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The Fat Pump
by R. B. Lawrence

Jim "J.D." Dover leaned back in the comfortable leather chair, putting his feet up on the desk in his office. He let out a sigh and, looking around at the opulently decorated and finely furnished room, reflected how far he had come from just a few short years ago.

As a patent attorney, he had not always had been this well off. The early years were very dry. His office then was a small, closet sized space above a dry cleaning store on the lower end of town. He had very few clients, and those that he did have didn't earn him very much in fees and retainers. That all changed the day he met "Loony Lenny".

Dr. Leonard P. Garnel was often called that behind his back, and sometimes right to his face. A genius in the lab, he was, to say the least, eccentric. Most of his inventions were odd and not commercially sound as investments.

J.D. took him on as a client after getting so desperate for business he couldn't say no, especially after receiving such a large retainer check from Loony. . . er, . . . Dr. Garnel!

But one day, Garnel stormed into his small, rundown, bare walled office raving about a new compound for sealing steel seams so well, it was like they were one piece.

That was all it took to change their lives. The government swooped in, optioning the patent for the compound, and made them both millionaires.

Now, JD's office was huge, surrounded by smaller offices for his whole team of associates and secretaries. And the Doc? Well, he had his master lab, but still worked on his projects himself, relying on his assistants for minor procurement and lab report duties. JD had a house, a beach cottage, several cars, and his beautiful, shapely wife. . .Well, you can't win them all. He settled back, knowing he had no more appointments for the rest of the afternoon.

But it never failed. Just as ID was getting comfortable, his intercom buzzed. "Mr. Dover, Dr. Garnel is here to see you!"

He was just about to tell the secretary to send him in, when the door flew open. In came a small cart, covered in a white sheet, with the original "Mad Scientist" furiously pushing it.

"JD!! JD!! I've had two incredible breakthroughs I must show you immediately!" The doctor was totally out of breath, not that that would be hard to believe considering the wiry, emaciated state the older man was constantly in. But this time JD was honestly concerned that the old man would keel over any second from a heart attack. He had never seen Leonard this excited over an invention!!

"Slow down, Len! What's so imp portent?"

"JD! I've two great fantastic things. Let me show you them!"

Reaching under the sheet on the cart, the doctor extracted a small spray canister. It was painted black with the letters "D.O.A.S.E." stenciled in fluorescent yellow on the side.

"Dose?", asked JD, with raised eyebrows.

"No, no, my dear boy. DOZE!! Dispersed Olfactory Aerosol Sleep Enhancer! It helps people who can't stay asleep. One spray while the person is near sleep or is asleep already will keep them unconscious four a minimum of four hours!"

JD just shook his head. "But Doc. How can they give themselves the spray if they're asleep?"

A puzzled expression came to the old man's wizened face. "l hadn't thought of that....Well, I'll just have to come up with a spray nozzle with a timer, that's all. But, enough of the small stuff, let me show you this!" With a flurry of excitement, he greedily scooped up the sheet off the cart to expose what was hidden underneath.

JD stared at the unusual looking instrument with hoses coming out of the top labeled "Mouth", "Navel", "Breasts", "Anus", "Vagina" He finally looked up at the doctor and said, "O.K.' Len. I'll jump. What is it?"

The doctor rubbed his hands together with glee and said, "It's a FAT PUMP!!"

JD did a double take. "A WHAT?"!

"A fat pump! I have found a way to induce a special compound into the human body that instantly turns into fat! Here, let me show you!"

The doc produced a video tape cassette from his pocket, and, walking over to the bookshelf to his left, opened the doors to J D's wide screen TV and video playback system, hidden behind the bookshelf by secret doors. He turned on the system, inserted the cassette into the VCR and hit the play button on the remote. He then sat down on the couch where JD had already taken a seat.

The doctor began to narrate the tape. "As I have told you in the past, I have been obsessed with the world food crisis. I think I may have found a solution." JD looked up in time to see a lithe, young blonde woman, about 22 years old, standing stark naked in front of a blue background. Her fair skin stood out from the darker backdrop, which was covered with a grid pattern of white lines. "This is one of my assistants who volunteered to be the first human test subject for the pump. She was totally clinical in the decision to be filmed nude for the best view of the process."

