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Fat Cat

"Will Batman ever give into his feelings for me", Catwoman thought to herself. For many years she and Batman had been involved in an emotional cold war. Each had feelings of love and lust for the other but for some reason Batman always managed to resist Catwoman's feline femininity, which completely baffled her. Over the years she had changed her look countless times, each time trying to get Batman to notice her in that special way but to no avail. She had switched sides in the war on crime too, figuring maybe this was part of Batman's attraction to her, nut that didn't work either and Catwoman was getting very unhappy. She thought of all the time she spent on her wondrous feline figure, and all the simple pleasures she denied herself for Batman's sake. She finally decided that Batman could take it or leave it and that she would start to live life for Selena Kyle and not for Batman.

Over the next couple of weeks Selena treated herself like a queen. Over the years she had acquired a small fortune from her various criminal endeavors, which she used to buy herself a small manor in the ritzier section of Gotham, not to far from Wayne Manor, where she lived with her aid, Maven.

"Maven, I am sick and tired of starving myself just so I can try and impress Batman. From now on when I am hungry I am going to eat until I am full. Speaking of eating, Maven, bring me a double banana split heavy on the chocolate sauce."

"Alright Selena, I will go get it right now."

Over the next several days Selena spent the days lounging around her manor, talking with Maven and enjoying some of the richer culinary delights she had previously denied herself. She gorged herself on chocolate deserts, rich pieces of meat in heavy gravies, and almost every other fattening thing her subconscious mind could dream up. She was in heaven, enjoying every minute of her seemingly endless feast, she wondered what ever stopped her from this before, she thought as she shoveled another piece of rich gooey double chocolate fudge cake into her waiting mouth.

Selena continued this behavior for the next week or two until a prime job came up that required Catwoman's unique skills. Selena was ready as she would ever be to plunge back into her criminal career as Catwoman, but there was a small glitch in her plan, her costume didn't fit her anymore! She had grown too big, as she tried to slip it over her thighs it split the legs apart.

"Maven come here for a minute. I need you to take this out a little for me, especially in the thighs, stomach, legs, butt, oh just make the whole costume bigger. I need this by 11 tonight Maven."

"I will have it done by ten Miss Kyle."

"Oh Maven, what would I do without you."

A few hours later Maven came back with an expanded version of Selena's purple latex costume. The costume hugged every inch of her new full figure, showing every line and curve on her body. The now zaftig Catwoman was ready for her job, stealing the fabled cat's emerald. This was not going to be easy because it was in the maximum security section of the Gotham Gem Exchange. So she took out all her tools, her nail polish, lipstick, and perfume. She knew the alarm of the gem exchange were nothing but that the real trick would be to get Batman to let her go, especially considering the fact that she was no longer the slim Selena of the past, and was on her way to becoming a literal fat cat.

Selena no danced on the rooftops of Gotham many times, and even though she had gained some weight it did not stop her from reaching the gem exchange. She quickly sliced through the building's security and reached the vault, and from there it was a simple matter to pick the combo.

The Cat's Eye Emerald was no hers, only one obstacle lay in her way, Batman. In the past she had always relied on her feline femininity and her body to captivate Batman, but now it was gone, what would she do.

"Selena, stop right there."

"Aw, Batman I knew that it would only be a matter of time before you came to ruin my fun. What's the matter Batman, don't you find me sexy any more?", Catwoman purred seductively at him.

"Catwoman, Selena, how many times have we been down this road? You know that we have feelings for each other but as long as we are on opposite sides of the law.........."

Catwoman pulled herself toward Batman and put them into an embrace of pure passion, a truck she had used to escape many times before. She knew that Batman would reject her and push her away, this was something she would use to escape. Something strange happened Batman didn't push her away as she expected, instead her pulled her closer kissing back on her full pouty lips and rubbing his hands on her emerging love handles. He kneaded her love handles like dough, bring about something Catwoman never thought possible, it seemed to turn Batman on.

Catwoman realized this was her chance to escape while Batman was occupied. With a good swift kick she managed to knock Batman out, and escape into the night.

"Maven, I don't know what came over him tonight. He has never acted this way before. I mean we have played games with each other in the past, but this time I think that I actually felt some true emotion coming from him tonight."

"Ms. Kyle was there anything different about you or Batman tonight? Anything that stands out in your mind as unusual or different in anyway?"

"The night seemed to go in the usual manner, I committed a crime, he came to stop me, we played some games, but wait a minute, it all changed when we played our games tonight."

"Ms. Kyle was there anything different about your games tonight than in previous encounters? Did you or Batman do or say anything different tonight that usual?"

"No, not that I can think of, except that when we were playing our games he seemed to be occupied with my new weight gain."

