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Honky-Tonk Goddess
by Rebel

She was shapely, maybe even right on the border of being heavy. I can admit now that I've always liked women with fuller figures now, but at the time I played it off to my buddies like I was going to do her a favor by going home with her. I was never comfortable being attracted to larger women, in fact I sort of felt like there was something wrong with me for that. Besides, my buddies are assholes. In all fairness, I guess I'd have to admit to being an asshole, too. But that's not what I want to talk about.

Like I was saying, she was shapely. She was strapped into a clingy pair of white Rockies tucked into these wicked looking red snakeskin boots. She wore a white leather biker jacket over a red lace teddy that you could never quite see her nipples through, even though she had a good size chest.You could see a bit of a roll over those tight jeans, though. She was a good dancer, spinning quick enough to swing her long blonde hair straight out away from her body and the stopping suddenly with her bright green eyes locked onto yours. I bought her a couple beers and secretly enjoyed the fact that she wouldn't drink light beer. Anyway, the cops love to watch the parking lot of this honky-tonk looking for their next DUI, so we left early, about midnight or so.

She wasn't ready to just go home with me, so we went to the all night breakfast bar about a block from my place. She followed me in her pick-up, and kissed me quickly when I opened her door for her. We went inside and made small talk while I drank coffee and she ordered the All-You-Can-Eat breakfast. We sat and talked for about two hours, getting more familiar and more open the whole time. She never quit eating, and even though it never came up in conversation, I could feel myself getting harder and harder with each empty plate the waitress took away and replaced with a full one. Finally, the place started filling up with the after-hours drunks, so she followed me on to my little house.

I held the door open for her and watched her closely as she brushed past me. The roll over her tight jeans had become a shelf, barely contained by the red lace. Her hips bulged sharply beneath the denim, and her tummy spread the buttons on the jeans dangerously close to bursting. My hard cock twitched up ward as I studied her. I closed the door and when I turned back around, she was in my arms.

She was about 5' 10" in her boots, only about three inches shorter than me. It felt good not to have to bend over too much to kiss her. Her soft body felt so good against me, a nice contrast from my lanky construction workers build. She played her fingernails through the black hair on my chest and said that my eyes reminded her of chocolate.

This time I noticed that every time she mentioned food, I got even hornier. For some reason. I decided to take a chance.

"Would you like something to eat?" I asked softly into her ear.

She stiffened a little in my arms, then pulled back to look at me in the dim lights. There was something challenging in her voice when she asked me why, so I answered her honestly.

"Because every time you mention food or I think of you and food, it excites me. I didn't think I could stand it if you ate one more hash brown and didn't let me touch you." She was quiet for a moment, so I went on. Nothing to lose now, if she was going to be scared off, she'd have already gone. "I swear I've never done... or even thought about anything like this before. But the thought of feeding you is just making me crazy!" Another little pause. "That is if you aren't too full from the restaurant..." I told myself to shut up then.

She looked at me for a moment, her head tilted just a little to the one side. "You're serious, aren't you..." It wasn't really a question, but I said yes. "All night long, you've actually been thinking I was too thin." Again I said yes. "And it has just really surprised the hell out of you, hasn't it?" This time it was a question, but I didn't answer. She knew it had.

If her eating had aroused me, then the sly little grin she flashed drove me to ecstasy. Then she said "Well I guess this is both our lucky night!"

Next thing I knew we were both naked in my kitchen giggling. Our clothes had just been ripped off because that version of foreplay had been replaced and now the damn things were just in the way. She was perched up on the counter with a box of pop-tarts rapidly disappearing into her perfect lips. Her pale skin was warm where I touched her, and I could see that her clothes had been carefully chosen to show her off and squeeze her to a thinner profile all at the same time. Now that she was naked, her healthy layer of fat jiggled when she walked and her round ass spread luxuriantly across the counter. Heavy tits rested on her soft tummy, which had the cutest little fold where it draped over her thighs. The pop-tarts were gone in no time, along with two more boxes, a box of vanilla wafers and a double pack of frosted corn flakes, a gallon of milk and a two-liter soda. Hey, I'm a bachelor. What did you expect me to have in the pantry?

Her tummy had grown into a belly now, and I swear she was already looking much fatter all over. She started cooking eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and toast, using up the last of my butter on that. I was thawing out venison steaks in the microwave and calling for pizzas and Chinese food from the all night deliveries.

