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The Fake Feedee
by Mack27

Darla noticed the man watching her eating her sandwich. She hadn't eaten any breakfast and was really enjoying her lunch of a large steak and cheese. A "large" at this particular sub shop was positively huge. She was already feeling guilty as she polished it off. She decided to run 4 miles tonight rather than her usual 3 to work it off. She gave the man a once over. Armani suit, Rolex watch and good looking too! He looked to be in his early thirties with an athletic build. She smiled at him.

Alfred glanced away quickly, embarrassed at having been caught staring. God, she was gorgeous! Her raven hair and piercing green eyes were his ideals of how a beautiful woman should look. She looked very athletic with muscular yet still feminine legs. Boy, would he love to fatten her up. And judging by the way she relished that sandwich, she might enjoy it too.

Darla walked over to Alfred's table and sat across from him. Alfred was too startled to say anything. "Hi, I'm Darla. I noticed you looking at me. Have we met? You look kind of familiar." Of course Darla was lying, she knew she'd never seen this guy before. But you see, Darla had this way of hooking up with wealthy men, getting them to buy her things, give her money for whatever...She hadn't paid her own rent in over a year for example. She smiled warmly at him.

"N-n-no, I don't believe so..." Alfred managed to stutter. He'd always been extremely shy and nervous around beautiful women. "But, but, I would love to GET to know you." There! He'd managed to say it!

"Are you making a pass at me?" she smiled coyly. "I'm Darla." she said as she extended her hand.

Alfred took her hand while wishing his own would stop sweating. "I'm Alfred Dunbar, would you like to join me for a coffee?"

"Sorry, Alfred. But I've got to get going. We could have dinner though..."

"Dinners good!" sputtered Alfred.

"Great, LaSalle's at eight? You make the reservations." And with that she was off.

Lasalle's was the most exclusive restaurant in town. Alfred knew he'd have to call in some favors to get reservations there on such short notice. But he was excited nonetheless.


Of course Darla ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. She tore into it with Gusto too. "So Alfred" she said between bites, "What do you do for a living? I'm a student by the way." Darla already knew that Alfred was a highly successful commodities broker. She'd researched him that afternoon. She was one of those perpetual college students, never seeming to get a degree. She was in her 7th year of school.

"I'm a commodities broker," Alfred said, he was captivated by her eating. He thought maybe it would be safe to tell her. "Darla, I should warn you that I'm a feeder."

"Really, Alfred? What's a feeder?" she feigned ignorance. She suspected Alfred was a feeder. She'd run into his type before. The way she openly relished her meals, she seemed to attract them. She had to contain her laughter. God! One of those weirdos who is turned on by a woman eating. "He probably wants to fatten me up!" She thought gleefully. "What a dork!"

Darla pretended to listen intently as Alfred explained what a feeder was. He went on about how he wanted to find an athletic woman who enjoyed eating to fatten up.

Darla prepared herself to lay it on thick, "Oh my God Alfred, its like you read my mind! Ever since I was a little girl I've fantasized about getting really immense! I just love to eat and all but I thought no man would want me that way..." She'd have this guy wrapped around her little finger. If she played her cards right, he'd be good for a years worth of rent, tuition and expensive gifts!

"Wow, Darla. I've dreamed of meeting someone like you! How big do you fantasize yourself getting?" inquired Alfred.

"I want to be eventually immobile." She cooed.

Alfred's little soldier leaped to attention and he was almost apoplectic with desire. "D-Darla, I'd, I'd love to help you get there..."

"Please do Alfred, please do." Darla smiled wickedly.


Darla was ecstatic. This was better than she had hoped. Alfred had bought her a new condo, a new corvette and she was now admiring his latest gift, a wonderfully expensive diamond pendant. "Why don't you stay at my place tonight Alfred?" She asked sensually. She had him conditioned like Pavlov's dog she thought. Expensive gift equals reward.

