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The FA Fairy
by R.B. Lawrence

(This story first appeared in Dimensions #27 around 1988 or so)

When Tim opened the door to his apartment, he immediately felt that someone had been in here while he was at work. It was one of those intangible feelings, such as good or bad vibes from another person. There was nothing he could see that gave him any idea that there was a break in.The landlady was on vacation for another three days, so it couldn't be her. The door wasn't forced, the lock was smooth, no scrapes from a lock pick set. And nothing was touched or moved out of place.

Tim was just about to chalk it up to a mistaken feeling when he saw the magazines sticking out from under his bed. He had pushed them all the way under when he had read them last night. He hid these real well from his friends. They wouldn't quite understand why he "read" them.

"Read", my sweet Aunt Petunia", he thought. Although the articles and fiction were pretty good, it was the photo layouts that he had really bought them for.

He nudged them back under the bed with his foot. He couldn't believe that a thief, or anyone else for that matter, broke in just to read them and not walk away with the T.V. or stereo.

He washed up, changed out of his suit into something more casual, and, after thoroughly checking each window, left the apartment, double checking the door locks.

He walked down the street to the corner pub. He was a regular there since he first moved into the city a year ago. A decent selection of English brews, a lively bunch of pals he had made over the course of time, and a kitchen renowned for it's fish'n chips made it his favorite haunt after a long day at work.

As he sat at the bar after his dinner, his eyes happened to glance down to the end, and focused on a woman seated there with what appeared to be her friend. He studied the girl's features with a keen eye. Fair skinned, strawberry blond hair, a radiant smile, and, what appeared to be from here, luminescent green eyes. In general, her face was most beautiful.

Her friend was pretty as well, but not as attractive. But it was her friend who was getting all the attention from the two men who were with them. It looked like a double date. But this one seemed to be a double date for her friend, and the girl with the green eyes was just along as a fifth wheel.

There was only one reason for that, he thought. The girl with the green eyes was fat, while her friend was a real stick. The big girl must have stood about 5'7", as best as he could tell. Full cheeks, a soft double chin, a generous bustline with a deep cleavage line was all he could see from here. He made a quick excuse to his mate at the bar about going to the bathroom, and took a long, but furtive look at the rest of her body going to and from the john.

She had a full, but firm ass which settled over the edge of the stool. Her belly swelled and rolled onto her thighs, which were as full and as firm as the rest of her, which was also quite shapely. He guesstimated her weight at about 275-300 pounds.

He returned to his stool, and while still looking down towards the big girl, he started to think of ways he could introduce himself to her without anyone else noticing. He was getting more excited about being near her, for he found her body almost irresistible.

But he couldn't do it. "What would my friends think if I started dating a girl that size?", he thought to himself. "I'd never live it down, or keep any of them as my friends."

He thought back to the years he had dated the voluptuous cheerleaders in highlight and college. They were just always on the border of plump, and during the off sports seasons, he would always manage to entice them into that extra shake or banana split on a date. He actually got a thrill from seeing them try to squeeze into their too tight jeans after a couple of weeks of fattening treats. But come the season, and they'd be back on their diets, slimming away the extra poundage, and Tim would find another girl to try to fill out.

Of the few times Tim had dated a large lady, it was a disaster. A couple thought he was weird for taking them out. A few were pretty nice, but were snapped up by others who weren't so afraid of being seen with them. The one that was perfect he lost, for after being seen coming out of a movie theater with her by some so-called friends who made some nasty comments, he never called her again, not even to return her calls. He was just too embarrassed.

The comments from his friends, from his family (Most especially from his father, who gave him a nasty look every time he'd come home with even one of the marginally plump cheerleaders), and from those associates who told him his career would be going nowhere if he should be seen with a wife or girlfriend who didn't look like she came out of a Playboy centerfold, convinced him that his attraction was weird, sick, and antisocial. So he lusted after large ladies in private, through fantasies in his dreams, aided by the magazines hidden under his bed, while being miserable in his dates with skinny, uptight ladies who would freak out at the thought of being anything other than a size nine, and treating any woman wretchedly who was otherwise.

