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The Final Mission
by Jack Knowles

Colonel Steve Trevor was America's mostly intensively trained and finely honed operative. He'd started his career fresh out of college as a fighter pilot, eventually becoming the premier test pilot for cutting edge jets. But he used his status to pull out of the program and transfer to start out at the bottom in Special Forces, beginning with boot camp, a training regime so rigorous that more than half the twenty year olds washed out. At thirty, then Capt. Trevor thrived on the hardship, receiving the highest commendations in his company. It was in Special Forces that he rose to the rank of Colonel. At the age of thirty-six, anxious to see more action than a combat position afforded since the relative peace after the fall of the Soviet Union, he transferred to intelligence. His unique skills soon secured him the reputation as America's top international intelligence agent.

Then came the mission down to South America to interdict drug trafficking, when somebody sabotaged his personal jet. His plane crashed on an island that his craft's hopelessly compromised navigational system couldn't even identify. It was then that he'd been rescued by the mysterious Wonder Woman. She'd followed him back to America and had joined him in almost all of his missions. Often dropping in at the last minute of carefully crafted operations to "save the day."

There was no doubt that sometimes she'd been invaluable. Although it seemed to him that there were at least as many times where her assistance was unnecessary, that he had the situation well in hand. What Col. Trevor was certain of was that Wonder Woman, along with destroying many of America's enemies, had no less destroyed his career. He'd become the joke of the intelligence community. America's greatest operative reduced to the role of damsel in distress.

Wonder Woman has ravaged his personal life as well. He felt sure that she was attracted to him, but in all their years together they'd never progressed beyond sly innuendo and sexual tension. She'd might have received some kind of Amazon training that helped her maintain her chastity. But he was a red-blooded American male and it was driving him to distraction. With his dashing looks and muscled physique, he had no shortage of encounters with the fairer sex. But when it came to having a long term relationship, who could compete with Wonder Woman? Women would leave rather than have her as a third wheel in their relationship.

She was a true wonder. From her lustrous jet black curly mane to her piercing blue eyes and electric smile, she had a face that was literally hauntingly beautiful. Steve found that he couldn't hardly look at another woman without her countenance coming to mind. And her body was even more extraordinary. She defined the physical perfection of a lean, mean fighting machine with the muscularity of a cat rather than the bulkiness of a body builder. She had the long, graceful legs of a dancer that flared into full womanly hips. Her derriere was tight, round and very, very firm. The star-spangled panty girdle and belt of power barely concealed abs that rippled with muscle. Finally, cupped in her shining, gold falcon breastplate and wrapped in her bright red strapless top were those perfect, gravity-defying breasts. Really, those gorgeous, plump orbs were the only spot on her body where she had an ounce of fat. Next to Wonder Woman, other women seemed dull and ordinary.

Deep down, Steve realized that that amazing body and the supernatural powers it possessed was also a stumbling block to their relationship. He was, of course, a little scared of what she might do to him in a physical encounter, even a romantic one. But he was about as physically perfect a specimen as it was possible for a normal human male to be. He was sure he could handle the situation. Actually, it was more a matter of preference. He wanted a woman with the beautiful face Wonder Woman possessed but with a softer, more lush body, preferably even a little plump.

He thought of his last long-term relationship, the one he'd had with his previous assistant, Etta Candy. She had a cute face, blonde and blue-eyed. But what he really loved was her body. She'd taken after her name and had a compulsive sweet tooth. It gave her a gorgeous, deliciously chubby physique. Her breasts where full and soft like pillows in sensuous satin sheets. She had a cute pot belly that bulged over the band of her panties. And he loved her beautiful, round bottom and the plump thighs she would envelope him in. She worked out just enough to maintain the minimum fitness requirements of the military. But the best thing of all was how much she loved sex, her body and all the erotic possibilities of her full-bodied physique.

When Steve made love with her, he was the physical master tending to her luscious body. Every square inch of her flesh seemed to be an erogenous zone. It seemed that the only thing Etta found sweeter than Candy to take into her mouth was Steve's hard cock.

But then along came Wonder Woman. She became such a large part of Steve's life that Etta couldn't help but feel jealous. She started to diet and exercise in a vain attempt to compete with Wonder Woman. It only succeeded in making her shrill and miserable. As she lost her generous curves, Steve found her less attractive. She became more self-conscious and less enthusiastic in her love-making. Eventually, she gave up. She quit her assignment and left Steve's life entirely.

That was more or less the pattern of all his relationships since Wonder Woman entered his life. There wasn't a woman secure enough to tolerate Wonder Woman's place in Steve's life. This was especially true if they had the fuller figure Steve preferred instead of the popular notion of physical perfection that Wonder Woman had come to define. So Steve was left with only two women in his life, Wonder Woman and his new assistant, Diana Prince. And they seemed to share all the same traits, their total devotion to Col. Trevor, their svelte physiques and their complete disinterest in sex.

