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More 2 Love, More 2 Gain
Part 1
by Big Chris

Author's note: I set out to create what may or may not be a new form of weight-gain fiction -- one is which mutual gaining is involved, between two loving people who do not engage in subterfuge or trickery. I realize that it may not have the fantasy appeal for those that enjoy force-feeding or "magic potions", but I hope that I can provide enough rich description to satisfy both male and female FAs -- are there any female FAs out there?

Also, I hope to provide this story with significant size-acceptance issues and show how larger, rounded people can be incredibly sexy in erotic fiction.

-- Big Chris

"How am I going to gain all that weight in time for the play?" Steven turned to his wife as he hung up the kitchen phone. Judy held up a stirring spoon from where she was preparing a cake batter and laughed a gentle laugh.

"Ah, I'll tell you ... with this magic wand!" She giggled, walked to his side, and patted his stomach -- still flat from all of his winter hiking and other outdoor exercise. "By the time the play starts, you'll be so fat from my wonderful cooking and baking, you won't fit on the plane!" Judy had confidence in her abilities as a championship baker. She had won many prizes in bake-offs and other food competitions.

"Well, at least I'll be right for the part." Steven started to rummage through a nearby desk drawer for a measuring tape. He was going to measure his waist, but couldn't seem to find the tape. "When I gain, it all goes to my stomach and nowhere else." He turned back to Judy and asked, "Why doesn't the director just pad me for the role? I would think that would be easier to do then have someone eat themselves up to a 60-inch waist in less than a year."

Judy cracked two eggs into the batter, tossed the shells into the garbage and replied, "Because this is a fairly active role with alot of stage movement -- padding might shift; and besides, if you are genuinely fat, you will move in a convincing way ... just like a big person actually does!" Judy leaned back, and gave a little demonstration of how he might waddle after the weight gain. Steven ran over, goosed her bottom, and gave a playful frown.

"Eeek!" Judy jumped, actually a bit turned-on by his sudden playfulness. Steven put one arm around her waist, held her chin in his other hand and looked deep into her eyes.

"You know," he said seriously, "I'm a bit worried about how you will feel about me being so big." Judy blushed, and started to turn away.

"I 've never told you this," Judy said, " but I've fantasized about you with a great, big belly." Her tone seemed like someone reflecting on old memories, from a fondly remembered past. "I've always been attracted to big, substantial men. I never told you, but I think it has to do with the fact that so many of the men in my family were very fat, as well as very, very loving and protective. My grandfather, my father, both my uncles -- they were all wonderful men, with enormous stomachs. She turned back and looked into Steven's eyes. "Maybe I associate that size with loving protection, warmth, and a strong, gentle masculinity."

"I can understand that ... but why haven't you told me this before?"

"I, I ..." Judy was temporarily at a loss for words. "I didn't want to make you think I had to make you fat, so that you would be like them; and also, I knew how much you enjoy being so active outdoors."

Steve reached into the refrigerator and got a beer, popped the top and took a swig. "I'm a strong enough guy that I could still do alot of what I enjoy, if I were as fat as the men in your family. I just always assumed you wanted me to stay the same, with the 38-inch waist I've had since college ... except for when I worked at that restaurant." Judy looked down into the mixing bowl and started to stir. His mention of maintaining his weight since college burned in her ears.

They had met in college, where they had both been drama students. The director who now wanted Steven to gain weight for a new play presented at his dinner theater had known them both at the university. They fell in love within two weeks of doing a reading together -- they laughed at so many of the same things, read each others thoughts so frequently. Their love was most definitely a life-long connection. The fact that they did not end up making money in their chosen field -- Steve worked at home as a telecommuting computer consultant, and Judy became a terrific baker, cook, and caterer -- did not seem to matter as long as they were together.

Since they met in college, Judy had slowly gained forty pounds. Not exactly fat, but very well-rounded and somewhat plump. She had always wondered how Steven really felt about her weight; he seemed to enjoy grabbing and patting her fleshy curves during their more energetic love-makings, but she had never heard him verbalize anything about her bigger size. She had been understanding when he became heavier that winter ten years before, but he lost his extra weight so quickly the next spring, it almost seemed like magic.

