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The Girl Next Door
by B J Morris

I'm a writer so I spend most of my time at home. People are envious of that fact but believe me, some days I wish it wasn't so. Those days when writer's block hits, the house becomes a cruel prison.

I was doing well for almost two weeks straight when one of those days hit. I started doing what I normally do when writer's block frustrates me: I stared out the window at nothing at all and got mad at myself. My blood was just about simmering when something distracted me. The front door of my neighbor's house opened and out walked an incredible woman. All the thoughts fighting in the back of my head took a time-out and rushed up against my eyeballs to gape and drool. I know this because that's what I was doing.

She walked out carrying an over filled cardboard box and dropped it into the trash, before walking over to the middle of her porch. She stood about five foot four. Long blonde hair gently cascaded over her shoulders. The hair was a perfect frame for the pair of grapefruit sized breasts that strained against the ribbed sweater. Her belly swelled out lusciously against her sweater and jeans. Tightly clad, meaty thighs supported her over plump calves and high heeled shoes. She reached out and rested her hands heavily on the wooden railing, staring out at nothing in particular. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw her sigh deeply, expanding and contracting that magnificent chest.

One of those little horny thoughts jumped up and reminded me of the moving van I saw sitting outside that same house a week ago. A smile spread across my face as I jumped up, headed out the front door, and across the yard. Since I wasn't able to work anyway, it looked like a good time to meet the new neighbors.

It only took a few minutes to introduce myself, to find out her name was Tawny, and that she lived with a guy named Fred. He was a long-haul truck driver out on a run (yeah!) so I decided to invite her over for a cup of coffee. I had a hard time not drooling while I sat across from her at the breakfast table. She had hypnotizing green eyes, delightfully round cheeks, and a beautifully budding double chin. I offered her a piece of the coffee cake I had out on the counter. Tawny eyed it her wistfully but declined.

"My old man has me on a strict diet," she said.

"Whatever for? You're a very beautiful woman," I replied quickly.

Tawny blushed and looked down at the table. "Well, thank you, but ..." and she blushed even deeper.

She left not long after that but not before we agreed to meet the next day about the same time. Every day after that Tawny would come over in the mid-morning and share a cup of coffee, her thoughts, and sometimes a piece of the cake or the pastry I had waiting for her. It wasn't long before she started to open up and tell me about herself and her relationship with Fred. When she had first moved in with him a few years ago, she was quite thin. In fact, she had been in a beauty pageant and had won second place. But not long after this, she became bored with Fred's long absences on the road. Before moving here they had lived in a trailer camp with a lot of older people. The only thing Tawny shared in common with them was her love of cooking so she traded recipes. And with Fred on the road for six to eight weeks at a time, Tawny was left to eat most of the leftovers. The inevitable occurred and her gorgeous figure began to expand.

At first, Fred didn't say anything but as she added the pounds and inches he started to make snide comments. Tawny tried to hide her growing form by shopping for larger clothes in the same styles while he was away but of course, that didn't work long. They fought about it almost constantly when he was home, which was less and less now. Then Fred came home one time and forced Tawny up on the scale. He blew up when they saw the scale register two hundred twenty seven pounds.

"But many men like their women with a little meat on them," I said.

Tawny looked at me sharply, her eyes searching my face."Do you really think so?" she asked, tentatively.

"I know so," I replied.

She looked at me again, intently, for a moment. Then shook her head, looking down at the crumbs on the table. "Well, Fred isn't one of them..."

She went on to tell me how he had laid done the law: the fat had to come off "...before you turn into a blimp". Tawny told him how tough that was with him gone and all the disturbing influences around her. So that's how they came to live next door to me.

During the next week I felt frustrated. Fred had come home and Tawny wasn't coming by in the mornings. I heard a lot of shouting coming from their house and I didn't know what to do. I also wasn't getting a lot of work done and my agent was getting on my back.

Then one day, Fred's truck was noticeably gone. Come mid- morning, I decided to chance it and go over and knock at Tawny's back door.

She came to the door dressed in a robe and slippers and asked me in for coffee. As she made the coffee I searched her long face for some hint of the sparkle I had seen there before. When I couldn't find any I tried to cheer her up with some silly talk but it didn't work.

"Tawny, do want to talk about it?" I asked.

She still had her back to me. "Fred put me on that damn scale last night. Instead of losing weight, I gained three pounds. He left in the middle of the night for a cross country circuit. He was furious. He said he won't be home for ten weeks, maybe more." Tawny placed my mug down on the table then sat across from me staring into her own cup. I tried to think of something to say. Here was this incredible woman going through hell for this jerk and I couldn't think of anything to do about it.

Tawny spoke. "Do you think I'm...fat and ugly?" Her head hung down.

"I don't think you're either." And I meant it.

She looked at me. "You once said there are men who like their women...big. Are you one of those men?"

