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Kelli's Big Belly

Part 1

Kelli was 24 years old and eight months pregnant. Her long blonde hair and beautiful features had made her quite stunning even before she became pregnant but now she was truly radiant. She had maintained her weight at 125 lbs. for years but had let things slip by about the forth month. She knew that she was gaining weight more rapidly than her doctor had recommended but she kept getting compliments on how great it looked on her. At first she found it hard to believe. Surely everyone was just being kind and didn't want to tell her how fat she was getting. However she began to like the feeling herself as her belly expanded and her clothes grew tight. More and more she gave in to her cravings and near constant hunger. She had even taken to spending time every morning before getting dressed admiring herself in the mirror, noticing the fresh curves on her bottom, hips and thighs and seeing just how much bigger than the day before her swollen stomach and breasts had become. Now, at 191 lbs., she was quite a sight, sure to drive any man wild.

One day at work everyone was all stares and smiles as Kelli entered the office wearing a tight black dress with white collar and red scarf that only last week had been billowing out and disguising her greatly inflated figure. Now, however, the material was clinging to every curve and even pulled tightly around her protruding belly button which was poking out about an inch from her round full stomach. Her breasts had grown to such full and generous proportions that the dress had taken on the appearance of being much more low-cut that it really was intended to be. She enjoyed the stares and had taken to wearing such sexy outfits to work once she had overheard a group of co-workers mentioning a bet they had going about how much she would end up weighing before her baby was born. Her pronounced waddle drew even more attention to the fact that her body had filled to hugely round and curvaceous dimensions that she had never before imagined.

"Looks like whoever has 200 lbs in the pool is pretty sure to be the winner," Scott winked as Kelli walked by his station, casting a huge shadow over his entire desk.

"Yeah," purred Janice under her breath, "but I think my bet of 250 is within reach too, if she keeps on eating like she has been!"

Kelli reached her desk and squeezed into her chair, sliding the bag of donuts she had stopped and bought on the way into work into her side drawer where she could easily reach them. The bag emptied rapidly as the morning work began, her munching with one hand and typing with the other as donut after donut disappeared into her ballooning tummy.

She felt someone standing over her and looked up to see Janice, her long dark hair falling past her shoulders and dark flashing eyes looking at Kelli's plump belly. She smiled a wicked smile as she noticed the donut crumbs in her lap and the empty bag sticking out of the drawer.

"How about joining me for lunch, Kelli? You must be famished, as hard as you've been working this morning."

Kelli smiled and nodded, "Sure, Janice," she said, just a little confused at the invitation. Janice and Kelli had never been what you would call good friends. Janice had made several remarks about Kelli's boyfriend Rick, most of them dealing with how it should have been her instead of Kelli who was being pumped by that gorgeous hunk.

"The way she has been packing on the pounds these days, I can probably make her pop out of that dress by the end of the day," Janice mused, thinking that she would be humiliated. "Then when that boyfriend of hers comes to pick her up tonight after work I'll be able to show him what a real woman is like!"

"Come on Kelli, I know a great place with an all-you-can-eat buffet!"

The two of them had barely reached the restaurant when Kelli's stomach started growling at the thought of the delicious meal that was to come. Janice smiled, thinking this was going to be even easier than she had imagined. "Why, Kelli! You're certainly a hungry one aren't you? We'll just have to get some food in you right away!"

Kelli looked down and rubbed her bulging belly through the thin material of her tight black dress. "I guess it seems like I'm always hungry these days. Being pregnant and this far along, I just can't quite keep my tummy full anymore."

That wicked smile returned to Janice's lips. "Well, don't you worry. Lunch is on me and I'll make sure you get filled up." Filled up and out, she thought. She imagined the shocked looks on everyone's faces when Kelli returned from lunch with her bloated body bursting out of her already skin-tight dress. She pictured her belly loaded down with several pounds of food so that it lowered even further between her legs, making her waddle even more. Surely then everyone would realize that she had become a huge pig with a swollen, 75 pound gut stuffed full and bouncing from side to side with each step.

Janice relished these thoughts and hurried Kelli to her seat. "You just sit right there and I'll get you a plate. What sounds good?"

"Oh, everything does right now! Ummm...I don't know. Maybe some barbecue?"

"You got it." Janice rushed to the buffet line and quickly returned with a plate pilled high with barbecued ribs, beans, several rolls and a large chocolate milkshake. She liberally buttered the rolls for her while Kelli started in on the ribs. Then Janice returned to the line to get a salad for herself.

