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The Monica Lewinsky Story
by Mason

As the White House scandal continued, Monica became more anxious. Her parents no longer believed her, so she was feeling alone. "Why won't the reporters leave me alone?" she would ask herself, as her lawyer talked to her. "Well, perhaps you should leave this area of the country and relax ..." he mused. Monica looked at him, and took it into consideration. After taking a deep breath, she agreed, and the two began to make plans.

Her lawyer thought and thought, and after using every resource he had, he arranged for her to stay in a little town in Texas. He had developed an alibi for her absence, and felt it was sufficient as to not arouse any suspicion from the reporters. He called her to tell her where she would stay. "Monica, you are going to stay at a little town in Texas that some of my people live in," he informed her. "Well, as long as there will be no reporters hounding me, it's fine." With that, she went to the airport to greet him. Upon arriving, the paparrazzi began to pursue the two. Monica carried her suitcase and ran with all her might. She was a little bigger than average size woman, and the brief run with her suitcase tired her out. But once at her private plane, her lawyer kept the paparrazzi far enough away not to take any pictures.

Monica got into the plane, and the pilot greeted her. "If I had known those people were gonna follow you, I would have met you at your house," he said jokingly, hoping to create a smile. Monica glanced into his eyes, smiled, and sat back in her chair. The plane was made to only fit maybe four people, so she had enough room to lounge. After dropping her briefcase, she thought she would intensify. However, she thought about her parents, her looks, and how dissatisfying her life was. Upset, she cried herself to sleep.

She woke up with the impact of the plane landing in a private airport in Texas. The pilot opened the door, and Monica got outside and was escorted by two gentlemen in what looked like typical CIA suits to the terminal. She followed, hoping to find peace in a little town in Texas. Once in the terminal, she greeted her hostess. It was a stunningly beautiful woman, in her late thirties-early forties with a typical model's build. Monica was pleased to meet her, because she had an aura of kindness about her. "Hello, my name is Sandra," the woman introduced. "Sandra Hogan. I am a friend of your lawyer's and he said you needed to relax. He also mentioned something about your self-esteem ..."

"I don't know what he's talking about," Monica intervened. Monica was touchy about people's opinion of her attitude and more so about her looks. "Don't worry," Sandra reassured her, "This town will show you that you are beautiful no matter what." Monica looked at Sandra with a quizzical look on her face. She stood there thinking what would make this place different than anywhere else she had been. Then, several of her old college buddies and roommates greeted her.

"Oh my God!" Monica screamed, as the group of five ran towards her. She was overjoyed at the sight of familiar faces in such an odd town. All of the old group was there, with Jon, Eric, Carl, Jenny, and Scott. Each of them looked the same to Monica Lewinsky, with the exception of Jenny. Jenny had put on about twenty to thirty pounds since her college days. Monica thought it would be prudent not to mention to Jenny her observation, since Monica had lost about twenty pounds upon leaving college. "Are you feeling more at home?" asked Sandra. Monica had nearly forgotten that she was here with Sandra to escape the reporters and paparrazzi of Washington, D.C. "Oh, ... definitely yes," she replied. The group, including Monica, Sandra, and Monica's friends went into town to celebrate her arrival.

Once everyone had helped Monica unpack at her residency, the group went to a restaurant deep in the town called Big Jeff's. Once inside, Monica noticed that all the women inside were between 180-300 pounds. Monica had rarely gone to little towns since she went to college, so she was shocked to see no thin women. The group acted normally and gathered at a table to eat. Everyone began clamoring about the food, and Monica just listened. Though she was back with all her old friends, she still felt left out. Everyone ordered a massive amount of food. Jon, Eric, and Carl all ordered 3 pound steaks, and Scott ordered a 5 pound slab of pork. Jenny did not even look at the menu, she simply said, "The usual," and the waiter smiled and knew what to bring. Monica sat looking around her at the gluttony of the town, and she thought to herself, "Once won't hurt me." She smiled at the waiter and ordered the same thing as Jenny. Sandra smiled, knowing that she would really relax the way her lawyer had wanted her to.

After nearly ten minutes, four waiters came to the table, and it took two to carry the vats. Monica did not realize she was actually supposed to eat what was set in front of her, so she just watched Jenny. It was a two gallon jar filled with what looked like, smelled like, and tasted like chocolate milkshake. Monica tasted it, and enjoyed it. "This is good! What is in this?" Monica inquired. "Well," Jenny started, smiling, "These milkshakes are made especially with chemicals to activate pleasure spots in your brain." Monica made a face at Jenny, but then Sandra touched Monica's arm. "It's true," Sandra confirmed. "Why aren't you drinking one?" Monica asked Sandra. "Well, ... I, uh ..., already ate one today." Monica did not believe her, and her mind told her that these drinks were very fattening and that she shouldn't drink it. But after two sips, she was hooked.

