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Blimping Linda
by mjm

I had been the night bartender at a sleazy tit bar in the bad part oftown all during my senior year at college. Just before graduation a dancerreturned to work named Linda. Linda had danced there before she got marriedbut her husband made her quit. Although she tried, she couldn't find a jobbecause she really had no skills or experience other than shaking her titsat a bunch of drunks. And what tits they were! I had never seen naturaltits that big before. Linda had gotten a little chubby while off work. Theweight gain and the unemployment were the primary reasons for her eventualdivorce. Which put her back to dancing again.

She was not nearly chubby enough to suit my tastes but she was still agreat looking young woman. Since she was hired back with the condition thatshe drop some tonnage and coupled with the fact that she wasn't making asmuch money as she could if she were thinner, I didn't even fantasize aboutseeing her get fatter. However, several facets of her character proved tobe just the avenue I was looking for.

Linda had a passion for dark beers and creamy drinks. When she drank, itmade her hungry. Since I was the bartender, it was easy for me to keep herwell lubricated with both dark beer and creamy drinks. Further, since Iwas always the one appointed to order food to be delivered, in her semi-drunkenstate it never dawned on her that hers was the only order that got screwedup by being twice as big and fattening as she had asked for. She would bitcha little, I'd agree to pay for it since it was my mistake and she'd reluctantlygobble every bite.

Naturally, instead of losing weight, she gained which was causing her morefinancial problems and problems with the boss. Finally, one night, she gota pink slip. She was much too inebriated to drive and was in such a stateof panic about no job and no money, I offered to drive her home. On theway to her place we stopped for breakfast. While she was in the bathroom,I ordered for her the biggest most fattening breakfast they served. Whenit was served, I apologized, she accepted and gobbled like a hog.

At her tiny furnished efficiency apartment, she pulled the eviction noticefrom the door and began to cry. I put my arms around her and held her closewhile offering to let her bunk at my place until she got back on her feet.She acted like I had given her a million bucks.

It didn't take long for us to pack her stuff into my car and head overto my place. She was still so drunk and exhausted that she literally passedout on the couch while I brought in her things. I showered and went to bed.The next morning, I woke up about ten. Linda was still passed out on thecouch. I pulled on some clothes and headed to the donut shop. By the timeI got there, everything was half price so I got six dozen assorted and headedback home.

Linda was in the shower and I told her I had donuts. She was both pleasedand upset. She loved donuts but wanted to diet. The donuts naturally won.It took quite a few donuts for her to get stuffed and then it was time togo get her car which she had left at the club. We arrived just as the repoman was leaving with it. This was followed by another deluge of tears butmy hugs and assurances calmed her and the suggestion of a trip to the Mexicanbuffet down the street did wonders.

A few dark beers and one trip through the serving line led to more darkbeers and several more trips through the serving line. Eventually, she hadstuffed herself to near bursting and the dark beer had worked its magic.She was ready for a nap. Back at my place she went straight to bed. I checkedthe fridge and cupboards and found them both typically bare. I needed togo shopping.

When I returned, Linda was up and just about to polish off the last ofthe donuts. Linda was anxious to see what I had bought but was disappointedthat there wasn't anything that was even close to diet food. However, asfar as her taste buds were concerned, I had done an exceptional job. I boughtnothing that wasn't loaded with calories and carbohydrates and consistedof the three primary food groups, sugars, fats and starches.

I was going to have to go to work before long. As Linda sipped the BrandyAlexander I made for her, I suggested that we go grab a quick bite of dinner.Linda hesitated until she had finished her drink then as it started to haveits effect she agreed since it was a place where she could get a salad.I poured her a roadie and away we went. At first she balked as we pulledup in front of a pizza buffet but I told her they had salads.