I swallowed. "Yes," I choked.

"Am I too big for you?"

I cleared my throat and looked her square in the eye. "I think you're too thin, not too fat. If I had my way, I'd tell you to tell Fred to go to hell and eat however much you want. The bigger you got the better I'd like it."

A smile danced across her lips before she went back to staring at her cup. A hint of something was still there. "I thought you might say that." Tawny looked up at me, those bewitching green eyes boring into my exposed soul. That little smile still tugged at the corners of her mouth. Then she stood up and walked over next to me. Her hand took the forgotten mug from me, her eyes still captivating mine. "Come with me," she breathed. Then she led me into her bedroom. We spent the rest of the day making love. Over and over I told her how beautiful she was and much more beautiful she could become. By the end of that night, she was convinced.

The next day, Tawny began a new diet. She began eating in staggering quantities all of the foods which Fred had denied her. Tawny would start each day with a big breakfast of buttery pancakes or syrupy waffles with sausage on the side. The coffee would be laced with heavy cream and sugar. Mid-morning she would come over to my place and dig into the big box of pastries I always had waiting for her. Lunch was sometimes a double helping of lasagna or a slab of meatloaf with a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy. Or sometimes it would be a big sandwich made on a round loaf of sourdough bread. Whatever she had it would usually be washed down with a thick shake. She'd snack through the afternoon in anticipation of my joining her for dinner. I'd cook dinner and always make it a special event, with multiple courses and extra large portions. Dessert would follow and sometimes Tawny would let me feed it to her. This would result in a long lovemaking session with me delighting in each new swell of her gorgeous body. Come midnight, I'd order out for a pizza or bring in a half gallon of ice cream and watch her devour it.

Of course, this caused her to increase in size rapidly. After just the first week, Tawny had gained seven pounds and she was ecstatic. Instead of the scale being a threat, she saw it as an erotic way to arouse me since my eyes would bug out each time she would climb on it. In fact, she took great pride in each piece of clothing she outgrew, parading it before me with buttons or zipper at the bursting point. In just two months Tawny was up to three hundred and two pounds and still growing steadily.

Then, almost thirteen weeks to the day, I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out the window for no reason. I stared bug-eyed at Fred's truck parked next door. A cold chill ran through me. I began nervously pacing through the house trying to decide if I should go over and help Tawny confront him or pack my bags and head for the hills.

Before I could decide, I saw Fred run out of the house and climb into his truck, trailing clothes behind him. The big engine started up and within a few minutes he screeched down the street. Tawny's house was still. I sweated for a few minutes worried about what I might find over in the house if I knocked. Finally, I could stand the suspense no longer. I dressed quickly, ran over, and knocked on her back door. It was open and there was no answer so I went in calling her name. I walked through the kitchen and the dining room looking for Tawny before I heard the shower running. When I got to the bathroom door the water went off and she stepped out in all her glory.

Tawny's cheeks had plumped out like tennis balls. A double chin had developed over the months to where it now threatened to birth a third chin. Rounded shoulders flowed down to swollen upper arms that framed her now-enormous breasts. The basketball sized globes rested on an inflated belly four times its original size. Full hips hid the boulder butt I had come to enjoy so much. Her thighs had become as big as most women's waists, curving down to dimpled knees and wide, sexy calves. She stepped forward, thighs rubbing sensuously, towelling her hair. Relief filled me as I realized she was all right. The towel fell and she looked at me, surprised.

"Hi, lover! Dig the body, huh?" she teased.

"What...what...happened?" I stammered.

She giggled, her whole body jiggling. "Oh, that. Well, Fred came home unexpected tonight...good thing you went home after dinner, huh? Anyway, he climbed into bed while I was sleeping, wrapped his arm around me, and, boy, did he get a surprise! He yelled and I woke up and turned on the light. You should have seen his face! He was gaping and stuttering and god knows what...

"So I stood up and gave him a good look at me. He couldn't believe his eyes! Then he starts getting on my case. To make a long story short, he tells me about this skinny little stick he's had on the side and how he's going to live with her. I told him good riddance since I had a hot stud who thought I was too thin! Well, before he could say anymore I took him into the bathroom and showed him my big surprise. He lit out of here like a shot! So I'm all yours, lover..." She came over, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me, and pressed that wonderfully plump body against me. After a long embrace my mind cleared enough to ask questions.

"Well. I'm glad to hear how things turned out but I don't understand something. What 'big surprise'?"

Tawny giggled. "Oh, just this," and she stepped up on the scale. The dial spun around like mad before it slowed down to eighty eight. It took me a second before I realized that the highest it registered was 280, so that meant she weighed 368 pounds! I looked at her with my mouth agape. She giggled even harder.

Then she looked slyly at me and said, "How about making me a midnight snack, lover? Better make it a big one though...I'm starved..."