Judy stirred briskly, still looking down. "Well, I guess I haven't managed to maintain my figure as well as you have." There was a sudden hint of sadness in her tone that brought a solemnness into an otherwise happy morning. Steven looked at Judy as he took another sip and realized she was suddenly sad.

"Oh, honey ... don't look like that -- I've always been turned-on by your looks. In fact, I have a confession to make: I've also fantasized about a fatter you. When I realized you were starting to put on weight, I thought about how your curves were more voluptuous, and I've loved feeling a fuller person in my arms. You might not want me to say this this, but ..." -- Steven got a sudden frog in his throat -- "I wouldn't mind if you gained alot more weight -- I mean, a whole lot more."

"How much "Eeek!" Judy jumped, actually a bit turned-on by his sudden playfulness. Steven put one arm around her waist, held her chin in his other hand and looked deep into her eyes.

"You know," he said seriously, "I'm a bit worried about how you will feel about me being so big." Judy blushed, and started to turn away.

"I 've never told you thith you: I would love you to be a big, big woman.

"My dream," he continued, "would be to have you gain with me -- both of us getting bigger, fatter, softer in each others caresses. We could cook together and enjoy fattening each other up, and make a really fun experience out of it all." Steven rubbed her forehead, pushing her strawberry-blond out of her eyes and back across her head. This loyal and loving 5-foot 4-inch beauty, with an almost ivory skin was all he ever wanted out of life -- just to be with a person as kind, funny, and wonderful as Judy.

Judy looked back into the eyes of this six-foot, dark-haired man whose life she had chosen to share, and thought of how much she loved his strong, but gentle warmth; and how he had so many of those wonderful inner qualities she had respected in the men of her family. "We had better go to the grocery store," she said, smiling up at her husband.

They had so much fun at the grocery store that afternoon, playfully selecting the most delicious, fattening foods they could find. They loaded up on tons of baking supplies, so that Judy could start preparing the high-calorie desserts that would fatten them both up. When they left the store, they were laughing. They were stringing along three, incredibly loaded carts piled high with groceries.

They gently teased each other as they put everything in the car, patting each other's tummy, thinking about how fat they were going to get. It was obvious to them both that they were getting very aroused at just the thought of it all.

The next stop was to the health food store. Judy had heard they had a weight-gain formula that supplied 4000 calories per prepared drink. They bought out the store's supply -- the clerk was perplexed, but did not ask any questions -- and when about half-way home, Judy got an idea.

"Hey, I know what we can do," she said excitedly, "we can mix the Haagen-Daz ice cream with the weight-gain shakes -- this will supply the fat that formula needs. And with my cheesecake recipe calling for extra condensed milk, we can really gain weight in a hurry!"

"Sounds good to me!" Steven replied cheerily. They passed a shopping center, watching the traffic enter and exit. As they rounded a busy corner, Steven happened to see a couple leaving a bakery. They were quite large, with wide, wide hips and prominent bellies. Judy, who was driving, must have spotted them at just about the same time; she remarked, "Well, that's us before the year is out."

As she finished her turn, Judy thought about how much she enjoyed sex with Steven; and, how much she valued the blend of emotional and physical stimulation in their marriage. But what about becoming fat? She knew they would enjoy touching each other's softness -- the tactile aspects of the gaining appealed to them both -- but what about the practical aspects of sex ... how would they move, how would they fit together as larger people? The mystery of it both excited her and gave her some butterflies in her soon-to-be expanded stomach.

Back in their kitchen, they put away groceries and planned. Steven and Judy agreed that they would start out by focusing on each other's gaining, one at a time. Judy would fatten up Steven until he had gained a substantial amount, then Steven would help Judy fatten. Since Judy had a bit of a head-start, this seemed logical. So Steven would be to first to get stuffed with massive amounts of goodies, since he needed to go from a 38-inch waist to 60 inches before the end of the year -- and here it was, already the middle of February! There was quite a bit to do -- cooking, planning work projects around the feeding, letting clothes out, buying new clothes when the weight really started to pile on -- it seemed like an almost overwhelming task, but the more they planned, the more excited they felt about their mutual gaining.