Needless to say that by the time she had downed a dark beer she didn'twant any salad. She wanted pizza and lots of it. Linda managed to suck downa pitcher of beer and gobbled a mountain of pizza before throwing in thetowel. I took her home where she promptly went to sleep and I went to work.After a few hours, she called to chat as she had nothing to do since I hadthe car. We chatted for a while but our conversation was cut short by thefight that broke out between the door girl and her ol' man. It got quitenasty and the police had to come out.

I called Linda back to tell her what had happened and that the door girlhad gotten sacked. Thinking quick, I turned to Leo the owner and asked ifLinda could have the door girl's job. He agreed and I asked Linda if shewas interested. It didn't pay as well as dancing and there were no tipsat all but it was better than nothing so she accepted. Leo covered for meso I could go get Linda. As I drove back I began to realize that this dealmight just work out.

When Linda got quick instructions on checking for ID's and getting thedollar cover, I sent over a creamy drink for her. Throughout the evening,I kept the drinks coming and when it got time to order food I screwed upher order worse than ever but she managed to choke down every bite. Whenquitting time came, Linda was just tipsy enough to want breakfast so onthe way home we stopped at a place that had an after hours breakfast buffet.She was too plastered to make the serving line so it was my job to go forher and boy did I ever.

Eventually, Linda had packed herself to near bursting and it was time togo. As we got into my car Linda reached over and put her hand on leg andasked why I had never made a pass at her or any of the other girls, wasI queer? I looked her dead in the eye and explained that I was definitelynot queer, but I did have a preference for plump women, the plumper thebetter, and none of the girls at the club were plump enough to suit me.She was flabbergasted. "Even as fat as I am, I'm not fat enough?"She asked in amazement. "Sad but true," I replied.

She removed her hand and rode quietly home. Once we had both showered,Linda came into my bedroom and sat on the side of my bed. She opened herbathrobe to reveal her monstrous boobs and soft round belly then began tostoke my chest. "You're gonna' sit there and tell me that you wouldturn me down because I ain't fat enough?" She suggested.

I nodded.

Instead of leaving Linda continued, "I haven't been with a man sincemy ex and I split and my gears need greasin' bad. Isn't there anything Icould do? I've always found you very sexy."

"Well unless it would be possible for you instantly put on fifty pounds,I can't think of a thing." I replied.

"Fifty pounds! You're joking! I'd be a blimp! I wouldn't be able towalk! I'd be too fat to fuck! You'd have to roll me in flour to find thewet spot!" She exclaimed. As she uttered those words, my dick startedto stiffen which Linda immediately noticed and she proved to be a fast studywhen it came to getting what she wanted.

Linda began stroking my dick while she started talking about getting fatter.In fact, she got very good at it. When I was hard enough to suit her shedecided that she would get on top but I started going limp. "Oh hell,what can I do?" In a begging way.

"You might try eating something really fattening. That's always beena turn on for me." I suggested. She was off the bed, in the kitchenand back in nothing flat carrying a box of Twinkies, a box of Ding-Dongsand a box of Ho-Hos.

Linda tore into the boxes and opened all the wrappers. She piled the treatson my chest and shoved one into her mouth. One after another she gobbledand between bites talked about eating and getting fatter. This special brandof foreplay had its desired effect and soon I was hard enough for her toclimb up and straddle me. She slid my hard cock into her slippery puss andstarted to hump. I encouraged her to keep gobbling and talking fat talk.It didn't take her long to cum.

In total she had three orgasms but not before she had choked down everysingle treat. She laid beside me like a beached whale with her belly aboutto burst. Sleep was just about to overtake her when she asked me why I hadn'tcum. I explained that she just wasn't fat enough. Her last words beforefalling asleep were, "Well that probably won't be a problem much longer."

Like the morning before, I went for donuts. When I returned, Linda wasshowered and waiting for me in bed. It was obvious that she wanted a repeatperformance of the night before and dug into the donuts with gusto. Herfattening monologue and her gluttony had its desired effect so before longwe were making love. This time I was on top but she never missed a biteor a syllable. Her ability to eat and fuck at the same time was improvingand so was her talk. Three orgasms and three dozen donuts later she wassatiated with sex, sugar, grease and starch. She napped a bit while I tidiedup the apartment. When she woke, she announced that she was starving andwanted some lunch. She suggested a country cooking buffet across town. Iagreed. She dressed quickly, filled her purse with candy bars and we wereoff.

