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Dr. Fitz's Fabulous Flab Formula
By T.J. MacAllister

Dr. F.X. "Fitz" Fitzgerald looked down at the rat in the cageon the lab table. It was the biggest rat he'd ever seen. Actually, it wasthe fattest rat he'd ever seen.

"It's 22 pounds, 8 ounces," said Dr. Philip Roth. "And,just 2 hours ago, it weighed only 8 pounds 4 ounces."

"Then the new formula works?"

"Almost perfectly."


Roth sighed and jotted down some figures on a growth chart.

"The increase in fat cells is significant, but the majority of itisn't retained. All the animals we've tested have returned to their normalweight within 12 hours. It appears that the newly generated fat cells burnmore quickly than normal fat cells."

Fitz sighed and turned to lab table. He picked up a glass beaker containinga phosphorescent liquid.

"So close," he muttered, "so close."

It was a familiar story to Fitz--to get so close only to fail. For overa year now he'd headed the biological team assigned to Project SuperCal.Their mission was to develop a food supplement that would increase the amountof calories in any food. By increasing the amount of calories, it wouldtake less food to keep people fed, thereby solving the ever-growing problemof world hunger.

But so far, the project had been a failure. Fitz's team had developed 22different supplement formulas, the twenty- second of which, rather unimaginativelynamed SuperCal 22, Fitz now swirled around in the beaker.

SuperCal 22 (which his colleagues had jokingly dubbed Dr. Fitz's FabulousFlab Formula) was a failure, but not a total failure. At least it had putweight on the rats. Now all they had to do was figure a way to keep thatweight on.

"What do you want me to do with it?" Dr. Roth asked, gesturingtoward the beaker.

"We'll run some more tests on it tomorrow," Fitz sighed. "Maybewe can find something."

On the drive home through the wooded dales of suburbia, Fitz pondered theriddle of SuperCal 22. It had caused the rat to gain a sufficient amountof weight. A weight gain of 14 pounds from only one meal certainly was impressive.There just had to be a way to chemically bind the fat cells so the weightwould be retained.

As the good doctor pulled into the driveway of his mock Tudor home, histhoughts strayed from SuperCal to his neighbor, Fanny Anderson. It was awarm evening, a good 2 hours of sunlight left, would Fanny be lying outby her pool?

Jayne, Fitz's wife, a thin slip of a woman who practically disappearedwhen she turned sideways, was waiting at the door.

"Any luck today, honey?" she asked, her arms outstretched fora hug.

"Not much," he said as he accepted her embrace. He could feelthe hardness of her ribs against his arms. She was so frail, so fragile,so goddamn thin. He was afraid if he squeezed too tightly, she might break.

"A little bit of Dr. Fitz's Fabulous Flab Formula wouldn't hurt you,"he thought.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour," Jayne said, finally.

"I'll be in my study," the good doctor replied. "I havesome notes I want to go over."

"Okay, I'll call you when it's ready," she said and skipped offdown the hall. Skipped--quite appropriate for a woman who weighed as muchas a child.

Fitz trudged up the stairs and into the oak-paneled study he affectionatelycalled his Fortress of Solitude. He sat down at his desk and took a testtube filled with SuperCal 22 from his briefcase. He held the tube up tothe window. The sun streamed through the glass and liquid, creating a smallrainbow.

"What is your secret?" he mused aloud, but before anyone couldanswer, Fitz saw a figure moving below the window--a large figure.

He slipped the test tube into his pocket and moved closer to the window.The study was in the rear of the house, and from this vantage point he couldsee into the backyard of the house next door.

Fanny Anderson was coming out to lie in the sun. Fitz watched as she slowlywaddled to the chaise next to the pool. Her huge stomach, which graduallysloped from her neck to down below her knees, swayed with an erotic rhythmof flesh. Her large breasts, lifted up and out by her enormous paunch, restedon her stomach like feather pillows. The billowy rolls of fat that hungfrom her tree-trunk legs rippled and flowed like sacks of jello.

Fitz felt his pants tighten as he watched. This was a woman, a real woman.As Fanny lie down on the chaise, her enormous bulk overflowing its sides,Fitz began to fantasize about what it would be like the disappear into thoseacres of flesh--to spend hours exploring and searching every inch of thatexpansive body.

Jayne's voice dragged him from the fantasy.

"Dinner's ready," he heard her whine.

"Why couldn't Jayne be more like Fanny?" he thought as he walkeddown to the kitchen.

When he had married Jayne, she'd was a cute, budding plumpette, not thefull-fledged woman that Fanny was, but she had definite potential. Fitzhad that potential in mind when he'd proposed to her. His head had reeledwith dreams of her growing ever larger, more beautiful, after they weremarried. After all, every woman puts on weight after she gets married, right?Every woman except Jayne.