Judy worked for hours in the kitchen preparing a huge meal, as well as an incredible array of extremely high-calorie desserts. Steven offered to help, but was turned down. "No, no, I don't need help," Judy called from the kitchen, "you just relax, watch T.V. and prepare to loosen that belt of yours." When it was all laid out on the dining room table, Steven laughed.

"Oh, my goodness!" He exclaimed, "How can I eat all of this? This looks like a Thanksgiving dinner for a family of six!" There was enough fried chicken for four, an equal amount of lasagna and other pasta dishes, a huge bowl of mashed potatoes with a gravy dish alongside that would sink a battleship. Along with candied yams, cookies, cheesecake, and a huge pitcher of the weight-gain formula, the reality of what lay ahead dawned on Steven. "Hoo-boy, here I go," he said, as he dove into all that food with gusto.

Judy ate an unusually large dinner herself, but Steven ate more that evening than she had ever seen him eat before. Half-way through the pasta, he leaned back in his chair and groaned. "Oh, Judy ... I'm so stuffed," he said; and Judy could see his stomach bulging somewhat under his shirt, his pants starting to ride down under that subtle curve.

"I don't think I can eat any more dinner." She walked over, leaned down and kissed him sweetly.

"Sure you can," Judy offered, "Just relax, let the last part settle, and get ready for the last part of dinner, some cheesecake and formula. Take your time -- you don't have to wolf it down." She patted him on the shoulder and returned to the kitchen to clean some pans. When she returned, he had finished his entire huge dinner, and was leaning way back, chair out from the table, his legs straight out in front. Judy couldn't believe her eyes -- that usually flat stomach of her husband's was bulging like he was four and a half months pregnant.

"Honey! You're showing!" she joked, as she saw him struggle to sit upright, his shirt now very snug-fitting.

"I feel like I'm going to burst," Steven said, and gave a loud accidental burp, which made his wife laugh. "But I think I can eat dessert after a bit of a rest." Judy could see that his shirt was actually strained on the sides, the seams started to stretch because of his slightly widened girth.

"Come on in and sit on the couch, " she purred, "and I'll make you feel very, very comfortable." She led him by the hand, through the hallway, into the den, where he plopped down onto sofa. After he landed heavily, they both noticed a shirt button had come undone -- but there was no use trying to button it. "Take your shirt off; you'll feel better," Judy said, with an unmistakably sexy tone. Steven struggled, removing his shirt until he was free of all that tight fabric.

"Ah!" he said, stretching out both arms on the top of the couch. "That's a big improvement." He looked down, noticing how his stomach had a new rounded appearance, a new bulging look that seemed so strange to him. "Boy, I look pretty fat already!" he exclaimed, gently patting his somewhat tendersubstantial amount, then Steven would help Judy fatten. Since Judy had a bit of a head-start, this seemed logical. So Steven would be to first to get stuffed with massive amounts of goodies, since he needed to go from a 38-inch waist to 60 inches before the end of the year -- and here it was, already the middle of February! There wam, his toes curling slightly.

She smiled at Steven, and he smiled lovingly back. Without warning, she leaned over and took his penis in her mouth. He closed his eyes and gasped as she proceeded to slowly suck and stroke, gently and firmly, back and forth, reaching up with her hands to rub and caress his firm, newly-plump stomach. She opened and tightened her mouth in a most provocative way, and used her tongue to put pressure on the end of his cock. He stiffened quickly like a rod, and started moaning more loudly. She quickened the pace, then slowed; quickened, then slowed again, until he was squirming in ecstasy.

He could feel himself getting close to ejaculation, but fought it -- he wanted this to last. His wife sensed this, and slowed down her movements; but it was starting to feel too good, and he knew his coming was only seconds away when he raised his voice. "Oh, Oh, Oh ..." -- he was really squirming now, as Judy sped up the pace, faster, faster, faster ....

