Weight Room Title Bar

by Alison "Balloonwoman" Gray

It started out as a typical day. Mariah at her kitchen table, eating a bagel with a special cream cheese she's got a new age store. The kitchen had a white ceramic area with a china blue counter, shining from the windows of the white living room, dining room and the small kitchen window. She was wearing what some would consider her as sexy. An army tank top with light green straps and cut off jeans going up to her lean thighs. As she was eating her bagel, as the cream mixes in with her teeth, chewing massively and going down her throat. Then she felt this urge to eat the other one. An urge to eat more. She gobble that one quiet a bit, but the eating urge stopped. Now there was a low grumble in her stomach that turned into a high pitched fizzing in her breasts and belly. She heard a deep swelling sound. She looks down and sees her stomach growing to the size of a basketball. Her arms started to jiggle with excessive fat, flowing all around to her arms and legs. She thought her clothes wouldn't keep up with the blowing fat. Her face became rounder and rounder, her cheeks getting bigger with more and more blubber. Then her thighs pushes against the arms rests on her chair. She lifted herself with her whole body, jiggling immensely. The funny thing was that her buttocks became so big on each cheek the chair got stuck between them. She tried to sit back down, but she got to about 500 lb.. and the chair collapsed under her. She also became taller, as she weight grows, she gets bigger. She fell and the whole house shaked, knocking down paintings, pictures and plants, like an earthquake hit and she was the human earthquake. More like a human blimp. She got up and tried to balance herself. Walking now became difficult. As she did, she wobbled back and forth. She hit head against the wall and fell over again. This time, destroying her kitchen table. She couldn't get up this time. She rolled around and went through the hallway opening, now growing bigger by every second. Her humongus ballooned sized stomach touched everything. Ceiling, floor, side walls. Her cheeks looked with she's storing overinflated beachballs. She was permanently stuck. Then she heard her door creak and there was a brown-haired man, smiling with amusement.

"I've finally done it," he screamed.

He mustered his way through her fattened and blimped sides, almost getting squished. He climbs on her fat as he sees an almost torn tank top and her cut off jeans didn't cover her giant belly.

"So my dear," he swooned. "How do you like your new size?"

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME," she said, speaking with all the fat in her, deepening her voice.

"I love fat women and I love it we they become blimps. In short, your my blimp, blimpo,"


"I've already have."

Then he took out a hose, attached a huge machine filled with chocolate milkshake, very fattening. he sticked in her mouth and pushed the button. The machine bellowed and pumped all the milkshake inside Mariah.

"Happy drinking!"

The rate became fast as she was growing, blowing, fattening and inflating with milkshake.

"WELL, she thought, "MIGHT AS WELL".