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"The Emir' Wrath"
by Steve Gorden

My name is Harun Ibn Ibrahim. In the late eighteen hundreds it was myprivilege to act as royal procurer for his eminence, the Emir of Bhutan.The Emir, whose full name was Sallah Ibn Rashid, was a man whose only interestwas in large women.

Like many of my countrymen, he preferred his women to be quite plump, buthe reveled in observing a petite young girl ballooning and bulging to histaste. In my office as royal procurer it was my task to find suitable concubinesfor the Emir in the white slave markets of Baghdad and to assist in thefattening of each new houri in the Emir's harem. He preferred that I findhim women of the light complexion, often blonde or red haired, and between110 to 120 pounds in weight. I would fatten each to a weight of at least300 to 350 pounds, with the Emir an appreciative spectator. This processusually took four to six months, after which time a great feast was heldand the Emir enjoyed his new concubine for the first time. I can say withpride that such was my knowledge of the Emir's taste after years in hisemploy, that only once did I find him an unsuitable mate and in that caseI was able to make amends to the Emir, as you will hear in my story.

This girl was named Barbara in her native tongue. But when I presentedher to Emir Ibn Rahid, he chose for her a new name. Alyssa. Alyssa was atwenty-one year old, of European extraction, with reddish brown hair, highcheek bones and flashing green eyes. She had been kidnapped while travelingwith family in Syria, or so Ahmed the slave dealer told. She had a fierytemper and would not bend easily to the Emir's will. This, I knew, he wouldenjoy. She struggled and cursed as my assistants bound her into the fatteningchair, writhing and twisting and trying to avoid the round hoop of ivorythat was forced into her open mouth. Held in place by her teeth, a longtube of sheep intestine was easily fed down her throat by tilting her headaback and pouring water into her mouth while her nostrils were pinched shut.As she swallowed the water in order to breathe, the tube slid down her throatuntil its far end was in her little stomach. At the other end of the tubeof intestine was the sheep's stomach. Every four hours of the day, one ofmy helpers would open and fill the stomach pouch with a rich mixture ofground meat, dates, honey, and cream. He would then seal it and with a rollingpin, gradually press the contents of the sheep's stomach into the tube ofintestine and thence down the throat of the Emir's new woman. By this method,her stomach was kept constantly full and distended so that by the end ofone week the feedings could be administered every three hours and by theend of the second week, she would be stuffed with a rich meal every twohours.

At this rate, which had the effect of adding two to three pounds of newflesh to the young girl's body every day in the course of a month's time,I was able to add 60 to 90 pounds of weight to my charge, transformingher lithe gazelle-like body into a fine plump matron of nearly two hundredpounds. In the course of the next passing three to four months, she wasgradually transformed a bulging mound of femininity suitable to the Emir'srefined taste.

I must confess that I too would occasionally become aroused as I observedmy latest candidate for the Emir's affection spreading in dimensions, herbreasts growing fuller and rounder, her hips widening and bulging, her thighsgradually spreading and forcing her legs apart, her belly first bloatingout and the sagging down to cover her widening lap. Often, a young girlsdainty facial features would fill out and soften in a most delightful way.At the end of each day's feeding, my charge was taken to the women's quarterswhere she was anointed with fragrant oils and given a long massage by oneof the court eunuchs to assure even distribution of the nutriments throughouther body and to assure that she would develop no stretch marks on her fineskin. In the late evening the Emir's brides and concubines were all paradedbefore him and arranged in a tableau before vast table of delicacies andsweets which they could indulge in as he observed their growth and enlargementand select his companion for the night.

This spunky young girl, Alyssa, was in her first month of fattening whenshe aroused the ire of the Emir, as I will now relate.

She weighed perhaps 150 pounds from the plumping effect of my special dietupon her. The Emir was riding about the palace on a gift from his good friendthe Emir of Katur. It was a young elephant of more than nine months old,a magnificent beast with every sign of becoming a noble mount. Even at thatyoung age, it carried the Emir with a regal quality and as the Emir rodeby the women's quarters a loud snickering and raucous laughter was heard.The Emir turned to see that it was Alyssa laughing and mocking.

"Is this puny animal a mount for the Emir? Does he ride upon children?This poor babe should be with its mother, not under the Emir."

The Emir flushed deeply and a look of dark anger came into his eyes suchthat all his servants in view tried to shrink back away from his view.

"Puny, is he? Puny? I'll teach you woman, how puny he is!"

With that, he dismounted and stormed out of the room. There was much murmuringamong the women. The Emir was rarely angry, but when irked he could behavemost unpredictably. None relished the thought of being his companion thatnight.

Little more than an hour later, I was summoned to the Emir's quarters.I could see the depth of his anger in his eyes and I myself trembled tobe before one so powerful and so angry.

"What do you propose my friend?" the Emir asked, smiling.

"Your excellence, the girl misspoke, it's true, but she is a fieryone and the Emir relishes that in his women."

"No, my friend, she sought to hurt me and ridicule me before my otherbrides. I have thought of a sufficient punishment for her. She called myfriend's gift a small and puny thing. An unfitting mount for me. Very well,let her compete with it."

And with that, the Emir instructed me the terms of Alyssa's punishment.I set to work that very evening, making measurements and ordering supplies.The Emir had instructed me to have Alyssa's food intake equal that of hisyoung elephant for a period of ninety days. This was to begin within a weekstime. First I measured the intake of grain and fruit by the Emir's elephant.At that time, he was eating twenty two pounds of food each day. Then I modifiedmy feeding equipment by enlarging the reservoir with the stomach of fiveadditional sheep. The Emir's order would require nearly continuous feeding,both day and night, so I had a large tank made and filled with oil. Fourdays later Alyssa was brought to the feeding chamber by two of the Emir'slargest guards and one of her maids. She appeared untroubled, unaware ofwhat awaited her. She was suspended in the tank of oil, covered up to herneck, completely naked, with slings beneath her arms and legs. My feedingapparatus, the ring of ivory, was placed into her open mouth and the longcord of intestine let down her throat with sips of water.