"Yes, that might explain it Ms. Kyle. I have heard of something like this before. You have always kept your body in very good shape and have tried even harder so that you could impress Batman. The state in which you kept your body may of been the very reason why Batman did not pay attention to you. He may be what is called a feeder, someone who enjoys making another person bigger, or simply he may be what is referred to as a "chubby chaser".

"A 'chubby chaser', Maven?"

"Yes Ms. Kyle, a 'chubby chaser' is a man who unlike his contemporaries finds women attractive because of their weight not in spite of it."

"So what you are saying Maven, is basically that Batman likes me because I am now fat and that he would like me more if I got fatter."

"Exactly Ms. Kyle, but you should remember that in case he is a feeder, that his weakness is to watch a woman eat and gain in front of him."

"So his kryptonite could be just to watch me eat a donut?"

"Yes Ms. Kyle but it is not just any food, there is usually a specific food which triggers the emotions of lust and physical attraction. If he is simply a 'chubby chaser' than he does not need to see you eat but only see the weight gain."

"So Maven, what you are saying is that I just need to pack on the pounds and Batman is mine?"

"Yes Ms. Kyle."

"Alright Maven, lets say that for arguments sake that you are right. I think we should conduct an experiment to see if you are right or not."

"Excellent idea Ms. Kyle."

Over the next several days Selena spent her days just laying around the house watching her soaps, talk shows, and eating like she had a bottomless pit for a stomach. She sat in a loose bathrobe shoveling fattening cakes and deserts into her mouth. This thin shell of a body had been her prison for so long, but now she was free, rich, thick, gooey cakes were here bread, and thick cold weight gainer laced milk shakes was her water, soon she would be free from her prison. Over the next couple of days Selena's body began to change, her muscles became soft and flabby, little groups of cellulite began to form on her legs, and he stomach grew out and lapped over her tight purple lace nudies. Catwoman went from a petite 130 pounds to a zaftig 160 in about 2 weeks with some help and encouragement from Maven who had it her mission to see that Selena got as fat as she wanted to be.

"Alright Maven, I think this is enough weight for the experiment.", Catwoman said as she caressed her now soft and curvy figure. She ran her fingers over her new fat and felt a shock of pleasure run through her body as she did. She thought that even if Batman didn't like this that she was happy she did this for herself. It was like a streak of light into her dark life, she know realized that she had tried to escape her fate but that she was always destined to be fat, and that it was time to let fate win.

Catwoman had a new version of her costume tailored by Maven, one designed to show off her new weight and high lite each and every curve on her soft, silky body. So she set off this time to steal the Tiger's Eye Ruby. It was just like when she broke into the Gotham Gem Exchange, it was quick and she was out with the ruby in no time. Now it was only a matter of time before Batman came to stop her. Selena had just winded herself and she founded herself a bit hungry and she had time before Batman got there, so she decided to have a snack. She pulled out some donuts out of her sack began to eat them greedily. What Selena did not know was that Batman was already on the scene, he was skulking in the shadows of a nearby building admiring Selena's new soft and sexy body. Selena sat there greedily devouring her donuts getting cream and chocolate all over her breasts and face, as Batman sat there in the shadows enjoying Catwoman's little performance. Soon her own gluttony became too much for her she stripped out of her clothes and smeared chocolate and cream all over her flopping breasts and gaping pussy, her nipples were rock hard from the cold Gotham night air. Like a cat she began to lick the chocolate cream from her breasts, the mixture of eating and sexual pleasure was too much to bear for Selena, she began to orgasm right there on the roof. Her pussy began to get wet with her cum as it gushed out of her hot red pussy. This was too much for Catwoman to handle she plunged her fingers into her pussy and masturbated herself furiously, her flopping breasts and fat laden tummy shook with the force of her orgasms, turning her into a sea of orgasming fat.

Batman was not unaware of Selena's condition, he sat in the shadows of the nearby roof with his tights and utility belt around his knees. The sight of Selena's performance was too much to handle and he exploded where he stood. He realized that he must stop Selena despite her little show. He jumped from the shadows to confront Selena where she lay still masturbating herself furiously.

"Well Selena, I see that you have found a new law to break."

"What's the matter Batman, didn't you like my show? I knew you were watching from the shadows. I guess from those stains in your tights that you thought it was alright."

"Selena, that is not for you, it was some blood from some street punks I fought a little while earlier."

"Funny, it doesn't taste like blood to me", she said as she reached her finger down to scrape some off to taste it.

"Selena why do you have to be such a bad pussycat?"

"I don't know, I guess I was never properly trained," Selena purred seductively. "So Batman what do you think of my new look?"

"Its new," he said as he scoped out her body. Her purple latex cat suit barely hid her jiggly ivory white skin. She breasts went from hard and firm to pillows full of jello, her stomach was now soft and round, Batman couldn't be happier.

