Weight Room Title Bar

by Rebel

Amber was one of the prettiest girls that Jake knew. She was usually smiling, and her blue eyes would sparkle and dance when she did. A cascade of dark honey colored hair poured down to the middle of her back, always reminding Jake of a shampoo commercial. Best of all, she was a big girl. Standing about 5' 11" tall, she was only about ten pounds shy of being plump. Her hips were beautifully wide and rounded, and flowed gracefully down into her long legs. there was a perfect little curve at her tummy, not really quite a bulge. But of course, what most people noticed first about her was her bust. It was indeed impressive, and she was actually quite proud of it. She had those full bouncing breasts that are found only on big teenage girls.

All of that almost added up to exactly what Jake liked in a woman. If he could just get her to gain a little weight, her body would have been perfect. As an extra bonus, she had an outgoing and humorous personality that was balanced by an alert intellect. Amber was naturally irresistible and she unknowingly held sway over most of the guys that she knew.

Of course, there was one drawback. Jake was 25 and fresh out of the Marines. Amber was 18 and still in high school. They met while working as cast at the King Henry VIII Renaissance Festival during the spring. There was an undeniable lustful tugging between the two of them, but neither one gave in to it. So Jake adopted Amber as a little sister and was content with just an occasional impure thought of touching her.

Amber had the same impure thoughts about Jake. There he was, six feet tall and 180 pounds of hard, hairy flesh. The man radiated control and authority. His black hair was thick and short, continued in a neatly trimmed handlebar mustache. When he did his Russian accent, his already deep voice became a powerful growl. In fact, everyone at the festival pictured him as a Rotteweiler Guard dog. Even his eyes were the same shade of brown as the dog's.

Jake pretty well had his choice of women at the festival, and Amber took secret pleasure in the fact that every woman he chose was at least voluptuous. Most of them were fat, and seemed to gain weight as they dated him.

Over the four years that they worked together at Hank 8, as the performers called the festival, Amber and Jake remained close friends. They did an awful lot of flirting, most of it only half in jest. When working in a place where the men wear tights and the women have to be laced into and then released from corsets, flirting is just a part of communication. Jake watched Amber date several other people, and always thought that she could do much better than that guy. For every woman that Jake dated, Amber thought that he was setting his expectations way too low. Still, nothing ever happened between them except for a little flirting here and there.

After a while, Jake finally met the perfect woman. He married her and had a baby, so he also quit Hank 8. He would still bring his family out to the festival every year, and he and his wife Kelly still partied with the people in the performing company. Amber was able to keep up with him that way, so they were able to remain friends.

As time past, changes came to them both. Amber graduated from high school and started college courses at night. She had a variety of jobs, most of them in restaurants or food stores. Boyfriends came and went, but she stayed happy most of the time. She began to gain a little weight, which she always struggled to lose before the festival season started again. Even so, she was slowly gaining a little bit more each year.

Jake found a career as a policeman, but spent most of his time being a good Daddy to his son Rugrat. His life was better than he had ever dared to hope. Being out of the military had allowed him to slide a little on his fitness routine, but he kept himself in pretty good shape. Kelly had plumped up quite a bit, so even if Jake had a wandering eye once in a while, he never had any reason to pursue other women. He had more than he could handle at home with his wife.

Having a child will wreck a social like nothing else can. Jake and Kelly found this out when their son turned two. One Saturday, it occurred to them that they hadn't seen anyone from Hank 8 in a full year. As luck would have it, this happened just as the Celtic Faire was going on downtown. Almost every festival performer would be there, there would be entertainment and beer, and it would be a great place to take Rugrat. Besides, the weather was perfect, so they headed for the city.

Amber was working in an Irish food booth for most of the day, so she didn't get to see many of her friends. It was just as well, they might not have recognized her anyway. On the bright side, she was a part of the extreme minority of people who actually liked Irish food. At least she had been well fed that day. When her shift was over, she changed clothes and walked out to enjoy a little of the Faire.

She nearly fell flat on her face as she tried to avoid stepping on a little boy. A pair of strong arms caught her and boosted her back up. She looked up into Jake's face, and then she couldn't help but smile.

