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Mega-Cal II
By Jim Fields

It's been a few years since "Mega-Cal, the miraculous wonder drug that increases any woman's appetite, first appeared first appeared seemingly out of nowhere. No one knows where Mega-Cal came from, except for me, its inventor. I am a biochemistry researcher by profession, and a card-carrying member of the Secret Brotherhood of Overfeeders and Overstuffers by conviction. I had been working on a formula that would cause women to stay ravenously hungry every waking moment for years. As far back as I can remember I had always felt the desire to "help" women get fatter. It was a true moment of triumph when I finally found what I thought was the solution to my dreams.

Susie at the lab, unbeknownst to her, had delivered proof that my formula really worked. She was our receptionist then, a 115-pound blonde knockout of a gal. Not too bright, but with her looks brains were optional. Well, Mega-Cal was both good news and bad news for Susie. She started snacking all day long right away and became pudgy within weeks, but today she is Mrs. A. Peter Blanchard, the CEO's wife. He snapped her up as soon as she started to put on weight. Apparently the CEO was an FA. Susie now weighs over 300 pounds and has become a massive matron, but no one makes any jokes about her (or calls her "Susie" for that matter...) She's safely tucked away in Blanchard's 24-room estate. Rumor has it that she has four cooks on her personal staff. Perhaps the Overfeeders' recruitment team should approach Blanchard. Could always use a man with resources.

I was exuberant. "Mega-Cal" worked. I then developed the antidote, the only thing that can cause a woman who has been administered Mega-Cal to ever be able to stop her bingeing, but I have hardly ever used it, nor have I given the formula to anyone else.

Not even my closest fellow Overfeeders knew that I had created Mega-Cal, and for a while I kept it all to myself. I must admit that in those early days I had tremendous fun with my invention, even though in retrospect I probably overdid it at times. In my wake I left a growing (in the truest sense of the word...) number of rapidly expanding young women, all hungry like a swarm of locusts. Visitors often wonder about the generous size of much of our secretarial pool. They also wonder why the company tolerates the almost constant waddling to and from the snack machines. We used to have a staff of young, aggressive and often arrogant career women. They're all gone now. Most of them took a "leave of absence" after they outgrew the third or forth set of business suits. I recently saw Sue-Ellen Clark, our former chemical products sales ace, in a pizza parlor. Sue-Ellen had been the quintessential cold, arrogant bitch when she worked at Blanchard & Stone. She had also been an exercise freak and it had been a pleasure to put her on Mega-Cal. She fought it for almost three weeks but then the dam broke and she went on a permanent food binge. Within half a year she had turned into a stout Amazon with a potbelly and huge tits. Three months later she had a paunch that forced her legs apart whenever she sat down. She resigned shortly thereafter. When I saw her at the pizza shop, she had ballooned to almost 400 pounds.

Four months after my first successful experiment I had almost half of the female staff of Blanchard & Stone on Mega-Cal. "Cosmo" and "Vogue" were out. They now read "Gourmet's Delight," "Perfect Desserts," and "Chocolate Lovers Weekly." It was great.

After that I started sharing my invention with some of my fellow Overfeeders whom I had met over the years. The news traveled like wildfire through the network of our secret brotherhood. Mega-Cal simply sounded too good to be true. Many of those guys had tried for years to make their girlfriends or wives grow. They had spent countless hours, thousands of dollars, all the cunning, seductive perseverance they could muster, to pack the flab on their loved-ones. Yet, more often than not, all they had to show for it were a small potbelly here, a pair of double D boobs there, and perhaps a slight expansion of a girl's natural steatopygian tendencies, or the beginnings of a double-chin. They clearly needed help.

Others had been more successful either because they were more skilled at the art of fattening or because they had picked a woman with a natural tendency towards gluttony and gaining. They managed to pack solid amounts of weight onto their formerly slender mates.

Then, of course, there were the Master Force Feeders, the Champion Overfeeders, the World Class Superstuffers, the Feed Bag Fillers, the Plumper Pumpers (or whatever they chose to call themselves), those whose major goal and purpose in life was the conversion of normal sized women into hugely obese ones. Those men meant business. They would put a gal on a special customized program the minute they had her safely in their house or apartment. They'd install them in a comfortable room, surround them with food, and never let them out until they their former slight figures were only distant memories buried under mountains of gorgeous female fat and blubber. They'd always make it totally clear to the girls that this was a one-way street and that they were going to make them big. Not just fat, but so hugely obese that they'd become too fat to even move. And they did it. These girls would usually end up as jiggling mountains of blubbery flesh with huge Buddha-like stomachs, tremendous, sagging breasts, hugely fat thighs, and astonishingly gigantic rear ends. Their upper arms often got so fat that they could hardly reach the plates and dishes that their feeder piled high in front of them anymore. Their attitudes always changed completely. By the time such a gifted Overfeeder was through with a girl, all she'd wanted to do was gorge herself around the clock.

In those circles, the news of Mega-Cal was greeted with thundering enthusiasm.

Mega-Cal is the answer to the dreams of every man who is lucky enough to have experienced the blissful and overwhelming desire that comes with the mere thought of burying an attractive, slim girl under layers and layers of fat and blubber. Those men measure their own success in life by how fat they can make their partners. Others just love to fatten girls and leave a few newly grown blimps of blubber in their wake wherever they go. Mega-Cal can do it. Mega-Cal is for all of them.