JD watched as measurements were made of the very skinny, but pretty young woman. Each number was then recorded and appeared on a display on the lower portion of the screen, logged into the computer tied into it. The girl was also standing on a plate which obviously linked into a scale, for another set of numbers on the lower portions of the screen went up and down every time one of the technicians stepped on or off the plate.

The girl stood 5'7" and weighed 115 pounds according to the readout. JD then watched as the device that was sitting next to him was wheeled into view of the camera, Technicians then began to hook up the various hoses to the young woman.

The doctor began narrating again. "Each of the hoses has a special coupling designed for the orifice it would come in contact with, as well as a specific port on the pump to carry the special compound from the machine. The compound is a high fat, carbohydrate and protein jelly rendered from natural foods and boosted in caloric content by a genetically tailored enzyme. The pump alters the mixture to specific forms for each of the entry points. Aah, here we go!"

JD returned his attention to the screen. The technicians had left the platform, showing the girl hooked up to the pump. Her breasts were connected to the machine at the nipples, another tube ran into her navel, and one into her mouth. Two other tubes ran up between her legs, filling her genitals. The screen then split into side and front views. She turned her head, nodded to someone off camera, and the pump was switched on, along with a digital time readout on the screen.

At first, JD couldn't believe his eyes! He watched with increasing fascination as the girl's slim body began to fill out! It was like she was a balloon being filled with air. Her small, flat breasts rose, swelling with new, fleshy fullness. Her belly expanded, along with her ass, thighs, calves. . . hell, everything was growing bigger, fuller, fatter with each passing minute!

Finally, after ten minutes had elapsed on the counter, it was stopped. JD stared at the girl on the screen. She now weighed 220 pounds! Her body had swelled in every way. The skinny girl had disappeared under several layers of flesh. She was now very shapely, with full, sculpted breasts, belly, legs and ass. She grinned, showing off dimples and a second chin.

JD was stunned. He didn't know what to say. But he did know what he was feeling toward the plump young woman. Pure lust. And he began to form a plan in his mind.

"Doc, it's incredible! All that from this tiny machine?"

Dr. Garnel smiled, and said, "JD, that little machine, as you refer to it, can hold enough compound to add up to 2,000 pounds to a whole village of starving people. Right now, it only has enough for a weight gain of about 400 pounds."

"How is the girl in the video? No after effects?"

"None whatsoever. She is healthy, and, if I might say so, a lot better oh physically now then before."

"And a lot better looking," muttered JD.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing, dec. I'm excited. This will be a great moneymaker for us, as well as a boon to society. Have you got everything here?''

The doctor handed JD a file folder. "Operating instructions, designs, lab documents, my usual releases.... This is the second machine, I still have the original in my lab."

"Great'! I'll get started as soon as possible. I'll call you when I know more. See you later, Doc."

J D ushered the doctor out the door, closed it, then turned towards fat pump with a gleam in his eye. He walked over to it, caressed the smooth metal shell, then returned to his desk, opened the file, and began to read the instructions.

He then glanced up at the photo on his desk. It showed a slender, shapely young woman with long red hair, and a beautiful face. He smiled at it, then reached into a desk drawer and brought another framed picture out, setting it up next to the one already standing.

By looking at the face and hair, it was easy to tell it was the same woman in the photo. But the bodies were radically different. Where one showed a slim woman, the other showed a much larger lady. Her body was even fuller and more well rounded than the girl in the video had become.

JD thought back to when he first met Janet in school. She was bright and happy...and round. He loved every bulge, curve, and dimple on her zaftig body. He even encouraged her to eat and get fatter, just so he had more flesh to make love to. She had leveled out at about 340 pounds of corpulent, luscious woman, full of life and love.

But, when the money came in from Dr. Garnel's more successful inventions, Janet started to lose weight. And lose...and lose. Convinced by those scrawny bitches at the country club, she dieted and exercised into a size 11, no longer the happy, pudgy person she once was. She was now unhappy with her meals and the torture that the "Girls at the club" endured so they could look more like socialites and movie stars. But she believed the lies they told her about how being thin was beautiful, no matter how much JD begged, pleaded and bribed her to go off the diet.

So he put up with his skinny, unhappy wife, for he loved her too much to leave her. And he just shut his eyes while making love, seeing her as she once was in his mind.

But tonight, he thought, that was gonna change . . . in a BIG WAY!