He left the bar, frustrated by his inaction, leaving the green eyed lady to the torments of being ignored. He returned to his apartment, unlocked the door, and walked in to find the bedroom lights on. He was sure he turned them off! He slowly approached the bedroom door when he heard it. A woman's laugh. No...almost a girlish giggle. He opened the door wide and blinked at the sight before him.

His magazines were strewn across the bed. And sitting on the bed reading one of them was a young woman. She must have been in her early twenties, with curly, strawberry blond hair, dimpled cheeks, blue eyes, full moist lips, and a very full, sculpted figure, with swelling breasts, belly and behind. She looked like a stacked figure model after too many trips to the fridge. She must have weighed between 170 to 200 pounds, with all of it in the right places. She wore an elastic print top which hugged every curve, and a pair of jeans she must have used a shoehorn to get into.

Even though he was concerned about how she got in, he couldn't help but get very aroused by her.

Before he could speak, she looked up and giggled, "I can't believe it. You get turned on by big beauties, but just don't have the guts to admit it to yourself, or anybody else for that matter." She shook her head and said, "We're going to have to change that."

She had the low, breathy voice of a Southern belle which curled Tim's toes. He finally found his voice. "Who are you, and how did you get in here?"

"My name is Melinda, and I'm the FA Fairy. To be exact, for tonight, I'm your FA Fairy!! And as how I got in here, I just used a little magic!"

"This girl must be nuts!", he thought.

"No, I'm not nuts! And before you can think it, I can read your mind."

He settled back into his recliner and before he could speak, she began again.

"What I am is as important as why I am here and how I came to be. For many years, men lusted after large, full figured ladies. It's best seen in the great paintings of the world. Then, earlier this century, this rather frightening fascination with thin, desexualized females became popular. The lie was supported by many factors, the government fearing a food shortage in the near future, and the deprivers, who have tested American's ability for self torture by denying them everything from food to sex to the 65 mph speed limit! Just to mention a couple."

"Yet, there were many who still lusted after those ladies who didn't starve themselves into sticks. They had to do much of it in private, for like you, they were denounced by society as sick, twisted perverts."

"Then, one day, their dreams and desires bound together in a twist of fate, for at that moment, a cosmic force, a formless, but powerfully benevolent entity was granted a fond wish; berth was given to this beautiful notion. To personify their dreams. To become the creature which you see before you. I was without purpose, but driven to help anyone I could. I was without form, but now I was given the ability to transform myself into anything I wished to be. You see me here now, but I have been many colors, sizes and shapes. And now, with a mission, I have visited all over this world, but mostly here in America, to grant the most fond desires, to release the most repressed feelings, and to give new courage to those FAs, or Fat Admirers, to look past the so-called norms of society, and find true satisfaction with whom they choose, regardless of their size. And tonight is your turn. I can be whomever you choose. An old flame, or a woman whom you just remember from a chance meeting. I can create your wildest fantasies. Whatever you wish, I will grant you this one night."

Tim was literally babbling in his mind. He managed to get a question out. "But what's this about magic?"

She giggled even more. "I can create my changes by absolute control on an atomic level. Like I said, my size, shape, color, as well as creating things from the random molecules in the air, are all within my power. And as a science fiction writer once said, 'Any technology so far in advance of any other race is indistinguishable from magic.' Allow me to demonstrate."

With that she lifted herself off the bed and began to walk over to him. He was paralyzed, torn between dashing out of there and calling the police, who would probably have him locked up; and bound to the chair by the sheer fascination by what had to be an hallucination.

As she approached him, he heard the small, but sharp ring of a tiny bell. It was then he looked to her ears and saw she wore a bell as an earring, as well as noticing that the bell accented her giggle.

She stood before him, bent down, and kissed him. It was a long, slow, wet kiss that curled his toes and aroused him even more. This was no hallucination! She stood back up and smiled.

"Why is she just standing there?", he thought. Then he realized she wasn't just standing there doing nothing. She was changing before his very eyes.


