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The Maid's Revenge
By Bill Jacobs

"Susan! Get your fat ass up here and clean up this mess, Barbara shrieked.

Startled, Susan dropped the spoon she was holding just ready to dip into the pudding. "How could such a tiny woman have such a loud voice? she thought as she slowly bent over and retrieved it grunting with exertion as her soft belly got in her way. She wasn't that fat, she thought as she looked at her reflection in the mirror on the way up the stairs. Light brown hair framed a pretty face with dimples and a nice smile. At least she didn't use to be when she started work here as Miss Barbara's maid.

Miss Barbara was 25 and used to getting her own way. She was as delicate and petite as Susan was plump. Blonde and almost too thin, she could have been a model if she actually worked for a living. Her parents had passed away some years before in a plane accident and left her a ton of money. Enough so that she would never have to work. She could be a real charmer with the men, but here at home she was the dragon lady.

When Susan had gotten the job 3 years ago it was only supposed to be a temporary thing. She took it because it was the only job she could find after being out of work for 5 months. Susan was 21 then and didn't have a lot of skills. In college, she spent all her time reading mystery novels rather than studying and dropped out in her junior year. When she first got the job she pretended she was a princess captured by the evil queen in their castle in upstate New York. She kept waiting for her knight in shining armor to come, but he never did. Now the boredom had set in and her only recourse had been the refrigerator and her books.

"You are the slowest thing on two legs," Barbara said as Susan finally made it to the top of the stairs panting. "I bet you were down there in the kitchen feeding your fat face again weren't you?"

Susan just gritted her teeth and started cleaning up the breakfast that Barbara had "accidentally" spilled. Barbara had done this before, seeming to revel in ridiculing her, creating extra work and constantly making fun of her weight. If only she didn't need this job so bad, she would quit and move far away.

"Go to the store and pick up something for dinner. I'm going to be entertaining Jerry this evening." Barbara looked up. "And don't eat everything up on the way back."

If only he knew the real Barbara, Susan thought. That evening she had to stand around and wait on the two of them hand and foot. Barbara kept giving her smug looks like Jerry was her trophy. Jerry really wasn't that dumb, he just saw this as an opportunity to rise up in the local social scene. One thing that intrigued Susan though was the fact that occasionally she would catch Jerry looking at over her and not with a look of disgust that Susan often got from men, but something more like desire. As soon as he noticed her looking, however, his face became a mask of indifference.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news," he said during the meal. "The company is sending me on one of those exploration trips for a few months." Jerry worked for a petroleum company and was often sent out on some remote site to search for new reserves.

"Not again. It hasn't been that long since the last one," Barbara pouted. Susan thought he probably volunteered for the trip. If he were with the dragon lady too much he would probably go crazy. "Hey butter ball, some more wine." Barbara stuck her glass under her nose. Susan had often thought about slipping a little poison in her wine like they did in her mystery novels, but she thought, "No that would be too quick. I want her to suffer."

That evening she cleaned up the table and finished the dishes while Miss Barbara and Jerry went out partying at the high society watering holes. "This is just like Cinderella," she thought. She even had to sweep out the fireplace. As she bent over, she noticed a scrap of colored paper. It was part of an envelope with her writing on it. She felt her face get hot with anger. This was the charred remains of a letter she had written to Mark! Mark was her secret love, the knight that she had been waiting for. They had been together for only a few weeks a couple of months ago but she could tell he liked her a lot. He was actually a friend of Jerry, they both worked for the same company. But where Jerry seemed cold and manipulative, Mark was warm and loving. They had gone out a few times, then the company sent Mark off on one of the exploration trips. They both had promised to write often and she had kept that promise even though she hadn't received a single letter in the last two months. But, why would Barbara burn her letters?

A nagging suspicion started in her mind and a thorough search of the Dining room turned up a small bundle of letters stuck under a box. "To Susan Miller," the address said. They had all been opened. She quickly read one of them: 'I just loved your last letter and I'm passionately looking forward to the next.' Barbara had obviously been writing to him as Susan! She quickly read the rest of the letters. The last was dated 2 weeks ago.' I'm really disappointed that you've found someone else. I thought we could have been a great couple. Well, there is this other girl whose been bugging me to take her out. She isn't half as wonderful as you are, but it's better than thinking about you marrying another.'