The Emir strode into the room and faced Alyssa, suspended in the tank.

"You mocked me and this will be your punishment. Let's see if youcan keep up with my puny elephant for three months time. If you can.....you will live. If not..... you will die."

The young girl's eyes filled with terror at the Emir's words, or was itat the sight of the huge reservoir of six sheep stomachs which was wheeledinto the chamber and placed before her eyes. It was filled with honey, grounddates, cream and ground meats. Gradually one of my workers using a rollingpin, kneaded the mixture out and along the tube of intestine, down Alyssa'sthroat. Alyssa's stomach was kept constantly stretched to its fullest. Neverbefore had I seen such rapid feeding. It was an unbelievable sight. Alyssa'sstomach seemed to have a life of its own. Over a period of hours it grewand swelled and bloated visibly. When I saw that she was in pain I had myworkers slow down or stop the flow of food. After a little while they beganagain, and gradually over the next few days her stomach distended so thatin round-the-clock feedings fully 22 pounds of food could be pumped throughher open mouth and down her throat.

Within the first three weeks Alyssa's weight more than doubled to over300 pounds. Her once graceful thighs had swelled. Her rear had widened anddimpled with fat. Her belly hung down to nearly mid-thigh. Her breasts,once oranges, were now grapefruit. With each passing day her dimensionsincreased as she stretched and spread as if inflated from within. The oilshe was suspended in kept her skin soft and supple, allowing it to stretchand supporting her girth as her belly grew more and more globular, thendrooped further and further down, and reached halfway to her knees and spreadapart. Her massive thighs grew each larger than her own waist had been onlyweeks before. Her arms, swelled with bulging flab, were forced away fromher ballooning waistline. Her breasts grew and billowed out over her everenlarging form.

At the end of the sixth week, when I estimated that Alyssa's weight hadreached to near 500 pounds, that the Emir ordered that a large mirror beput before her so that she could see as well as feel her body bloating asit struggled to assimilate the mighty caloric intake of his prized youngelephant. Her mouth was gagged by the sausage of intestine which continuallyforced more and more of the fattening food down her throat. She could notspeak, but there was a look of horror in her eyes as she saw the elephantineform her own body was assuming.

For my part I could see that the Emir was aroused by the sight of thishelpless young girl being gorged and fattened to appease his anger, andturning into a huge billowing mass of flesh. So it was that he arrangedto attend the feeding chamber almost daily, enjoying the spectacle of Alyssa'senlargement. Sometimes he brought a jar of butter or of honey to add tothe mixing bowl which was used to prepare the feeding mixture.

As the end of the third month arrived, Alyssa was quite a sight indeed.All who entered the feeding chamber were stupefied at her size. She weighed,I guessed, in excess of a thousand pounds. Each of her breasts alone, wasthe size of the largest watermelon you have ever seen, my friend. But forthe size of her abdomen and the buoyancy of the oil they would have easilycovered her pubic mound. As it was the incredible belly she had developedmore than hid her pubis and draped over her knees, completely obscuringmost of her lower legs. Her arms, would have seemed huge on another woman.Each upper arm was as large as that of a normal sized woman's waistline,though, jutted out almost horizontally from her body and seemed almost comicallysmall compared to her body. From her shoulders to her knees she was almosta globe of flesh with her calves and feet peeking out below.

On the ninetieth day the Emir gave the order and, as the oil was drainedfrom the tank and the slings were loosened, Alyssa's massive bulk settledon the floor of the tank. Her belly and breasts created a mountain of fleshwhich nearly hid her face from view. The Emir strode around to speak toher.

"Well my dear, you kept your part of the bargain and so I will spareyour life. Do you still think my gift elephant a puny thing? You are stillless than a quarter of its bulk. Would you like to see if you can keep upwith it a while longer? Can you bare my weight as it does and carry my aboutmy palace? Let's see if you can manage your own weight, my dear. It pleasesme that you get up from this reclining position you are in. Rise and standbefore your lord and master."

Alyssa tried to raise her massive bulk from the floor, but it was clearlyimpossible. She had put on the weight so rapidly and without the benefitof exercise, that her muscles were no match for the half ton of flesh shehad gained. She could not even sit up to face the Emir, so great was thesize of her breasts and upper torso.

"I can't your excellency!!" she sobbed, realizing how helplessshe was.

"Very well, but let's see what sort of mount you make." Withthat the Emir motioned that all save his two huge eunuch guards and I wereto leave the room. So it was that I witnessed as the Emir had his two guardslift the apron of flesh which hid Alyssa's pubis while he climbed upon hermountainous dimpled thighs and hips and mounted her. His thrusting sentthe whole ball of flesh she had become into a wave of rippling undulatingfat. The Emir, himself a large man, bobbed up and down upon her quakingflesh like a cork upon the ocean waves. At times he sank into her as thoughshe were a massive pillow, at others her shaking threatened to throw himinto the air. When they came to orgasm her massive bloated belly jiggledand rippled like one of the Emir's chief chefs' jellies.

The Emir heaved a great sigh and said, "You have given me a more pleasurableride than that elephant ever did, Alyssa, I forgive you now and you mayreturn to my harem."

It was many months before "Alyssa The Elephantine" as she becameknown among the women of the harem, was able to get up and about a little,as her muscles adapted to the massive body she had grown into. She remainedone of the Emir's favorites for many years, until, in fact I procured forthe Emir "The Insatiable One" and she was eclipsed.

But that, my esteemed friend, is another story.

The End