So, as Col. Trevor approached his twentieth year of military service, his career and personal life in shambles, he was seriously considering retirement. What the hell, he thought, I'll take my twenty year pension and start a new career. Maybe take a little time off, lie around on a tropical island and get fat. But above all, Steve Trevor was a man of action. It was then that he conceived his plan. He'd always met every challenge head-on and in complete command. It was time for him to take charge of this situation. And when he was through, it was very likely that it would be Wonder Woman who would consider retirement.

The most daring part of his plan was the very first step, to secretly lift Wonder Woman's magic golden lasso. Getting his hands on it would be no problem. She would often use it to subdue a suspect. Then she would hand it off to Steve and go off in pursuit of other villians. Steve was often found at the scene of a crime with several thugs roped on the end of the lasso, a predicament no more dangerous than having a poodle at the end of a leash. He'd seen her use the magic effects of the lasso to compel them to obey any command or answer any question. He'd even seen her use it to place something like a post hypnotic suggestion, including forgetting that the lasso had been used. Still, if he possessed the lasso, he was unsure that he would be able to use it on Wonder Woman. He'd have one shot or he'd have a lot of hard questions to answer. Then, if he was successful in binding her in her own lasso, he was unsure if it would have the same effect on Wonder Woman. Perhaps she was resistant to its post-hypnotic effects or they would wear off.

But he was so fed up, he had to take the risk. It was his career or hers. He secured an exact duplicate of her golden lasso that Wonder Woman herself had supplied to the National Museum for an exhibit they'd run about her. The next time he was left alone to tend to a criminal with the magic lasso, he cold-cocked the guy and secured him with the fake lasso, concealing the real lasso inside his jacket. When Wonder Woman returned, he explained that he thought he saw signs of others from the drug trafficking ring. He knocked out the guy, so he could go over and investigate. As Wonder Woman turned her back to Col. Trevor and bent over the drug dealer to revive and question him, Col. Trevor pulled out the magic lasso and looped it around her shoulders.

Wonder Woman shot up with a start. "What are you doing, Steve?" she cried.

"Don't resist!" Steve commanded. Instantly, Wonder Woman's tensed body went slack and her hands fell limply from the rope. "I'm not sure what effect this will have. But one thing's for sure. There are going to be some changes around here."

Wonder Woman sat listening passively. It could be a trick, but it seemed that the lasso had the same results with Wonder Woman that it had on ordinary people. "Here's what's going to happen," Col. Trevor continued, "First of all, I think I'm going to keep this lasso. You are to forget that I have it. You will think that the lasso around this scum lying on the ground is the real lasso. To make sure that you don't discover the difference, I command you will be compelled not to even try to use the magic properties of your lasso, no matter what.

"Now, down to the heart of the matter. After I remove the lasso, you will have an insatiable appetite for the richest, most fattening food. The compulsion will be subconscious. You will have no idea that your desires are being controlled, no memory or even suspicion that I possess your magic lasso or have given you these instructions. Now, turn back to that drug dealing scum."

Wonder Woman turned and bent back down over the suspect. Col. Trevor let out a nervous sigh and slipped the lasso off her. "You did a good job," Wonder Woman said. Col. Trevor's heart skipped a beat. "He's out cold," she continued. Col. Trevor breathed a little easier. "We should revive him and question him."

Col. Trevor decided to test the power of his commands. "Maybe you should use your magic lasso to get the truth out of him."

"No, we'll take him into custody and get the answers when he comes to." Wonder Woman said, lifting the dealer like a rag doll and tossing him over her shoulder. " To be honest, right now, I've worked up quite an appetite. I'm famished, I don't remember the last time I was this hungry," she said, rather shyly.

They returned to headquarters, where Col. Trevor had dinner brought into the office. Wonder Woman polished off the entire roast chicken and all the sides that had been brought in from the commissary so quickly, she didn't noticed that Steve had hardly had a bite. As she licked a stray bit of mashed potatoes and gravy from her lips, she looked at him and asked brightly, "What about dessert?"

Steve could barely believe his good luck. "Oh, you know the commissary makes every dish taste like chipped beef on toast. I know a bakery that makes the most incredible desserts--cheesecakes, tortes, pastries, the works. I'll call them and have them deliver something."

He had them deliver several types of cheesecakes, several different pies and at least four different cakes along with a tray of pastries. He had them set up in the conference room, then led Wonder Woman in. "I apologize," he demurred, "I wasn't sure what you would like, so I got an assortment." Her eyes were shining with anticipation. "Why don't you get yourself a little something while I look in on our suspect."