"I don't know Darla, I've been frustrated with our relationship. I mean its been 5 months and you've only gained 5 pounds!" sulked Alfred.

"So he thinks this pendant is a farewell gift?" fumed Darla inwardly. "No one dumps me." She prepared to lay it on thick, "Alfred, Lord knows I've tried and tried, but I just can't seem to gain weight. I've been drinking those weight gain shakes before bed like you asked. I've stopped exercising. I've been trying to eat more and more. It seems nothing works." She started bawling. She could turn her tears on and off like a faucet. Of course, every word she said was a lie.

"Oh, D-Darla," Alfred implored, "Please don't cry!" "Man, what a heel I am." thought Alfred. "She's trying, she WANTS to gain. Its not her fault her metabolism won't let her."

"Alfred, I-I want to get bigger, its my dream but..." she burst into tears again.

Alfred was melting before her at this point. "We'll find a way honey, I'll find a way!" Alfred said desperately trying to make her stop crying.

"Alfred, I need some time alone." and she left hurriedly, tears still streaming down her face. "This little outburst will guilt him into sticking around a little longer." she thought gleefully.

Alfred resolved then and there to find some way, somehow to help Darla reach her goal of immensity. He would spare no expense in his search.


"And this stuff will help a person gain weight?" asked Alfred excitedly.

Daryl, an old college buddy who was now a pharmaceutical research chemist replied, "Well yeah Alfred, I mean it was originally intended to help pregnant women who had trouble gaining a healthy amount of weight for childbirth. But in test cases the weight gain was far too extreme and continued for long after childbirth. Its an "enzymatic soup" that tricks the metabolism into "thinking" it has too many calories to burn. So the body kicks into fat storage mode. The result is the body doesn't get as many calories to burn as its used to and it goes into a pseudo-starvation mode. Metabolism slows down causing more fat to be stored and hunger increases. To a starving man a piece of moldy bread tastes like prime rib. The same thing applies to any one who takes this compound. The subject becomes a fat-storing machine with almost constant ravenous hunger. Its no wonder this stuff never made it to the mainstream market."

"She's desperate to gain weight, you're sure this will help?" Alfred asked anxiously.

"Haven't you been listening Alfred?" said Daryl, "The person who takes this can't HELP but gain weight."

"Okay, okay I'll pay you the agreed amount.." But Alfred was still skeptical. He'd paid good money for other so-called weight-gain formulas that were complete failures. Still, it was worth a try he thought.

"Remember Alfred, you've got enough in that vial to last for years," called Daryl to the departing Alfred. "Small doses every eight months should work wonders..."

"Yeah, yeah" Alfred replied, but he wasn't listening. He was anticipating trying out this latest concoction on Darla. "Please, God, PLEASE let this work. She so wants to gain and I want her to gain too."


Darla looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. Despite her best efforts Alfred had managed to put 10 pounds on her during their year-long relationship. She'd been an athletic well-toned 120 pounds when they'd first met. At 130 pounds most of the weight had gone to her breasts and hips and she was still drawing a lot of appreciative looks from men. Maybe more than she had before. Still she decided, she had better cut Alfred loose before she gained too much more. One more month and a lot more expensive splurging with his money and she'd dump him. The doorbell brought her out of her ruminations.

She opened the door, "Why Alfred, you're early."

Alfred pushed his way in hurriedly, "Honey an old friend of mine told me this stuff would help you gain weight!" He brandished a small vial of rusty colored liquid.

"Oh, geez he's been taken by another shyster!" she thought. "Darling how much did this latest formula cost?" She inquired.

"About 10 grand, he said he was taking quite a risk selling it to me." Alfred admitted.

"10 grand? That's money he could have spent on me! For REAL things!" she fumed inwardly. "Alfred! You've got to stop wasting your money on these shysters!" She exclaimed angrily. Enough was enough she thought.

"But honey maybe it'll help you gain..." She cut him off by grabbing the vial.