Susan couldn't believe her eyes. Barbara had been trying to break them up all along. She couldn't stand for Susan to have any sort happiness in her life! What had been anger became fury. She picked up the china teapot and was about to hurl it to the floor when she stopped. A cold resolve overtook her. This wouldn't really affect Barbara. She was rich enough to buy 20 teapots of gold if she wanted to. She had to find a way to get back at her. Again the thought of poison entered her mind. That night revenge was all she could think about and by the time she heard Barbara come home at 3:00 the next morning, she had worked out a plan.

That morning she was at the store early. She was just about to go in to find some slow acting poison when she heard a familiar voice say, "Susan! I haven't seen you in ages." Susan turned around and saw an unfamiliar face. "Excuse me?" she said.

"Ellen, Ellen Morris from school."

Susan looked closely. It was Ellen all right, but she had changed incredibly since Susan last saw her. She used to be a nervous, flighty girl that was even thinner than Miss Barbara. Now here was a slow moving, very relaxed person that Susan wouldn't have believed was Ellen except for the laughing eyes. She had really plumped out, her face was rounder and her belly stretched her dress tight around her middle. "She must weigh at least 250," Susan thought.

"I guess I am somewhat different since you last saw me," Ellen laughed. "My mother was always concerned that I was going to burn myself up since I could never relax. In college I was already developing an ulcer. Then one day she came home with some new tranquilizer and started me on them. She was dating some medical researcher at the time and always trying to save a buck, she talked him into giving her some of this new drug they were testing. Not just a couple of pills either, but a year's supply. He and my Mom broke up shortly after that and we haven't seen him since. I started taking them and they worked great. My ulcer went away, I was able to sleep through the night, life was wonderful. It wasn't until I'd been taking them for a couple of weeks that the side effects began to show up. I developed an incredible appetite and as you can see put on one or two pounds. It was so hard to stop taking them too. I think they're slightly addicting. I'm off it now, but I just can't seem to get rid of all this weight." Ellen patted her stomach making it jiggle back and forth. "I have actually gotten used to it by now and kind of like being a 'large sized' woman."

"So what are you doing here?" Susan asked.

"Well, as I said, Mom's always on the lookout for opportunities to make money, and I'm supposed to try and sell the leftover pills to the druggist." The beginnings of a fiendish plan entered Susan's mind.

"I have a friend who could probably use a little relaxing. How about if you sell them to me?" Ellen opened her handbag and showed her 10 bottles of small pink tablets. The 10th bottle had only a few pills in it.

"I'm afraid I've almost used up one of the bottles, but there's quite a bit left. You're only supposed to take 1/4 tablet twice a day. Oh, and don't forget to warn them about the side effects."

Susan gave her a hundred dollars for the lot saying that there were actually quite a few people that could use these. Ellen was more than happy to be rid of them and have money to take home as well. Susan transferred the bottles to her bag and said good-bye. She smiled and thought to herself, "I think Miss Barbara's been way too nervous lately. I bet she could use a lot of relaxing." As she drove home she tried to picture Barbara as Ellen's size.

That evening she ground 1/2 of one of the tablets into a powder and mixed it into Barbara's tea. She watched nervously as she took a sip then downed the whole cup.

"That was barely lukewarm you incompetent fat slob. Next time I want it hotter. Now get your broad ass into the kitchen and clean up... And quit staring at me!" Susan smiled as she cleaned. "This is going to be fun," she thought. Usually Barbara was up until midnight then slept 5 hours before getting up for her morning jog at 5:30. That night however, she was asleep by 10:00 and didn't wake up until 7:30.