When he returned little less than a hour later all the desserts were polished off. Wonder Woman was sprawled on a conference chair. Her bloated belly bulged out on all sides of the belt of power, her star-spangled panty-girdle was rounded with contents of her feast. Steve Trevor was ecstatic, at this rate the Amazon would soon reach the plump perfection he desired. He held back the impulse to go and pat her full tummy.

"Ugh," Wonder Woman groaned, "I don't know what came over me. I was just ravenous! You won't believe this, but I still feel a little hungry." Steve was about to pick up the phone to order more food for her superhuman appetite when the phone rang with an emergency alert. Instantly, Steve and Wonder Woman sprang into action.

As they went to do battle with the smugglers and then over the next few days, Steve learned to his sorrow that Wonder Woman's conditioning wasn't having the desired effect. The extra calories where like putting top fuel in a race car, Wonder Woman went into overdrive. She was taking the spotlight with amazing feats like she never had before. Col. Trevor cursed himself. It made perfect sense. Her superhuman strength required lots of energy. And lots of energy required lots of fuel. For all he knew, she probably always ate like a horse. He'd only changed her diet from what he was sure was a very balanced sensible diet to one loaded with fat, carbs and calories. In the odd way that the women in his life seemed to gang up on him, at the same time his assistant, Diana, was becoming positively hyperactive in the performance of her duties.

He realized that he was going to have to find some way to stop her crime fighting activity and settle down, take it easy for a while. The case they were currently working on dropped what seemed to be the perfect solution into his lap. The head of the drug syndicate they were pursuing was killed in a Coast Guard raid on his private yacht. Steve found millions in secret Grand Cayman accounts in the drug lord's encrypted computer files He also found a private island estate in the Pacific. It was meant to be the drug lord's retreat for when he left the business. He'd wisely set it up so that it was self-sufficient for years and completely unknown to any of his associates. Not too many retire peacefully from organized crime, but this guy thought he'd found a way. Until the Coast Guard gave him an alternate retirement plan.

Col. Trevor slipped the accounts and the island into his own possession undetected. He made the arrangements with the right kind of people to keep the island stocked in a manner which would assure no questions asked and no questions raised. Then it was only a matter of getting Wonder Woman to stand still long enough so he could slip the lasso around her and "convince" her to take a well-deserved vacation.

He was able to do in a moment of relative peace and privacy in his office. While she was at the computer looking at some satellite recon images, Steve stole up behind her and slipped the lasso around her again.

"You will not resist!" he commanded before she had time to react. "You will agree with what I have to say. You've been working too hard lately, we both have. We will take a long vacation together. I will tell you where. You will take us in your invisible jet. You will tell no one of our plans. You will trust me with all the details. You are still compelled to eat that lovely, fattening diet and you will not remember that I used the lasso on you. "

Col. Trevor went from his office to the director of their agency. He resigned his post citing overwork and a need to get away and get a fresh perspective. He stopped on his way out only to say good-bye to his assistant, Diana. But he couldn't find her. Within hours, before anyone could react to his sudden departure, he and Wonder Woman were winging their way to the hidden island retreat undetectable in her invisible jet.

Whoever said, crime doesn't pay, hadn't seen this set up. The estate was ultra-modern, state of the art. Power was supplied by a geo-thermal system. There was a back-up hydro-electric system fed from the waterfalls on the island as well. The estate was built into the side of one of the mountains, even the swimming pool was built to mimic a natural grotto, so all was undetectable from the air. Within the house was every conceivable luxury. The island had been planted all over with fruit-bearing trees, edible plants and wild game. and the villa had been stocked so that the inhabitants could drop out of sight of all civilization for years, long enough for old scores and vendettas to be forgotten.

As soon as they'd landed and settled in, Steve suggested a swim. He put on a Speedo-style bikini and walked into Wonder Woman's suite with a gift-wrapped package.

"What's this?" she squealed with delight.

"Consider it an official Wonder Woman uniform, tropical issue." Steve joked.

Wonder Woman pulled out a tiny bikini, royal blue thong panties embroidered with stars to mimic her spangled panty-girdle and a red bandeau bra with the cups held together with a golden falcon clip to take the place of her breastplate. "You wish," she smirked, "my uniform now is practically a swimsuit. One-piece, however, I'm sorry to disappoint you. And I have a uniform for swimming, as well." She spun around and with a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning, she was clothed in a star-spangled, navy blue body stocking that covered her head to toe like a deep water wet suit. "The other outfit will be fine for sunning and exercise."

Steve was disappointed. He'd hoped to see every inch of her transformation. If he could have his way, she'd have been naked. But he'd hoped that the bikini would be an acceptable alternative. No matter, he thought, eventually she'll outgrow all of the outfits.

