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Room For Growth
by T.D.

It was a situation the Ellen had hoped would not happen. She had been able to stretch things for several years now, but it seemed that time had run out. The part-time job she had held was going away after this month. There was no longer any funding. The pay from this job had allowed Ellen to cover her bills, but now a different way must be found.

She still held her part time job, but that was often sporadic. The only other way she could think of to get income was to rent a room in the house she owned. Reluctantly she put an ad in the paper and waited for responses.

When she got home, she had several messages on her machine. The first was from a young woman who was interested in renting her room. Ellen called her, and during their conversation she found that the young woman liked to enjoy the night life. Ellen was leery, but continued to question the woman. Ellen found that the lady was only able to come up with half the asked for rent amount, and that she expected to pay none of the utilities. This was unacceptable, and after a short discussion, Ellen told her that she could not rent the room. The woman swore sharply, and Ellen heard the phone slam down.

The second response was from a woman about her age. She was agreeable to the asking price, but when she found out where the apartment was located, she was no longer interested.

Ellen listened to the last response. It was from a man. Although in her ad she hadn't said that men were not welcome, it hadn't occurred to her to rent to a man. Ellen considered a moment, then returned his call. His name was Ron, and he was currently staying at one of the downtown hotels. His company had just assigned him to Detroit for a year, and he had to find a place to stay before his per diem for the hotel ran out. He was willing to pay the price, and seemed to be familiar enough with Detroit to know the area the apartment was located. He asked if he could come up and see the room. Ellen was hesitant, but agreed that he could visit this evening. As soon as she hung up, she called one of her friends and asked him to come over. You could never be too careful.

Her friend Alex came over, and only a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Ellen answered and got her first look at Ron. He was tall, with sandy blond hair and green eyes. He smiled warmly as he held out his hand. "Hello", he said. "I know that this is inconvenient, but the company finance department is on me to get out of that expensive hotel and into an apartment by the end of the week. I appreciate you opening your home to me so late." Ellen invited him in. "Ron, this is my friend Alex," she said. She was regretting her fear already. Ron and Alex shook hands. "I'm glad that Ellen has someone like you around. Now days meeting strangers is no longer safe," said Ron. Ellen left the room to get some cokes. When she came back, she found Ron and Alex absorbed in a discussion about the Tigers and their pitching woes. Ellen finally had to clink the glasses to get their attention. They all sat down and started sipping their cokes.

"Since this is the first time I've rented, I'm just going to read out the prices and rules," said Ellen nervously. "The rent is $400 a month, plus the utilities. There are no pets allowed. You will be able to park your car in back in the garage if you wish. I ask that if you have visitors for more than a night, you would tell me. You would be expected to pay for the extra use of utilities. You have full access to the kitchen and living rooms in addition to the furniture in your room. There is a laundry room in the basement, with a small amount of storage. I ask that you clean up after yourself, and if anything unusual happens that you tell me as soon as possible." Ellen looked up from her sheet and saw both Alex and Ron staring at her. Ellen blushed, realizing how stupid this must have sounded. Alex broke out laughing, and Ron and Ellen soon joined in. "I do have one question," said Ron. "Can I see the room before I make a decision?" Ellen blushed again, got up, and showed Ron the room. Ron checked the bed and the closets, and also looked in the bathroom. "This looks fine," he said. "When can I move in?" They agreed that the weekend would be good, and Ron soon drove off. "So what did you think?" Ellen asked Alex. "I think he's fine," he answered. "Just check his references; but I'm sure they are ok." Alex said goodnight, and Ellen was soon in bed, hoping that she hadn't made a mistake.

That Saturday, Ron moved in. It didn't take long at all, since all he seemed to have were a few boxes and a couple of suitcases. While he was getting settled, Ellen knocked at the door. "Since this is your first day, why don't you let me prepare dinner this evening," she said. "Do you like roast chicken," she asked before he could even answer? "Sounds great," answered Ron. "Good; 6:30 ok," she asked? "Fine," answered Ron. Ellen smiled at him and moved to leave the room. Her eyes lingered a moment on the small roll of fat around Ron's middle that pushed out when he bent to pick up the last box. "The boy has potential," Ellen thought to herself as she closed the door.