I found the buffet easily but although I thought the food was simply dreadful,Linda seemed quite pleased. Linda was more interested in quantity than ofquality. Considering the amount of food she gobbled, we certainly got ourmoney's worth but she wasn't done. Then she moved onto dessert. Man didshe do a job. I got the impression that she wasn't eating for the sake ofeating but rather that she was pushing herself further than ever before.

In the car Linda was nearly comatose. Back home, she went directly to bedto sleep off the load she had stuffed into her belly. Mid afternoon, Lindacalled for me to bring her the rest of the donuts into the bedroom. Lindawas ready for more love making and proceeded to gobble donuts and stimulateme with her fat talk. Her belly was still so stuffed from lunch plus thedonuts she loaded in forced us to do it doggy style. Linda never misseda beat though and had several thunderous orgasms before throwing in thetowel.
Afterward, as she rested in the warm glow of sexual and gluttonous ecstasy,she told me that I was the best lover she had ever been with although surprisinglyhadn't had that many lovers. She further told me that she wished that shewas able to please me as much as I pleased her even if that meant gettinga whole lot fatter. I assured her that if she kept stuffing herself theway she had been doing, it wouldn't take her very long at all to be fatenough. She replied that she didn't want to get too fat. I assured her thatthere was no such thing as too fat and that no matter how fat she got, Iwould always encourage her to keep gaining. With that she fell asleep witha big grin on her pretty face.

Late afternoon, Linda woke and asked to borrow the car. I handed her thekeys and as she left assured me she would be back soon. About an hour latershe returned with several grocery bags. One bag contained a big plastictub. The other bags contained pint containers of whipping cream. I watchedas she poured a pint of cream into the blender and then dumped three bigscoops of powder from the plastic tub into the blender and turn it on.

As it hummed, she explained that the guy at the health food store had toldher that this was the most fattening weight gain formula on the market.It had more calories than any other, almost all of the calories came fromfat, it contained digestive enzymes and a natural appetite stimulant. Threescoops in a pint of whole milk was good for 2,500 calories so three scoopsin pure cream was almost 4,000 calories. With a wink she looked at me andsaid, "One way or the other, I'm gonna' get fat enough for you or dietryin'"

She sipped the shake and said, "Not bad, not bad at all. These couldprove to be habit forming." Then she chugged it and suggested dinnerat the Mexican buffet. I agreed enthusiastically. Before leaving, she blendedup enough shakes to fill a two quart Thermos and handed it to me saying,"I might get thirsty." It was a short trip to the Mexican buffetand while I took care of paying and ordering a pitcher of dark beer forLinda, she started two trays.

Linda ate more than ever before. Eventually she complained of being painfullystuffed yet managed to polish off one last plate of big fattening tamales.She was honestly close to exploding. I adjusted the passenger seat in thecar so she was nearly reclining. She massaged her bursting belly and said,"In all my life, I never would have dreamed that I would actually betrying to get fatter!"

I reached over and patted her belly. Linda took my hand and moved it downto between her plump thighs. I took the hint and went to work.

As I fingered her clit, Linda struggled to pull the candy bars from herpurse and immediately stuck one into her mouth. She continued to gobblecandy even as stuffed as she was until I finally managed to finger her toa nice little orgasm. She finished her last candy bar and rested on thedrive to the club. It was a bit of a struggle to get her pulled out of thecar but once inside and behind the counter she was fine.