One hour and two gallons of "milkshake" later, the group each waddled out to the car. All four guys simultaneously undid their belts, and each girl undid their pants' top button. Monica felt like her stomach would explode, and she vowed never to drink that much again. The group went their separate ways, and Sandra took Monica to her place of residency. "I am going to stay the night as long as you are here to make sure nothing screwy happens," Sandra told Monica sternly. "Now, contrary to what you might think, this is not solely a vacation from the stress of D.C., but this is also a preparation for your case." Monica looked puzzled at her, and then asked, "What do you mean?" "Well, your lawyer got you immunity." Monica jumped up and hugged Sandra, her emotions running wildly. "Well, why don't I go back now and talk to the Supreme Court or whoever ..." "It doesn't quite work that way," Sandra stopped her. "You see, we have to get Bill in the courtroom, and that could take a while." Monica's joy fell, and she sat down on her bed. "Well, I guess I'll just have to relax...."

As Monica fell asleep, Sandra went through the apartment placing jars of candy at every sitting area, near couches, near the television. She made sure that the television was set to a channel, coincidentally, devoted to political gossip. As she prepared to go to sleep, she made sure to put her weight gain powder stash in a well concealed place, so not to arouse any suspicion from Monica. She went to sleep on the couch, with a devious smile on her face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monica awoke the next morning, feeling extremely bloated. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, just standing in her nightwear. She had the start of a little tummy, which made her feel ugly. Then she thought, though, her breasts were very large. Her arms had no muscle definition, but they weren't necessarily flabby. She had an average butt. All in all, she did not feel too bad about herself. Then she thought, "I wonder if my uplifted feelings have anything to do with those shakes..." After thinking for a prolonged period of time, she proceeded to clean herself up for whatever activities Sandra had in mind.

Once done showering and dressing, Monica met Sandra in the living room. Sandra had prepared a morning shake. "Morning Ms. Lewinsky," Sandra greeted, "Would you like a morning shake?" Monica wondered about her weight, then thought, "I liked the shake last night." "Sure," Monica said, and half ran towards the shake. Without even saying thank you, she chugged the 16 ounce glass, with little streams of milk going down her cheeks. Monica looked at Sandra, hugged her, and then asked what they would do. "Well, today, you're going to have to wing it. I will be at work, and you can't leave." Monica looked unhappy, which for Sandra was good. Sandra knew what would make Monica happy. "If you get hungry, there are some goodies in the pantry and I think that's it," Sandra listed off. "Oh yeah,... nearly forgot. I may have misplaced it, but I think there is more of the chocolate powder for milkshakes in the pantry." Monica smiled slightly, still unhappy about being alone. "You can watch TV, but there is only good reception on a channel or two; Bye!" With that, Sandra ran out the door, going to a little place only a block or two away.

In the little building two blocks away, she sat down and turned on her monitor. She had four cameras placed in her apartment, two in the kitchen, one in the main room, and one in the bedroom. She had placed these to watch the project unfold. Monica sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, watching Political Gossip Weekly on the awful network. The whole show was devoted to Monica Lewinsky's background. She watched in horror as pictures of her from college were broadcast, when she was a little over 200 pounds. Monica became extremely upset, and ran into the kitchen to find solace in food. She opened up a pound bag of M&M's and a bag of chocolate chips. In a large bowl, she emptied them out and with that emptied out a whole gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the same bowl. After mixing it, she felt tears roll down her cheeks. Instead of turning off the television, she continued to watch it, eating and crying.

After the show, three bags of one pound M&M's, two bags of chocolate chips, two gallons of ice cream, and one hour of lies on the show, she went to the bedroom to take a nap. As she plopped down on the bed, she heard her stomach slosh. She did not even realize how much she had eaten. She had stopped crying, when she was nearly asleep. After thinking for a second, she remembered what had made her happy last night. Monica heaved herself up from the bed, and sloshed back into the kitchen. Rummaging through the cabinets, she found a large brown jar with the simple label "Shake."

Monica smiled.

After mixing it with about 32 ounces of milk, she began to drink it. Like a drug, it changed her thoughts from negative to positive. She began to change her mind about her looks. She noticed that she felt better when she was eating. Monica still clung to her older ideas about her weight and how she should try to weigh as little as possible. But those thoughts faded when her stomach growled. She smiled at her growing ponch, and continued to rummage through the kitchen. Several hours later, Monica had finished off all of the milk, all of the candy, ice cream, and pastries in the apartment. She was wearing shorts now, the largest pair she had. Monica swore that they were a size 14, but they dug into her skin like they were a 2. Her stomach poured over the tops of the shorts. More impressive than that were her breasts. Her chest began to flow out of her bra. It became too constrictive, and she had to take it off. Monica's loosest t-shirt fit like a second skin. Monica groaned for multiple reasons.

Monica groaned because she thought Sandra would be mad at having eaten all of her goodies. Secondly, she was upset at her lack of self control. Then, she was mad because none of her outfits fit. She tried on her suit that she had brought, and her attempts to button the pants were futile. It was like she had gained twenty pounds in one day! She continued to groan, because she couldn't do anything. Then, when Monica had nearly fallen asleep to take another nap, Sandra came into the apartment.

