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The Match
By Rebel

It was another business trip. She was having to go to Butte to straighten out someone else's mess, and it was going to take four whole days counting the travel time. In addition to that, he was going to have to work a double shift as a fireman right before she left, then another 48 hour stretch when she got home. They were going to separated for eight whole days! They had never been apart that long in the seven years that they had been together. But they were both strong people and had a strong relationship, so this was really just an inconvenience. Still, it was an eight day inconvenience!

On Saturday morning, before he left for his first 48 hour shift, they made love. Their passion had never really ebbed from when they had first met, but their techniques had gotten very efficient. This morning, a long separation staring down at them, they felt an edge of desperation that came through in the way that they thrust against each other. They came together, harder than normal and completely spent when they finished. They lay together for the few minutes that they had. They didn't speak, no words were needed between them.

His appetite was off at work. Firemen normally eat very well, and he had to work to stay at his 206 pounds. Maybe it was just the thought of her being gone for so long, but food just didn't taste good to him. At the end of the first double shift, he came home to an empty house. His wife usually did the cooking, so he didn't eat much at home either. That pattern held for the whole week. As he started his next 48 on the following Friday, his uniform wasn't fitting right at all. He didn't bother to check, but he was back down to 198 pounds, and would lose two more before he saw his old lady again.

Her appetite wasn't normal, either. She had always been a good eater, it took a lot of chow to maintain her at 275 pounds. But for some reason, maybe being away from her old man for more than a week, she found that she just could not get full. She nearly cleared out the fridge before she left to catch her plane Monday morning. Then when she was in Montana, she ate out of boredom. She was very bored, so she ate a lot. She was glad that the company would pay for her room service bill. When she finally got back home on Friday, she finished the food left in the house. Saturday, the last day of their separation, she celebrated by going to the grocery store and four different restaurants to pass the day away. Just before bed that night, curiosity forced her onto the scale. When she saw what it said, she checked everything she knew of to make sure it was set right. The second time she stepped up, she couldn't deny that weighed 296 pounds. She fell asleep thinking how glad she was that her husband liked her being a fat girl...

Sunday morning they both woke up early. Both of them showered and fixed themselves up like they were going out to some special place. It wasn't a plan and they didn't know the other was taking any special preparations, it just felt right.

He walked in the house at a little after 8:00 Sunday morning. They said hello and talked about their week had gone for about three minutes after that. Then he mentioned how well her satin pajamas were fitting. This is where the foreplay started...

They were out of their clothes quickly and then spent some time exploring the new bodies they wore. His was all angles and planes again, while she had full sweeping curves like she had never had before. Her newly fattened body got most of their attention. She had gained almost twice the weight that he had lost, and she was 16 pounds heavier than she had ever been in her life. When she found out that she out-weighed her husband by an even hundred pounds, a strange light stole into her eyes. If it hadn't excited him the way that it did, it certainly would have frightened him.

He was caught completely off guard when she came at him. He'd never seen a woman this large move that fast! She knocked him over onto the living room floor and landed heavily on top of him. All the wind was instantly knocked out of him, and he was barely able to squirm out from under her. If her balance hadn't been new to her, she'd still have him pinned helplessly beneath her bulk. He hadn't fully recovered when she rushed him again. Her soft body crashed hard into him. She was six inches shorter than him so she caught him low. He tried to maintain his balance, and did a pretty good job for about eight feet. That was where she slammed him full force into the wall. The sheet rock buckled and only the studs bounced them back onto the carpet. She was on the bottom, and paused long enough to make sure that she hadn't broken his spine. During that interval, he got his arms back up and used them to pin hers to the floor. He grinned down at her with victory on his face.

She grinned back, then her strong legs shot up around his waist. The fat of her thighs squeezed tighter and tighter around him, forcing his breath out bit by bit. He was only just able to turn sideways by releasing her arms and pushing against the vast curve of her belly. She grabbed him by the neck and unlatched her ankles. Then with amazing flexibility for such a huge woman, got her legs underneath him. With one mighty shove with those powerful thighs she threw him up and away from her. The momentum of those wonderfully heavy limbs let her rise and be on him almost as soon as he quit moving.

He looked up just in time to see her rapidly lowering nearly three hundred pounds of goddess onto his chest. He knew that it was too late to move, so he tensed all his muscles to absorb the weight as best he could. Her gorgeous ass swallowed his chest in a massive flow. The tremendous pockets of flesh on her thighs immobilized him the rest of him. His chin was caught in the delicious roll of her belly flab. He knew that the fight was over. So did she.

She arched her back to let him have a view of the rest of her greatly enhanced body. Her beautiful face was lost completely, but her enormous breasts thrust proudly above her paunch. The nipples at the ends of each heavy tit were hard from the excitement of the wrestling match. Then she rolled back forward to let the massive swell of her obese tummy rise over his mouth and nose. With the smallest shift of her impressive weight she looked down into his smiling eyes. Victory was more surely on her face than it had been on his.

"Do you surrender to your Goddess, mortal?", she teased. She loved the way her belly shifted as he nodded his head from underneath it. "Then I claim you as the spoils of battle! Your first duty, slave, is to worship at my alter."

He gasped for air as she moved her bulk down his chest. As soon as her cunt was at his face, she stopped. Without giving him a chance to say anything, her pudgy fingers wrapped into his hair and pulled his mouth up into her. She began to shudder the instant that his tongue touched her.

He had never enjoyed losing a fight so much in his life!