"This? This stuff is going to help me? Look at it! It looks like rum and coke for Christ's sake! THIS is not worth 10 grand Alfred." She uncorked the vial and drank the contents. "Shit, it even tastes like rum and coke. You've just payed 10 grand for a mixed drink Alfred! Its NOT going to make me fatter and its NOT very funny!"

"Honey, I seem to remember Daryl saying you were only supposed to take a little at a time..."

"Shut up, Alfred! Don't you get it? You've been taken again!" Darla yelled angrily. "Get out of my sight! I'm just too upset to deal with you now."

Alfred left with a dejected look on his face. Maybe she was right. Maybe he was a fool to believe in a weight-gain formula.

That night Darla woke up to intense hunger pangs. She went down to her kitchen and opened her freezer. Alfred kept her well stocked with ice cream. Thank God she hadn't thrown out this weeks batch yet. She grabbed a gallon and started shoving it into her mouth. Oh, it tasted so good! She'd never felt so hungry! Before she knew what was happening she had eaten an entire freezer full of ice cream. "Oh my God! What's happening to me?" She cried. She looked at her distended belly stretched out like a beach ball and fainted right there.

That morning she again woke to intense hunger pangs. She started in on the fridge. Cheesecake, eclairs, cheeses, milkshakes, and much more went into her greedy stomach. She moaned with pleasure as she ate. She was helpless before all this wonderful food! Alfred kept her well stocked with fattening treats that she threw away on a regular basis. He'd be happy to know that these ones weren't going to waste. She'd just about finished everything in the fridge when she again came to her senses. "What, what am I doing?" She looked at her painfully distended belly and shrieked. "That formula, it must be that damn formula. I'll go to the hospital, they'll fix me up." Out of all of her clothes the only ones that would fit were her sweatsuits. She got dressed and screamed out of the driveway in her Corvette.

On the way to the hospital she began feeling hungry again, "No, no, no, NO!" she cried. But she HAD to eat something. She pulled into a supermarket parking lot and ran inside. The first thing she saw were pies at the bakeshop. She started grabbing pies out of their containers and scarfing them down at a rapid rate. Shoppers looked at her incredulously.

The store manager came over and yelled "Hey! What are you nuts?". He tried to stop her but she viciously shoved him away with the desperate strength of a starving animal. She continued to unabashedly feed. Finally the cops showed up and dragged her away kicking and screaming.

At the police station she calmed herself enough to call Alfred. "Alfred, they've got me locked up and I'm SO hungry! Please help me!"

Alfred showed up right away and his high-powered lawyer got her out quickly. He paid off the Supermarket not to press charges as well as certain police officials and the DA not to get her for resisting arrest. But before he did that, he took Darla out to eat.

She begged him to stop at the first fast food joint they saw. She ordered dozens of burgers ate them rapidly and asked for more. After an hour of non-stop feasting, he finally got her to leave with him. But what would normally have been a 10 minute ride to Alfred's house took hours as she insisted on stopping at every fast food place on the way. Her washboard stomach was gone, replaced by a pleasing pot belly. Her expanding breasts had forced her sweatshirt to ride higher and expose her belly and love handles for all to see. She wanted nothing more than to feast constantly. It was difficult for Alfred to coax her away from her feasting to get on the scale. But when he finally did, he was shocked to see that she had gained 20 pounds in one day!

Darla hated what she was becoming, but she NEEDED to keep eating and eating. Besides, it felt SO good. Alfred was more than happy to supply her with all the food she could eat.

The next morning Darla began her day with a huge breakfast of Pancakes, omelettes, sausage, and pastries. Everything tasted so wonderful, the greasier the better! Every smell and flavor came through so exquisitely clear and intense-a side effect of a brain that thought its body was starving. Breakfast overlapped into lunch, an Italian feast of lasagna, pan-pizza, veal parmesian, and chicken primavera. The caterers certainly were doing a good job, especially on such short notice. The afternoon was occupied with barbeque style ribs, chicken and steak. Dinner was a seafood feast of buttersoaked lobster, fried clams, fried scallops and swordfish cooked in olive oil. Of course, dessert was another meal in itself consisting of cheesecakes and sundaes.