If Amber hadn't smiled, he probably wouldn't have recognized her. To say that she had plumped up was like saying that Stonehenge was a couple of rocks. She had gained at least a hundred pounds since the last time he'd seen her. The sweatshirt and jeans she wore didn't do anything to disguise her weight, especially since it looked like she had bought them twenty pounds ago. He couldn't find anything to say at first, so he just smiled back.

"Jake!" she screamed, throwing her arms around his neck. Her soft body seemed to almost envelope him. She didn't hug him long enough to make Kelly mad, and she certainly didn't hug him for as long as she wanted to. After letting him go, she immediately went over to hug Kelly.

Hugging that massive new version of Amber was almost enough to give Jake a full erection in a matter of seconds. Watching her hug his plump wife nearly finished that job. Amber was quite a bit larger than Kelly, but they were both soft and shapely, and a lot fatter than the last time they had hugged out at Hank 8. For a man with tastes like Jake's, it was a vision of fantasy.

As Kelly and Amber said their hellos, a couple of guys that Jake knew came over to see Rugrat. It kind of irritated him that they were distracting him from watching the women, but he talked to them in a friendly way. When the brief conversation turned and the guys went to talk to Kelly, Amber came over to him again.

"You look great, Sugar." he told her. Her smile widened as she dropped her eyes shyly. So that she wouldn't have to follow up on that, he added, "So what new or different or interesting is going on in your world?"

She laughed briefly but a little loudly. It was how she had always laughed, and he loved the flirty sound of it. "Oh, nothing much. I've been working in a bakery for a little over a year now, so..." As she said the last word, she began making an inflating gesture at her belly and puffed out her cheeks to indicate the weight she had gained.

That simple statement and motion finished the job on his erection. This was just too good to believe. This time, he dropped his voice so that she would know exactly what he meant. "You really do look fantastic, Amber. It's good to see you again."

She may have blushed a little, it was hard to tell. After that the conversation turned to other, more mundane topics. They were both joking around, and she kept giving him that flirty laugh. No matter what they were talking about though, he could not get his mind off her body. The sheer size of her breasts was enough to hold his attention, even if he hadn't been trying to guess how much they had grown. It was a wonderful way to be distracted.

After less than a minute, Jake noticed that his wife was ready to leave. He started to say good-bye to her, then asked "Where is this bakery where you work?"

It's on Lancaster Boulevard, and it's called Oven Lovin'. Just like that, Oven Lovin'." She answered him so quickly that she was afraid he'd know how much she was hoping he'd ask her about it. She stopped just short of giving him a card for the place. Then they all said good-bye and wandered off in their own directions. Amber made sure that she stayed where she could watch Jake walk away for as long as she could.

Kelly leaned over to her husband and did a remarkably good impression of Amber's flirtatious laugh. Then she grinned and hugged him. After a while, she had gotten used to girls constantly flirting with Jake. It had taken her a little longer to get used to the fact that she could truly trust him. Even if he did have a hard-on.

They got home and put Rugrat to bed. Then they finished off a good day in the best way they could think of. Kelly's gorgeous body and eager orgasms erased any thoughts of other from Jake's mind for the rest of the night.

Sunday found Amber back at work at the Celtic Faire, back in the food booth. She was in a great mood and passed the day with constant snacking and impure thoughts. She knew that Jake had to work today, but she watched for him anyway. She was only a tiny bit disappointed that he never showed up, her fantasies kept her company.

Jake could not get his thoughts off of Amber. He know that she was working at the Faire today, but he couldn't find an excuse to swing over there while he was on duty. As the day crept on, his thoughts became increasingly impure. He even toyed with the idea of pulling large women over just so he could give them warnings about minor traffic violations. At the end of his shift, he was doing a little better. He went home and almost didn't think about Amber

Monday was warm but cloudy. Amber went to work at Oven Lovin' and was soon lost in the daily tasks of her job. The warm glow she had been riding since seeing Jake had started to cool a bit. After all, he was happily married to a great lady and was too busy being a daddy to spend much time with her. That didn't change the fact that he had been so very glad to see her, and he might have even liked what he saw. She snuck a little piece of broken cookie and thought about the way that he had looked at her when the door opened. She looked up at the sound of the little brass bell and saw Jake coming in.

