Weight Room Title Bar

by Betsy

Jessica had fantasized about getting larger all her life. Even as a child, she would sometimes sneak into the kitchen late at night and drink large quantities of water -- just to feel the sensation of a totally full and stretched belly. She would caress it, and in some way that she couldn't explain, it fulfilled her. This "routine" was repeated many times as she grew older, and as a teenager, she would "feed" and then bring herself to orgasm while admiring her large, distended belly in the mirror. As a woman, she began to fantasize about finding a man who would enjoy tying her down and forcing her to eat and grow enormously large for his pleasure. She thought she was probably the only person in the world who had this strange fantasy, and so she told no one.

One day, while standing in line at the post office, a very attractive man, tall and slender, with dark hair and in his early thirties, turned around and flashed her a beautifully warm and flirtatious smile. She was a bit taken back by this. Jessica was a beautiful young woman, tall, with long dark hair, green eyes and milky white skin, but she had gained weight in the last few years, and was not certain that men would still find her attractive at her current weight of approximately 320 lbs. She hadn't dated for quite some time. (She was living in Southern California at the time, where the anorexic tanned blond is reigning Goddess.) Thus, she was surprised that this exceptional looking man seemed to be attracted to her. She smiled back at him, somewhat shyly, but then it was his turn to be waited on and the moment was gone. She thought that was all there would ever be to their brief liaison, but she was wrong.

Driving home, she looked in her rear-view mirror and noticed that another car was following a little too closely. She looked again and realized that the driver was waving at her, signaling for her to pull over. She recognized his smiling face. It was the handsome man from the post office. At first, she was frightened at the thought that she'd been followed, but she had been genuinely attracted to this man, and so, after several blocks she gathered her courage and turned into the parking lot of a local dry cleaning establishment. The man followed. She parked her car, and he pulled up beside her. He stepped out of his car and walked toward her. She rolled down her window and he introduced himself. "Hi. Thanks for stopping. My name's Richard. I just had to meet you." "Hi. I'm Jessica." "Jessica, you're quite honestly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen -- and if you're willing, I'd really like to get to know you better. Would you like to go somewhere for coffee and pastry?" Jessica hesitated only for a moment. "All right," she said.

"There's a little place just around the corner called 'The Bicycle Cafe'," said Richard.

"Yes, I've been there."

"Good. Then I'll meet you there in just a few minutes." Jessica agreed.

They met at the cafe and found a cozy, private booth in a corner and proceeded to talk for hours. They talked about everything. He even inquired as to her favorite foods. She'd never felt so comfortable with anyone in her life. He ordered her several pastries with butter, and encouraged her to eat them. Normally, she would've felt self-conscious eating such fattening, "forbidden" foods, but this man seemed to actually enjoy watching her eat. When she asked for cream with her coffee, Richard told the waitress to be sure and bring real cream, not the non-fat milk substitute that restaurants usually supply. The waitress complied, and Richard poured a generous amount in her coffee for her and smiled. He continued to do this every time she was brought a refill. They talked some more, and Jessica learned that Richard was a doctor -- a plastic surgeon actually -- who practiced in Newport Beach, several miles up the coast. He confessed that he didn't understand the desires of most of his female clients who wanted all he beautiful curves and swells sucked out of their already wraith-like bodies. He preferred a more abundant figure - like hers. She told him that she was a writer and worked at home. He seemed very pleased to hear that. After several hours, he invited her to see his home, which was not far from the cafe. Jessica agreed, and after he stopped to make a quick phone call, she followed him there.

Richard lived in a beautiful two-story Mediterranean home in a gated community overlooking the ocean. He explained to her that he'd had the home custom-built to his exact specifications just a year ago. They parked their cars in the garage and the doors closed behind them. The lights came on automatically, and they entered the house. Jessica was overwhelmed by the panoramic view in the living area. There were windows the length of the room and it felt as though the ocean was actually in the room with them. Richard came up behind her, and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. She felt a warm shudder run through her body. Even this casual touch was enough to excite her. He whispered in her ear: "Would you like a tour of the house?" Jessica nodded in agreement, and he took her by the hand and proceeded to show her around.

When she thought she'd seen all that there was to see, he led her into his mahogany panelled library and said: "There's something else I'd like to show you." He removed two books simultaneously from an upper shelf, and one of the bookcases began to move. The bookshelves were concealing a hidden passageway. He entered, and beckoned her to follow. Down two short flights of stairs they went, their steps illumined by the soft light of candle-like electric sconces. At the base of the stairs was a solid wall. They stood in front of it and Richard spoke. "This is Richard Monroe. Open on my command." An unseen, computerized voice responded: "Voiceprint cleared. You may enter." Suddenly, the wall itself opened to admit them and they stepped inside. The wall closed silently behind them, leaving no obvious exit. But Jessica hadn't noticed. Here eyes were transfixed on the contents of the incredibly large and unusual room.

