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"Wanted:Female Feeder"
by Mack27

Danny posted an ad on the web stating that he was looking for a female feeder. He was a psychology student in his third year of school and had just recently learned of the "feeder phenomenon". A psychological profile on a feeder, especially a rare female feeder, would net him a nice grade he thought.

He was sitting in his dorm working on a different paper when he heard knocking at his door. He got up and opened the door and was stunned to see the most beautiful female he had ever seen. She was raven-haired, green-eyed and positively stacked. Danny was paralyzed by her beauty and found it difficult to speak.

"You're the guy looking for a feeder?" she asked matter-of-factly.

"Well, yes but how did you find me? I mean I didn't post an adress or anything.." Danny stuttered.

"Never mind that now" she cut him off. "Let's go!"

She grabbed Danny by the hand and led him outside to her car. Danny immediately noticed the strength in her arms. He looked at her bulging biceps and noticed that she was a full head taller than him, and he was 6'1! He judged that she was easily twice as strong as him.

"Get in," she ordered flatly.

Danny got in the car automatically, responding to a voice that was obviously used to being obeyed. He was getting harder than he had ever been. She turned him on like nothing ever had before and he suspected that he would be putty in her hands.

She stopped the car in front of an old but well-maintained Victorian-style house. She got out, opened the passenger door and pulled Danny out of the car and walked in the front door.

"What are we doing here?" inquired Danny.

"You were looking for a feeder. Here I am. Its time to feed. Come." she said.

"But I was just looking for data for a rep..." Danny stopped in mid-sentence as he saw the biggest spread of food in his experience. Her huge dining-room table was filled with every fattening food imaginable from cheescakes to fatty pork chops to lobster with melted butter.

She sat him down and when he opened his mouth to ask another question she popped lobster-meat dripping with butter in his mouth. She continued to feed him until the lobster was gone. Then she grabbed a platter of fatty barbequed boneless ribs and began stuffing those in his mouth. She made it clear that he was NOT to speak. Danny was getting very full. Just when he thought he couldn't eat another bite she unzipped his pants and began to stroke his cock. Simultaneously she was spooning him very creamy cheese cake.

"Come on honey, this will go down easy enough, you can finish this cheese cake can't you? Do it for me baby." she whispered in his ear.

She didn't stop at the cheese cake but continued to feed him while stroking his cock. She would bring him to the brink of orgasm and then let up for about a minute before she started in again.

Danny didn't know how much he ate but he was PAINFULLY stuffed before she let him stop. She helped him to her large king sized water-bed and mounted his still-hard penis. It didn't take long for him to finally come to that orgasm he'd been building to for hours. He came harder than he thought possible and fell asleep minutes later with her stroking his swollen belly.

The next morning she served him a huge breakfast with stacks and stacks of butter-soaked pancakes along with cheese filled omelets. Danny explained to her over breakfast that he wasn't really a feedee and that he just wanted to write a report about feeders.

"You're getting great material for your report Danny. You're experiencing feeding first-hand. Now finish your breakfast." she insisted. Danny complied.

Danny took a nap after a belly-busting breakfast. His feeder woke him up for an equally stuffing lunch. Another nap followed and than came Dinner. Dinner was followed by incredible sex.

That night Danny woke up and saw his feeder asleep next to him. He got up and looked for a phone. He looked all over the house and couldn't find one. He really should call his family to let them know he was all right he thought. It ocurred to him to look for a pay phone but the front door was locked with several deadbolts. The back door was the same way. Then Danny noticed that all the windows were barred!

"That's right Danny, you're not going anywhere until you experience what real feeding is." His feeder said as she exited the bedroom.

"You can't keep me here!" Danny cried.

"Time for a midnight snack Danny. The more you cooperate the sooner you can get out of here." She smiled.

Danny rushed her intending to force her to let him out but she caught him in a vice tight grip around his wrists and lifted him right off the floor. Danny struggled but he knew it was futile. He was no match for her and they both knew it.

She carried him to the bedroom and tied his arms and legs to the bedposts. "You'll stay like this until you learn to behave." she lectured. She proceeded to feed him the aforementioned midnight snack while riding on his cock. He couldn't believe that her tieing him up would make him so horny.

For the next couple weeks Danny was kept continually stuffed. His belly was growing at a quick steady rate. He had given up any thought of resistance and let her do what she wanted to him. He hated himself for it but he was realizing how much he LIKED being treated this way.

And so it continued for the next several months. Danny was turning into a bonafide blimp. His gut extended 4 feet into the air and his neck was hidden by his multiple chins. He was a long way from the skinny college boy who had placed and ad on the web!

Finally when Danny could barely move out of bed even with his feeders help, she talked to him again.

She looked at his mammoth flowing form that now hid the entire top of her kingsize bed from view. She smirked at the knowledge that Danny couldn't get out of bed without her help and said "Well Danny, I suppose you've experienced real-life feeding. So now you're free to go. Come on Danny the front door is open. Go ahead!" She started laughing hysterically.

Danny could barely lift his own barrel-sized arms never mind get up and walk out the front door and they both knew it. He'd gone from a scrawny 140 pound student to an elephantine mass of humanity. He estimated he must be well over a thousand pounds. He looked at the open doorway and started laughing along with his feeder.