Ellen thought it might be awkward at dinner, but she and Ron had no trouble slipping into conversation. Ellen couldn't help but notice how Ron enjoyed his food. He obviously was not used to homemade meals, and took advantage when he could. Between them they had finished two whole chickens with mashed potatoes and buttered corn, and Ellen knew Ron had done the majority of the eating. She was delighted that he enjoyed her cooking so much, and she was even more excited by the effect the meal had on him. As Ron got up from the table, his stomach pushed his T-shirt out, exposing a small but nicely rounded belly. Ellen felt herself getting excited as she walked Ron to the living room.

"That was delicious," said a contented Ron with a sigh. "Thank you," said Ellen, smiling. They both sat down; Ellen in the big easy chair, and Ron in the sofa opposite her. After initially sinking back into the sofa, Ron pulled himself up into a more upright sitting position so he could talk. As he did, Ellen saw that his T-shirt had come untucked from the front. As he straightened, his belly thrust forward, pushing out a nice roll of fat. Ron was obviously unaware of what had happened, but Ellen almost dropped her coffee. She tried to concentrate on what Ron was saying, but her gaze was drawn to his belly roll. Ellen had fantasized since high school about finding a boyfriend and slowly fattening him up so that his belly grew huge, and his hips and thighs bounced as he moved. She had tried this with several men, but had never succeeded in putting more than a few pounds on them before they were off. "Anyway, all I have to do for the next year is shuffle papers and make sure that the building people have everything they need when they need it," said Ron, suddenly bringing Ellen out of her daydream. She started, realizing that she hadn't heard a thing Ron had said. "Do you like chocolate?" asked Ellen, trying to hide her inattention. "I'm the original chocoholic," answered Ron. Ellen got up and walked toward the kitchen. "You should love dessert then," she said over her shoulder. Ellen looked at the chocolate cream pie and hesitated. How big a piece should she cut him? She smiled to herself as she imagined sitting next to him and feeding him the whole thing. Finally she stuck the knife in and cut a quarter of the pie away. She put it on his plate and walked out. "I must confess that this is store bought, and is not today's," she said, putting the pie in front of him and trying not to stare. "Go ahead and eat while I get you some more coffee," she said as she quickly walked back to the kitchen. Ellen peeked around the corner after a few moments to see what Ron was doing. She felt herself shiver a bit as she watched Ron finish off the pie. Could this be happening? Ellen calmed herself as she tried to think about what she should do now. She wanted so much to press, and see how much she could get him to eat, but she didn't want to scare him off. After a few moments of hesitation, she picked up the coffee and the pie and walked back into the living room. "How was it?" she asked. "Excellent!" said Ron, scraping the plate for the last crumbs. "Well please have some more," she said. "It won't keep another day, that's for sure." As she talked, she cut another quarter and placed it on his plate. She looked at him as she handed him the plate. All she saw was a grateful smile.

Ellen tried to listen, but part of her mind was on the pie, and what all those calories were going to do to that belly. Ron mentioned that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and that moving to Detroit was in part to get away from her. After a few minutes, Ellen again reached for his empty plate and without asking put another large piece of pie on his plate. She also put a small slice on her plate so that Ron would not be eating alone. Ron dug into the pie for a third time while Ellen slowly moved her piece from side to side. Ron didn't notice as he wolfed down the pie. "We might as well finish this off," said Ellen, putting the last piece on his plate. She still had the small slice from before. She took a bite of her pie, closed her eyes and smiled. "This is really good for store bought," she said. "I just wish the pies were a little bigger. I'm going to have to get two of them next time." She looked over at Ron expectantly, wondering what he would say. "You're right," answered Ron. "There's only two of us, and we had no problem finishing the whole thing". A shiver ran down Ellen's back as she laughed at his statement. She glanced at his belly. Was it her imagination, or had it grown? "I would like to repay your kindness, said Ron, but I don't cook well enough to prepare you a meal. Can you recommend a good restaurant around here," he asked? Ellen almost dropped her coffee again. She debated quickly with herself whether she should push again, and almost immediately decided to do it. "My favorite is a Chinese place down the street," she said. "The only problem is that I always end up staying too long because the food is so good." "Are you available around 6 tomorrow night?" Ron asked hopefully. "Sure," said Ellen smiling. As she walked him to the door, she resisted the temptation to put her arm around his waist and feel that nice fat. She did notice that because of the large amount Ron had eaten, his love handles now pushed out against his tight T-shirt. Ron thanked Ellen again at the door. "Give me a call if you have any problems with the room," said Ellen. Ron smiled and walked away. Ellen closed the door and started to her room. She found herself shaking slightly as she got into bed. She closed her eyes and thought about what Ron might look like after a month, after 6 months, after a year. The wide smile did not leave her lips as she fell asleep.