It must have run the entire length of the house. There were mirrors everywhere -- on all of the walls and fully covering the ceiling. In a distant corner, she could see a magnificently large, 4-poster bed, but it was the center of the room that held her spellbound. She stared silently at the long, padded table, not unlike a hospital gurney, with leather restraints falling from its sides. There was also a large machine with tubing whose use Jessica couldn't even fathom, along with several other uniquely obscure items. In another area, was a big, soft chair, with built in wrist and ankle cuffs, and in front of it, a table. An enormous freight scale was against a far wall. There was a full kitchen with a huge refrigerator, and on the other side of the room, a large sunken tub.

"What's all this for?" Jessica asked. She was starting to become a little frightened, and for the first time noticed that there were no visible doors or windows anywhere in sight. "Don't be afraid," he said, moving closer to her, facing her and putting his hands on her arms. "I won't hurt you. I could never hurt you." And somehow, looking at the gentle, almost worshipful look of love and desire in his eyes, she believed him. He moved even closer and they kissed, long and passionately.

After a while he whispered to her: "Have you ever secretly longed to be even larger than you already are?" She was startled at the question. He continued: "To be with a man who is intensely turned on by the thought of your gaining weight, and growing, just for him, day by day?" After a moment to gather her courage she replied: "Yes." She could barely get the words out, she was so overcome by excitement. This man, that she'd only met a few hours ago, seemed to know her so intimately -- and even more incredibly, he shared her most secret and erotic fantasy! She hadn't even dared to hope that anyone like this actually existed.

Her knees felt weak. She wasn't sure how much longer she could stand. He guided her toward the freight scale. "First, we need to weigh you." She got on the scale. It read "324." "Much too skinny," he said, and proceeded to take her measurements and note them in a small journal. Jessica allowed him to do as he wished, still dazed by his insight into her innermost fantasies.

He led her to the chair and began to undress her slowly, admiring every luscious inch of her soft, feminine flesh. He revealed her full, aching breasts, and she trembled. He caressed them gently, kissed the large nipples that were thrusting toward him, and finished undressing her. "You're so beautiful," he said. The words filled her with intense pleasure. "But you could be even more beautiful -- by getting larger for me." He ran his hands over her round, voluptuous belly. She was more excited than she'd ever been in her life. "Would you do that for me? Will you let me grow you?" She nodded helplessly in acquiescence. She was beyond all words -- in some higher plane of ecstasy. He prompted her to sit down and fastened the cuffs around her ankles.

Richard got out his camera equipment and began to photograph her from every angle. Then he set up a video camera in front of the table. He pressed a button on an inter-com and spoke to someone. "Charles, you may bring the evening meal." "Right away, sir," an unseen voice responded. Jessica was surprised. She had thought they were alone in the house. "Charles is my butler -- a very discreet and devoted employee. I called him just before we left the cafe and told him to expect us for dinner."

A few moments later, a hidden panel in the wall slid open, and Charles came in, wheeling a professional-style room service cart, laden with several layers of covered dishes. He was certainly discreet, and never once looked at Jessica directly. He placed the plates on the table in front of her and removed the covers. "Voila!" said Richard, "Prime rib, medium-rare, just the way you like it." There were four plates placed before her, each with large helpings of meat and baked potatoes with real butter and sour cream. "It's my favorite! But I can't possibly eat all of this by myself."

"Start with the first plate and we'll take it from there. Charles, put the other plates in the warmer, and bring me mine. Charles complied, and brought a covered plate out of the cart with a well-done piece of prime rib for Richard. Charles then departed through the "invisible" doorway.

"Let's eat!" Richard took the first bit of his meal. Jessica thought it was odd that she didn't feel awkward, sitting naked, ankles cuffed to a chair in a strange man's "basement," but she was oddly at ease, and beginning to feel incredibly aroused as she noticed Richard's passionate gaze caressing her, as she took bite after bite.

Fairly quickly, she was done with the first plate and Richard brought her another. She finished this plate even faster than the first. He brought her a third. "But I don't think I can eat anymore," Jessica said, as he put the plate in front of her. Richard had finished his dinner, and sat beside her. "Try," he said. He cut a piece of meat and fed it to her. "Now another -- just for me." He moved to a position behind her and began stroking her now tight, fully distended belly. Jessica put down the fork. "Keep eating," he said. She did as she was told, as Richard played with and massaged her beautiful, large belly. "Good girl," he coaxed. Finally, she finished the third plate, and he brought a fourth. She was about to protest when he ducked under the table and his strong hands parted her legs. His head lifted her belly, and she felt his warm, moist lips on her own. He stopped long enough to say "eat." So she ate -- and climaxed just as she finished the fourth plate. But Richard wasn't finished with her just yet. "It's time for dessert!" He said as he cleared the table and brought out her favorite dessert -- white cake with white frosting. She could hardly resist. She was thirsty, so he gave her a special mixture that he'd prepared for her of cream, sugar and almond extract -- a flavor she'd said she loved during their cafe conversation. She drank a full quart, and her belly was now quite huge.

When she truly couldn't eat another bite, Richard untied her ankles, and gently escorted her to the bed, where he slowly massaged her entire fat, swollen body. Jessica could barely move she was so full, but she was feeling more fulfilled and contented than she had in her entire life. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, she watched as Richard undressed, and saw his intense erection for the first time. She gasped in delight. They made intensely passionate love several times before collapsing in each other's arms.

