Weight Room Title Bar

By Bruiser

It was a cold April morning. Lisa and her husband Joe were getting ready to start their vacation. Getting into their New Mercedes (Lisa having been a doctor and Joe a lawyer), Lisa couldn't help but enjoy the fresh air, her flat chest sticking out ever so slightly. At 121 pounds, Joe was in love. She was gorgeous in his mind, and he wanted nothing to change her. Unfortunately, she wasn't going to stay that way for long.

"Lisa, slow down a little bit. You're going way too fast!"

"Joe, the speed limit is 55, and I'm going 50. Calm down. Nothing is going to. . . "

"Lisa, watch out for that old. . ."

But it was too late. Lisa couldn't avoid the old woman in front of her. She hit her, impact killing the poor woman instantly. Her father, Joseph Larpinski, ran out to confront the murderer. He, being 106,could still get around.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry! I couldn't see her!" Lisa explained.

"You kill her, I curse you. Fatter," he said as he touched her soft cheek. He left without saying another word, as mysteriously, his daughter vanished into thin air. Lisa, stunned by this, couldn't move. She felt her cheek and then laughed at what the old man had said. She got in her car with her husband and drove off to Florida.

When they arrived in Florida, a few hours later, Lisa told Joe her pants were a tad snug. Joe told her that they should get to their room and relax. Lisa followed her husband up to their room. She was stunned at the Orlando landscape. She couldn't wait to go outside and get her tan. She unbuttoned her pants and slipped into a loose fitting bathing suit.

"Whoa! Joe said. "No wonder your pants were a tad snug; you gained some weight, hun. You must have gained five pounds."

"Huh?" Lisa replied, not caring at her husband's remark, thinking he was joking. She went outside, famished. Larpinski's curse would also make her hungry, also making her gain weight even if she didn't eat. Her body was not going to respond well it seemed. At the end of the day, Lisa had polished off 2 burgers, fries and 3 slices of pizza. She went back to her room stuffed and barely able to breathe in her bathing suit. She stepped into the shower and started to bathe. She ran the soap down her fuller body, noticing that she may have gone up a cup size and a dress size. She got out quickly and went right to the scale. 130 she read to herself. She decided not to eat that much while they would be down here. She put on her robe and went to bed.

She woke up the next morning, struggling to get out of bed. Her stomach was swelled up like she was pregnant. She picked up the morning paper and started to eat some pancakes her husband had generously left before starting his assignment. Lisa ate two stacks and decided to get dressed. Wearing very tight pants and a shirt that rode up her stomach, she turned on the TV. She flipped through, enjoying a very good episode of Jerry Springer. She got up, two hours later, to get something to drink. She dropped the butter and bent down to pick it up, and a large RIPPPP could be heard miles away. Her butt was too big for her poor jeans. She ran to the scale, belly jiggling ever so delicately. She read the scale's reading. 145.15 pounds in less then 16 hours! Something was wrong, but she decided to wait until Joe got back, which would be a few days. She figured if she stayed in the house, she would be fine. Boy, was she wrong!!

The next day, she awoke to the sound of rain. Since yesterday's ripping of the jeans, Lisa wore some of Joe's jeans, he being 40 pounds heavier then she used to be. Pushing the belt through the openings was easy. She got up and looked in the mirror. Her breasts pushing out of her A cup. Her stomach, which had turned from fab to flab, was confined in her jeans, urging to come out. She turned to look at her gluts, noticing that they were thick and very round and wide. Her face was starting to dimple. Her thighs didn't have that much room in between them anymore either. She stopped looking at her bigger figure, feeling depressed, and grabbed some ice cream, finishing the whole gallon in a few minutes. Lying on the bed, she devoured her hero and started in on the chips. Her stomach was trying to overflow her waistband. Her thighs were getting too big. Her chin was starting to double, and she didn't even notice this. Her belt opened itself up, giving her more breathing room and more room to grow.