The next day seemed to crawl by as Ellen waited for 6 PM. She decided to dress casually, but with some daring. Her exercise outfit seemed to fit the bill. She had not worn it in many months, and it had to stretch quite a bit to cover her body. "Must have put on a few pounds," said Ellen to herself, not at all displeased. The way the clothes now fit would hold the attention of most men, especially if they liked women with some meat on their bones. She heard a knock on the door, and taking a deep breath, went to answer. Ron's eyes went wide as he took Ellen into view. She happily noticed his approval and smiled as she allowed Ron to lead her to his car. They made small talk while they took the short drive to the restaurant. When they arrived, their waitress led them to a secluded table away from other diners, but conveniently close to the buffet table. Ron didn't know it, but Ellen had called ahead and had talked to her favorite waitress. The table had been reserved, and the waitress had assured Ellen that all plates would be cleared quickly so that they would not accumulate. "I usually just order the buffet and pig out," said Ellen. She hoped this admission would allow Ron to eat freely without being self conscience. "Are you hungry," she asked? "I haven't really eaten since before noon, said Ron, and then only a few donuts." "Well then, we've come to the right place," said Ellen. "My record in 8 plates, followed by dessert," she said, hoping that Ron wouldn't know she was lying. "Maybe you would like to try and beat my record," she said with a sly grin. Ron smiled and looked at the plates. "I don't know if I could even come close, but I'll give it a try," he said, his glance coming again to her cleavage.

They both got up and went through the line. Ellen instructed Ron on what all the items were, and told him her favorites. Since everything was a favorite, both plates were piled high when they got to the end of the line. Ellen started eating vigorously, hoping that Ron would follow her lead. She was delighted when she saw him eat quickly and with gusto. He seemed unfamiliar with the items he was eating, so Ellen described what they were as they appeared on his fork. "These are fantastic," said Ron, referring to the stuffed egg rolls. Ellen could barely contain her happiness as Ron easily finished before her and started back to the buffet line. She also went back a few minutes later, and they both continued eating at a brisk pace. Ellen fell more and more behind as Ron continued to put the food away. Ellen finished up her forth plate, and waited a moment so that Ron could finish his 6th. "Only two more to tie," she said smiling. Without a word she rose to return to the buffet. Ron smiled at the unspoken challenge. He pushed his chair back, took a deep breath, and prepared to follow Ellen back into the line. Once at the line, she let Ron go first so that she could help him with his choices. She knew which of the foods were the most fattening, and had Ron place a generous portion of all of these on his plate. She filled her own plate with bulky items that took up a lot of room, but didn't really constitute much food. They made their way back to the table, and Ellen started telling stories while she watched Ron eat. He slowed considerably, but after about 15 minutes, his plate was clean. He leaned back and adjusted his pants lower across his hips. His belly pushed out, stretching the buttons at the bottom of his shirt. Ellen felt glued to the sight, but held it only a moment. She didn't want to have Ron see her. "I don't think I can do anymore," said Ron. Ellen tried to look disappointed. "That was a good effort, I thought you had my record there for a moment," said Ellen. "Why don't you just tell me what you want from the dessert bar, and I'll go get it for you." "Whatever you like will be fine," said Ron, relaxing at the table.

