Weight Room Title Bar

by Billy McFred

Sarah peered out from behind the filing cabinent.  The security guard took one final look behind him and shut off the light.  She heard the lock click, and then footsteps echoing down the hall.  She waited five more minutes then proceeded to find the light switch.  The lights flickered on and she looked around the room.  She saw a small operating table, and a large machine with all kinds of tubes and switches.  She walked over to the table and took off her backpack.  She pulled out a bra strap with two nipple pieces, and what looked like a blue ice cream cone made out of plastic with a tube coming out of one end.  "Ok, let's see if I can figure out how to work this thing..."  Sarah was a secretary in a cosmetic surgery hospital.  She had taken careful note of  the five large women that were scheduled to have liposuction that day.  She had been waiting for this for a long time.  "Ahh" she said. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra.  She ran her hands down her small A-Cup breasts, causing her nipples to shoot out.  She wished they were larger, but that would all change soon.  She unbuttoned her jeans and slid her  panties over her feet.  She reached into her bag and pulled out a syringe.  She braced herself, then slid the needle into her nipple, and injected thalf the fluid into her breast.  She did the same with her other breast and then her belly.  She picked up the strange bra strap and put it on, making sure that her nipples went into the plastic holders.  She picked up the cone and slid it into her womenhood.  She took a breath and attached the tubes to the proper spots on the machine.  She hit the exhaust switch,and then, with another deep breath, the on switch.  She saw the thick fluid go out to the tubes, and then enter her body.  She inhaled deeply as the fluid penetrated her.  She felt her small breasts begin to stretch out.  She moaned as the pressure built. Her breasts were soon pink canteloupes pulling at the strap.  Her nipples started to swell too.  She looked down at her enlarging belly.  She looked five months pregnant, and as she watched, she continued to swell.  She felt the bra strap begin to pull into her as the overinflated volly balls that her breasts had become continued to swell.  She grabbed her breasts and started kneeding them.  Her belly was now the size of a small beachball and still she swelled.  She looked at her basketball size breasts and her 10 month twin ladened belly and as the pressure built, she orgasmed like she never had before.  Her nipples were almost two inches long and she felt the bra strap start to quiver under the immense load.  Her beachball sized breast shook and quivered as the bra strap tore, causing her to moan in ectasy.  Her nipples were now so large that they were stuck in the holders, and they continued to swell.  She rubbed her enourmous belly as it massaged her clit.  She reached out and switched off the machine.  She calmed herself and looked at her two and a half foot breasts, and her inflated bean bag chair of a belly.  She started rubbing the sides if her huge belly with her thighs and kneeded her huge fat breasts, and soon she was quaking and moaning, causing her giant spheres to shake and wobble all over the place.  She knew that she should leave, but she looked over in the mirror and saw her enourmous breasts lying on top of her huge, full belly, and saw how deep her belly button now was, and swiftly hit the switch, causing her huge gut to practicly leap out in all directions as it continued to swell.