But Steve was bound for more disappointment. To Wonder Woman, a vacation seemed to consist entirely of feeding her irresistible appetite coupled with nearly constant exercise. Steve was working himself to a frazzle constantly preparing her food. She ran endlessly on the beach, did countless laps in the pool and worked out in the villa's gymnasium with all the machines on maximum weight. Sometimes she'd workout alone. But, if Steve wasn't in the kitchen, she'd invite him along, giggling as she lapped him in the pool or on the beach. He tried to workout in the gym alone because she had the annoying habit of asking, "is that all the weight you're going to use?"

He knew it was time to use the lasso again. As she sat at the dinner table, bellowing for Steve to bring her food, he slipped the magic bonds around her once again.

"You will not resist!" he started as he always did, "and we are going to get a few things straight. First of all, I am NOT your servant. I know you're hungry and you're still going to be. But you are going to be a little more patient. And you are going to cut out all this exercise crap. You will want only to laze in the sun and eat rich, fattening food. You will pay no attention to the passing of time, I will arrange your schedule for you. Have you got that?"

"Yes," Wonder Woman whispered.

"Now," Steve finished, "as always you will have no recollection that I have your lasso or that I have used it on you."

Steve took the lasso off her and Wonder Woman proceeded to polish off an entire Hawaiian-style luau.

He waited with anticipation over the next few weeks and began to give up hope of ever realizing his dream. His first ray of hope came as he was standing by the pool. Wonder Woman ran over and playfully pushed him into the water. Ordinarily, she would have tossed him effortlessly halfway across the pool. Instead, it seemed to take all her strength to knock him off balance and into the pool. Once again, he had an insight into the extraordinary physique he was dealing with. Even without activity, her fantastic Amazon muscles went right on burning calories. But without exercise, the muscles were turning to flab. They were losing their tone and power. Soon her supercharged metabolism would slow down to adapt to her new sedentary lifestyle.

Steve watched hawk-like for signs of change. The first came within a week. As Wonder Woman got up from her chaise to go in for lunch one morning, Steve followed behind watching a very noticeable jiggling in her former buns of steel. He couldn't contain himself from brushing a hand inadvertently over her bottom as he passed her heading towards the kitchen. Even with the brief, stolen feel he could tell that the muscles in that flabby fanny had grown soft.

Soon other changes became apparent. A round little pot belly took the place of her washboard abs. And her proud bosom became even fuller and started to sag down pressing the breastplate onto her newly rounding tummy.

In the morning a few days later, Steve heard grunting and groaning as he passed Wonder Woman's suite. He knocked on the door and went right in. Wonder Woman was standing in front of the mirror desperately trying to fasten the belt of power around her thickening waist. "It's the damnedest thing, but I don't seem to be able to fasten my belt of power." Exasperated, she gave up. Even as she vainly tried to suck in her tummy in front of Steve, she probed her fat belly with a finger. She found she could pinch more than an inch. Then, turning her back to the mirror, she cupped her hands under her butt cheeks where the bottom of her panty-girdle disappeared into a fleshy fold. She hefted up her sagging derriere with a moan. "No doubt about it." She sighed, "easy living is making this girl soft as a marshmallow. I have got to get myself back on a diet and exercise regime. I have got to lose these pounds I've gained."

" I think you look just fine," Steve comforted her, "and don't worry about the belt. I don't think we're going to run into anything more challenging at the pool than a few chocolate eclairs." Steve was worried that her old discipline might return. But within minutes of jumping into the pool to do laps, Wonder Woman was on a pool float and inquiring about the eclairs, her vow forgotten.

Without the belt to energize her physique, her transformation accelerated. Under her proud chin, you could begin to see its double. The silky thighs that used to ascend to a gap at her crotch without touching, now rubbed together with new chubbiness.

A couple of weeks later, as Steve passed her room on the way to their morning pool time, he heard muffled sobbing. He knocked and started to enter when Wonder Woman let out a panicked, "don't come in!"

"What's the matter?" he inquried.

"This is so embarrassing," Wonder Woman panted, "but I can't seem to get my outfit up over my thighs. I said I was going to get my hardbody back and I only seem to have gotten softer and fatter!"

"Well," Steve said hopefully, "why not put on your tropical-issue uniform."

"That tiny bikini!" Wonder Woman shrieked, "with this body!"

"Well," Steve countered, "you could go naked."

"Oh," Wonder Woman smirked, "you'd like that."

"What other option do you have?" Steve stated flatly.

"One other," Wonder Woman called through the door confidently. A moment late Steve heard a clap of thunder, followed by the sounds of ripping fabric and then something that sounded like the crack of a whip and a double crash of glass. Unable to restrain his curiosity, he stuck his head inside the door. In the middle of the room. Wonder Woman was in shocked disbelief. She was standing with the tattered remains of her swim outfit draped over body, split at virtually every seem.

Steve couldn't resist. "Okay, I understand the sound of thunder and the ripping sound. But I could swear I heard something like the crack of a whip and the sound of glass breaking. What was that?"

