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The Jogger
by mjm

I had just finished moving into the house my aunt had left me in herwill. It was an older home in an older neighborhood but except for needingpaint it was in very good condition. Of course most of the other homeownerson the block were retirees so I didn't figure I'd meet anyone my age.

It was Saturday so I was outside mowing the lawn. As I mowed, I saw a plumpyoung woman jogging. As she jogged closer and closer, I could tell thatshe was very pretty and from the way her body giggled and flopped as shejogged, she was definitely a butterball. I switched off my mower and wanderout to the curb to greet her.

She smiled when she saw me and I said, "Good morning. Great day forjogging."

She stopped and tried to catch her breathe and replied, "There's nosuch thing as a good day for jogging."

I laughed but asked, "Then why are you jogging."

"Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to lose some of the tonnage I've pickedup since I moved in with my grandmother down the block but it won't work'cause I'll bet you she's in the kitchen baking something for me that'sso fattening that I just gained a pound by talking about it." she retorted.

We both laughed. I asked her if she'd care for a cool drink as I was aboutto have one myself. She accepted and we went inside. She took a seat onthe couch and I went into the kitchen.

"What would you like?" I hollered from the kitchen.

"What do you have?" she asked.

"Is it too early for a beer?" I asked. "Depends on whatkind of beer. Got anything dark?" she replied.

"As a matter of fact I do. Do you want a glass?"

"No, bottle is fine." I was really starting to like this girla lot.

We sat in the parlor and sipped our beers and chatted. She was workingon her masters in psychology at State which was why she was living withher granny. I told her that I was in the trucking business and served thefood service industry delivering to restaurants, bakeries and grocers. We each had another beer. Then she said she had to get back. We exchangedphone numbers and she left.

I fired up my mower and she started to jog but before she got ten stepsshe quit jogging and I heard her say, "Oh fuck it." I watchedas she waddled towards home. It didn't take long to finish my mowing andI went inside to clean up. The phone started ringing as soon as I entered.Dawn, the jogger, was calling to invite me over for lunch. I accepted andwent to shower.

I arrived right on time and Dawn's granny answered the door. She was heavyset lady in her mid sixties. We began to chat about my deceased aunt thenDawn entered the room. She was simply gorgeous. The sun dress she wore wason the verge of being too tight which I enjoy seeing. Dawn invited me intothe dining room. When I saw the feast set on the table I made the faux pasof asking how many others were coming. Dawn laughed and said, "Seewhat I was telling you. This is just for the three of us. By the time Iget my degree, I'll weigh a ton." Before I could stop myself, I blurtedout, "I'd like to see that!" Dawn looked at me oddly.

We sat down to lunch. Granny and I monopolized the conversation duringlunch since we had something in common. Seems that Granny had once ownedand operated a cafe so we had the food service industry in common. Dawnseemed quite happy to sit and listen and gobble. While Granny complainedabout the poor quality and expense of having to shop at the local grocerystore she made sure that Dawn's plate never got empty. Dawn seemed to acceptthe fact that as long as she lived with Granny, she was never going to getto see the design on her plate.

It was usual for me to pick at my meal as was the case with Granny whomust have been a snacker. Dawn on the other hand was a big eater and dida hell of a job for someone her size. Probably only weighed about 200 buton someone as short as she was, maybe 5'2", she was very chubby anddefinitely on her way to being fat. Depending on how long it took her toget her degree and judging by the way Granny cooked, Dawn might very wellwind up down right huge.

When Dawn was finally stuffed to bursting and complaining to Granny thatshe just couldn't hold another bite, Granny said, "Surely you've savedroom for some of my peach cobbler ala mode." Dawn excused herself aftera tiny burp and whispered to me, "Maybe two tons." I laughed andsaid, "I'd really like to see that." Dawn tried to hide her gigglesas Granny set down a man killing dish of hot peach cobbler ala mode forDawn who slowly picked up her spoon and dug in.