As JD drove home that evening with the fat pump and canister of D.O.A.S.E.. in the trunk of his car, Dr. Garnel entered his private quarters at his lab complex and sat down behind his own desk, cluttered with stacks of research reports. He began sifting through them, looking for today's reports when a honey-sweet voice called to him from his bedroom. "Leonard, is that you honey?"

He glanced up, a little annoyed at the distraction from his work. "Yes, dear, I'm back from JD's office. He's very excited about the pump."

"Well, so am 1. It's made a big change in our lives. I'm also very excited. Come to bed."

He slowly stood up, walked to the ajar door, and opened it fully, letting his eyes gaze over the wonderful sight that greeted him. He briefly had a nagging doubt enter his mind about the abuses of knowledge for personal gain, but this time, it was worth it. Worth every, delectable pound.

As he walked towards the bed where his ex-lab assistant lay, he completely forgot about today's reports. They lay unopened, and unread on his desk. One was a special alert to a problem with a corrosive failure in the spray valve in the canisters of D.O.A.S.E., causing uncontrollable leaks.

The other was a routine maintenance form, saying that the fat pump that was now in JD's car had it's tanks refilled. . .to full capacity!

Janet picked and prodded the bland vegetable plate that was her dinner, while JD watched from across the table, heartbroken at her expression of sadness as she morosely stared at the greenery she forced herself to eat.

"Honey, why torture yourself? I can't stand to see you like this."

Janet looked up and said, "But honey, I've only got three more pounds to lose and then I'll be a perfect 120 pounds!" ::

"A perfect poster girl for Anorexics R Us!"

"I know what you're gonna say. I just don't believe you. You only said that you liked me fat because you didn't want to hurt my feelings. That's what the girls at the club all said. I thank you for sparing my feel- ins, but I know that when I lose just three more pounds, you'll be so proud of me!"

JD gave up trying to talk to her. He got up from the table, faked a yawn and said, "I'm really tired honey, I think I'll hit the sack early tonight."

Janet also stood up, yawned, and said, "I think I'll crash early tonight, too. I'm exhausted from the aerobics class today."

As they lay in bed, JD kept alert for the first signs that Janet was near sleep. When he was sure, he reached under the bed and brought out the small can of D.O.A.S.E., shielded his mouth and nose with the pillow, and sprayed a liberal amount over to Janet's side of the bed. After a couple of minutes had passed, he looked over to her and found she was fast asleep!

"Janet...Janet!...JANET!!!", he said, slowly raising his voice each time, seeing how deep she was under. She was out cold!

He got up out of the bed, walked to the closet, and rolled out the fat pump, bringing it over to her side of the bed. He plugged the machine into the wall socket, then while it warmed up, turned down the bedspread that covered Janet, and slowly, carefully removed her nightgown.

Hose by hose, connection by connection, he hooked Janet up to the machine, avoiding the mouth tube for fear that she may choke in her sleep. When he was finished, he double checked all connections and then switched it on.

The pump motor ran smoothly, quietly as JD sat back in the chair near the bed, watching the results intensely.

He grinned with glee as he watched Janet's slender body begin to swell and fill out. Her breasts were the first to grow, rising, doubling, then tripling in size till they were back to their former, watermelon volume. Her belly rose like bread dough, pushing her breasts up and to the side, then slowly moving downward towards her expanding legs.

A short while later, he shut the pump off, disconnected the tubes, and stood back to gaze at the results. Janet was huge!! She was almost round! She was as fat, if not fatter than she was before she started the stupid dieting.

As he stared at her bloated body, she began to wake up! He scrambled to pick up the hoses, and shoved the machine back to the closet. He was just about to make it when he heard her scream!


He turned around at the sight of Janet struggling up out of the bed, then turning on the lights to look at herself in the full length mirrors on the wall.

"JD!!! Oh NO!!! What happened to me!! I'm fat again!! How did this happen???" JD walked over to her as she began to sob uncontrollably. "I'm so ugly!! Oh' I'm a blimp again!!! You must hate me!!! I'm so sorry! You'll probably just want to leave me now! Just don't look at me. I'm so ugly!!!"

JD cradled her bulk in his strong arms, just barely being able to control his passions. "Stop that right now! You're not ugly. In fact, I think you're more beautiful now than ever before."

She stopped crying, and looked into his eyes. "You really mean that?"

"Of course I do! In fact, I have a little confession to make. But before I do that, I want to do this."