After the wedding, she'd decided she'd have to lose weight to keep herhusband happy. So she dieted and exercised like a woman possessed. Now,that once pudgy beauty that had had so much potential, stood before Fitz,a borderline anorexic.

He could see her bony elbows, sharp shoulders and small, pointy breastsjabbing through the soft fabric of the flannel shirt she wore. She had nocurves, no sloping thighs, only bony chicken legs that looked lost in eventhe tightest jeans.

Jayne placed a plate with a rare steak and enormous baked potato swimmingin sour cream and butter in front of her husband. For herself there wasonly a meager salad with low-cal dressing.

"I have to increase my exercise routine," she said between bitesof salad. "I put on a pound last week. Got to work harder or eat less.We wouldn't want me putting on little weight, would we?"

"Yes we would," Fitz thought. "We want you to put on lotsof weight. Pounds and pounds of gorgeous, womanly flesh."

But how could he tell her? How could he possibly ask her to put on weightafter she'd worked so hard to take it off?

Then, somewhere in the back of Fitz's mind, something clicked, a puzzlepiece fell into place and the gate to his fantasy world suddenly unlocked.

"Jayne, would you get me a beer from the fridge?" he asked.

"Anything for you dear."

As she got up and walked toward the refrigerator, Fitz took the test tubeof SuperCal 22 from his pocket and emptied its contents onto his wife'ssalad.

When she returned, he took the beer from her, thanked her, then returnedto his dinner.

Between bites, he glanced up at his wife, munching her salad. A slightgrimace crossed her face.

"This salad dressing must be going bad. It tastes a little sour,"she complained

It may not have tasted great, but Fitz knew SuperCal 22 wouldn't hurt hiswife. The one thing they'd discovered in the endless hours of testing wasthat SuperCal had no harmful side effects. In fact, if his plan worked,it would only have the best effect on both her and him. Now all he coulddo was wait. The formula had taken two hours to work on the rats. The rapidityof its effects depended on the recipient's metabolism.

He only had to wait an hour. After dinner he and Jayne had retired to livingroom. Fitz sat in a leather chair, reading the stock reports, while hiswife lounged on the couch with a mystery novel.

Fitz was about to move on to the sports page when he heard his wife groansoftly. He looked up to see her unbuttoning the top of her jeans.

"I must be retaining water," she moaned. "My jeans suddenlyfeel tight."

It wasn't water, Fitz thought, it was SuperCal 22. Already he could seea fullness in her face that hadn't been there a few minutes before.

Jayne pulled at her top, struggling to get at the minuscule bra below.

"Geez, now my bra seems tight, too."

That's because it was getting tighter, fighting to contain the girth thatwas slowly growing beneath it. Jayne's breasts swelled, straining at theshirt, pulling the fabric until the buttons popped, revealing the tiny ACups that valiantly fought to restrain the rapidly expanding flesh. Hertits overflowed the bra, popping the snaps at the rear. The tiny bra fellaway, revealing the soft milky mammaries beneath.

They were huge pillows of flesh, with bright red, saucer- sized areola.Her nipples had grown too, and jutted out from her mammoth tits like thumbs.

SuperCal 22 was working, and Fitz dropped his paper to watch in awe.

Jayne's bony body began to enlarge and fill out. Her stomach swelled asif there were a growing child inside. It rose, gently pushing her jumbotits off to the side. The enormous girth burst through the jeans, splittingboth the front and back with primal force, inching itself outward untilit flowed onto the couch.

Her legs, once slender sticks, now strained at the fabric of her jeans.Her hips rippled and rolled as they grew toward each other, exploding theseams of her jeans. As the flesh broke free, Fitz licked his lips at thesight of the soft, pock-marked cellulite of his wife's now expansive innerthighs.

The growth stopped and a new Jayne stood before Fitz. He gazed in awe ather corpulent beauty. Jayne, near hysteria, stood up and looked down ather immense body. Her shredded clothing lie in a pile on the floor.

"What's happened to me?" she whimpered, pleadingly.

She had put on 100 pounds in only a matter of minutes. Her face was full,triple-chinned and more beautiful than Dr. Fitz had ever imagined possible.Even her hair seemed fatter, thicker, fuller, shinier, more strikingly blondand shiny. Rolls of fat dripped from her arms, jiggling as she moved them.

Her stomach hung down from her neck, gently growing outward as it reachedher 52 inch waist. An apron of flab, split in the middle like a man's scrotum,covered her pubic area.

Perched on top were her enormous breasts, easily a 50 DDD Cup. Fitz gazedat the flabby roundness of her vast hips, which had grown to the size oftree trunks, the rolls of fat almost touching the floor.

Fitz had done some growing himself. He could feel his raging hard-on fightingto get free of his pants.

He looked at Jayne's face. Tears misted her eyes.