Throughout the evening, Linda sipped creamy drinks which I supplied. Eventually,it came time for me to order food for the girls. Linda's order was biggerand more fattening than even any of my previous "screw ups" butof course I had to add to it for old times sake. When it arrived she bitchedas usual. I offered to pay. She accepted with a mischievous grin and proceededto gobble like a hog and even gulped down a shake to sort of top it off.Linda was a little tipsy as we left the club so we headed for the breakfastbuffet.

She was like an eating machine. When she started to get stuffed, she tookmy hand and placed it between her thighs. Since we were seated at a verysecluded booth, I was able to accommodate her desires. As I worked on herclit, she gobbled even faster than before. It didn't take much for her tocum and as she did she shoved as much food into her mouth as she could tomuffle her squeal of ecstasy. She rested and resumed her gobbling. Eventuallyshe complained that she thought she would burst but literally forced herselfto down one last stack of pancakes swimming in butter and syrup.

She was almost catatonic. Back home I undressed her and helped into a hottub. Although basically a zombie, she did ask for a shake which I broughther and she sipped as she soaked. Once the shake was finished I helped herout, dried her off and put her to bed where she fell asleep instantly. Itook my shower and joined her in bed. This was working out better than Ithought possible.

About eight, Linda's hand on my penis and lips on my neck awakened me.I turned and kissed her long and deeply. When our lips parted she said,"I want you inside me but I'm too hungry to make love." I quicklywent to the kitchen to forage. Linda called out that a shake would alsobe nice. As the blender whirred I found a frozen coffee cake in the freezer.I threw it into the microwave to defrost. Once defrosted I covered it withbutter and warmed it just enough for the butter to melt and soak in.

Linda was pleased and dug right in. As she gobbled and sipped her shakeshe pulled my head down between her legs. I took the cue and started tolick her clit. She really loved that and as soon as she stuck the last biteof cake into her mouth had a fantastic orgasm. She rested for a bit, finishedher shake and settled back for a nap but not before asking if I was goingfor donuts. Is a pig's ass pork? Of course I was.

Shortly after my return Linda struggled out of bed. On her way to the bathroomshe stopped to admire herself in the full length mirror. "Good lordI'm fat." she exclaimed as she got a look at her profile. "I wonderhow fat?" she pondered.

"There's a scale in the bathroom under the sink." I suggested.She responded by quickly waddling into the bathroom. I heard the cabinetdoor open and close followed by Linda saying, "Impossible. This scalemust be broken."

I went into the bathroom and checked the scale by trying it a few times.It just needed a little adjustment. Linda stepped up again and we watchedas the dial spun back and forth and finally came to rest at 192. "Wellam I fat enough yet?" she asked.

"Almost," was my reply. "Well at the rate I've been gainin'I'll be too big even for you before long." she said assuringly. I lookedat her and said, "You could never ever get too big for me but I dareyou to try."

Linda rubbed up against me and between kisses asked about her donuts. Wewandered into the kitchen were Linda dug in while I whipped up another shakefor her. After a few dozen she handed me the box, grabbed her shake andlead me to the bedroom. She instructed to get undressed and lie down onthe bed. Then she climbed up and straddled me. Teasingly she asked, "Areyou going to feed me and turn me into a great big round ball of blubber?"I got the hint, began feeding her donuts and telling her that I was goingto fatten her.

As I got harder she got more excited. Donut after donut vanished untilI was rock hard and she couldn't stand it any longer and had to have meinside her. Once inserted, she started to hump. I continued feeding herand talking fat talk to her. She didn't last long and had a fabulous orgasmbut she wasn't done. "More, feed me more, make me fatter." shebegged/demanded. I did as requested/instructed and she came again. Afterthis one she had to rest and took several big gulps of shake.

Sometimes in life things change and it's not until later that it occursto a person that something had changed. It suddenly dawned on Linda thatthe eating and fat talk was as big if not a bigger turn on for her thanit was for me. "You bastard, what have you done to me?" she demanded.I didn't have a clue. She rolled off of me and out of bed while saying,"Come with me I want to try something. Bring the donuts."