He placed his lips to hers and gave her a passionate, wet kiss, while his hands roamed over her body, exploring all the vast, lusciousness of her swollen flesh, stroking, then kneading her fat. She began to tear at his pajamas, ripping them to shreds, then forcing him by her sheer weight into the bed.

They spent the next hour making passionate, hot sweaty love, coming over and over again in each other's arms. His hands roamed over her soft, silky fat, exploring every fold, bulge and dimple. His mouth hungrily sucked her shot glass sized nipples as he buried his face in the rest of her balloon-like breasts. She slid down his body, her already stiff nipples tracing a path on his belly and cock, then greedily began to devour his swollen member. He felt the lower half of his body smothered by the warm billows of flesh.

Finally exhausted, they laid together, stroking each other's face. Janet cradling his head on her massive tits. He then began to tell her about the fat pump, and apologizing for doing this to her without her consent.

Her eyes brightened as she laughed. "I don't believe it. All this time, you weren't lying! You liked me fat and sassy!" She looked over to the machine, then with a sly grin said, "Is there any more formula left in it?"

He thought for a minute' then replied, "Not much, he only put enough compound in it for about 400 pounds. Why?"

She looked down at him and said, 'Well, I figure I'm only about 350 now. Let's finish it off. I want to see how I look over 500 pounds!"

He just stared at her for about half a minute, then said, "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yep!! Besides, I just can't wait to see the ladies at the club when I tell I them I'm happy being fat!!!"

He smiled, got up, walked over to the fat pump, then brought it back to the bed. He meticulously set it up again, this time giving Janet the mouth piece.

She laid back on the bed, kissed him, then inserted the mouth tube. JD then fastened the mouthpiece's strap around her head. With a nod from her, he turned the machine back on, then sat back in the chair to watch.

Janet began to suck greedily on the compound in the tube while the rest of her body was fattened up even more. Although he was tired from the lovemaking, JD forced himself to stay awake.

However, at that moment, the valve on the canister of D.O.A.S.E. under the bed failed, emptying itself into the bedroom. JD began to yawn, then fell into a deep sleep. He wasn't disturbed by Janet's cries when she began to realize there was more of her than she had bargained for.

She was too caught up in her feelings to notice that she was well beyond 500 pounds. When she looked over to the mirrored wall, her eyes grew round!!!

She was gigantic!!, Her body was growing unbelievably huge!!! She lifted her arms to take out the mouth tube, but was blocked by two huge balloons of fat that were her breasts. They had rolled back up over her shoulders, and, compounded by the layers of fat on her arms, she couldn't reach around them. She cried out to JD, but her muffled screams fell on deaf ears. All she could do was watch herself get fatter, and fatter, and FATTER!!

Finally, JD woke up. He had been out for hours, but the fat pump shut itself off long before then, totally exhausting it's supply of compound.

His eyes were a little blurry at first, but when they came into focus, he was stunned!!

There was Janet, sitting upright on the floor. The bed had collapsed under the sheer mass of fat that was his wife' She sat there, crying. She had finally been able to disconnect the mouth, breast and navel hoses, but not before the machine had finished its job.

Her head rested on a mountain of flesh. Her face was puffed up and round, her neck disappearing under a stack of chins. Her arms stuck out to the side, so fat laden that her hands were just pudgy flippers. Her breasts, huge and blimp-like, rode high on the massive ball of fat which was her belly, which spread out and around her, covering her legs. Her feet and calves, however, stuck out from underneath the apron, equally fat.

JD stood up gingerly reaching under her belly to remove the genitally attached hoses, then reached his hands around her neck, and kissed her.

"It's okay, honey," he said softly, wiping away her tears. "It'll all be fine. The Doc made the machine, he can find a way to fix things. We'll just go to his lab."

"But how? I can barely stand up, let alone get through the doors"

"First things first. I'll be right back."

He got up and went to the garage. A couple of minutes had passed when Janet heard a loud noise, then watched in awe as JD began to use a chain saw to cut through the common wall between the garage and the bedroom.

After a half hour of cutting, and a little effort, JD was able to load Janet into the bed of their pick-up truck (actually, she was rolled into it). He covered her with a sheet, then drove to Dr. Garnel's lab. He made a call at the main gate, then was waved on through. JD pulled the truck up to a covered loading dock, then, using a padded pallet and a forklift, he lifted Janet out of the truck bed and brought her into the lab.