She flashed him a terrific grin and leaned across the counter to greet him. "Hi Jacob! What are you doing on this side of town?" He was wearing a pair of faded black jeans and a new white tee shirt, and he looked positively delicious.

"Well, I was just nowhere near your neighborhood and thought I'd drop by to see you again." He paused for a second before he said "I just didn't get enough of you Saturday, so I got a baby-sitter for a little while and..." The tall girl was making it difficult for him to think with the way that she was leaning on that counter. There was no visible cleavage, but the shape of her awesome breasts were clearly evident through her uniform top and apron. Then out of the blue he said "God, you are a gorgeous lady."

This time she did blush. Before she could answer him, a woman's voice called her from the back. Something about an Alamo cake, it sounded like. She grinned a little and said "Be right back. Don't you go anywhere." Then she headed to the back of the bakery. He watched her big beautiful build move across the doorway a few times before she came back to the front.

"Amber...?" the voice from the back called again, "Where did Geena put the coconut shavings?" She giggled a bit and went back through the doorway again. While she was back there, a customer came in. She smiled at Jake when he said hi. Amber returned and the woman started placing a cookie order for some party that afternoon. She wrote the woman's order down and told her it would be ready on time. The lady paid her deposit and walked out, smiling at Jake and then at Amber again.

He asked how she liked the job and when she could take a break. "Not for another hour and a half or so..." she said with obvious disappointment. Just then another man came in.

"Hi, I need to pick up a cake shaped like the Alamo. The name is Kraust and it's all paid for. I know I'm early, but I thought that since I was here I would check on it," he said to Amber without waiting for her to say anything. He was a small guy and had the nervous movements of a ferret.

"Oh yeah, we just finished it. I'll bring it right out." She flashed Jake an apologetic glance and went again to the back. While she was gone, the little man never looked at Jake at all. However he also never looked away from where he thought he might see Amber next.

Kraust's Alamo cake was a very large cake, and he seemed grateful when Amber carried it out for him. Jake looked over him to Amber. "Do you need a hand with that?"

"No, I got it. Thanks though. Just wait here." At least Kraust held the door open for her. She loaded the cake into his minivan. When she walked in the door, the telephone rang. She began to hurry around the counter to get it until they heard they heard the woman in the back answer it.

"I guess I better go so you can keep up with this place." He touched her shoulder as he went on. "Like I said, I didn't have a reason to come by, other than wanting to see you again."

She said "Awww...!" like she was looking at a puppy. "That's so sweet."

"No, it's really not sweet. I want you to know that I've been thinking about you a lot." He gestured toward her body and said "I really did just want to take another look at you. You're absolutely gorgeous!"

This time, she hugged him as long as she wanted to. She crushed his lean body into hers and held him there tightly. The feeling of his strong arms pulling her even closer filled her senses with a tingling.

When she wrapped her thick arms around him this time, he was ready. He took her in his own arms and pressed himself into the full softness of her beautiful body. He let his attention spend a moment on every place where he touched her. It was like a symphony of erotic sensations. He felt as if he could embrace this perfectly feminine woman forever.

Slowly, they separated enough to kiss. They gazed at each other for a moment, as though they were sharing those fantasies from so long ago. Reluctantly, Jake pulled away before their lips could touch.

"Now that is what I came all the way out here for!" Suddenly he slipped into his old Russian accent. "You are the best hugger I have ever had the pleasure of holding, Devotchka." She curtsied demurely, another wonderful sight. It broke the awkward little tension that they felt.

Then his smile slipped, and he pointedly took a good serious look at her body. He wanted her to see his eyes pause on her heavy thighs, her broad hips, the sweet bulge of her belly. He paused again at her impressive bust before returning his eyes to meet hers. Then in a serious tone, he told her "Amber, you really are a gorgeous woman." When he said it this time, she believed him completely.

"And I had better leave now while I can still talk myself into going!" His smile was back.

They talked for a short time to say good-bye again. It sure did seem to Amber that they did that an awful lot recently. Just for the fun of it, she added some extra wiggle to her steps as she went back around the counter. She knew that he'd be watching her, and she wanted to make it memorable for him. She was pleased by the happy little groan that escaped him. The brass bell on the door jingled as he left.

As it turned out, Monday was a remarkably good day for impure thoughts!