I followed her into the living room where she took a seat in the reclinerand leaned it back. "Start feeding me donuts and talk fat talk to mebut don't touch me." I did as she requested. One after another donutvanished as I talked fat talk. As she got more and more stuffed she gotmore and more excited. This went on until I fed her the donut that shouldhave caused her to explode. She did explode but not burst open but explodedin orgasm. When she finally recovered her composure she said, "Wellwasn't that interesting."

I covered Linda with a blanket so she could nap and said with a grin, "Wellit looks like I'm becoming obsolete." In a sleepy voice Linda replied,"Somebody's got to feed me the donuts." Linda's nap was abruptlyinterrupted by a nightmare and Linda called out for me. I ran to her side.

"Oh it was horrible. I was huge. There was this sort of feeding machine.It kept feeding me, I kept having orgasm after orgasm and I kept gettingbigger. Then the machine ran out of food. You told me you couldn't affordme anymore and left me. I was too big to get up and I was all alone."she told me as tears rolled down her plump cheeks.

I comforted her as best as I could then I said, "Money will neverbe a problem. I promise." She was not convinced. I went over to mycomputer and switched it on. After it warmed up and I logged on, I typedin the commands needed for it to dial up all the regional stock exchangesthroughout the country. Once on line, I ran the compare program. "Nowwatch." I said. Within a minute the screen filled with a spreadsheetof stock symbols, prices and exchanges. I chose two stocks and sent electronicbuy orders and sell orders to different exchanges. Linda didn't understand.

"We just made a thousand dollars." I said. She looked bewildered."See, many stocks are traded on more than one exchange but sometimestrade at different prices. If you buy on one at a lower price and sell onanother at a higher price you make a profit. The Securities and ExchangeCommission doesn't like you to do this but as long as you don't get greedyand keep your trades small no one complains. I only do this when I needmoney. I could make $10-20,000 a month but I don't because I haven't neededthe money plus I don't really feel like I've done anything to earn it. However,I wouldn't have any problem with doing this if the money was being usedfor a worthy cause like maybe turning you into a blimp."

Linda was so excited that she couldn't control herself. "The firstpart of my dream was really incredible. Do you think a feeding machine ispossible?" she asked. I looked at her and said, "Well I've madeyou into an eating machine, I suppose I could make a feeding machine."We laughed as I helped her up to get ready for lunch at the country buffet.While she dressed I made her a shake which she drank on the way to lunch.Linda went right to work filling plates and trays and dug in immediately.

As she gobbled she started getting that dreamy look and coy grin I hadseen before. I knew what was happening before she even realized it. Shestarted gobbling faster and faster. Before long she stuffed as much intoher mouth as she could, squeezed my leg as hard as she could and came. Onceshe regained her composure she grinned at me and said, "Well even ifI don't need you to feed me donuts, it's still much better when you're insideme." I smiled back and she resumed her gluttony.

Eventually, she had packed herself with as much starch and grease as shecould hold without bursting and it was time to go home. On the drive backalthough nearly comatose, she told me a little secret. It seems at one timewhile she was married she discovered that she liked uncooked cake mix andwould wind up making a double batch, one to bake into a cake and one toeat uncooked. This was good information. Back home she went straight tobed and since it would take several hours for her sleep off the huge loadin her belly, it gave me a chance to go shopping for the things I figuredI'd need.

I was gone less than an hour and went straight to work on putting all theparts together. The last task was to prepare the cake batter. I mixed itup in the tank. Tested the pump and guessed that the volume was correctlyset. I stood back and admired my handiwork. The acid test was going to comelater when Linda woke from her nap. I didn't have to wait long. Linda wokeand struggled in to the living room. "What the hell is that thing?"she asked. I dug a spoon into the tank and got her a taste of the cake battersaying, "Here, taste." Linda complied and said, "Mmm, yum!"

"Have a seat." I suggested. She sat in the recliner and I said,"Open." I inserted the plastic tube into her mouth and handedher the remote.

