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Kim Gets Fatter
By A Friend

Kim woke up, oriented herself. She lay there for a second and then hauled her 213 lb body on a 5'2 frame up and out of her bed. She was a 7th grader going to school. She was heavy, no doubt about that, but was used to the snickers and jokes made about her. After all, she was over 100 lbs overweight. When she got to school she met her boyfriend Josh, a 175 lb boy. Josh was well to do and affluent and bought Kim lunch every day. They were in all classes together except for Music and Science. Kim had always been heavy for her age. She had tried numerous diets and herbal weight loss plans etc. but couldn't lose any of it. She decided to face the fact that she was heavy. She was continuing to gain a lot of weight, really fast, though. Her mom and dad weighed around 300 lbs, and her brother that was 15 and around 320 lbs.

Josh and Kim grew up together, and it was their junior year in high school. Josh had now weighed 203 lbs and Kim was around 400 lbs. She struggled with finding clothes now. Josh took her on dates frequently and she had gained more weight.

Soon - you guessed it - they married. Josh had lost about 30 lbs and was around 170 lbs and became a surgeon. Kim had grown to over 650 lbs. Since Josh had to work, he hired Ashley. She was a little chubby but could actually walk. Soon, Kim had gotten Ashley into gaining weight. She was now 500 lbs and Kim was well over 900 lbs., becoming too big to move. Kim could no longer burn calories and fat as effectively so she put on more weight. Soon, the digital scale read she was over a ton. She is still continuing to grow.