Granny came back with much smaller portions for herself and me. "You'relike me. I'm kind of a snacker. Too many years in the cafe and never timefor a regular meal." Granny said. I agreed that my schedule was suchthat I never had time for more than just a snack from time to time. Grannypointed at Dawn and said, "Dawny's different, she's always had a goodappetite." Dawn tried to smile but her mouth was too full.

Dawn was getting close to the bottom when Granny plopped another scoopof ice cream on top of Dawn's remaining cobbler. As Granny turned beganclearing the table, Dawn whispered again, "Maybe three tons."We laughed. Dawn threw in the towel on her cobbler and re retired to theden. Dawn was quite obviously uncomfortably stuffed and her sun dress wasstretched to limit across her over loaded belly. As she struggled in vainto get comfortable she said, "You watch, in a minute she'll be outwith something else for me to eat." I smiled and was about to say "Ihope so" when Granny brought out a big plate of fudge. "See"Dawn said as she struggled to get a big chunk of fudge.

I was about to attempt to make small talk when my pager went off. "Pardonme, may I use your phone?" Dawn's mouth was too full of fudge to answerso she just pointed towards the phone. I dialed the number and waited forand answer as Dawn picked up another hunk of fudge. She was becoming mydream girl. "Hello, this is Ben's Delivery, you paged me." I saidinto the phone. The customer was pissed. "Yes, I know but the shipperput on too much. Look at it as a gift from your supplier. OK, OK, you don'thave room to store it. I'll come get it. I'll be there in thirty minutes."

I looked at Dawn who was by now as close to bursting as a human can getwithout duress and smiled as she slowly lifted one more hunk of fudge toher lips. "I hate to eat and run but I've got an angry customer totend to." I said and further thanked Granny. As I headed for the doorI turned back and said to Dawn, "You wanta' go with me?" Dawngrinned and nodded and struggled to her feet. Granny ran off to the kitchenand returned with a big bag of cookies for us just in case we got hungry.I thanked Granny as I accepted the cookies and escorted Dawn out to my pick-up.

As we road along we chatted or rather I chatted. Dawn had already startedin on the cookies. It was a short trip over to the tiny bakery. I drovearound back and found the customer standing outside the back door to hisbakery. The six buckets of frosting sitting out in the sun. I loaded theminto the back. We shook hands and Dawn and I were off. She asked me aboutthe buckets. I told her that each of the five gallon buckets contained fortypounds of cake frosting. she asked to see one.

I stopped the truck at a 7-11. While Dawn went in to get a drink I puta bucket of frosting in the middle of the truck seat and pried off the seal.Dawn came out with a big coke Slurpee. I helped her into the truck. Shelooked at the big bucket of frosting, dug in with her finger for a taste."Damn, that's better than the frosting Granny makes from scratch."she said as she licked her finger clean. Next she took a cookie and beganusing it like a shovel.

We left the 7-11 parking lot and headed back to her house but we didn'tget far before Dawn said, "Hey, Ala Mode is having a sale. Can we stopfor a minute.?" I saw the store in question and pulled into the parkinglot. This was my kind of place, fat and flab as far as the eye could see.Dawn shoved in one last bite of cookie piled high with frosting. I put thelid on the frosting and went around to open her door. She was unaccustomedto gallantry and said so but added that she could easily learn to get accustomedto it. We strolled around for a bit before a sun dress similar to the oneshe was wearing caught her eye. She pulled it off the rack and headed forthe dressing room. It looked great on her and had plenty of room for growth.She decided to wear the dress home so after paying for it put her old dressin the bag and we got into the truck.

On the way home we spied a homeless bag lady on the corner. As we stoppedfor the red light, Dawn reached out and handed the old dress to the baglady who showed us a toothless grin and blessed Dawn for her gift. Dawnseemed very pleased with herself and dug into the frosting with renewedgusto. As we neared her house Dawn asked what I was going to do with thefrosting. "Well since you've already claimed this one as your own,I thought I might as well give you the rest of them."

