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Filling the Void: A Guide to the Fattening Process
By Kevin B.

I am writing this guide for all the newly self-discovered feeders who are wanting realistic tips on fattening their women, but are tired of finding strictly weight gain fantasies on the internet. Although ideas such as tying down a woman and force feeding her until she is supersized may be pleasing to some men, they are not satisfying because they are pure imagination. These concepts may be harmful to the woman as well. There has to be elements to the fattening process which are true, safe, and equally pleasurable. Some men would like to have some realistic advice on how to grow their partners. I am therefore presenting my thoughts as to selecting a feedee and fattening her up in hopes of answering some questions.

Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some females are fat, some are thin, some are tall, and some are short. These factors influence weight gain. Because there are so many types from which to make a selection, the feeder has a difficult time in choosing the woman who will yield him the most results-that is, gain the most weight in the least amount of time. To make this selection process easier I suggest that the fat admirer use the Fattening Potential Index.

The Fattening Potential Index is a simple scale which I have devised and is based on the familiar adage that, "bigger is better". This measuring system has five ratings that correspond with a woman's body structure. These FPI--Fattening Potential Index--ratings, along with their corresponding body structures, are:

  1. Thin.
  2. Chunky.
  3. Stout.
  4. Pleasingly plump.
  5. Rotund.

The Index takes into consideration the fact that a woman's appetite will increase as she gets larger. The increase is attributed to the need to sustain more energy from her added weight. In other words, the more the woman fattens up the more she will eat. Therefore, when selecting his feedee, the feeder ideally should choose a female who has the FPI rating of three or higher. Ratings such as these should insure optimal weight gain.

Once the feeder has made his choice of a female--and if she is a willing participant--, the fattening process begins. First, the feeder and the feedee must agree on a certain weight for her to reach. Such an agreement will prevent the feeder from "overfeeding" the female causing her to experience health problems--a brief review of the feedee's medical history is suggested to avoid making a health-related mistake. Personally, I like my women to weigh somewhere in the vicinity of two hundred pounds. But, if her physician says that she can weigh more, then the feeder and the feedee may exceed this limit. Tastes vary.

Second, after a weight agreement is reached the feeder should weigh his feedee and take her measurements. Measurements are taken in the three usual areas: the woman's bust, belly, and waist. In addition to these areas I would like to introduce two more parts of the body to measure: the upper arm and the thigh--regions of the woman that are delightful to see grow. It is recommended that the feedee be weighed and measured once a week. She should not be discouraged by the lack of daily gain.

Finally, the actual feeding can take place. There are several ways that a feeder can feed his feedee. The following feeding techniques are suggested as means to fattening the woman.

  1. The feeder and the feedee should center most, if not all, of their outings around food. The couple ought to have as many dinner dates as possible. The feeder needs to expose the female to high-caloric foods such as Italian pasta and the American steak. These kinds of meals will put the desired weight on the feedee's body. Trips to the movies are also suggested. The feedee can dine on popcorn--with butter of course--while watching the feature.

  2. The feeder should encourage his feedee to eat more than her usual portion at mealtime. Consuming large amounts of food helps the woman increase in poundage.

  3. The feeder may "overstuff" the feedee. "Overstuffing" is coaxing the female to continue to eat when she is full. This fattening method stretches the stomach housing more food during future feedings. However, the feeder should use discretion when employing this technique. The feedee should not feel too uncomfortable.

  4. The feedee should not exercise during weight gain. Exercise would cause the woman to lose the pounds which she is trying to add. Instead, she ought to perform a quiet activity like reading or napping.

  5. For extra weight gain the feedee ought to snack between meals. Bananas, pastries, and breads covered with butter are all suggested. The female's favorite foods would be useful in this fattening technique.

  6. Bedtime snacks also increase the woman's chances of growing bigger. Once the feedee eats some ice cream or pie she should then go to bed. A long period of slumber forces her to be inactive causing the food to turn into fat.

  7. If the feeder selects a feedee with a FPI rating that is lower than three, he may want to get her to drink some Ensure or Sustical. Drinks such as these contain many vitamins and will increase the female's appetite after consumption.

While practicing these feeding methods it is important for the feeder to treat the female with love and respect. By acknowledging the fact that the feedee is a person with wishes and not property to do with whatever he pleases the feeder not only insures her of healthy life, but he also insures himself of a satisfying relationship with his mate. The feedee's feelings must take priority.

In conclusion, I have presented some ideas concerning the selection and the feeding of a feedee. The presentation of these ideas is, by no means, an attack on weight gain fantasies. I only wanted to answer the questions that some feeders have about the fattening process. It is my hope that my audience will take this information and put it to good use. Bon appotite!