Ellen came back with several helpings of chocolate cheese cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mouse, and chocolate cream pie. "I remembered that you liked chocolate, so I thought I would bring you a sample plate," said Ellen. She was inwardly delighted when Ron lifted his fork and took a big bite of the cheese cake. Ellen kept up the conversation and watched as all the desserts made their way into his mouth and down into that bulging belly. She tried to keep track of the calories, and she was sure the desserts alone were at least 2000. "I guess you do like chocolate," said Ellen when Ron had finished the last bite. Would you like anymore? "I don't think I could hold another bite," said Ron, patting his belly. The slight wave-like motion that the pat triggered was not lost on Ellen. She placed another cookie on his plate while she took a bite of her own. "A cookie for the road," she said, mentally adding another 100 calories to his total. Ron popped the last bite in his mouth, put down a $20 next to the bill, then helped Ellen from her chair. Ellen felt her own top pop loose from her stretch pants as she got up. She could only imagine how full Ron must be.

"That was an excellent choice of restaurants," said Ron. "We'll have to do that again," said Ellen. She had been glancing at his waistline. Ron either couldn't hold his belly in, or didn't want to. It pushed out over his belt and formed a nice roll, forcing the buttons of his shirt to separate and expose his fat. Ellen had to resist the temptation to reach over and touch it. "Well you certainly picked a place where you got your moneys' worth. I didn't even have to use all my per diem allotment. "It may seem cheap to you, but I don't make enough to go very often," said Ellen. "Well, since my companies paying the tab, I'm sure we can make that restaurant and any other you like a regular stop." Ellen tingled inside. She was really falling for Ron, and the fact that he loved to eat and didn't seem to fear the consequences fit right into her most exciting fantasies. As they pulled into her driveway, Ron asked her to dinner the next night. "Do you like homestyle places," she asked? "Like Hometown Café or Golden Corral," he replied? Ellen nodded. "Either of those sound great, and I won't go over my per diem limit at either place," said Ron. They made a date for the following night, and went to their rooms. Ellen lay in her bed, and dreamed of the belly Ron would grow if she could keep him gorging. Her dreams that night were some of the most erotic she had ever experienced.

Three weeks and many restaurant trips later Ron and Ellen sat on her couch in the living room, trying to digest the massive amount of food they had both just eaten. By coincidence, Ron was wearing the tee shirt that Ellen had seen when he was moving his stuff into his room. But now the shirt rode up his front, and could not hope to cover what all those dinners had done to his stomach. He sat there rubbing his bloated belly, but at the same time he was popping the last of a chocolate chip cookie into his mouth. "I've eaten way too much again," said Ron with a contented voice. "But I just couldn't resist, especially those chocolate chip cookies you made." He lay down on the couch, then slowly pushed his body down so that his head could rest on a pillow. To Ellen's delight, his shirt rode all the way up to his ribcage. Ellen got her first full look at that wonderful belly, and was amazed at how much it had grown in just a few weeks. As he breathed in and out, his belly rose and fell, the fat rippling with each breath. Ellen herself was finding her clothes stretched to the limit. She had borrowed some clothes from her larger sister, but at her current growth pace she wasn't sure how long those were going to last. But right now none of that mattered. Her eyes were glued to Ron's rising and falling belly. She found herself trembling and licking her lips as she watched. "Would you like a tummy massage," Ellen heard herself ask. As soon as the words were out, she regretted it. She wanted to take them back more than anything. She hesitated, waiting for the answer. "That would be great," said Ron, shuffling his body down the couch so that she could sit down. Ellen almost tripped walking toward the couch. She had spoken without thinking, and had been rewarded. She sat down by his legs and tentatively started touching his exposed stomach. Ron gave a satisfied moan, and she grew more confident. She closed her eyes and dug her fingers into his soft fat, moving her hands here and there so she could experience everything. She had never gotten to do this with any of her boyfriends, even though it had been a dream of hers for a long time. It felt wonderful, just like she had dreamed it. The only thing better would be more fat. As she rubbed, she heard Ron's satisfied moans. She quickly looked down and saw his broad smile. The fat on his belly seemed to envelop her fingers as she moved them back and forth. She was in heaven.