She was already that and more when it stopped. Her pneumatic figure was incredible! Her face was spread wide, her neck had disappeared, just her rounded head on an even more rounded body was all he saw. But it wasn't sagging anywhere. Her flesh was firm, but quivered when she giggled. Her arms stuck out of her sides, and her breasts rode high on her chest, with her nipples clearly defined through the thin blouse, which was stretched to infinity!

She caught his eye, winked at him, then hiccupped. With the hiccup, her clothes burst off her. But instead of being naked, she was now wearing a black lace teddy, which left very little to the imagination.

"Now for a little something different!", she said, and began to change again.

Her solid flesh began to sag, slowly folding over itself. Her huge belly developed an equally huge apron, which hung over the edge of the teddy, hiding them completely, while the belly poked through the open front of her lace top. Her breasts settled on top of the load, straining at the black lace, and shifting themselves sideways. Her ass spread outwards, and the fat on her arms began to sag like melting cheese.

She looked like she weighed almost 450 pounds, and he was more excited by every pound she had put on.

She looked at him with longing, hungry eyes. Then, she suddenly said, "Speaking of hungry, I'm starved."

"But I haven't even shopped today. The fridge is empty. Besides, I don't think I have enough food to fill that belly!", he said, slowly passing his hand over the smooth, rounded bulge in front of him, feeling it's warmth.

"Don't worry about that, see?", she said, and motioned behind him. There was a table filled with platters of food. Everything fattening imaginable was on it. Pasta, pastry, beer, potatoes, ice cream. All piled high.

He began to ask where it had come from, when he remembered her powers. "I don't think I could handle that!"

"Well, Lover,", she replied, "You won't have to, it's all for me."

With that, she waddled over to the table, sat down, and began to eat. And eat, AND EAT!! Gently, at first, then moving faster and faster, she began to stuff the food into her mouth with greater relish. Forgoing utensils (To be truthful, there were none to be seen!!). she would grab a fistful of food and literally inhale it. To Tim, there never seemed to be a break in the motions. And none of the piles were getting smaller. It was as if the platters refilled themselves with every handful!

And, even more fascinating to him, she began to fill up as well. Her already swollen body was growing bigger, wider, fatter each passing minute. The teddy was torn to shreds very quickly, as her bulging form swelled. Five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred pounds. She grew so fast and so big he couldn't begin to guess how much she weighed!!

After what seemed like hours, the table was finally empty, but she was more than full. Tim could not believe his eyes. She was gigantic!! Folds upon folds of luscious flesh adorned her. She looked longingly at him, shook her head, and with a ring of the bell, she said, "Now, I'm ready for you."

Tim felt as if his clothes were becoming as air, and looked to see that they were melting into nothingness, only to see them reappear, folded on a chair across the room.

She stood up, and with no effort, waddled towards him. The first contact of naked flesh sent a shock wave through Tim. She continued moving to him, until the enfolding flesh of her body pushed him back against the wall. Another shock hit him as his back touched the cold surface. She continued towards him, her flesh literally flowing over and around him, until she was face to face with him. She then cradled his head in her hands and kissed him. A slow, passionate wet kiss that seemed to go on forever. He tried to move his arms up to caress her, put found them pinned against the wall by her bulk.

It was then he saw her bell-like earring up close. It was a little figurine of a fat woman. Made of gold with a delicate, but very detailed filigree, it was a beautiful woman, with high, full breasts, a rounded belly and ass as the flare of the bell, and her amply filled legs serving as the clapper, her feet forming a ballerina's pirouette.

She backed away, then took him by the hand and guided his hands over her body. His fingers thrilled to the silky softness of her skin, loving, caressing her breasts, belly and buttocks. In his arousal, he began to softly knead the folds of flesh. His legs were shaking ever so slightly as she led him to the bed. It creaked under the mighty strain laid upon, but held firm. They laid on their sides, face-to-face, as their hands explored each other's body with loving, gentle touch. The pace quickened as they both began to feel the rise of their passions. After an imperceptible time involved in foreplay, he entered her and felt as if he was no longer in his body. Time and space held no meaning, like he was not bound by Earthly restrictions. He found himself adrift in a void. No walls, room, furniture were visible, only soft, warm, shifting colors. The only sound was the sounds of their passions. No pull of gravity could be felt, as if they were weightless in space. It was like nothing he had ever felt before, seen before, except in his dreams. At the peak of the act, the colors flared like a roaring fire, and wave upon wave of jolting energy surged through him, setting his mind aflame, convulsing his body.