Alfred made love to her that night as she lay in bed munching chocolates. He was deliriously happy and he thought Darla must be too. On some level he was right. Darla couldn't help but enjoy her constant eating. But she was horrified at what she was becoming. But everytime that thought came into her head she was distracted by the next sumptuous feast she HAD to have.

Darla's body had been transformed by the enzymes into an incredibly efficient food-digesting, fat-storing machine. After a week of nearly constant feeding she weighed over 300 pounds. The enzymes effects on her continued to accelerate. Sustained coherent thought became nearly impossible for her, the only thing she could focus on was food. She didn't talk to anybody, she didn't concern herself with anything but eating. When she lay in bed still feasting, she tolerated Alfred making love to her but really didn't pay much attention. When her servants washed her she just kept eating. She had a double chin now, everything about her had thickened, her breasts jutted out proudly atop her bulging gut. Her large round ass swayed side to side as she walked.

After a month of this almost constant feeding, Darla had trouble getting around on her own. As she approached 1000 pounds she spent more and more time in bed being fed by Alfred and the hired help. Her voluminous belly jutted out 4 feet in front of her when she stood. It was pleasingly round and taught. Everything about her was round and taught. She was gaining so quickly that nothing had a chance to sag. Alfred came to her with a platter of cheeseburgers once. When Darla saw him she came at him when he didn't approach him fast enough. The first thing to hit him was her belly which pushed him into the wall. He managed to hold the platter over his head so it wouldn't fall. She had to squish her belly against him to be able to reach the platter. When she got it she stayed where she was and ate everything off the platter. Alfred was pinned against the wall by her blubber the whole time. He came in his pants.

A few months later Darla had exceeded the one-ton mark. Alfred had taken to feeding her through a tube hooked up to a custom made feeding machine. High caloric foods were ground into a paste and pumped through the tube into her eager mouth. It was the only way to feed her fast enough. Alfred would watch her feed for hours. All she cared about was filling her tummy. Her massive form dominated the room. She rarely moved anymore. Alfred would find a fold to pleasure himself in occasionally. He found her huge flowing mass very erotic. But she seemed almost mindless, how could she appreciate her present size in her state? It made him kind of sad, he almost missed Darla's occasional stinging barbs. The machine stopped and Darla began grunting and moaning in protest. "Ugh, ugh, ohhhhh!" Alfred quickly hooked up the backup machine to stop her protests and she happily resumed feeding.


After a year of her near-constant feeding Darla was well-over 4 tons. It seemed a strange side effect of the enzymes was keeping her alive at this impossible size. Her flesh billowed out for over ten feet in every direction. Her face was nearly lost in a sea of flesh. Alfred would climb atop her mountainous form to sleep and pleasure himself every night.

Then it happened. The enzyme wore off. Alfred woke up one night to a piercing scream. "Oh no!" he thought, "Darla's feeding tube must have come out!" He climbed down off her huge form and flipped on the lights.

"Who's there? Help me!"

Alfred couldn't believe his ears, "Darla, is that you?"

"Alfred! What's happened to me!" She saw herself in the ceiling mirrors and it took several moments for her to realize it was herself that she was looking at. "Oh my God! I'm a FREAK!"

"But darling, you wanted to be as big as possible..." Alfred was still incredulous at her return to sentience.

"Shut up Alfred! Ohhhhhhh, how can I live like this? I want to die! uhhhhhhh..." she started crying. "Alfred, change me back you idiot. You good for nothing weirdo! You use all your money and find a way to change me back! You hear me, you simpering little fool? Hey! Where are you going? Get back here you dumbass!"

Alfred picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey Daryl? Its Alfred. I need some more of that "enzymatic soup"...."