She got up and grabbed the pizza from the deliveryman. He got a good look at her growing breasts, because her flannel shirt had unbuttoned and her breasts were now free. She sat back down, and her pants button shot across the room. She finished the pizza in record time and went to the bathroom to slip into something less confining. Donning her husband's sweats, she was free from the pain of outgrowing clothing. She decided to get on the scale. The numbers came up. 184 pounds, a gain of over 60 pounds in three days. Her body was spectacular. Her breasts were now a CC size, and even that was pushing it. Her stomach was free at last, a potbelly, with love handles hanging over the sides. Her butt was now round and jiggled with every breathe. Her thighs had practically no breathing room between each other.

She was plump now, on the verge of fatness. What was she to do? The answer was soon to come. Lisa was now 190 pounds the next morning. She couldn't cross her legs anymore, but that really didn't matter. All that did was the food that was waiting to be eaten. She got up and undid her sweat pants, letting her belly swell out to its true size. It was huge. She massaged it slowly, shuddering with pleasure. She didn't mind gaining weight, even if it probably was just the curse. She went in the dining room and started to pack it in, devoured cakes, pies and all other goodies she deprived herself over the past years. Her bottom was pushing out of the chair, and her love handles were under and over the armrests.

Finished with her feast, she tried to get up, realizing she was stuck. She knew there was only one way out, and that was to gain enough weight to destroy the chair, so she got up, opened up the fridge and sat down in front of it. She started shoving bologna, cheese, ham, turkey and anything else she could find in the fridge into her fat mouth. All of a sudden, she was on her ass; as she looked around, she saw that the chair gave up and was broken into little pieces. She got up, with much effort, and went to take off her clothes, as she found they were too confining. She realized, though, that her shirt was in shreds and that the sudden force of her falling on her behind had torn most of the seams of her sweat pants. Her rump was now the biggest part of her body. Almost 4 feet wide, she could barely sit without getting stuck in a chair.

She waddled over to the bed, thighs rubbing together as they quivered with each movement. Her breasts bobbled up and down, simply because she was braless. Her stomach, trying to touch her knees, shook up and down. She must have gained at least forty pounds from standing in front of the fridge. She got on the scale. It read, "256 Pounds."

She was sure plump, alright. She could barely bend over to put the scale back. Her thighs were huge. They were almost as round as a basketball. Her arms were half of that size, with a roll starting to crease over her elbows. Her fat fingers now looked like sausages. Her face had a dimpled look about it, and her chin had doubled and started to triple. Her cheeks had blown up, and they looked like they were full of cotton. She waddled to the bed and took a nap, but before she did, she put on one of her old bikinis, because she had to wear something, and they were the only things that came close to fitting. She put the top part on with little difficulty, but the bottom would barely get over her massive thighs. But with one strong push, she got them over. She fell asleep seconds later.

When she woke up, she thought that Joe had come home. He had, but he wasn't staying. She found the note on the table. It read, "Lisa, I found the gypsy. Problem is, the curse may end, but your weight will remain the same. I found out about your 'little' weight gain from the delivery boy. I asked him who all the groceries were for yesterday, and he said you. Lisa, I hate fatness, so I can't be with you anymore. I did, however, put an end to your curse, by putting an end to his life. I shot him. You won't gain any more weight now, and that's good. I'm really sorry, Lis. Good Bye. Love, Joe.

Lisa almost cried to death. First, she couldn't believe he was gone, but the second thing that made her upset that the eating would stop. She also was standing naked. Her bikini was completely destroyed. She put on another fifty pounds during the night and was up to 306. Her body had once again changed.

She waddled to the bathroom. Her thighs were two columns of rolls now. Her face was soft and delicate. Her bottom had gained the most weight. It was HUGE! Round and jiggly, it shook exotically with each breath she took. Her hips were now six feet across, and her belly was a size 52 waist, and her breasts were a 42 DDD. She was the most beautiful woman ever, and her story had just begun. She waddled into the kitchen and started to pig out. She didn't think she was cursed; she thought she was blessed.