Weight Room Title Bar

House Project
by K-Dawg

Today (June 29th) was a great day in my life. You see, I had been friends with Jackie for many years. She had always been thin. She maintained her weight at 118 pounds. Today however, was the day when Jackie decided to be fat, and that would eventually get her fat.

Jackie and I were playing a wrestling game for my Playstation. Now, usually, neither of us had discussed each others weight. But, Jackie said that she wanted to pick the fattest person in the game, and I asked why. She replied, that she wanted to have a cushion to protect her. I, casually replied, how about in real life, and she said maybe. I decided to invite her over every day for the rest of the summer, and fatten her up. She always came over, but now, I would have fattening treats around. I started the plan the next day. I bought a cake, and carefully laid it next to my Playstation. When she came in, I turned the game on, and picked out the same guy she had the previous day. She took a slice of the cake, but with my coaxing, I got her to take another large slice. She ate it in a few seconds, and then reached for thirds. I was so stunned by this, that I didn't realize I had just gotten pinned by the computer. Jackie asked if she could unbutton her jeans, and I said yeah, and watched her stomach slowly spread out. I knew this was going to be a great summer.

A week had passed since I saw her stomach swell out, and now it was starting to push out, even if she didn't have her pants unbuttoned. I estimated she had gained around seven pounds. Her body was looking really good in her tighter clothes. Today I ordered a pizza, and watched her eat four slices. She had a great appetite. She sat back down, and I watched as her pants rode up between her swelling cheeks. She turned on the game, and picked out her usual guy. She brought the rest of the pizza with her, and started in on her fifth slice. She smiled as she bit into the slice. She went back to playing the game as her shirt rode up her growing tummy.

It was now July 13th. Jackie was ready to go into my pool. She had an eclair in her hand. She still had her shirt on, and under that was her two piece bathing suit. She finished her eclair, and ripped off her suit, and dove in. I couldn't really see how she looked because of the water, but I put my goggles on, and dove underwater. It wasn't a good shot, but she had definitely filled out. Must have gained 16 pounds. It looked well on her. When she got out of the pool, I told her I liked her suit, and asked if I could get a pic of it. She agreed, and I snapped the picture. Now, I had something to stare at at night. She turned to grab a burger from off the grill. I noticed her ass was jiggling ever so delicately from the sudden movement. Her stomach was hanging out of all the sides of her bikini. She had love handles forming at her sides. She looked wonderful. I knew that soon she would realize she was gaining and would stop eating so much, but hopefully, that wouldn't be soon.

Well, it has been three weeks since Jackie has been eating at my house. I have a feeling she won't be wearing her old jeans anymore. She came in, and her pants looked like they were going to explode. She was happy for some reason, although I never knew why. She bit into her hot dog, and a piece of the bun was on her lip. I wiped it off, and I noticed how soft her skin was. I knew I had liked her, but know I loved her. I said nothing, and she got up to garb a can of soda. I realized now that the plumping had really kicked in. She was now at least twenty pounds heavier then when we started. Her pants had caused a wedge, and she was having some trouble walking, and she had to constantly pull her underwear from out of her ass. Her stomach was pushing her shirt up to about her breasts. Speaking of breasts. She had gone up two cup sizes, and her bra wasn't supporting anything now. Her breasts bounced up and down with each movement. Her face was fuller, and she couldn't hid the start of her second chin. She had thicker thighs as well. She sat back down, and her ass quivered as she settled in. She finished her fourth dog, and her pants unbuttoned themselves, but she didn't stop her gluttony. If she did, she might not be as big as she is now.

It was now August 1st. Jackie came in, tight jeans and bikini top in all. She had told me that she had gained a few pounds, but said she wasn't that bad, so she wouldn't diet. That made me happy. At 165 pounds, she was drop dead gorgeous. In the past two weeks, she had gained a total of 25 pounds, due to her non-stop eating. Her body had changed drastically. Her stomach caused her zipper to remain open, and her button didn't even come close to buttoning. Her thighs were starting to touch when she was standing up, and she barely could cross her legs. She now had love handles, and a very visible double chin. Her face was really rounding out. That was nothing compared to her butt though. By the far the largest part of her body. At close to 50 inches, it stuck out from the rest of her body. It jiggled and swayed with each step. I longed to touch it, but no. I had to stay on track. Her breasts were now a D cup, and growing. She told me that she wanted to take a swim. I told her sure. She (with my help), got her jeans off, and dove in. I followed, but if I had known what was about to happen, I wouldn't have waited. She was behind me when I turned around, and she felt my boner. She said, "Do Me." I obliged, and next thing I knew, we were having sex. I had my dick in all the way in her clitoris. My hands were on her butt, and her breast. I was kissing her neck when I came into her pussy. She was orgasiming right there. When we finished, she went inside,(naked) and started to eat even more.

Now, that was all weeks ago. Jackie and I have been having sex ever since. That was also seventy pounds ago. At 235 pounds, she was gorgeous. We were contemplating marriage. I knew she loved me, and I loved her too. Her body was phenomenal. Her hips were over 70 inches, and her breasts were an F cup. Her stomach caused all her shirts to ride up. Her face was lovely with that second chin. We exchanged vows on the 1st of September, and have been married ever since.

The End