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The Ice-Parlour
by Dave

In this summer there was a new waitress in my favorite ice-parlour. It was a very small ice-parlour, and often she was alone behind the counter. She got my attention because she made the sundaes larger than the other waitress last summer. She was about seventeen or eighteen years old, had blond hair and a cute face. She smiled always, when I came into the ice-parlour, because I visited it nearly every day and ordered always one of the largest sundaes. And she was - okay, you could say slender, but that didn't really fit to her figure. Yes, she was slender, but she had also some sort of curves. In her hips and her belly, I could see it through her tight-fitting white apron. Nothing to really to speak of, but it made me asking if there would be a further development... I mean: She was the queen of nothing less than fourteen sorts of icecream! There were some well-known like vanilla and strawberry, but also some exotic like tiramisu or straciatella, and every sort - I tried everyone! - was just excellent. If I would do her job, I would have doubled my weight at the end of summer.

She started her job early in May, and we got to know each other because of my daily visits to her ice-parlour. Her name was Sally, and she was just finishing her highschool exams. She just had her 18. birthday, and now she wanted to earn money for a journey to Europe. She was cute and sympathetic, and we always had some smalltalk during I enjoyed her sundaes.

After two weeks I meant to see some changes in her figure. She was still slender, yes, but her face seemed to be a little fuller now. Her belly was rounder and also looked her bottom a little heavier. But this could also be my imagination - sort of wishful thinking.

Another two weeks later, early in June, it was quite obvious that she had gained weight. Her breasts were much fuller than one month ago, and a little, but undeniable roll of fat formed above her waistband. Her butt-cheeks started to sway from one side to the other when she was walking through the room. I ordered a Malaga-sundae.

"Only Malaga?" she asked with her smile.

"Yes, this is my favourite."

"I prefer cherry. It's sooo creamy."

"Ah - you mean you taste the ice which you sell?"

"Of course! That's the best of this job!"

I was the only visitor at this moment, so we could talk for a few minutes.

"When I'm closing in the evening and there's one or two ice-boxes with just a little ice-cream left in it, then I'm cleaning it with a spoon." She grinned. "And as you can imagine, I'm cleaning the spoon in my mouth."

"I see."

"But I've also nibbled down a half box on a rainy day. You know - if it's raining, you are the only to come in my little restaurant! And... uh... it's just boring, standing the whole day behind the counter and having nothing to do. Then I make me sundae after sundae, and before the afternoon comes, half of the box is gone."

"So - before midday you've already eaten one gallon of ice-cream?"

She blushed.

"Yes - if it's raining."

"How large is one of these boxes?"

"Two gallons."

"So you eat one gallon of ice-cream from opening at 9:00 am to midday?"

She blushed even more.

"Yes.. I mean - it CAN happen, but it needn't. - I beg you: Don't tell my boss. It's difficult enough to explain him how I sold one gallon of cherry-ice-cream on a rainy day..."

"Do you have to compensate for the money?"

"Luckily I haven't to do that. That would become expensive! My boss gets the money at the end of a week, and so he doesn't notice the difference between the left ice-cream and the earned money. Of course only if it's not a whole rainy week."

She smiled. "You see, I'm doing well here."

I ventured the question which I had on my mind. "Does your jeans still fit?"

She grinned. "Yep, that's the problem. I've gained twelve pounds since May, as you can probably see. I couldn't close the zipper of my tight jeans after only one week! I buyed a new one, one size larger, but it is too tight again. I'm afraid I have to buy a 32-inch-pair."

I was right! She had gained a not so small amount of weight, and the calories were from the ice-cream.

"These pounds fit you well!"

"Do you think so? Thanks. My girl-friends are telling me that I'm getting fat if I'm doing this job for a longer time. They are teasing me because of my round belly when we're together in the swimming-pool. But I think they just envy me because I've got the ice-cream for free."

"You don't need to think about your figure. You're just looking great."

"Thank you. That's my opinion, too. When I'm getting too heavy, I can loose the weight at the end of the summer. But I have to buy a new bathing suit. I'm just bursting out of the old one."

"You must be looking great!"

This evening I got the largest sundae I've ever seen...

The weather changed. The May had been fine, June was sunny with only little rain, but July got worse. During the first weekend it started to rain. The days were as dark as in November; overcast sky, rainy weather, no sun visible. Sometimes inbetween a brighter day, but nothing summerly at all. Bad times for ice-parlours!

On Monday evening I visited my favourite waitress again. She sat in her little ice-cream-shop and couldn't sell one sundae (except the ones I ordered every day after work). As the weather forecast didn't make any hope for sunshine for the next week, she had brought her little TV and placed it behind the counter. When I entered the ice-parlour, she sat on her chair, watched TV and ate ice-cream from a little bowl.

"Hi! How's the ice-cream-selling doing with this weather?"

She gulped a large spoonful of vanilla ice.

"As you can imagine bad."

"And you? How are you doing?"

"Better than the ice-cream-selling. I'm sitting here rain-protected, can watch TV and have as much ice-cream as I can eat. What do I want more?"

