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Kelli's Big Belly

Part 4

With the rumpled girdle bunched up around her chubby thighs and her bloated belly stuffed full with food, Kelli was a sight to behold. She had fallen asleep shortly after her feast of the night before and awoke now to the realization of just how much she had consumed. Empty bags and wrappers lay all about her and her hands rested on the mound of her overloaded gut. Her hunger was sated and her stomach now produced only a contented gurgle as it adjusted to its newly expanded size. With great effort, she hefted herself to her feet. Her newly added weight threw off her center of gravity and she had to arch her back and cradle her gut in her arms to maintain her balance. She stepped out of her girdle and slowly made her way across the room.

She felt gorged beyond belief and her body clearly showed it. As her stomach shifted and lowered between her thighs, forcing her legs apart, she belched loudly and waddled into the bathroom. She gasped as she caught her reflection in the full length mirror and had to take a step back to see all of her expanded form. "My God!", she exclaimed. "I'm REALLY getting fat! How much did I eat last night?"

Her belly was certainly much larger and she liked the fullness of her ample breasts but she was quickly gaining weight elsewhere as well. Her hips were noticeably wider and her bottom was round and soft. There was definitely a plump jiggle to her body that she had not noticed before.

Moving nervously, she stepped on the scale and almost lost her balance as she leaned forward in a useless attempt to peer over her ballooning waistline. She sighed and pressed the button with her toe to switch to voice mode. The scale hummed and called out, "Two-sixty-two."

Kelli was shocked. "Two-hundred and sixty-two pounds? I've gained almost ten pounds in a day! If Melissa thought I was fat before she should see the huge pig I've turned into now!" She felt the tightness of her enormously stuffed belly. "As full as I am now, I doubt that I could even squeeze myself into that jumbo maternity girdle any more!"

It was then that she realized what day it was. Her jaw dropped as she saw the note on the calendar reminding her that she was obligated to attend an office party later that night. "That's just great! I have to spend the evening parading around a room, letting everyone see what a fat cow I am now!"

She called her boyfriend, Rick and explained her situation. "I just can't let Janice and the others see me like this!" she cried. "I'm swollen up like a balloon with all this extra weight !"

Rick smiled. "And here I was thinking you couldn't get any more beautiful."

"I'm serious, Rick."

"So am I. Those extra pounds look great on you."

"I know you think so," Kelli agreed, "and by the looks I've gotten, quite a few other guys agree but Janice will be there tonight. She and her friends and every other woman I know just thinks of me as a huge, fat pig who's getting fatter and more bloated all the time."

"Who cares what they think?" Rick asked. "We'll go to that party tonight and we'll show 'em just how sexy a pregnant woman can be!"

Kelli resigned herself to the fact that she had to go and felt a little better about it after talking to Rick. Still, she was nervous when she arrived at the office. She wore a large blue dress (which she had quickly let out to accommodate her ever expanding waistline) with a deep v-neck to accentuate her nicely plumpened cleavage. She had hoped that it would draw attention away from her belly but the sheer size of her swollen middle made that unlikely.

Janice made it a point to greet her at the door with an insincere smile. "Well, if it isn't Kelli...and quite a bit more of her than I remember! Its a good thing you have such a big strong guy there to help you waddle up those steps! Must be awfully off-balance with so much out in front.

"Well now, I'm sure you're hungry after the trip from the car. Why don't you grab something from the buffet?"

"I'm fine." Kelli replied. "Thanks for your concern." She tried to ignore Janice's suggestion but she inadvertently followed her gaze to the two tables laden with food. Her stomach began to grumble and she moved away from Janice to keep her from noticing. Unfortunately this brought her even closer to the buffet area and she caught a whiff of smoked ham intermingled with hot wings, mini sausages and assorted desserts.

Rick saw her moistening her lips with her tongue. "Janice may have a point. Maybe you should get something to eat," he suggested.

"Well, maybe just a little something to calm my nerves. I think I let this dress out enough to allow for a little snack."

The two small globes of her rounded bottom bobbed up and down as she crossed the room while her milk-engorged breasts bounced against her protruding gut. People were kind and stepped aside for her or helped to get her a plate and plastic utensils. Still, she overheard whispered comments ranging from, "Man has she filled out into one hot babe! Just look at the curves packed into that dress!" to, " Hasn't she eaten enough in the past nine months? I've never seen anyone pile on the pounds so fast, pregnant or not! You'd think some farmer was fattening her up for market.".

She moved down the buffet line, paying more attention to what people were saying than what they were piling on her plate. She was embarrassed by the insults but more than a little turned on by the horny compliments. When she reached the end of the table, she realized that her plastic plate was bowed from the load of food heaped upon it. She joined Rick at a corner table and said, "I'm NOT going to eat all this! I may look like a pig but I don't have to eat like one."

Rick scooped up a large bite from her cheese and butter smothered baked potato and lifted it to her lips. "Oh, come on, honey. Its not all that much. Besides, I don't think I'm the only guy here who thinks it'll look great on you!"

"Well...I have noticed a few looks..." She took the proffered bite and savored its warm richness as it slowly slipped down to her stomach. "Mmmmm...Okay. I'll eat...but you better be prepared to help me home afterwards. I don't think I'll be able to get up if this fat belly of mine gets any bigger."

Rick smiled as she took the fork and began to dig in. "It'll be my pleasure."

To be continued?

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