She awoke the next morning to find Richard on his side, propped up on one elbow, staring at her. "Good morning, beautiful," he said. He kissed her gently on the lips. "Time to get weighed." As she got out of bed, she could already feel the difference. Her belly was much fatter. It swayed from side to side as she walked over to the scale. She loved the feel of it. She stepped on the scale and the dial read: "333!" Nine pounds in just one day. Richard was very happy. He came up behind her and played with her large belly, admiring it in the mirror. "Today, we'll do even better." He instructed her to call her family, or anyone that might be concerned about her, to let them know that she was alright, and to say that she was going to be at a writer's retreat for the next several months, and that no one would be able to reach her by phone. Richard was on a month's vacation from his medical practice and his partner was filling in for him.

Blissful days and nights passed of nearly non-stop feeding, sleeping and making love. At the end of the first week, he led her to the scale. They were both pleasantly surprised when the counter jumped to "372." "That's my beautiful, sexy girl," he said. "You're gaining quite quickly -- but now that you're somewhat accustomed to your new lifestyle I'd like to speed up the pace a bit. You'd like to get even bigger wouldn't you?" Jessica nodded and tentatively touched her large belly, which was now starting to sag in a low, luscious arc. "Go ahead, touch it," he said.

"It feels wonderful, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yes," she replied.

"You want to get even bigger?"


"Then come with me."

He led her over to the gurney and the strange machine beside it.

"This machine has been designed to provide you with continuous feeding of the highest calorie foods imaginable." At his request, she lay down upon the gurney and he strapped her in, the leather pulling tightly across her stomach. Richard took one of the long, clear tubes and gently placed it in her mouth. He picked up a device that looked like a remote control unit and pushed a button. Slowly, a white, thick liquid began to flow from the machine, through the tubing and into Jessica's eagerly awaiting body.

"I have to be gone for several hours today, and I want you to get as fat for me as you possibly can while I'm gone." He placed the remote in her left hand, which was strapped to the gurney. The first button is slow, the second medium and the third produces the fastest rate of flow. She pressed the third button and greedily sipped on the tube.

Richard left for several hours, and when he returned, he nearly climaxed just looking at her round, completely stretched and increasingly drooping belly. The leather strap had disappeared entirely within the folds of fat and was very tight on her belly. She seemed to have grown many inches larger, just in the short time he was away. He measured her, and found this to be the case. She had fed the entire time he was away.

Richard led her to the bed, admiring all the new rolls of flesh he had put on her in such a short time, and the beautiful way it jiggled and moved as she walked. She fell backward on the bed and he tied her hands and ankles to the four corners. He strapped her head in place and proceeded to feed her bite after bite of coconut cream pie, while stroking his already enormous erection. He placed a funnel in her mouth, and poured two quarts of cream into her without stopping. Finally, he thrust himself inside her, over and over again until he made her climax.

By the end of the first month, Jessica had grown so large, Richard had to have a measuring tape custom-made to accommodate her extraordinary size. Sometimes he would surprise her with sexy lingerie, which she would model for him on her rapidly expanding body, wearing high heels, and showing off for him. She would wear them for him until they no longer fit. He loved to watch the fabric as it began to dig in to her soft, evolving flesh, until it could no longer be seen. He had a harem costume made for her, and sometimes she would even belly dance for him as he sat in a chair stroking himself to orgasm. He continued to photograph, measure, videotape and document her progress daily. By now, he'd taken thousands of photos of every part of her enormous body -- from every angle.

At the end of their second month together, Jessica stepped on the scale. Incredibly, it read: "548." She had gained so much, so quickly, it was a bit difficult to get around, as her muscles were unaccustomed to that much weight. But Richard took care of her, and fed, clothed and bathed her in the sunken tub daily. Jessica was very happy. So was he. As Jessica grew, so did Richard's love for her, and she cherished his love and adoration.

At the end of their third month together, she weighed in at a magnificent 700 pounds. A friend of Richard's, who was a judge, came to the house that night and they were married. Later in the evening, as they were lying exhausted in bed together, Jessica said "Let's see how far we can go." -- and the feeding resumed.

By the following year, Jessica was perhaps the fattest woman in the world. Her weight was well over 1400 pounds. Her face was practically hidden in the folds of her numerous chins. Her arms were the size of a queen-sized woman's hips, and her breasts were bigger than prize-winning watermelons, and would have reached to her knees, had it not been for her gigantic belly. Her belly was the most magnificent of all and hung down so far that it actually reached the floor when she sat on the edge of the bed. (She could no longer stand, her body had grown so incredibly large.)

Richard thought that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He told her he loved her dozens of times a day, but he still longed to grow her even larger. Jessica too, wished nothing more than to feed and grow for him, and be continually pampered and adored. She was now in bed all the time -- feeding and being made love to round-the-clock. After climaxing between her fabulously large breasts, Richard kissed her and put the feeding tube back in her eagerly awaiting mouth. Jessica thought to herself -- as she had every day since she'd met him -- "So this is heaven." And she asked him to increase the rate of flow.