"Oh God!Oh God!" he shouted, clutching the top of the couch, his toes now curled so tightly as he came into Judy's mouth. She could feel the powerful pulsing and rhythmic squirts forcing the semen into her mouth, and she slowly ceased the back-and-forth motion. When Steven was spent, she gave a final squeeze at the base of his penis and he gave one final shudder and groaned -- a low, satisfied mumble.

"How ya doin', lover?" Judy looked up, Steven's come glistening on her lips. He could only answer with another low groan, his head tilted back, his eyes closed. He hadn't felt this good in a long time.

"Oh my God, I can't believe it," he said, finally able to speak, "I'm amazed how great this felt. I think everything felt more intense because of feeling so full, so stuffed, so fattened-up with your delicious meal." He rubbed his own budding paunch, realizing he was now able to eat more; and decided to dig into the desserts, as well as trying out the weight-gain formula, which Judy had mixed with an obscene amount of the rich ice cream they had purchased.

She was surprised when her husband seemed to tear into the mound of desserts she had prepared earlier -- he acted as though he hadn't eaten in days. The two cheesecakes, the tray of brownies, the basket of cookies and even the rest of the Haagen Daz ice cream rapidly disappeared over the course of the next hour and a half. For this next burst of eating energy, Steven put on some elastic waist shorts and a T-shirt -- he realized his button-front shirts would probably not fit -- and it was almost 10:00 P.M. when he had finished everything, including the pitcher of formula. He retired to the sofa again, almost too full to walk.

"I'm glad you finished all of that formula," Judy said, "because that stuff will help you maintain the weight you gain during these mega-stuffing sessions. That way you won't be disappointed by a temporary gain that doesn't last."

"Yeah, I figured as much ... that's why I drank it all, even though it was really, really hard to do, after all of your wonderful food." He looked down and was amazed at how much more rounded his belly appeared.

He looked quite bloated -- his slight pauch at the beginning of the evening was now getting sizable. He looked in an end-table drawer next to the sofa and finally found a measuring tape. Standing up, he measured himself: 40 inches! That wasn't bad for a first pig-out -- one whole pant-size.

Judy laughed as she saw his profile from her chair. "You look great from this angle! You've got a bit of an over-hang from where I sit!" Steven craned to try to view his waist from the side, but couldn't get the same view without looking in the hall mirror. He walked over and checked himself out, amazed at the change. His belly, from just under his pecs to below his belly button, was quite distended and full. He knew from that moment on that he would be able to gain his weight very, very quickly; and then, soon, Judy would start fattening up. This was going to a lot of fun for them both.

"Come on, let's hit the hay," Judy said, rising to move over and hug Steven, rubbing and patting his swollen tummy. "We've got a very busy schedule ahead, and we need to get oour rest."

"O.K., my sweet," he cooed, "and by the way -- thanks for your wonderful treats and all the work you put into tonight .... and the fabulous B.J., which my toes still haven't uncurled from." They both laughed, turned, and went into the bedroom. In less than fifteen minutes they were in bed, almost asleep, lying on their sides, "spooned", with Judy hugging Steven from behind, her left hand resting on the soft mound of his budding stomach.

Just before she drifted off, Judy had a fleeting fantasy of her husband: laying with her, in the not-too-distant future, asleep facing her, with his enormous, warm belly, full of her delicious cooking, pressed against her own large, round tummy; and her fattened breasts, swollen with the same sweet goodies she fattened Steven with, pushed against and resting on the top of his stomach. They had just had made love -- they were positively swollen with love -- and she sighed at the thought of it as sleep came.

--- End of Part One ---

Ending note: Any feed-back would be appreciated -- from male FAs anticipating Judy's plumpening, or female BBW/ female FAs who have any thoughts about the relatively unexplored realms of male feedees/mutual fattening. Please leave your thoughts as messages on "The Weight Board" .... Thanks!

-- Big Chris

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