"I've gotten fat," she whined, "just like I was before.You don't love me anymore."

"On the contrary, darling," he cooed. "You've gotten beautifuland I've never loved you more."

"You mean you like me fat?"

"Darling, I've always wanted you to get fat, enormously fat. But Iwas too afraid to tell you."

Jayne smiled. Dimples formed in her pudgy cheeks. Her eyes lit up and sheslowly waddled toward her husband. She took his hand and gently cupped itto her massive breast. Still holding his hand, she lifted her breast hismouth.

Greedily he sucked on the sausage-sized nipple. He tried to stuff the entiremammary into his mouth, but it was just too enormous. He licked every inchof her magnificent mam, tracing a pathway down into her gaping cleavage.He stayed between her tits, inhaling the musky, erotic scent of her skin.Her pendulous floppers engulfed his head and Fitz's entire world consistedof Jayne's wonderful whoppers.

Fitz ventured out of the valley of flesh and attacked Jayne's right tit.Starting with her turgid nipple, he slurped sucked and chewed. Jayne's softmoans filled the air as she stroked the underside of Fitz's swollen shaftwith her left hand.

"You keep that up and I'm going to spray cum all over this nice cleanrug," Fitz teased.

"I have a much better place for that," Jayne said with a wickedsmile.

Fitz took the cue and carefully straddled Jayne's chest. She guided hiscock between her bulging, sweat-soaked breasts and squeezed the tremendoustits together, surrounding Fitz's rod in a soft glove of flesh. Fitz's pumpedhis hips, his stiff shaft disappearing into the massive tit-flesh. His cockplunged repeatedly into the cavernous cleavage.

He could feel spunk churning in his balls like molten lava. His cock erupted,splattering load after load of cum onto Jayne's chest, neck and face.

Fitz caressed Jayne's flowing rolls of flesh, exploring every inch of herskin. He reached around and grabbed two big handfuls of her colossal behind.His fingers searched between her legs, seeking her already sopping twat.Even her pussy lips had grown.

Jayne moaned and begged him to fuck her. He scooped away the apron of flaband gently eased his rod into her. She bucked with pleasure, sending ripplesthroughout her body. Fitz thrust harder, desperately riding the expansiveocean of flesh that tossed and rolled with each lunge. He could feel theforce building in his scrotum, ready to explode.

Jayne crushed him tighter to her fabulous body and screamed as they bothrocked in a euphoric orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Afterward, covered in perspiration, as they lie together in a long, lovingembrace, told her about SuperCal 22. He hoped she wasn't mad.

"Mad," Jayne said, "of course not. That was the best sexI've ever had. I've always felt I was a large woman at heart. I've oftendreamed of just growing fatter and fatter until I was so fat I couldn'tmove. But I've never been able to do it. I've been too concerned about whatother people thought of me."

"But the weight gain is only temporary," Fitz said.

"You mean, I don't get to keep all this beautiful flesh?"

"Unfortunately, the formula wears off after twelve hours."

"But I don't want to go back to being skinny. I want to please you.I want to grow as big as you like."

She buried her head in his shoulder and sobbed. That settled it. He wouldhave to find a way to make the formula permanent.

Fitz found a way the next morning. Dr. Roth met him at the door of thelab,
triumphantly thrusting a report into his hands.

"We've done it, sort of," Roth beamed.

"What do you mean?"

"Last night, after you left, I ran some more tests. It seems thatthe amount of weight gained is directly proportional to the calorie contentof the food it's ingested with. The higher the calorie count, the greaterthe effects of the formula.

"And that's not all, while most of the fat burns off after twelvehours, the rats have retained a small amount of weight: about three percent.So, each time the formula is ingested, the rats retain more weight. It works,Doctor, SuperCal 22 is a suc-cess."

But Fitz no longer heard Roth. He was busy reveling in this new discovery.All Jayne had to do was keep taking the formula and eventually, she wouldbecome a beautiful mound of wonderful flesh.

The day went by slowly. Fitz watched every tick of the clock, waiting forwhen he could tell Jayne the good news. Finally, he decided to leave early.Jayne was waiting for him in the kitchen.

She wore a revealing string bikini and Fitz could see that she had indeedretained at least a little of her vast girth from the night before. Therewas a certain roundness to her now. She was by no means plump, still thin,but it was promising.

He told her about the test results and she rewarded him with long, wetkiss.

"Now all we have to do is keep stuffing you with most fattening foodwe can find," Fitz explained.

"It's a challenge I gladly accept," she replied with a smile.

That night they went to the store and stocked up on cakes, cookies, candy,pasta, bread and anything else guaranteed to put the pounds on Jayne. Nightafter night, Jayne dined on huge feasts spiked with SuperCal 22. Afterward,once the formula had taken effect, Fitz would spend hours exploring Jayne'sever-expanding body. Each night Fitz would make love to a new, fatter Jayne.

