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Ed's Girl
by the Observer

(This fictional but realistic weight gaining tale is based on the report of two actual sighting incidents -----one reported by a web poster named Ed and the other by a poster from England. Enjoy --- and (if others will report their sightings and this story is favorably received) -perhaps we will do another)

Andrea Meadows kissed her Mom as she headed out to the transit stop for her first day at the community college.

"Now Mom, remember our agreement. No nagging if I gain a few pounds as long as I keep my grades up."

Andrea had reluctantly watched her weight all through high school in order to qualify for the cheerleading corps. Her Mother had encour-aged her to hang in and the popularity had been nice. But inside Andrea knew that 120 pounds was not the "real her." In elementary and junior high she had even secretly stuffed clothes inside her garments to see what she would look like if she was plumper.

Now, with the necessity of meeting her coach's requirements gone and a summer to nibble and relax she had already gained seven pounds "just to see what its like." She was, thus far, enjoying the results.

The first semester she had all but one of her classes in the early morning plus one in mid afternoon. She took a sack lunch prepared by her Mom and studied in the college library between classes. It was a nice arrangement that let her get home for supper and have her own time. She was a good student and had no problem getting a 3.5 grade point average that first semester --- and with her Mom still controlling her caloric intake and no funds of her own she only gained three more pounds.

Across the street from the college was a McDonald's. In December she applied for a part time job on the lunch shift --- shifting her study activities from between classes in the afternoon to the evening. With the money she was now earning she had spending money. This in part enabled her purchase goodies to munch on the bus and in the evening. Plus McDonald's had a free food allowance based on work hours which she thoroughly enjoyed. By the end of the second semester the results were definitely showing.

That when Ed Maher began to take notice. Although he had a car he usually took the bus to and from work. It was relaxing, let him read, is less harmful to the environment, and (of course) gave him a chance to people watch. Beginning in April he began going to work and returning two hours earlier than normal. It was then that he took notice of Andrea.

The main arterial bus he took in mid-after noon served Andrea's community college, and as a result normally had a lot of students on it. He got little reading done during that part of the journey due to the students unique combination of provocative wardrobes and horrid eating habits.

When he first noticed Andrea she was wearing a wrap skirt which, when she stood up came to mid thigh, or slightly below. Sitting, however, her fairly full backside caused the back of the skirt to barely make it past her hips. The front still came out a decent distance, but due to the angle of the fabric the two parts of the skirt were pulled quite a bit apart. The result, he noted, was that she couldn't have shown much more nicely rounded white thigh if she had been wearing a bikini.

His first was that she was not used to the size of her hips and how they were causing the skirt to ride up. He immediately began to wonder if she had been gaining weight.

Then he saw her take out the remains of a large bag of potato chips and finish them off; then she picked a few crumbs off her fairly ample bosom and ate them. Next she pulled out a meal substitute bars, ate it, and then tore the foil wrapper all the way open so that she could pick the last crumbs out of it too.

At that point his transfer point came and Ed got off the bus, which was just as well, because was beginning to stare.

Andrea, oblivious to Ed's attentions, continued on her journey. When she got home she relaxed awhile and then got into her studies till supper. Her Mom served her moderate portions which she consumed with gusto, then went to her room to finish her studies. After finishing them she retired, "rewarding" herself with a bed time snack.

Downstairs her mother, herself a full bodied person, was remarking to her Father that Andrea was "obviously putting on some weight."

"I think she's enjoying it," he remarked without concern and giving his wife a squeeze. "Maybe she's trying to be as attractive as her mother."

It was a minor conflict that had gone on between the two for almost thirty years --- Jim Meadows enjoying his plump wife, she half-heartedly trying to diet but never succeeding. Sally Meadows knew she was loved, but feared that her daughter might not be so lucky unless she conformed to the societal norms. Jim had more confidence in their third child.

The next few Mondays Ed watched from afar as the scene repeated itself. He became convinced that he was right --- here was someone totally unconcerned about the fact that they were becoming plumper by the day. Only 23 himself, he felt that he wanted to get to know this atypical girl better. But how to do it?

The first week in May gave him the perfect chance. The bus was more crowded than usual and seats were scarce. Ed had his brief case on an aisle seat next to him as they approached Andrea's stop. As she got on he courteously moved the briefcase to offer her a seat, which she accepted.

They traveled the first few blocks in silence as his mind raced as to how to open the conversation.

He decided that a direct approach was best. As Andrea took out a fruit bar from her bookpack he remarked casually, "Carrying a full class load this year?"

"Twelve units --- but they're not that difficult," she replied. "There is a semester project due in three weeks that's going to take some effort though."

"What on?," he asked.

"Community history," she said. "We have to trace something from when it began at least fifty years ago to the present day."

Ed, who was a native to the area along with his parent's saw an opportunity to help.

"Have you focused on a particular topic?"

"Possibly these bus routes. I understand they follow the old trolley lines that were torn up in the depression. That's why some of these streets have center meridians."

"Yes," said Ed innocently, "in fact, there are pictures of this line here with as many as 3-4 cars linked in a row. Do you ride this bus regularly?"

"Pretty much."

"If you would like I have a book I could bring you next week which might help. Do you mind?"

"Thank you," she said as they reached Ed's stop.

In addition to the book, Ed did some fast homework of his own the next week, securing several photographs and a schematic of the trolley system. It, of course, led not only to his working with her on the report but also their going to dinner at a lovely restaurant with music for dancing provided.

When summer came the McDonald's job ended (at least for awhile) for Andrea, but not her relationship with Ed Maher. They have found a variety of interests in common, she has gained another five pounds (for a total of 27 thus far), and her mother is far less worried about her future. Ed, you see, already has his degree, wants Andrea to get here, has a very good job himself and is the kind of sensitive, caring person that Andrea's father is.

He also likes sharing desserts with his princess.