Sandra smiled, knowing she was going to mess with Monica to further the lawyer's plan. Upon entering the room, she gasped and dropped her suitcase. "What have you done?!" Sandra asked, attempting to look angry. "I, uh..., I don't know what came over me ..." Monica tried to explain. "Oh well crap, I guess I am just going to have to put you on probation," Sandra said. Monica didn't understand it so she just stood there, with a small gut sticking out between her shirt and shorts. "Let;s step on the scales," Sandra said, as she reached to grab Monica's arm. "No! I don't want to ..." "Look," Sandra said to Monica, "Would you like me to send you back to those bastards in D.C.?" Monica nodded no, so Sandra led her into the bathroom. "Okay, hop on." Monica stepped onto the scale, and watched the needle dance.

"187 pounds. Well, that's up eight pounds from when you came here, right?" Sandra inquired. "I think so," Monica replied, upset at having anyone besides herself know her weight. "Okay, tomorrow, you cannot eat any of my solid food. You can only drink the shakes, okay?" Monica suppressed a smile. She wanted to act as though this were a punishment, so she frowned. Deep down, Monica was happy she could have her drug all day. Sandra did not smile either, because she was still acting her part. Sandra had hoped this would happen. She told Monica to go to the store and buy some more milk and "shake." Monica complied.

As Monica struggled to walk the ten blocks there, she thought it was odd that she did not have much energy. Once there, she looked inside to see other customers in a long line that stretched around the cash registers. Each customer was female, and most were obese. She thought it was odd, but Monica was not making any connections. She looked at the amount of money Sandra had given her, and realized she could buy some extra stuff. Monica smiled.

Instead of skim milk like she had had, Monica got several gallons of chocolate milk, and continued looking for the "shake." As she rounded the last aisle, she noticed that there was another line forming where she was watching. There were large containers of the "shake," and Monica saw that some women would buy one and some would buy two, but most one. Monica asked the gentleman how much it costed. "Well for you young lady, its on me..." he said. Monica beamed with happiness. She leaned over to give the man a kiss, and she noticed he was happy as well. He offered her two extra jars, and each one had supposedly a week's supply. Monica laughed, knowing that each one would probably last about two days. She checked out with her groceries, and returned home.

Once there, she noticed that all of the food garbage was gone, and every single candy dish was refilled. Monica set down her bags, and walked over to the refrigerator, and opened it to find everything full. There were several new cartons of ice cream, and pastries. Monica was happy they were there, but according to Sandra she knew her punishment was to only drink the "shake" tomorrow. So she went to bed, sneaking in with her some milk and the "shake." Monica mixed for several minutes, and began to pour straight from the milk carton into her mouth. She was very happy, almost sensually. As she felt her stomach fill up, she went to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monica woke up, and she felt extremely lazy. She did not know why, but she also felt slightly upset. She felt her stomach, noticing a slight belly fold that had not been there before. Unhappy, she went into the bathroom and stepped on the scale. "Still 187. No biggie," Monica spoke aloud. So with that, she plopped down in the main room with all three vats, all the milk, a large mixing spoon, and a long straw. Over the next eight hours, she drank over ten gallons of milk, and tens of thousands of calories from the "shakes." Her shorts no longer fit, and they became similar to a raunchy pair of daisy dukes. She actually felt her rear peaking out from underneath the bottom of the shorts. Her t-shirt, which was white, was now unfit to wear in public. It left nothing to the imagination. Monica wondered in her state of bliss, "How long will it take Bill to come and testify?" She shrugged her shoulders, and took a nap. Monica started to notice that ever since she had begun drinking the "shakes," she no longer had the desire to question anything from Sandra and she no longer had any energy. Monica was infinitely more happy than before, but she didn't want to get up and celebrate. It was alright with her.

The hours turned into days, the days into weeks, the weeks into a month. At the conclusion of one month, she had only gained 45 pounds. Monica was at a sexy weight of 245. Far heavier than she was in college, but still curvy enough to seduce the average male. Now, all Monica did was sit at the apartment alone for days on end, with a nearly infinite amount of food stashed all over the house. Monica was blissful, and then came the news about a court date. She was overjoyed! Finally Monica had a chance to get revenge on Bill Clinton. Sandra helped her pack her new wardrobe, consisting of size 18 - 22 pants. Her breasts had grown to massive 44 DD size. Monica enjoyed the looks from guys as she walked down the street in this little town in Texas. The tandem left for D.C.

Once at the trial hearing, Bill sat down at a table several yards away from Monica Lewinsky. Uncharacteristically, Bill looked around the room, as though he was looking for Monica. Monica just stared at him, but he didn't notice her. Once the panel of judges settled the crowd, they asked Monica to come forward. When Monica Lewinsky stepped towards the panel, Bill's jaw dropped. He had no idea Monica was so much larger. By a fluke, a cameraman caught a glimpse of Bill Clinton's pants, and notice that the President was getting an erection from looking at Monica! The media ate this up, and Bill's wife divorced him. The trial continued to drag on, but Monica didn't really care. She continued getting shipments of "shakes" from the little town she stayed at.

As Monica read the local paper in D.C., she laughed so hard, she nearly suffocated. The front page had a picture of Bill's crotch, and then an article about how his approval rating is at an all-time low. Monica laughed, and waited for the day she would intern again.