"It was the belt of power. As I transformed it tried to magically appear around my waist. Then it just snapped off. I don't know about the breaking glass" Then they both turned and looked to see where the belt had flown off, obliterating a lamp on its trajectory out one of the room's picture windows.

Steve ran to the empty window frame and leaned out to see the belt of power lying in a pile of broken glass. Wonder Woman's humiliation filled him with a new sense of confidence. "I'll see to that later, he said. And as he swaggered from the room, he called over his shoulder, "the bikini or naked, suit yourself." Then he chuckled.

Moments later, Wonder Woman appeared at the pool in the bikini, padding stiffly over to the chaises. Steve laughed, "you're going to pass out if you keep trying to hold in your breath and your tummy."

Wonder Woman let out a dejected sigh. As she did, her ribcage fell causing love handles to form at the top of her bikini bottom. In front, the band of the thong panties strained against their fleshy cargo. But the bikini bottoms were nowhere near as overworked as the red bra and golden falcon as they struggled to support her overflowing breasts.

"Look at me," Wonder Woman moaned, grabbing the roll of chub around her middle, "I've let myself go to pot." She tried to suck in her breath again and ran a probing hand over the still noticeable bulge where once rock hard abs had been. "I've gotten so fat, I can't even suck in my gut anymore!"

Steve was feeling cocky in more ways than one. He decided to finally give in to an impulse he'd had for a long time, to give Wonder Woman a little taste of the humiliation he'd suffered. It was time to make obvious the new state of affairs. An extra fifty pounds and less muscle tone meant that physically Wonder Woman was no longer a lean, lethal tigress, she was a chubby, cuddly kitten.

He got up from his chaise and walked around Wonder Woman in a mock inspection. When he was behind her, he gave her a sharp smack on the bottom. The impact caused tremors through the flab of her once firm gluts. Wonder Woman gasped in shock and embarrassment. "Maybe a little training is called for," he remarked with feigned thoughtfulness, "how about a little hand-to-hand?"

"Oh, come on, Steve," Wonder Woman cried, "I am still an Amazon princess, after all. You're a good little fighter and athlete, but you've never been my equal."

"Well," Steve drawled, "it might not be much of a workout for you. But I'll try to make it some challenge. Let's go."

"Okay," Wonder Woman said skeptically, "but remember you asked for it." She launched her attack. But instead of her usual graceful pounce, she managed only a clumsy lunge. At first, she tried to grab Steve in a bear hug and lift him up. Steve could sense her surprise when her flabby Amazonian muscles couldn't respond with the necessary strength to pick him up and throw him down.

Steve toyed with her, holding his power and expertise in check. Wonder Woman was left to believe that she was more in command than she was. Actually, Steve was surprised at how much of her strength and skill remained. She was still very healthy. Steve let the struggle go on. He let her wear herself out while he enjoyed grappling with her new, lush physique. Under the pretense of their match, he groped every inch of her body--her soft, ripe breasts, her delicious, full tummy and her gorgeous, round bottom.

Eventually, Wonder Woman grew exhausted. Her attempts became more and more feeble. Steve began to take the offensive. To tease her, he reached out and snapped the band of her bikini bottom.

"You'll pay for that," Wonder Woman gasped out as she fought for breath. She delivered what she thought would be a crushing blow, but it bounced ineffectually off Steve's abs.

"Naughty, naughty," Steve smirked, "I think I'm going to have to punish you." Steve grasped her by one of her bracelets and led her over to one of the loungers. He sat down and drew her across his lap. It was a struggle, but he managed it. Putting her across his knee, he spanked her soft derriere until it was a bright crimson. Wonder Woman struggled and squirmed to free herself with her remaining strength.

Steve wanted his domination to be complete. Holding both her wrists in a vise-like grip in one hand, he turned her over on his lap so her soft belly was exposed. He patted her pot gut. "Stop it," Wonder Woman whined, "it's embarrassing." Steve gave her a look of commanding disdain. Wonder Woman began to sob with frustration unable to resist as he stroked the soft blubber around her midsection.

Finally, he drew his free hand up to the falcon clasp that held her bandeau top together. He unsnapped it easily, exposing her exquisite breasts. He fondled them assertively. Finally, as he pinched each of her firm, pink nipples, Wonder Woman ceased struggling and tearfully supplicated.

Steve laid her on the chaise. "I'm not an Amazon princess," she half panted and half moaned, "I'm a plump, plump princess."

"Well, I promised you I'd make it a challenge," Steve remarked with a casual air.

"You didn't have to humiliate me like that," Wonder Woman complained. Then she paused thoughtfully, "but I guess with what I said and my attitude, I asked for it." She smiled and reached up to shake Steve's hand. "Good match, you really showed me something."

"Anytime you want a rematch, Princess," Steve replied.

