing seemed to grow even faster. Multiple chins and watermelon-sized upper arms formed on each of the girls. Deep folds developed on their thighs. Calves and ankles became chubby, then plump. Their huge globes of ass flesh swelled ever larger. Breasts grew to the size of beachballs and kept growing. Terri's ballooning body began to press against Cheryl's. The room seemed to be shrinking! Soon they were forced to sit on the double-king-sized bed because there was not enough room between them and the dresser. And they still continued to grow fatter and fatter and fatter. There didn't seem to be any end in sight! Each girl was first two, then three times the size she was only an hour before. The enormous bed groaned under their increasing weight. The struts started to bow and the headboard bent down like a wilting flower. And still Terri and Cheryl grew more and more immense! Suddenly, the bed gave up the fight and crashed to the floor. As though it was a signal, the girls' expansion stopped.

Shaken, Terri and Cheryl sat on the double-king-sized bed, arms sticking out at an angle from their bloated bodies. The girls' stomachs enveloped their laps and hung down past their knees. Redwood-thick thighs were spread wide apart by their inflated bellies. Their necks had been swallowed up by billowing rolls of flesh that flowed into the balloons of arm fat. Only George could see all this, though, since Terri and Cheryl could not see down past their enormous expanse of cleavage; if they could they would see that their combined flesh more than covered the tremendous width of the bed. George looked at them, and then at the doorway. There was no way either of them could squeeze through it. The girls were trapped in the bedroom until he could widen the entrance.

"Well?" Cheryl demanded. "Who's the fattest?"

George went out and dragged the scale into the suddenly crowded room. Terri rose up ponderously and stepped on the scale. Able to measure weights up to two thousand pounds, the scale broke instantly under Terri's stupendous weight. She laughed heartily, every inch of her jiggling.

"Judge by eye, George," Cheryl pleaded.

He looked them both over. Each was equally large, equally lovely, and equally luscious. He told them so.

"Well, then, who wins?" Terri asked.

"I do," he stated, simply. "I get to keep you both!" He tumbled into bed between them.

Terri laughed again and Cheryl giggled. "George?" Terri asked after a moment. "Is there any more of that stuff left?"

"Well...." he replied, "I did send a little bit of it out to be analyzed. Provided they can reproduce it..."

Cheryl turned to Terri. "I guess we gonna have to call it a draw...until more of the stuff arrives, that is!"