A few minutes later, Ron sat up on the couch. "Thanks, he said, I feel a lot better now." Ellen just smiled and reluctantly removed her hands from his belly. "Boy, all these meals is certainly having an effect on me," said Ron, as he patted his belly. "I can barely fit into my clothes anymore." Ellen heard this and felt herself shudder. "You look fine to me, quite handsome in fact," she said quickly. Ron looked at her and smiled. He kept smiling until Ellen got quite curious. "What is it; why are you smiling," she asked. Ron turned away for a moment, then looked at her again. "If I tell you something, will you try not to get angry," he asked. Ellen gave him a perplexed look. "I'll try," she said, looking back at him. Ron waited a moment, then continued. "My renting your room was not quite a coincidence. I have been a subscriber to Dimensions for a long time. About a year ago, I saw an ad from a woman claiming to be a feeder. She didn't leave a name, but she did leave an address. I didn't think much of it at the time. I thought that some guy would jump on the offer and that would be that. Near the end of last year, I found out I would be up in Detroit for a year. When I got there I started looking for a place to live, and got the local paper. When I saw your ad, the address rang a bell. I looked at the old Dimensions ad, and was flabbergasted when the two addresses matched. Ellen was itching to interrupt, but she let him continue. "I worked up my courage and called you. When I came over and saw your friend, I thought he was living with you. But after I talked to him, I found out he was just a friend. The next day, I could barely contain my excitement waiting till dinner. I kept thinking that you would comment on how much I was eating, or that you would run out of food. I almost fainted eating it all, but I did want to impress you. I saw you staring at my belly, and knew that you were quite excited. I figured that I would take you to a few restaurants and see if you continued to push me to eat. As you know, I have been eating and getting fatter ever since." Ron stopped and looked at Ellen. She was beet red, and could not maintain eye contact. A few seconds later, she looked up. "You knew all along that I was trying to fatten you up?" she asked. Ron nodded. "And you knew that I was getting excited every time I saw your belly?" Ron nodded again. "And you didn't say anything or try to eat less?" Ron smiled and shook his head no. Before Ellen could ask another question, Ron spoke. "You see, ever since I was a young man, I have dreamed of being fed and fattened by a beautiful woman. I never thought anything like this could really happen, but when I saw your ad in Dimensions, it really got me excited." Ron smiled at Ellen. "Tell me honestly; have you enjoyed the last few weeks?" asked Ron. Ellen laughed. "They have been the most exciting weeks of my life," she answered. " I just hoped that you would keep eating, and that I could continue to feed you and watch that belly grow." "It has been a fantasy world for me too," answered Ron. "Watching you put more and more food on my plate, and seeing and feeling my belly and everything else growing has been something I have wished for since my high school days."

They both looked at each other a moment. A second later, a grin slowly appeared on Ellen's face. Ron also started smiling. "You're going to be here for a year?" said Ellen questioningly. Ron smiled and nodded. She walked over and gave him a kiss. As she released him, she let her hands slide down to his belly. "I could make a belly like yours grow huge in a years time," she said slyly. "How would you do that," asked Ron with an innocent smile. "Oh, I don't know. I would make you eat thousands of calories a day at the restaurants, then get you home and stuff you full of my home make desserts until you are about to burst. She started rubbing his belly again. "Sounds fine to me: when do we start? Ellen burst out laughing. "Tomorrow!" she said excitedly. "But first let me get some starting measurements. She took him to the bathroom and had him get on the scale. It read 190. She then took his measurements, minus his T-shirt. Chest - 42, Waist - 37, Hips - 40. "Hometown Buffet sound good tomorrow?" asked Ellen. "Sounds fine," answered Ron, putting his shirt back on. "Be sure to wear loose clothes; I don't want you popping any buttons." Ron looked down at his shirt, his belly peeking out over his belt. "I'll try to find something," he said. They hugged each other good night. Ellen almost invited him to stay the night, but that could wait for later. She patted his growing love handles and sent him down the hall. It was several hours before she could calm herself enough to fall asleep.

To be continued??