"I'll go into training immediately," Wonder Woman stated, then she added, "right after lunch."

Occasionally, Wonder Woman would make a half-hearted attempt at regaining her fighting trim. Once Steve found her back in the gym and quietly spied on her. She was surveying her new physique with disappointment. She took off her bikini top and surveyed her sagging tits. She cradled them in her hands, lifting them up to the gravity-defying positions they'd had before she'd grown soft. Then with a dejected moan, she let them fall, slapping against her bulging tummy.

She ran her hand over her out of shape abs and gluts,then smacked them angrily. Striking a flexing pose, for a moment, the remnants of her once proud physique stood there quivering. Then they fell in a flabby avalanche. She put her top on with resignation and got down on the floor to do crunches. As she strained to lift herself up, rolls of plumpness formed around her middle. After only a few minutes, she fell back, panting and exhausted.

Steve ignoring the hard-on that was starting in his own bikini briefs, he walked over to Wonder Woman. He patted the plump, rounded dome of her belly. "You're filling out nicely there," he said with a laugh, "have you been sneaking in a few brews to sprout this beer gut?"

"Well," Wonder Woman huffed indignantly as she got up," if that isn't the POT calling the kettle black." With that, she prodded a finger into Steve's belly.

He looked down and realized that in his total obsession to transform Wonder Woman, he ignored his own physique. He spent most of his days lying on the chaise next to her, getting up only occasionally to tend to their needs. And, even in the course of snacking lightly along with her for the sake of companionship, he'd consumed a lot of empty calories. He was nowhere near a far gone as Wonder Woman, but he'd had an obvious roll around the middle and had lost a lot of definition in his upper body.

"Look at us," Wonder Woman cried, "if we had to run from here to the beach, we couldn't catch our breaths, much less catch any criminals."

"Yes," the former hardbody, former colonel replied, "but there's no one else here to worry about besides ourselves, much less criminals. You've never looked more lovely. And to be honest, I've never felt better. After working as hard as I have all my life, it's damn nice to relax and let go a little."

"I hate to say it," Wonder Woman admitted, "but I'm feeling very much the same way." She looked down at the bulge in Steve's bikini. "And I can see you don't have any complaints."

They celebrated with their largest feast yet and a two hour long orgy of desserts.

Steve had only the final phase of his plan to realize, quite literally, the consummation. But other than her sly comment the first day they had been by the pool in their bikinis, he'd seen no sign of awakening sexual passions in the Amazon. And he'd sworn an oath to himself that this final step would be completely her idea. He wasn't going to broach the subject. And he refused to employ the lasso. He wouldn't be satisfied unless she gave herself up, not only willingly, but enthusiastically.

He used the lasso a final time. Wonder Woman was at the state of pleasant plumpness he desired. And she was quite content where she was at physically and geographically, even without magic compulsion. So he released her from the previous suggestions. Other than the addition of a little bit of playful exercise, the only other change in their routine was that Wonder Woman's appetite fell to a more normal level and Steve was freed from many of his kitchen duties.

Wonder Woman, swathed in comfortable flesh, was transformed into a contented plumper. She leveled off at a condition of healthful chubbiness. But she still had the greatest change left, her dormant sexual urges needed to be brought to full glorious flower. Steve decided to gently nudge her progress along when one day she polished off an entire cheesecake by the pool before it could completely thaw, even in the warm, tropical sun. Afterwards, he laughed at the voracious spectacle and asked her if her light snack had given her the energy for a little swim. Wonder Woman moaned and rubbed her distended abdomen. "Ohhh," she cried, "after that I can hardly move." Then she giggled lightly and joked, "I thought my only weakness was to have my bracelets shackled together by man. I guess cheesecake is another of my weaknesses."

"Here," Steve said, "let me help you." Then rubbing suntan lotion into both palms he laid his hands on her tummy and began to massage her sumptuous flesh. Wonder Woman closed her eyes and threw her head back in delight and purred with ecstasy. Steve knew that only one step remained, a true awakening of Wonder Woman's full sexual passions. And, as difficult as it may be, he had to be patient. Wonder Woman had been alone on an island inhabited by only women for over two millenium. Even the concept of sex was only a recent addition to her thinking, and Steve wanted to stimulate desire. Right now, Steve was glad that she'd closed her eyes as he ran his hands all over her fantastic body. That way she wouldn't see the raging hard-on causing an obvious bulge in his briefs. She wasn't ready to deal with it.

The first true signs occurred as Wonder Woman napped on the chaise in the warm afternoon sun. Steve could see that she was agitated by the dream she was having. Then she started to moan, unconsciously her fingers wandered down and explored between her legs. He could see that her bikini bottoms were becoming wet with excitement.