Dawn smiled and accepted the offer.

"How long is this stuff supposed to last without refrigeration onceit's been opened?" she queried.

"Should last about a week before it starts to grow mold." I responded.

Dawn began to mumble, "Seven goes into 40 almost six times."then said "I can't eat six pounds of frosting in a day."

"You never know what you can do until you try." I said. She smiledand then said, "You know Granny might get her feelings hurt if I comehome with all this "store bought" frosting." I offered tostore it at my house. She was a cagey little minx and accepted.

We pulled up in front of her house and I escorted her to the door. Shethanked me for a nice afternoon and kissed my cheek. As she entered I couldhear Granny giving her the third degree but mainly what I heard was Granny'sdescription of what she was making for dinner. As I turned towards my truckDawn suddenly opened the door and thrust a big mixing bowl at me and handedme a big spatula. Without saying a word, I knew I was supposed to fill itwith frosting which I did.

When I handed the bowl to Dawn which I had filled completely to the rimshe said, "You're worse than Granny." I smiled at her and overmy shoulder as I headed for my truck said, "Much worse." She closedthe door and I headed home.

As soon as I had stowed the buckets of frosting I went for the phone. Iwanted to call Dawn so badly but I didn't want to seem too anxious. Backand forth I went picking up the phone to call then putting it down. I wentto get a beer but the phone rang. It was Dawn. Before I could stop myselfI blurted out, "I was just about to call you." It was difficultfor her to talk as her breathing was so labored but finally she said, "I'mglad. I had a really nice time today."

"How much frosting do you think was in that bowl?" she asked.

"Don't know. Maybe three pounds." I guestimated.

She took a deep breath and said, "Well maybe six pounds a day wouldn'tbe all that tough." I laughed as I heard Granny in the background tellingDawn to invite me over for dinner. They bickered about it for a minute andfinally Dawn agreed, "Would you like to come over for dinner?"she asked. I told her I'd love to. We said good bye and before she hungup the phone I heard her tell her Granny she was going to take a nap.

I could not get into the bathroom fast enough to jack off. As I closedmy eyes and began to "polish my dolphin" I started to fantasizeabout Dawn. Of course she was much fatter, absolutely huge, and I was shovingfood into her mouth so fast that it could only happen in a fantasy or acartoon. I tried to squirt directly into the bowl but my aim was not good.It took more toilet paper than usual to wipe up the mess I had made butI did not care.

Afterward, I got a beer and settled in to watch a fishing show on TV. Ilove to fish but the problem with fishing is all the bull shit you haveto go through and then there's the problem of what to do if you actuallycatch a fish, keep it or throw it back? Televised fishing is much betterall around. I fell asleep just as I about to learn how to use a weedlesstreble hook on a jig or something like that.

The ringing phone awakened me. It was Dawn.

"Hello" I sleepily croaked at her.

"Did you forget about dinner?" she asked.

"Oh gosh, what time is it. I'm sorry I fell asleep." I said apologetically.

Dawn laughed, "You silly goose, you couldn't possibly be late. I nevertold you what time to be here, but now I am. Dinner will be served in about30 minutes."

"I'll be there shortly." I assured her.

"Have you got any Tupperware?" she asked.

"Ah, yeah, I ah guess so. Why?" I answered.

"Bring me some more frosting. See ya later." she said and hungup.

I made a bee line for the kitchen and began searching for Tupperware. AsI went through the kitchen basically ransacking the place all I could findwith a matching lid was a tiny little plastic tub that wouldn't have heldtwo big bites of frosting. I was in a panic about what to do. Call Dawnand tell her no Tupperware, rush to the store and buy some, then I saw it.Underneath the other mixing bowls was a huge plastic tub and next to itrested its lid.