"I don't know about you but I feel a whole lot sexier, since I freed myself., and let me tell you the old Selena is dead, the new Selena's motto is 'the bigger the better' and from now on its not Catwoman, its Fat Cat."

"Alright Fat Cat, you broke the law its time for you to go to jail, let's not forgot that is a stolen ruby."

"Maybe another time Dark Knight," she said as she vaulted over his head and escaped into the night. Her mission and her experiment were a complete success, she had found Batman's weakness, it was only a matter of time before Batman was hers to do with as she pleased.

"Maven, the experiment was a complete success, its time to progress to the next stage."

"Yes Ms. Kyle, in preparation of the experiment's success I took the liberty to progress to stage 2 already," she said as she stepped aside to reveal a room full of gooey, rich deserts.

"Maven, you are a gem, what would I do without you?"

"Yes Ms. Kyle but what would I do with you?", she thought to herself. All her life Maven was a bi-sexual feeder, and Selena was now going to be her masterwork. She would turn Selena into every 'chubby chasers' dream come true, and she would have the time of her life doing it.

Over the next several months Selena continued to rock the underworld as Fat Cat. As Fat Cat she was more daring and cunning that Catwoman had ever been, and thanks to a drug developed by Dr. Milo, no matter what her weight, her coordination, speed, stamina, agility, and grace would compensate, so the more she gained the better her skills became. Fat Cat was brazen, she committed daylight robberies, and without Batman to stop her she was always successful.

Fat Cat continued her crime spree for months each time after escaping she would gorge herself on Maven's culinary creations, which were laced with a special drug also designed by Dr. Milo to increase the fat content in any food by 100%. Selena would sit there for days force feeding herself until she felt like she was going to explode, and when she grew tired she had Maven feed her the richest and creamiest foods available. Over the next several months her weight increased in spurts, her thighs became monstrous, be breasts became sagging, her stomach fell over itself many times, and her arms had rolls of sagging cellulite hanging form them, and Selena couldn't be happier. The fatter Selena got the sexier she felt, she would sit and caress her fat for days, rubbing oil into it and having Maven message it for her. Soon Fat Cat decided that immobility was the one true thing she had always desired but only one thing stood in her way, money. She needed enough money so that she could maintain her current lifestyle and continue to feed herself in the style which she loved. There was only in Gotham that had enough money, the Gotham Mint.

The Gotham Mint had recently printed 1 billion dollars in 100 dollar bills for the new federal currency change, with this one score Fat Cat could retire and realize her dream of immobility. This was an opportunity too good to pass up, but there was one problem, the operation had to be a night job because of the time table of the mint, so Batman would be a factor in this job.

"Well Maven, it looks like I am going to get to see Batman one more time."

"Ms. Kyle, what if Batman tires to stop you this time, what are you going to do?"

"I am not worried Maven I have something very special in store for Batman," the now 999 pound Fat Cat said to her aid.

It was a cold and dark Gotham night, when Fat Cat robbed the mint of 1 billion dollars in 100 dollar bills, she was on her way to a clean get away when Batman stepped out of the shadows.

"Hello Selena, it has been a long time."

"Hello Batman, it has."

"Batman is so formal, my name is Bruce, Bruce Wayne", he said as he pulled his cowl aside. "I think the time for masks is over Selena, don't you."

"You couldn't be more right," she said as she pulled away her massive masks which freed her fabulously fat face. Her three chins seemed to dance in the moonlight, jiggling as she tossed her long black hair back.

"So Selena, this is what it has come to."

"Yes Bruce it is, after this job I am going straight."

"Oh Selena, I want to believe you but I can't."

"I didn't think you would," she said as she drew him closer to her bulging belly. "Common Batman, we have been enemies a long time, and more than that," she said as she placed his hands on her gigantic cellulite laden ass. "I am now more woman than any man can handle, would you like to try?," she purred seductively at him.

"Yes Selena, I would. You put every other women in the world in her place you mixture of beauty and grace is more than any man deserves, not to mention your other assets," he said as she messaged her mammoth ass.

"Then come with me Bruce, let me be your model, turn me into your wildest fantasy."

"Oh Selena, that is all I have ever wanted form that first time I saw you with a couple of extra pounds, but I can't let you take that money."

"Oh Bruce, don't be silly, I was never in it for the money, I was in it for you. Ever since we meet that first time I have tried to impress you with different costumes and anything else I could think of to try to turn you on, but when I gained that first little bit of weight I could tell that was the key."

"Oh Selena, I am so sorry, I would love it if you came to live with me in Wayne Manor I promise you that you will never go hungry again, but first you have to out the money back."

"Anything, Bruce I am so happy."

Stay tune for the continuing Adventures of Fat Cat and Batman, who knows what is in store for them.