For a brief time, Wonder Woman stayed to herself. As Steve passed the door to her suite, he would hear almost wanton moaning. Occasionally, he would glance out one of the windows of the estate to see Wonder Woman on the chaise by the pool with the crotch of her bikini bottoms pushed aside exploring her mons with her fingers.

Within the next week, he spied her by the pool completely naked, the bikini in a little pile beside her as she masturbated herself to a wild, unrestrained climax. But it was still a side of herself she believed she was keeping private.

A day later, Steve went out to the pool to see a naked Wonder Woman snoozing in the chaise. It was the first time he'd seen her entirely nude that close. The sight made his heart rush. Her gorgeous, full breasts bobbed slightly with her breathing. Without the bikini band cutting into it, her belly had a rich roundness. All her exquisite curves were exposed, turned to a deep golden tan by the tropical sun. And between her thighs was the soft silky whisper of her pussy. Steve slid quietly into the cool water of the pool to try to relieve that desire that was pouring over him in waves. He was nearly at the end of his endurance.

A wicked thought occurred to him. He shucked off his bikini and threw it in a went pile on to the empty chaise beside the sleeping Wonder Woman. Then he paddled around in the pool waiting for her to wake. Finally, she stirred. She stretch languidly, a move that shifted her beautiful breasts in the most inviting way. Equally inviting was the lustful glance she shot at Steve. He rose up out of the pool, completely naked. As the sight of Wonder Woman fell upon his gaze and the warmth of the sun fell on his cock, it sprung to full erection. Wonder Woman licked her licks in a subconscious sign of desire.

"I assumed this was the uniform of the day," Steve commented casually. He walked over to the chaises and picked up the sun tan oil. "Do you need a little more?" he asked.

Wonder Woman swallowed hard and gasped out, "no, I'm fine.

" But," she continued, "you could use a nice application." Then after a pause she added a timid, "all over."

Steve laid back in the chaise as Wonder Woman began to massage the oil starting at his chest. She patted a little on to his arms and then continued down rubbing it on to his stomach. She was very quiet and seemed to be in deep concentration. She passed down under to his legs, but as she applied the lotion in long strokes occasionally a stray finger would brush against his balls or his cock that was throbbing in anticipation. Now Steve closed his eyes and threw his head back. To be this close and not there was agony after all his waiting. When suddenly one of Wonder Woman's hand wrapped itself firmly around his shaft, he lost concentration for a second and nearly came right in her face. He regained his control.

He looked at her and their eyes met. "Certain areas of your body look like the haven't seen much sun. They could be very sensitive," she said sheepishly.

"Well, you've got that right," Steve drawled, "certain areas of my body are real sensitive."

"I'll be sure to do a thorough job," Wonder Woman said brightly.

"Yeah, you do a real good, um, job," Steve gasped as she began to run both hands enthusiastically along his cock. It had been so long and his resolve was at an end. He laid back and relaxed into the sensuous pleasure of the moment. Eventually, he erupted with a ferocious orgasm.

"Oh, my," Wonder Woman gasped, a few drops of cum dripping from her hair. She'd barely avoided the shot.

Steve handed her one towel and began to clean himself with another. "Well," he said, "it's liable to do that."

The next day when he arrived at the pool, Wonder Woman was already there, naked and rubbing oil into her hands in eager anticipation. Although he'd sworn that their union was to be her choice, he knew how long she'd taken exploring herself. She might be dealing with new desires. But his were full blown and long-standing. He was in no mood to fool around with possibly weeks of simple hand jobs. He decided to press the issue.

Wonder Woman began to work the oil into his flesh, moving quickly to his cock, coaxing it into erection. She worked on it with rapt attention.

"You know," Steve stated flatly, "you can do more with that."

"What?" she anxiously queried.

"Kiss it," he commanded.

Wonder Woman brushed the tip of his shaft with a tender kiss. Then she began to kiss more passionately all along its length.

"Now," Steve whispered intently, "take it into your mouth."

She wrapped her lips around his member, gingerly at first. But soon she was working at it with a vengeance. She was curious, exploring all the things she could do with her lips, her teeth and her tongue. She experimented with innumerable variations of speed and depth. It was the most extraordinary blow job of Steve's life. She might have been inexperience and unschooled, but she was turning out to be a natural. When he climaxed she took his load with ease, then laid back with a sweet sigh of satisfaction.

She accepted his mentoring so gracefully and enthusiastically, that Steve decided that he should take more of a leading role. That night as she began an encore oral performance. He deftly shifted their positions around so they could perform a "sixty-nine." He restrained himself to a gentle massage of her pussy, delicately protecting her maidenhead. Still it was the first time she'd felt a man's touch down there. She shivered with delight and moaned with desire.