I pulled it down and started filling it. It was a three quart bowl. I filledit to almost overflowing and struggled to seal the lid. By this time, itwas almost time to go. I rushed to my bathroom and ran my electric razoracross my face a few times, splashed on some cologne, combed my hair, brushedmy teeth, and tucked in my shirt tail. As I headed for the door, I grabbedthe tub of frosting. I pulled up to Dawn's house. She came out to my truck.When she saw the huge tub of frosting on the seat beside me she said, "Youare much worse than Granny." she giggled. I handed her the tub of frosting.She took it and hid it behind her back as we walked up to the house. I openedthe door and Dawn excused herself to go to her room to hide her "contraband".

Granny greeted me and said that dinner would be ready soon and invitedme to have a seat in the den. I accepted and she brought me a tall ice tea.Dawn returned grinning while trying to hide the fact that her mouth wasfull of frosting and swallowed. She took a seat beside me and Granny handedher a tall ice tea also. Granny went back to finish dinner.

Before long Granny announced that dinner was served and I escorted Dawnto the table. Man oh man, what a feast. Country ham, mashed potatoes, gravy,biscuits, candied yams, buttered corn on the cob and fried okra. Grannyfilled Dawn's plate to overflowing but gave herself and me much smallerportions. As before, Granny and I talked about the food service businesswith her complaining about this and that. As it turned out, almost everythingshe complained about, I could do something about and for wholesale prices.

"You know, the only problem is that everything you've mentioned comesin bulk." I said then I looked at Dawn merrily gobbling like therewas no tomorrow and it occuured to me that if Dawn's capacity increasedmuch more than it was, Granny would need to buy in bulk just to keep upwith Dawn's expanding waisline.

"No problem. I have a big walk in pantry plus a huge freezer in thegarage along with another older refrigerator that works just fine."said Granny as she spooned more food onto Dawn's plate. Dawn never misseda bite or slowed down one bit. She was so accustomed to Granny's constantattention that she just kept gobbling as though it was the most naturalthing in the world. Eventually, with Granny's constant attention and coaxing,Dawn ahd stuffed herself to near bursting and complained of having overdone it. Granny began clearing the table while Dawn tried to get her secondwind as she knew dessert was coming.

Granny brought out a lemon merangue pie that was at least six inches tall.She proceeded to cut a hunk for Dawn that would have killed a bear but Dawndug in anyway although complaining all the while that she wouldn't be ableto finish it. Dawn looked at me and said, "Although, you never know'til you try! Right?" "Right" I said as I stuck a fork intothe tiny slice set before me. By some miracle, Dawn did manage to finishthat incredible piece of pie but even Granny knew that she was done anddidn't even offer her another slice. I helped Dawn up and we retired tothe den.

Dawn and I sat together on the couch. I took her hand and held it tightly.She sort of leaned against me. Although her breathing was labored she didmanage to speak, "Have you always liked fat girls?" The questionreally took me by surprise but I managed to answer, "As far back asI can remember."

"You ever wonder why?" she asked. Her psychology major was showing.

"Yes I have but I never could come with an answer so I gave up aking."was my response.

Dawn was quiet for a few moments and asked, "Do you have trouble acceptingyour preference?"

I wanted to say "No" but I answered truthfully, "Yes I do."

"And why is that."

This was going to be real hard to discuss but I just said, "Well seethere's more to it than just simply preferring fat women."

I started to stutter but Dawn continued for me, "You mean being a"Feeder"?" How did she know about Feeders?

Granny came in with a plate of fudge brownies and a glass of milk for Dawn.Dawn picked up a brownie and as Granny returned to the kitchen she said,"I'm thinking about writing a thesis on Feeders."

Suddenly the thought struck me to say, "I refuse to be a part of alaboratory experiment." Dawn smiled at me and handed me a brownie whichI did not want and said, "Might be a lot of fun" and opened hermouth wide for me to feed her the brownie.