"Push the button," I said. She pushed the button and her mouthbegan to fill with cake batter. Once filled, she swallowed. Linda removedthe plastic tube just long enough to say, "Wow!" and stuck itback in again and started pushing the button. As she worked the button andgulped I said, "I can change the speed of the pump either faster orslower." Once again she removed the tube just long enough to say, "Faster!"and then shoved it back in. I turned up the volume and sat back to watch.

Linda worked the button and swallowed with a vengeance. After a while,Linda started getting excited. Linda took the tube out again to scream,"Faster!" and replaced the tube. I turned up the volume and shekept pressing the button. Eventually she came and involuntarily kept pushingthe button until her mouth overflowed with cake batter which coated hermonstrous breasts and belly. I quickly got towels and cleaned her up. Eventually,she apologized for the mess and resumed her feeding session.

Altogether she came three times before giving in to being too stuffed tocontinue. I covered her so she could rest and checked the tank. Looked likeshe had downed well over a gallon which left two gallons still in the tank.It was almost four and Linda would need to rest for awhile but she wouldbe ready for a super big belly bursting load before work. I tidied up whileshe napped.

It was close to five when Linda came to. she struggled to her feet, stretchedand massaged her huge belly. As she stared into the tank she said, "Howmuch will the tank hold?" I told her it was a ten gallon tank. Shesmiled and announced she was starving. I helped her dress. We did the bestwe could as she had completely outgrown almost everything she owned. Weagreed that we would get her some new duds the next day and headed for theMexican buffet.

Linda stuffed herself into an absolute coma but not before managing tosurvive several serious orgasms. I loaded her into the car and honestlydidn't know what to do. She was in no condition to go to work but that didn'thave to stop me. I decided to take her home. My luck was good. Leo had lefta message on my machine that Jan, one of the daytime dancers, had hurt herleg and would be handling the door so Linda was out of a job which was fineby both of us.

I tried to steer Linda into the bedroom but she refused to cooperate. Shewanted to get into the recliner. As soon as she was comfortably situatedshe asked how much batter was left in the tank. I told her about two gallons."Do you think that will be enough? I mean ah well ah I'll be all alonehere for hours and hours while your at work and well ah, you know."she stammered. I just smiled and proceeded to whip up two more gallons alongwith a gallon of her special shakes. After filling the tank and placingthe thermos of shake beside her on a table I got ready to leave.

Before I was finished dressing, Linda had the tube in her mouth and wasmerrily pushing the button, gulping down batter and channel surfing withthe TV remote. I kissed her cheek and told her I would call later. As Ileft, I laid some money on the counter so she could order pizza later ifshe felt like it. She smiled at me and continued gulping batter. This thingwas working better than I would have ever dreamed but I knew that eventuallythere would be a problem. I knew that sooner or later, Linda was going toget bored with her life of eating, sleeping and having orgasms. She wasgoing to need something else to occupy her time and or to keep her company.

As I entered the club, the answer to the problem which had not come upyet presented itself. The girl coming out of Leo's office was Jill. Shehad danced once before when I first started at the club. She had been alittle chunky, mainly bottom heavy, but had lost weight and had gone towork at one of the better clubs. It looked like prosperity had only managedto both fatten her ass even bigger than ever and had lost her the job atthe fancy club. I said hello to her and heard Leo warn her that she wason probation and had to drop some lard if she wanted to keep her job.

Throughout the evening, I kept tabs on her. Just like Linda she had a preferencefor creamy drinks and dark beer so I kept 'em coming. Around ten, I calledLinda. She was typically breathless from being too stuffed to move. I couldtell that loneliness was going to get to be a problem before too much longerbut I hoped that I would have the cure in the form of Jill. After the foodorder was delivered, Jill bitched me out for having screwed up her order,accepted my offer to pay for it and proceeded to gobble down every singlefattening calorie in front of her, I knew I had the answer.