The next morning, Steve woke up alone. He decided to go for his usual morning swim. He started towards his own quarters to put on his speedo. But then he figured that as things stood, it was probably unnecessary. Wonder Woman was already out by the pool, for some reason she was wearing her bikini. Well, it was hard enough to figure out any woman, much less a Wonder Woman. "Hi, lover!" she cooed, then she picked up a pastry from the yable beside her laden with a huge breakfast.

Well, sort of, but not completely, he thought to himself. Technically, she was still a virgin. But that was a two-thousand year wait that would be over before the end of this day, if he had anything to do with it. He walked over to her and kissed her deeply. "I'm going for a little dip, care to join me?" he asked.

"No, actually I'm in the middle of breakfast. I've just been insatiable lately, or hadn't you noticed?" she said slyly.

"I'll join you in a moment," he replied with a wink. He dove into the pool and swam laps until he could see that Wonder Woman had finished her voluminous morning feast.

As he rose out of the water, Wonder Woman moaned and rubbed the bulge in her tummy that her huge meal had caused. "I think I need your magic hands, stud!" she called out to him.

He went to her and began to fondle and kiss her delicious belly. He moved up to her breasts. "I don't think we need this," Wonder Woman said, unhooking the falcon clasp and casually tossing her top aside. Steve started to stroke her breasts. He ran his tongue around her nipples until they were hard. He was becoming pretty hard himself. Finally, he was up to her exquisite face and their lips met. They kissed passionately and hungrily as if they were trying to devour each other. It seemed to go on for an eternity. But finally, Steve began to work his way back down her body, peppering her with baby kisses along every inch until he was down to the band of her bikini.

"That must go," Wonder Woman said in a matter of fact manner. "It will only get in the way of what is about to happen," she said flashing her electric smile with a new erotic twist.

Steve slid off the panties that he could see were wet with desire. Then he lifted up her pelvis and entered her as firmly as possible without being rough. In an instant, Wonder Woman's virginity was gone. Steve continued on, attending to her ripe, full body like a queen.

Over the next few days they continued on in a marathon session trying to discover all the carnal pleasures they could. But still, it was as though the centuries of pent-up desire in Wonder Woman were inexhaustible. Once again, Steve was hard pressed to keep up with her. He didn't mind at all, this time.

Eventually, they came to the realization that they couldn't make love all the time. Other appetites began to insist on getting a little attention.

Although their lives began to settle into a more ordinary routine, their love making remained frequent and passionate. Months passed. One day, coming back from a jog down to the beach, a very winded Wonder Woman collapsed on to one of the chaises. Steve began to tickle her until she was literally gasping for air between peals of laughter. She tried to squirm away, but he g rabbed her by the magic bracelets that she still wore around her wrists.

He suddenly stopped, staring transfixed at the sight of the bracelets. "Why do you still wear these? I mean, let's face it, hon, you're reflexes aren't what they were. Your bullet deflecting days are over, you can't even block me in a game of slap and tickle." For emphasis, he shot a hand down and goosed her.

Wonder Woman let out an excited shriek, then tried to compose herself and be serious. "There are a couple of reasons. They've been secrets, but I don't think we should have anymore of those between us.

"First of all, the bracelets imbue me with a special aura. Because of that aura, ordinary mortals are unable to discern the difference between me and my everyday secret identity." She slipped off the bracelets and suddenly Steve Trevor was stunned to see that she was Diana Prince, his former assistant. Now that he realized the connection, he was amazed he'd never seen it.

"I don't believe it, Diana Prince! I was always thought you might show up here. But I was worried that you were the one person in the world who had the ability to find us here. Now I understand why you and Wonder Woman always seemed to be in cahoots. You were the same person. I was being ganged up on by a gang of one. That was why I could never conduct an operation without you knowing." He was getting a little confused about who he was talking to and about who he was talking. He was also thinking about his own secret.

"You aren't disappointed, are you?" she asked anxiously.

"Not in the least," Steve replied slowly.

"Then why are you so hesitant, lover?" she queried.

"Well," he said, "I also have something to reveal." Then he laid out the details of his use of the lasso.

Wonder Woman listened calmly and patiently. When he was through, she took his hand. "Well, that was pretty devious of you. But I can't really be angry with you. You just intuitively found a way for us to act on the feelings we both had. And as far as the post-hypnotic suggestions go, they would eventually wear off if they weren't in accordance with that person's will or desires. I guess I always wanted to be fat and happy. I'm glad to be the woman I am, the woman that fell in love with you on this island," she said.

"And I'm glad you're the woman I fell in love with on this island," he said ashe kissed her, "and I couldn't be happier about that."

"The other thing that you should know is that while I wear the bracelets, my aging process is halted. They're what give Amazons' their virtual immortality. If I continue to where them, I'll remain the same as you age."

It didn't matter to Steve. He was too happy and in love to withhold such a gift from his lover.

As for Steve, he didn't live forever, but he lived well and he lived fully.