Dr. Garnel was waiting in the empty lab dressed only in his robe and slippers. When JD drove into the lab with the forklift, he said, "JD! My god, boy. What's got into you? Waking me up in the middle of the night with your call, demanding complete privacy! Have you gone mad?"

"Doc, I think I might have gone mad at some point tonight. There's been a small accident with the fat pump. Look!" And with that, he removed the sheet that covered Janet.

He had known Janet fat and thin, but never like this!! He took one look at her, then began to laugh out loud!!!

"Janet and JD were shocked! JD screamed, "DOC! This isn't funny. Look at her! How are we gonna fix this?"

The doctor stopped his laughter, then spoke. "I'm sorry, JD, Janet. I wasn't trying to be mean to you. I can imagine how you must feel. First, I have to tell you, there's nothing to be done! The fat is now a permanent part of Janet!"

Janet began to cry again. "But Leonard! What am I gonna do? I can't even moved

"Have you tried to stand up lately?"

"No," she replied.

"Well, you should try it now."

Hesitantly at first, she began to stand up. She found that, despite a problem of balance, she could do it with ease!

The doctor continued, "You see, Janet, the formula has another effect on the body, boosting the muscle content and bone structure, along with the fat!"

He looked at her carefully, then said, "We can't have you walking around naked. Wait right here." He walked out of the lab, only to return a couple of minutes later with a blue satin robe of huge proportions in his arms. :

"Here, try this for size" he said, offering her the garment.

With a little help from JD, she found the robe to be more than enough to cover her fattened form. The doctor then led her and JD into another lab area, which JD recognized from the video. Janet stepped onto the special plate, and the scale jumped up to 1250 pounds! Janet now weighed more than half a ton!!!

She looked at the scale, not believe the numbers! She then looked down at the robe, seeing how much more it could cover, then asked, "Len, how is it you have such a large robes This thing is made for someone who is bigger than me!"

The doctor just smiled, then said, "Come this way, I have something to show you!"

He led them from the lab towards his private quarters. On the way, he said, "I have a confession to make, JD. I have been a little unprofessional with my discovery. I have always had a fascination with fat women, just like you. So when I first fattened up my lab assistant, I just couldn't get enough of a good thing. So, with her agreement, we did a little more work. And a little more. And a little more. We finally got to the point where I couldn't control myself any longer. She and I eventually fell in love. She knew already about my taste in women. Then, one night, while I was asleep, she went into the lab, and hooked herself to the machine. She was just 500 pounds when she did that."

JD and Janet listened intensely to everything the doctor was saying. Step by step, Janet was finding it easier to walk. . .well, waddle, down the hallway. They came to the. big double doors of his quarters then stopped. He signaled them to stand back, then knocked on the door.

"Honey, I've got a big surprise for your" he said, then turned back to JD and Janet. "When I woke up the next morning, this is what I found."

He swung open the doors, allowing them to see the amazing sight of a young woman on the giant bed. What was amazing is that the girl was BIGGER THAN JANET!!!,

She was an exceptionally pretty young lady. Her look of shock was quickly replaced by a wide, but warm smile, which accented the puffed up dimpled cheeks and several rolls of fat that made up her many chins. Her head sat upon an awesome bulk of flesh which dwarfed Janet's own blimpish proportions!

"Hello, Janet. I'm Kathy. I see we have something in common, besides a pair of fat loving men!"

lanes Just nodded, and then stammered, "H-h-ow, m-m-much d-d- do. . . ?"

"How much do I weight Well, I'm afraid I got a little out of control with the fat pump, but I think that every fat admirer deserves a one ton lover, don't you?"

With that, the girl heaved her rounded body out of the bed, and waddled over to Janet. She then took her in her own pudgy arms and gave her a slow, wet kiss. Janet's legs got a little weak feeling, her flesh pressing up against Kathy's own vast mass.

"Besides," she said, "We deserve special treatment now, from ourselves, and our men. Don't you think so?"

Janet licked her lips, feeling a warm, moist sensation build between her legs. She then turned to JD, who was obviously turned on by the whole scene.

'`1 don't know. Well, JD...Do you think you're up to the challenge?"

JD just nodded his head. Janet then turned to the doctor and said, "Well, Doc, I think you better warm up the pump. I have some catching up to do!"

Copyright, RBL Ink.

Originally Appeared in BUF Magazine