As the lights dimmed, he found himself in his bed once more, with a slightly smaller, but still quite round companion. They lay together, and talked about each other, then made love again. Not the cosmic experience that had just occurred, but one of a more Earthbound nature. She showed him how easy it was to make love to a woman her size, as well as larger and smaller, by shifting her own size up and down the scale. He found that even at her largest size, he could take her weight on top of him, just by proper positioning. He got a kick out of having himself buried up to his neck by her apron!

After hour upon hour of lovemaking, her face changed. He looked at it and surmised what had been in the back of his mind for a while, then asked the question.

"Yes. It's my time to leave you.", she replied, and before he could speak, she continued on. "Don't say it, for I know the words before they can leave your mouth. And I know your heart."

She stood up, and as he watched, she began to shrink down to her size when he first saw her, and her clothes re-materialized. She turned around, and standing at the foot of his bed, spoke.

"You have learned much about yourself tonight, Tim. You have learned that your love of fat women is as natural as any other desire that men have towards women, like the attraction of some to blond over brown hair, dark complexion over light, breast size, and many more. The fact that you like fat women is not perverse, sick or antisocial. In fact, you have a great deal of love to share, and many women would lovingly reciprocate. In fact, in all my time as the FAiry, I don't think I have ever known a man such as you. What you felt tonight was not solely created by me, just brought into the light of reason, out of the dark of foolish suppression. I will see you again, for I don't ever want to forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart. Remember me always, for I do love you, very much. Farewell."

With a warm smile, and a tinkling of her bell earring, she faded from view, disappearing into vapor.

Five years later, Tim found himself in the corner pub once again. It had been a long time since his encounter with the FAiry, and his life had changed for the better.

The next night after she left, he found the green eyed lady once again in the bar, but this time alone. He did not hesitate, but walked in and offered to buy her a drink. She was a bit shocked, and somewhat wary, but after a while, warmed quickly to Tim's attentions. They dated for a couple of years, and broke up very amicably, but during that time, they shared and supported each other with a great deal of love.

Her first appearance at a company function was met with a great deal of raised eyebrows, sniggering little whispers, and downright looks of disgust, until the president of the firm, came over to Tim to introduce his wife, who was equally as large as Tim's date. It was then that the president told him two things. First, that he too admired large women. And secondly, start calling him John, instead of "Sir"!

Another odd thing occurred at the dinner party. When the bell was sounded to announce that dinner was served, the ringing sound was almost the exact same sound of "her" little earring bell, for Tim whirled around at the sound looking for her. His eyes caught those of John doing the same thing. Then, in a subtle gesture, Tim placed his hand near his ear and flicked the lobe with his finger. John's eyes caught the actions, and his face broke into a big grin as he nodded!!

He had, since their breakup, dated many other ladies of large proportions, each relationship more satisfying than the last. He knew the day would come that he would find the right woman, to settle down, and start a family, but for now, he was tasting more of life than ever before.

Tim's mind returned to him as he ordered another round in the pub. Much to his surprise, there was a new waitress in the bar. A well rounded redhead with a generous bustline and ass stuffed into a tight pair of pants and equally tight halter. The high heels she wore rolled her tush in a most unnerving way as she sauntered to and from the bar. He caught her eye, and she approached, breaching the void with a delightful cockney accent.

"Oll right, luv! Now what will you be 'avin', besides me?"

He grinned at her lusty laugh and manners, then suddenly he saw, or rather, heard her earring. It was a rotund lady, with the bell clapper legs swaying with each step. He looked into the redhead's eyes as she spoke.

"'ello agin, Timmy. Nice to see you after all this time."

And as the sudden realization came to him, Tim said, "And to think I never used to believe in magic."