And Jayne was indeed keeping some of that weight on. Every morning shewould awake, a few pounds heavier than the night before. After only threeweeks, she had put on nearly 70 pounds. But it wasn't enough.

Jayne wanted to grow larger, faster. She went for broke. She prepared themost fattening meal she could think of-- Fettucini Alfredo, swimming ina rich cheese sauce, garlic bread dripping with butter, a tossed salad withhuge chunks of cheddar and pepperoni drowning in gobs of mayonnaise dressing.For good measure, she added four baked potatoes, drenched in sour cream.She washed it all down with a gallon of high-carbohydrate weight- on drink.For desert, there was an entire chocolate chip cheese-cake. All the foodhad been liberally seasoned with SuperCal 22.

Fitz watched as Jayne ate, shoveling mound after mound of fettucini intoher mouth. It was hard to believe that only a few short weeks before, Jaynehad subsisted mainly on salads. But that was the Jayne of old--the Jayneobsessed with weight loss. This was the new Jayne, whose only goal in lifewas to grow so huge that she couldn't even walk.

Jayne was covered in food by the time she finished her feast, almost anhour later. She looked up at her husband and smiled.

"Now the fun begins," she said with a triumphant smile.

Fitz followed her into the living room. Jayne stood in the bare centerof the floor. She had moved away all the furniture in preparation for whatshe hoped would be enormous growth. She undressed and sat down on the floorto wait. Fitz waited, too. He felt like a kid anxiously waiting to openhis presents on Christmas morning.

A low rumble filled the room. Fitz looked around, trying to discover wherethe sound had come from. His eyes settled on Jayne. The rumbling was comingfrom her stomach. Jayne began to grow. She filled up like a balloon, growingfatter and fatter. With each passing second she gained inches and pounds.

Fitz watched as she filled the empty space on the floor, her flab growingoutward. Her legs disappeared under the curtain of flesh formed by her stomach.Her breasts billowed as if they were being filled with air. Then somethingstrange happened. Something none of Fitz's tests could ever have predicted.Jayne began to grow taller. Her body expanded both outward and upward, growingto accommodate the rapidly multiplying fat cells.

Then Jayne stood. She had to duck to avoid hitting the ceiling. Fitz guessedshe was about 10 foot tall and well near 1,000 pounds. Her immense stomachhung down from her neck like a circus tent, nearly touching the floor. Hecould see her tree-trunk thighs, each as nearly as big around as he was.

Her arms, enveloped in mounds of fat, stood out from her sides like flippers.Then there were her tits--two pendulous floppers at least 50 inches in diametera piece. They were nearly three feet long and dangled to her sides. Theareola were as big as his face with banana-sized nipples that stuck outa good four inches.

"Am I big enough for you now?" Jayne said with a smile the madeher multi-chinned face glow with delight.

She scooped him into her arms and gently lay him down on the floor. Instantly,Fitz's world became one of acres of warm sweet flesh. He took one of hergargantuan tits in his hands and could barely hold the expansive bosom.His tongue darted to her nipple, licking the door-knob sized protrusion.His jaw muscles strained as he took the huge nipple into his mouth.

Jayne shuddered and it rippled through her flesh like a shock wave. Fitzwas afloat in a sea of fat. Warm waves of skin pounding against his body.

He felt Jayne's large, pudgy hand grasp his dick and guide it inside her.He had to slide down her belly to get his throbbing cock in all the way.For as big as she was, Jayne's pussy was amazingly tight. She milked hiscock with her cunt, urging his distended member to expel its load.

While Jayne worked on his rod, Fitz let himself be smothered in the muskyflab of her stomach. It flowed around him, cutting off the light until hewas in a dream world of fat. There he stayed until a screaming orgasm blazedthrough his body.

Jayne hadn't come yet, so he thrust his still hard cock deep into her.Moments later, Jayne's body rocked in an earthquake orgasm, drenching Fitz'slegs with pussy juice.

They lie there for what seemed an eternity, Fitz gently cradled in Jayne'scorpulent arms.

By morning, Jayne had shrunk again, but not by much. The scale in the bathroomread 732 pounds and she was now over six feet tall.

Fitz smiled at his wife as she waddled her immense bulk into the bedroom.His mind reeled with the thought of how big Jayne could possibly grow. Shesat down next to him on the bed. It sagged under her weight. He tenderlyfondled her rolls of fat.

"Will you be home for dinner?" Jayne asked.

"I hope so."

"Good, I'm planning a special meal. I thought tonight we'd have Hungariangoulash, with extra cream sauce, fresh-baked bread with gobs of butter,mounds of French fries and ketchup and maybe a Black Forest Cherry pie fordesert."

"That sounds great. I'll make sure to bring home some extra SuperCal22."

The End