She sat on my lap at the table to eat the greasy country breakfasts she had whipped up, her flabby ass wrapping exquisitely around my straining cock. She encouraged my hands around her growing waist and breasts, and I rubbed her angelic flesh while she stuffed impossible amounts of food into a body that simply expanded with each mouthful.

I never asked her how she eat and grow so fast, and she just kept eating and talking about how good it all tasted and how she loved my hands on her. She acted like this was the most natural thing in the world, like everyone can gain thirty pounds in one night. At the time, I didn't care how she did it. I was too wrapped up in the experience of this living fantasy that I had forbidden myself.

By the time the last of the Chinese food arrived, we had delivery boxes stacked all over the living room. She picked up her white jeans to help out with some cash, and I saw that she must wear twice that size now. she was fat and round, with sweeping curves and deep creases where fat rolled over fat. Her tits were massive and perched atop a swollen belly that suddenly hid the light hair of her pussy. Her thighs touched all the way to her dimpled knees. I had never seen a woman so desirably fat except in dreams that I had denied.

She didn't quite waddle as she crossed the room to me, but doubling her weight had obviously affected the way that she walked. Her ripples were hypnotic.

It didn't occur to me until just now that when she stood before me at that moment, we were the same height. Without warning she placed one pudgy palm right in the center of my chest and shoved me down hard to the carpet. then she knelt over my thighs and held me down while she put a rubber on my throbbing cock. The massive slab of her belly dragged across my own flat stomach as she moved up to take me deep into her grasping pussy.

There was no joking now. She was serious and intimidating, and she clearly had her mind set on fucking me now. I was helpless, trapped by my fascination and a little fear, not too mention more than three hundred pounds of serious and intimidating woman.

She felt it as I started to cum beneath her. Before I could her cunt slammed shut, squeezing my cock to the point of agony. She leaned over me, broad tits mashing against my chest. "Not until I say so, little man." I nodded, and she loosened the grip on my cock. When she straightened up, I saw that she had grabbed a box of pizza and was beginning on it. It didn't last long, and neither did the next three. I could see her belly spreading across me as she sat there crushing me with all of that beautiful bulk. It was an ecstasy I would never have known to imagine.

Next she downed anther two-liter bottle and started in on the spicy Chinese food. Deep waves began to chase across her body as her hips started bucking rhythmically. The friction on my cock was maddening, but I didn't dare cum in this tremendous goddess without permission. She ate a dinner for six as she covered me with an ever-expanding body that would not stop that slow rocking. I could not help but to put my hands on her thick nipples, my big hands barely covering her aureole. I could feel her tits growing bigger with every bite, and it made it even harder to believe what was happening. The pain of her weight was horrible, but it couldn't compare with the combined ecstasies of what she was doing to me... especially when she would clamp my dick in her vice-like pussy and keep me from cumming. It was the most wonderful pain imaginable, and she kept growing larger and larger all the while.

Things hadn't finished yet though. All at once all of the food in the room moved within easy reach of my four hundred pound captor. The slow pounding I had been getting from her vanished in a flurry as her powerful thighs began bucking wildly. She threw herself down onto me, covering me in fantastic rolls of feminine bulk. Her voice was almost a growl, "Put your arms around me and cum for me now!" Then she began shoveling food into her mouth with an eager desperation.

My arms weren't nearly long enough to reach around her, but they did let me feel what I couldn't see. She was growing, and growing fast. I felt deep crevices in her flab filling and then bulging outward. Hundreds of pounds swelled her giant ass long after the thick waves of belly fat pushed my arms away. Her breasts expanded faster than the rest of her body, and soon I was suffocating in her impossible cleavage. I came and came and came. I came until I could hear nothing but the goddess' pulse echoing through her huge tits, and all of the breath had been squeezed out of me by her endlessly swelling body.

I thought that I was dying, and didn't care.

The next afternoon, I woke up alone in the living room floor. She was gone, of course, along with all of the food cartons from the night before. I wasn't surprised to find her gone, it was all too much like a dream. I wouldn't have believed it at all except that there wasn't one bit of food in the kitchen and I hurt like hell all over. Like I said, I wasn't surprised to wake up and find her gone without a trace.

I was surprised when she walked through the door about an hour later wearing those white jeans again. She set a bag of groceries down on the kitchen table and reached up to kiss me. I didn't have a chance to ask her anything before she said "There's more groceries out in the truck, And a lot of it is ice cream. Hurry up and bring it in before it melts."

It hurt to move, but I sprinted out to the truck. I didn't want her ice cream to melt!