Weight Room Title Bar

By Jim Fields

I've finally found the secret to increase any woman's appetite, causing her to stay ravenously hungry every waking moment. Her body will blow up like a balloon, getting fatter and fatter at a rate of about 10 pounds per week. Only the antidote can cause her to feel full after eating and make her able to stop.

I select a perky blond receptionist at the personnel office for my first candidate. She's about 5 feet tall, weighs about 100 pounds and has a perfect little figure. I chat with her about once a week when I happen to go past her work area. She is really cute and has a great sense of humor. I develop a routine of bringing her hot coffee every week, and five weeks later I put a drop of MEGA-CAL into her cup.

When I arrive, I stay and chat with her. She finishes every drop before I leave. So far, I've never mentioned anything about my liking very, very fat women at all. I am eagerly awaiting my next visit.

The days drag by before my next visit, but when I get there and look at her during our chat, I see no change at all - nothing! She answers a few phone calls while I sit there, then she interrupts our conversation suddenly by saying, "I can't wait until lunch - I am soooo hungry, I could eat a horse! Let's see - I think I've got a few candy bars here." She digs into her purse and takes out an assortment of about a half dozen candy bars and wolfs one down in just a couple of bites. She rips open the second one she says, "Boy, these are good! I've started eating them every day." I bid her a good day with a smile as she started unwrapping the third candy bar...

The next week when I return, a replacement receptionist tells me that "the regular girl is on vacation for two weeks." I am disappointed, and time goes by very slowly as I think about how she'll cope with her newfound appetite.

At last the day arrives for my next visit. I see it immediately and there's no doubt about it: she is gaining weight! Her clothes are now stretched skintight with what looks like about 20 pounds of new (and very becoming!) meat. There's a big bag of potatoes chips almost empty at her side, and she finishes even the crumbs. "I just don't understand it, she says. "All I did during my vacation was eat and sleep and eat again! I never knew food could taste that good! I just stuffed myself day and night! It was gross! Would you believe I baked a chocolate cake and then ate the whole thing all by myself last Saturday? I don't know what's happening with me. I've never had a weight problem in my life, but now I'm stuffing my face all day long and it's starting to show!" and she pats the newly-gained roll of jiggly tummy fat under her tight pants.

I secretly smile to myself, pleased that MEGA-CAL has started to work on her, and tell her that I won't be back for a few months because I'll be on an assignment out of town. "Oh, that's too bad. Well, have fun!" she says.

After six months I return to the office and go get the accustomed cup of coffee for the two of us. I nervously walk into the personnel area, not knowing what to expect, but she isn't at her desk. The other girl greets me, says, "Boy, wait 'til you see Wendy...!" and snickers. I sit down and start drinking my cup when I hear her sweet voice behind me.

"Hello stranger! It's good to see you!" I almost drop my cup at the sight of the huge woman smiling at me. I can't believe that this is the same person that was a petite girl just a few months ago! Wendy has become gigantic! She has almost quadrupled in size, and grown so big that she must have reached about 360 pounds. Her calves look like tree trunks and her thighs have exploded to become massive columns. Her arms have grown bigger than her waist was before. When she moves around the desk to her seat, I see that her ass now looks like it measures almost three feet across. As she sits, she's almost a whole head taller than before, so much fat has been added to her buttocks. She has gotten so big that her watch looks like it's about to pop off her arm. The chair cries out as she re-settles her massive bulk onto it.

She jokes, "As you can see, I've gained a little weight. Quite a lot actually. I don't know why, but I just fell in love with eating. I don't know why, but I guess it's fine with me. I feel so strong and full all the time! The doctor said my metabolism has somehow changed and I'll just have to get used to being the fat girl. Everything I eat turns to fat and more fat! He says there's nothing I can do about it, but I'm not worried. I feel fine and I have a clean bill of health. What do you make of that! I was skinny just a year ago, but at the rate I'm going I'll be a real blimp soon! Well, I guess I won't ever be Miss America, but I won't have to bother with diet sodas and starving myself either! It's really not so bad to be fat. I just wish the guys wouldn't call me big momma! Hey, would you like to take me to lunch? Oh - I hope you're not ashamed to be seen with a fat girl!?"

I assure her that I'm not and that I'd love to take her to lunch. I look at her admiringly and decide that I am going to throw away the antidote to MEGA-CAL..... As a matter of fact, I plan on sneaking some more into her at lunch....