"Susan why did you shut my alarm off! Now you've wrecked my whole day!" This was obviously going to take a lot of pills before the relaxing effects showed up. For the next three days Susan repeated the process watching carefully for any sign that Barbara was getting fatter. However, the only indication that the drug was working at all was that she was definitely sleeping more. She was still just as grouchy as always. Then Susan caught her eating a donut one afternoon. For most people, this was no big thing, but for Barbara it was a major concession. She had never cared for sweets and actually seemed to hate the taste of sugar. But now maybe things would change. Her plan was almost ruined that evening as Susan loaded down Barbara's plate with all kinds of fattening foods hoping to speed up the process.

"Hey! What is this? How come you're putting all this junk on my plate anyway?" Not wanting to arouse her suspicions, Susan backed off. "Sorry, I accidentally gave you my plate instead." She would have to be a lot more subtle in the future. Barbara frowned, "I guess I'm just tired. I can't figure it out. I'm so tired all of the time. Maybe you should pick up some vitamins for me next time you're at the store."

That afternoon Susan purchased a large bottle of high-energy vitamins which she promptly emptied into the trash when she got home. Then she refilled it with the tranquilizer tablets and put it on the table the next morning.

"I hope this does the trick," Barbara said as she swallowed one of the tablets. "I've had almost no energy lately." By the end of the second week it became obvious that Barbara's appetite was starting to grow. Susan caught her several times sneaking a bite of chocolate or a cookie when she thought she wasn't looking. Susan made sure she "accidentally" left snacks around where Barbara might find them. Soon the extra calories began to have a noticeable effect. Her clothes began to look a little snug. Her Lycra exercise tights showed a slight bulge in the waistline and it was getting difficult to pull up the zipper on her jeans.

"Susan, have you been washing these the way I told you? These pants seemed to have shrunk."

"I don't think they're up to the usual quality we get," Susan lied. "I'll stop by the store and get you some new ones." While Barbara's pants were becoming tighter as her rear filled out, what was happening to her chest was even more amazing. Her dresses usually hung straight down in front, but over the last few weeks noticeable bulges began to show. She was finally developing breasts.

After six weeks, Barbara walked into the kitchen and pulled up her sweater. "Susan, look at this," she said showing off her growing mounds. "Is that why they call it the Miracle bra?" Susan said, noting the love handles forming at Susan's sides. She was probably up to around 150, she thought.

"That's just it. It's not one of those pushup bras, I'm really getting bigger."

"I guess you must just be entering puberty a little late," Susan joked. With each passing day Barbara's appetite and figure grew. A month later she was approaching 200 pounds and even in her tranquilized state she began getting concerned.

"Do you think I've put on some weight?" Barbara asked her as she struggled into her pants.

"Maybe a couple of pounds, but you can hardly tell, Susan assured her.

"I think I should go on a diet."

Not the dreaded "D" word, thought Susan, trying to keep her frustration from showing.

"Yes, I want to be thin again when Jerry comes back. Pick up something at the store that will keep me from being so hungry." That afternoon, Susan showed her how to mix "Dr. Smith's High Protein Diet Powder." "Guaranteed to make those pounds fall off," it said. Barbara took a sip and said, "This is great. Now maybe I'll be able to squeeze into those jeans again. What she didn't know was that Susan had replaced Dr. Smith's with "Jim's Super Weight On, just what the skinny body needs to build powerful muscles fast." ... or the fat body to become even fatter," thought Susan.

By now Barbara had settled into a routine. She found her trips to the gym too tiring and switched to exercising to videotapes on the TV. She seemed to run out of energy fairly quickly though and most of her time was spent lying on the sofa in front of the TV. Susan made sure that there was plenty of fattening snack food lying around tempting her. She filled up the candy dishes as fast as Barbara emptied them giving the illusion that she had only had a couple of pieces.

"I don't think this diet stuff you've been giving me is working," Barbara complained. "My clothes are tighter than ever."

"You haven't been drinking it for long. Just give it time to work." That evening when Barbara was asleep, Susan took out some of the extra outfits she had purchased. Each had been carefully chosen to match Barbara's clothes but a couple of sizes bigger. She went quietly around the bedroom exchanging each one. The next morning, Barbara came downstairs all smiles.