"Don't know. A real dinner?"

"No, thanks. I'm so fond of ice-cream that I've stopped eating anything else. Just for breakfast I've a bagel or two."

"Don't you think you'll get problems with the boss because of the money for the ice-cream?"

"No, I won't. He visited me this morning and told me not to worry about that. You know, we can store the fresh made ice-cream only a few days before it will perish. We can't sell it anyway, so I can eat it - before it will be perished, of course. The problem is, that my boss can't close his shop just because of the bad weather. So he brings me regularly fresh ice-cream, and if I can't sell it - we'll have a problem with the old ice-cream!"

"And you are solving this problem your way. Right?"

"Exactly." She grinned. "During the weekend I devoured one box of pistachio- and one of apricot-ice-cream. And a half one of vanilla. Gee, I was full yesterday evening!"

"And what did you have today?"

Before she could answer, a loud belch found its way through her throat.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. But perhaps this is sort of an answer to your question: too much. Little more than one box."

"You mean you had already two gallons of ice-cream today?"

"Yep." She patted her stomach. Unfortunately I could'nt see how big it was because she sat behind the counter.

"And what about your jeans?"

"Wrong question", she said, stood up and filled her little bowl with chocolate-ice-cream. "The 32-inch-jeans I bought last week is again too tight around the waist. This morning I had to pull an elastic through button and buttonhole so that I could wear it. This must be the feeling when you are pregnant."

"But you don't really regret your expanding girth, do you?"

"I would say - no! I've always dreamed of being locked overnight in an ice-parlour, even as a young girl, and now it has become true. The ice-cream has such a good quality..."

"...and is so creamy..."

"...and is so creamy, that I can't get enough from it. My girl-friend Jill visits me every day, and we make a large ice-cream-feast!" She giggled. "She has already gained eight pounds."

"And how much have you gained?"

"Twenty-five this morning. I'm up to 150 now!"

During the next - still rainy - days I could watch her getting rounder nearly every day. She buyed larger, baggy clothes, so that I could barely see her fuller figure. Only on friday she wore one of her old small-sized t-shirts and too tight stretch pants. My eyes must've been the largest she'd ever seen, because she started explaining immediatly.

"Yes, you're looking right. This is 160-pound-Sally in 120-pounds-clothes. I've had to wash the new pants and t-shirts because of all the ice-cream on it, and I just had these old ones. Am I looking good?"

"Without doubt. Better than ever!"

Indeed, every gallon of ice-cream had made its way to her hips, her belly, her butt, her breasts, her thighs and her upper arms. And her face - it was round with full cheeks, and she had already developed a little double chin.

"I've never seen so much ice-cream on someone's body in such a good shape."

"Thanks. Two gallons are still missing - those from today. But I think they're on their way."

She stood up to clean the tables. I enjoyed the way her butt was swaying through the room and here breasts were bouncing up and down.

"The only thing which is disturbing me is that I soon get out of breath. Carrying those forty extra pounds isn't as easy as you may think. Because of the lack of activity I'm completely out of form. "

"What about some activity? Going swimming?"

"I'm too fat. I don't believe I still fit into my bathing suit, even in the new one."

"What about a trial?"

"Uhm... A trial is okay, I think ."

"What about tomorrow in the swimming-bath?"

"Tomorrow is okay. Jill will represent me in the shop. We'll meet at 2:00 pm?"

At two o'clock I was waiting at the pool. Then I saw her coming through the park. She was wearing a one-piece turquoise bathing suit which was at least one or two numbers to small. She looked as if she could burst out of her swimdress every second.

"Here I am!" she greeted me, took her stand before me and stopped sucking in her voluminous belly - "stopped", because it didn't look so enormous when she walked to me as now. I didn't know where to look at first, so I looked into her eyes.

"Hey, you're really looking good!", I said with a smile.

"Stop it, man. I bought this swimsuit early in June, and now I hardly fit into it. No wonder, if one gains forty pounds in two months!"

She looked breathtaking. She wasn't too tall - at 5'6" I'd estimate her height -, and the pounds were well distributed on her figure. She had full and sagging breasts, which were straining the fabric to its limits. Her potbelly looked just well-nourished with its fullness and its softness. In profile it protruded a few inches more than her lush breasts. Her butt had divided into two large globes - I've seldom seen something so round and strapping! Her thighs were fleshy and stout, and bulges of fat were forming at the borders of her too tight swimdress.

"How long do you want to do your job?"

"You mean how fat I still want to get?"

"Uhm... If you are going on gaining so much, you will weigh 200 pounds in September!"

"And then? Will I be too fat to swim?"

"No - but you really need a new bathing suit!"

We laughed both.

After we had done some swimming and hanging around and after Sally had got a lot of looks from her former classmates she felt something was missing.

"Uhm... would you mind looking after my little shop and visiting Jill? Perhaps she is bored or needs help..."

"Yes, perhaps she doesn't know how to put the ice-cream from the boxes into her mouth..."

