Weight Room Title Bar

by Mr. Happy

Ethan Moore was a scientist possessed. For over a year now, Ethan hadbeen working tirelessly on his latest invention, which if successful, wouldnet him the woman of his dreams: a supersize female!

He paused, his concentration momentarily broken by the thought of thewoman his girlfriend was going to be. Currently, Laurie was your typical'bombshell': 5' 9", 120 lbs, brunette, and always keeping her hourglassfigure by religiously going to aerobics and watching her diet. Sure, her40DD breasts were large enough for the average man, and her firm ass woulddrive anybody to distraction, but for Ethan, it was not enough. He wantedher to be huge; 400 lbs wouldn't even be enough! He had tried over the yearsto convince her to gain more weight, but she always worried about losingher figure. He couldn't seem to convince her that her figure would lookbetter if she would just put on some more weight.

Remembering his mission, he returned to the task at hand. Peering intothe liquid-filled glass crucible through the microscope, he got a quickpopulation count, verified his figure through the computer, and sealed thelittle vial. He then took the vial over to the infrared transmission socket,where the final transfer of programming would take place. His fingers trembledas the program was sent invisibly through the walls of the vial to the recipientswithin: Ethan Moore's pride and hopefully soon-to-be joy, the nanites.

The gentle >bleep< of the computer told him the transfer was complete.Removing the vial, he slipped it into his pocket, grabbed his car keys andwhat looked like a remote control, and headed for the door.

Ethan arrived home for dinner late again, as usual. As he walked in thefront door of the house, he heard Laurie's high-octane aerobics music thump-thump-thumpingin the other room, as she was no doubt passing the time until he got homefor dinner by exercising in the solarium in the back of the house. He wentdownstairs and quickly verified that the final piece of his plan was inplace. Sure enough, Laurie had made their monthly shopping run to Sam'sthat morning, and the cupboards were full of dry goods, and the deep freezewas filled to the brim with various forms of bulk frozen meats, vegetables,and desserts.

Ethan smiled to himself, and went back upstairs to the kitchen. The pastadinner was sitting by the microwave (Friday pasta night), waiting to bezapped back into readiness as soon as he arrived. The wine was already open,and breathing. Ethan popped the dinners into the microwave and poured twoglasses of the wine. Laurie was still exercising, so he reached into hispocket and retrieved the vial. Submerging the tip of the vial just belowthe surface in one of the wine glasses, he thumbed a button on the vial'supper surface. A brief hiss was heard as the contents of the vial were expelledinto the wine, followed by an LED lighting to indicate the transfer wascomplete. Ethan re-pocketed the vial, grabbed the wine glasses, and headedin to see Laurie.

"Laurie? Honey, I'm ho-oome," he called as he made his way intothe solarium. He was just in time to see Laurie reach over and click offthe disc player. Silence crashed into the room, as his sweat-soaked lovercame over to give him a peck on the cheek.

"Hi Ethan," she said, "How was work today?"

"It went okay." he replied. "I just wrapped up that bigresearch project the company has been pushing us all so hard on, so I thoughtwe'd celebrate with some wine." He offered her the glass.

"Thanks, but I really need to get some fluids in me like water aftermy workout," Laurie said. "Besides, do you know how many caloriesthat wine has?"

Ethan looked crestfallen. "Aw, come on honey, just one glass! Thisis supposed to be a celebration, you know."

Laurie hesitated a moment, then took the glass of wine Ethan was offeringher. "Cheers, then!"

"Cheers," he toasted.

Laurie tentatively sipped the wine, then after finding it agreeable, downedmost of it in one quaff. "Say, this stuff isn't bad!" she said," Or maybe, I'm just thirsty." She finished the rest off and handedher glass back to Ethan. "I'm gonna go pop out of these sweaty leotardsbefore dinner."

"But I've already put dinner in the oven. It should be ready rightabout now. You don't want to heat it a third time, do you? You know whatcan happen to lasagna after a while."

Laurie smirked at Ethan. "You always have some reason to get me toeat, don't you? Well, alright, if you can stand me as I am, I suppose Icould start dinner now. Besides, I feel hungry all of a sudden anyway. Mustbe that workout."

Ethan stepped aside as he let Laurie pass into the dining room. WhileLaurie downed the quart of Evian she had waiting for her, he went into thekitchen and served up two helpings of lasagna, making sure not to make Laurie'sportion too large. One sure way to get Laurie not to eat was to put toomuch on her plate. That would all be changing soon enough, he thought happilyto himself.

"Dinner is served!" he proclaimed as he set Laurie's plate downin front of her. He sat down at the other setting, and they proceeded toeat their meal. Laurie was strangely quiet during the meal; she didn't chatterin between bites like she usually did. Ethan poured her more wine, and aftershe cleaned her plate, he offered her more. To her surprise, Laurie foundherself asking for seconds; "large seconds, please." Ethan onlytoo happily complied, putting most of the remainder of the pasta on herplate and bringing it back to her. Again, she quickly consumed it, finishingoff the remainder of the wine at the same time.