By the time she had started her own meal, she was amazed that Kelli had already finished the ribs as well as one of the rolls and was starting in on the beans. "Still hungry? I'd be happy to get you something else."

Kelli's dress was becoming almost painfully tight but, with Janice there, she didn't feel comfortable with the idea of cutting out the middle of it as she had on an occasion or two when her appetite had exceeded her dress size but the food here was just too good to pass up. She felt her firm, round gut and decided there was still room for another plate full. "Oh, would you? I am eating for two her know."

This time Janice brought a plate heaping with sliced roast beef and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy as well as a refill for her milkshake. As she ate Kelli could feel her stomach expanding, stretching her dress to its limit. Still she managed to get the last bite down and was feeling quite full when she realized that Janice was placing another plate before her with nearly a half of a pecan pie on it, topped with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Janice's eyes lit up with a hopeful gleam. " You do want dessert don't you? Its hot and fresh and smells delicious!"

Kelli had to agree that it looked wonderful but her tightly packed belly was groaning in protest. Still, it was just so tempting. "Sure. Thanks Janice."

The pie went down far less quickly than the other two plates had and she felt incredibly bloated afterwards. She needed to stretch and walk it off a bit and she always loved to see how it felt with those new pounds pulling her belly forward. She felt so heavy now that walking was bound to be quite a thrill.

As she struggled to get up she heard a small "rrrip" and turned quickly to see the three inch split in the right side seam of her dress. Turning so quickly however resulted in a louder "RRRRIIIPP" from the other side. This time her dress had opened all the way from just below her breast to the top of her hip, allowing the soft, smooth flesh of her belly to bulge out. She was deeply embarrassed and tried to cover herself but there was little she could do.

"Kelli!" Janice exclaimed, trying to hold back her laughter. "You certainly can't go back to work like that!"

"I know," Kelli said, her face growing red, "but the few maternity outfits I haven't already outgrown are at the cleaner's."

"Hmmm..." Janice considered this for a moment, trying to find a way to turn it to her advantage. "Well, my place is nearby. Why don't we stop there and I'll see if I can find something to fit you."

Kelli agreed and the two of them hurried to Janice's car as Kelli did her best not to attract too much attention. During the short drive, Janice thought over her plan. She wanted to get Kelli dressed in something that would show off every pound she had gained but she also hoped to get a chance to see her naked so that she could spread stories about just how huge she had truly become.

Once they reached Janice's house, she led Kelli inside to the living room and asked her to undress. She pushed and pulled, trying to stretch the dress over her hugely bloated gut. Finally the dress split entirely down the seams and her swollen belly popped free. As she pulled the tattered remains over her head, Janice whistled. "Oh my! Kelli, just look at the size of those panties! You've really been plumping up out back too haven't you? I guess you need that wide butt, hips and thighs to balance out that jumbo belly of yours."

Kelli was too embarrassed to answer but Janice continued her assessment of her practically bare body anyway. "I don't know if I have anything to fit around you as fat as you've gotten. Are you sure you're not having twins? Or triplets? I just can't believe you've ballooned out so far! I mean, you have really gotten huge!"

Although she was doing her best to humiliate her, Kelli knew how incredibly sexy being pregnant made her and how every pound only made her more beautiful. In fact Janice's spiteful words actually resulted in a tingly feeling between Kelli's legs and she started to get a little wet. She decided that it was best to tell Janice what she wanted to hear so she could get this over with and get back to work. Still, she could hardly hide her sarcasm. "Yes, I know, Janice. I'm a big fat pig. I just eat and eat and eat and let my tummy get bigger every day. I just hope you can find something to fit me soon before I get hungry again and eat something else to make myself even fatter."

"Well," Janice said coldly. "I"ll see what I have."

She went to her bedroom and returned after several minutes with a bundle of clothes. When Kelli saw her selections she knew that, once again, she was trying to embarrass her but it only served to turn her on even more. Janice helped her into a short, white knit skirt which, when stretched to its limit and pulled down low, barely managed to fit around her. It emphasized her enormous belly by letting it bulge well over the top. She had also brought several tops which she knew Kelli had no hope of fitting into. A few of them managed to be pulled down over her swollen breasts but none even came close to covering the huge ball below them. Each time the obstruction was reached, Janice would make some comment about how she hadn't realized just how fat Kelli had become.

At last Kelli settled for a lycra sports top which supported her bosom but still left her belly quite bare. It was hardly what her had in mind for work attire but it did have the benefit of making her feel incredibly sexy while giving her the excuse of being able to say that she was not wearing it by choice.

End Part 1

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