"Yes - we could show her that!"

When we arrived at the ice-parlour, we saw Jill sitting behind the counter, watching TV and shoveling the ice-cream with a large spoon in her mouth. She nearly didn't notice when we entered.

"Hi Jill! How are you doing?" shouted Sally.

Jill frightened, and the spoon fell out of her hand.

"H-Hi!" she said hesitating. "You mustn't think I've been eating all the time. I've also..." Nothing came into her mind what she could have done. She looked anxiously to Sally.

"Okay, okay... You HAVE eaten all the time, when I look at the empty boxes. And at your belly!" Sally laughed, because Jill had opened her jeans, and her swollen belly stuck out of the fabric. Jill blushed.

"Jill, you can eat as much as you want. Our boss is happy in these days, when the ice-cream doesn't get too old. But this creamy stuff will make you fat, I can tell you."

"Oh, I don't mind gaining a few pounds. Peter always tells me he doesn't like feeling every bone of my body." She belched loudly.

"Then you've got the right job. Look at me: You can't see any bones! But on Monday I'll do this job again. So, do your best with the left-over ice-cream! But before you devour anything in sight, we'll help you."

Sally pulled a whole box of walnut-icecream out of the counter and put it onto a small table, so that we could sit next to and take spoonful after spoonful out of it.

It was at about 9:00 pm when we three left the store. Everyone of us had eaten a whole conainer with two gallons of best ice-cream. Jill felt sick, Sally felt great, and I had a very tight feeling in my stomach.

On Monday I had to set out on an official journey for the next two weeks. What a pity - I wouldn't get such a good ice-cream anywhere, and I couldn't visit my favourite waitress. And the worst: I couldn't see her weight gain in progress. The only thing I could do was watching the weather forecast for my place of residence, so that I could figure out if Sally would be busy or would have lots of time. From Monday to Thursday the weather got better - warmer, sunnier, nearly hot. But on Friday they had a big thunderstorm, and after that it was raining day by day. Great!

I was back on the next Friday, and on Saturday morning it was still pouring with rain. I was so curious of seeing her that I went immediatly to her shop. When I came into the ice-parlour, she did some cleaning at the tables, and I could see her in profile. Boy, did she get fat! Her belly looked as if she had gained 20 pounds in the last two weeks. Her face was rounder, too, and she had developed a not so small double-chin!

"Hi!" I said. "Had been two good weeks for you?"

"As you can see, yes."

"Did the ice-cream cause some sort of a pregnancy?"

"Definitly yes. If you come to near to it or - much worse! - you swallow it, you'll get a little thing in your belly which is always shouting: 'More of it! More of it!' And this tiny little thing is growing bigger and bigger, and after a few weeks you look pregnant." She laughed. "Nice to see you again. It has been somehow lonely without anybody. Except for the tiny little thing, of course."

"What's about Jill? Didn't she visit you?"

"She wasn't allowed to. After her mother found out that her twelve-pound-weight-gain was caused by her regularly visits at my shop she put her on diet."

"What a pity."

"Could've been my words. But probably she will be back soon, because she got so used to eating this stuff."

"But YOU weren't really on a diet."

"How did you know?" She laughed and patted her huge pot-belly. "In the contrary - I think I'm on the best diet you can imagine! Ice-cream-diet!"

"Nothing else than ice-cream, I see... But I hope you don't fall off the wagon!"

"No chance. Look at me: Can this belly lie?"

"No way. How much did you gain in the last two weeks?"

"I was at 160 when we were in the swimming-bath. And this morning the scale showed me a big 180."

"You're getting a bit out of shape, my dear." I made the my sternest face.

"Oh yes, just when you said it I remarked it, too." She spoke in a silly high voice. "Do you think I could still wear a bikini?"

"Do you think a bikini would help you to get back in shape?"

We both burst into laughter.

"To be honest - I'm sometimes getting worried about my weight. If the weather isn't changing, I'll probably weigh 200 pounds in only two weeks! I tell you, I was really shocked when I couldn't read the scale without bending over! And every two weeks I've to buy a larger pair of jeans!"

"So you are going to stop eating this good stuff?"

"No - not really." She smiled. "There's a little room left for one or two gallons."

Indeed, it was. The weather didnt't change, and sweet Sally devoured gallon after gallon of her high-quality ice-cream. During the next three rainy weeks her belly, hips and butt grew to new dimensions. She admitted that her weight had increased up to 220 pounds. When we met again in the swimming-bath, her wobbling belly and her large boobs made me crazy.

"No muscles, everything is fat!" she said, breathing heavily, with her big smile and put her arms around her expanded waist.

"If I didn't knew, I'd ask you from what you did get sooo fat in such a short time!" months!

By the end of September, when the ice-parlor was closing until next year, she carried 250 pounds on her hips.

"Do you still want to loose your weight until next year?" I asked.

"No way. I'm looking forward to thanksgiving and christmas. I'll order from my boss some boxes for the whole family, and after that I'm looking forward to next year."

These were just my thoughts.

- end -