"Look! The diet is working. See how baggy my clothes have gotten?" It was true; they were almost falling off her. A size 20 was a lot roomier than a size 16. Susan was glad she had removed all the labels ahead of time. She smiled sweetly, "I'll have to get you something in a smaller size next time. At this rate you'll be so thin you'll disappear before Jerry comes back." Barbara looked at the cake Susan was frosting.

"Well, it's not healthy to lose weight too fast," she said as she got out a plate and cut herself a large slice. "Maybe I'll have just a little piece."

Week after week Barbara's appetite grew. She was now taking 3 "vitamin tablets" a day and several "diet shakes," now made with rich cream. She still couldn't figure out why she was so tired all the time and slept so much. She had just "lost" another block of weight and was parading around in her loose size 28 clothes. It was amazing, but she still didn't seem to notice how large she was getting. She still had an hourglass figure with just a lot more sand. Her hips had grown broad and heavy, her thighs had thickened and turned her walk into a slow waddle. Her arms had become loose and floppy. Her delicate facial features had grown rounder with a forming double chin. Her breasts were now the size of small watermelons and had grown to the point of making it impossible for her to read the floor scale during her weekly weighings without losing her balance. She now relied on Susan to read the dial and tell her how thin she was. Susan had two sets of charts. One for Barbara showing a slow but steady weight loss and one for her, showing the real story as Barbara rapidly approached 300 pounds. She was now growing at a rate of 3 pounds a day! Susan was enjoying cooking delicious fattening cakes and cookies. Each meal was just a small salad with a small cup of tea but afterward Barbara was constantly snacking, fat arms jiggling as her hand repeatedly made the trip from her plate to her mouth. Even Susan had added another 20 pounds from tasting the various desserts.

At the end of six months Jerry finally called. He was back from his trip. Susan couldn't wait for him to see what his tiny little girl had become. She had dressed Barbara in her most provocative outfit, a stretchy dress which clung to her every curve of her 470 pounds. The low-cut top showed off Barbara's abundant chest and the diaphanous gown hung off her massive hips giving a hint of her incredibly fat thighs.

When Jerry knocked at the door she opened it then had him wait while she got Barbara. Finally the moment of revenge Susan had been waiting for. She watched Jerry carefully for that look of revulsion and disgust when he saw what had happened to her. But it never came! He was totally surprised; it's true. His mouth dropped open, his face got red and he began stammering. Then Susan noticed the rock hard bulge in his pants. He was actually turned on by this!

Finally Jerry overcame his surprise and tried to hug her. His arms didn't even come close to making it all the way around. "I'm afraid I put on a couple of pounds while you were gone," she said. "I've been on a diet. Do you think I'm too fat?"

"Sweetheart, you look just pleasantly plump to me," replied Jerry, sitting her down on the sofa. "Maybe you just need a few more of these," he said as he picked out a chocolate from the open box.

Susan was amazed. Not only did he show no disgust at her huge body, but actually seemed to enjoy it and want her to be bigger! He turned to Susan, "I just can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my little girl while I've been gone. By the way I invited a friend over for dinner if you wouldn't mind setting another place at the table." Barbara looked up from her chocolates, "Dinner? Great, I've been so hungry and Susan's just been giving me these little salads to eat."

The doorbell rang around 7:00 and Susan opened it to find a tall good-looking man with dark hair. "Mark! You came back!" she cried, falling into his arms.

Dinner was wonderful with everyone trying to talk at once. That had been several months ago. Susan had finally left and moved in with Mark a few blocks away from Barbara's house. They had a double wedding in July and the four of them became close friends with Mark and Susan going over frequently for dinner.

Barbara was fast approaching the 800-pound mark with Jerry's constant encouragement. The only problem was Susan's jealousy at the way Mark couldn't keep his eyes off Barbara. It had been a couple of weeks since they had been over there. Susan just didn't seem to have as much energy as she used to. Maybe she had a virus or something.

She looked down at the bottle of Vitamins that Mark had brought her. For some reason the little pink tablets looked vaguely familiar, but it was so hard trying to remember sometimes. It was so nice that Mark was such a caring husband, always bringing her snacks and telling her to relax. But all she could think about now was the hunger in her stomach. "I hope Mark hurries home with dinner; I'm starving."