Ten minutes later, Laurie's plate was clear again. She looked up at Ethan,suddenly embarrassed. "I... I don't know what came over me," shesaid. "Boy, did I eat all that?"

"You were hungry," Ethan replied. "Must have been thatworkout."

"Must have been," she agreed. "Problem is, I'm still hungry,and while I want more, I feel like if I don't get out of these clothes I'mjust going to suffocate."

Ethan looked at her figure, or at least the part he could see above thetable. Yes, her breasts did look fuller, if that was possible. She did startout as a 40DD, but now she looked even bigger! The lycra fabric seemed tobe straining to hold in her fleshy orbs, more so than it usually did.

"Well then, there's only a little bit left. Why don't I get it foryou? There's no sense in leaving such a small portion, so you might as wellfinish it, and after that you can go shower and change out of those clothes."

Laurie reluctantly agreed, and Ethan went off to get the last bit of thepasta for her. As he put it on her plate, he realized that she had almostsingle-handedly eaten enough lasagna that normally would have lasted theboth of them for a week! On top of that, she had consumed a bottle of wine(minus his glass), a quart of water, and numerous helpings of vegetables.Let's see, he thought, that's how many kilograms of matter...

Ethan brought himself back to reality with a shake of the head. The resultsshould be visible soon enough. He brought Laurie's food back in to her.

"Thanks," she said, as she dove into the pasta. Ethan watchedin amazement as she scarfed the remains down. As she finished, she pushedback in her chair, letting out an audible sigh.

"I am so FULL," she exclaimed, "but yet I'm still hungry!I don't know what's gotten into me today."

*I* know what's gotten into you, Ethan thought to himself.

Suddenly, a tiny ripping sound could be heard. Laurie looked down justin time, as the ripping sound grew louder. Her breasts noticeably were swelling,bursting through the fabric that held them!

"Wha... What... What's happening to me!?" Laurie cried. Shestood up to leave the room, but as she left her chair she stumbled and fellto the ground. Apparently, she wasn't used to the new distribution of weighton her chest. Ethan stood and peered over the table at Laurie. Yes, theresults were exactly as he had planned them! Her breasts were now swellingpast the 50 inch range, but even better, her previously smooth belly nowprotruded slightly, showing a bit of paunch that had not been there previously.Her leotards were rapidly losing the battle as they fought to contain hergrowing bulk! Her thighs were now touching on the inside; her calves wererounding out and were noticeably larger; both her buttocks were swelling,raising her pelvis further off the ground.

With a final RIP!, the inseam of her pants gave way. Her now exposed legswere soon joined by her mushrooming ass as her outfit was split down themiddle. Her arms now showed some flab hanging off them, and soon her topwas resting on the floor in shreds beside the bottoms.

Laurie looked up at Ethan, who was looking down at her and said, ...

Chapter 2

Laurie looked up at Ethan, who was looking down at her and cried, "Ethan,what's happening to me?" Ethan just continued to stare, amazed at theresults. Laurie rolled over to her side and struggled to get up, unfamiliarwith the new weight that covered her body. As she stood, her huge breastsflopped into each other, causing the nipples to grow and harden with excitement.Laurie gasped with surprise at the sudden sensation.

Ethan chuckled wickedly, "Looks to me like you've had too much toeat, dear." He walked around the table to get a closer look at hishandiwork. "And if you ask me, it looks great on you!"

Laurie's eyes widened. "You've done this to me, haven't you? Allalong, you've always wanted me to gain weight, and now you've figured outa way to get your way, haven't you?"

Ethan decided to fess up. "Yes, dear, you're right. I'm responsiblefor this. You see, you've never believed me when I said I wanted you tofill out your figure, so I had to resort to this plan in order to convinceyou that you really are more sexy to me with extra weight."

Laurie couldn't believe her ears. Somehow, Ethan really WAS responsiblefor this! "How did you do it?"

"Simple, really," he replied. "You see, the project I'vebeen working on at the lab has been the use of nano-technology in medicalapplications. In simple terms, we have machines that are so tiny that theyare practically invisible; the advantage of their tiny size is they canwork hands-on with the basic building blocks of matter itself, like atoms.These little machines, or nanites, can be programmed to manipulate matterways like building enzymes, or a blood cell, or even repair a defectivegene in a DNA strand. All they do is break down a piece of matter made upof the atoms they need, then they rearrange the atoms into the form theywant. I've merely given you your own set of nanites that are specially programmedto break down the matter you provide, in this case dinner, and reassembleit as fatty tissue. Essentially, every single bite you've taken has beenconverted into almost 100% fat. I've eliminated the middle man, your stomach'sdigestive enzymes, and have circumvented your 'release valve' for any fatyour system should produce, namely your exercise. The nanites convert yourfood so quickly, you won't have the chance to exercise it off!"

Laurie was dumbfounded. It all made sense now, all those nights Ethanspent at the lab working late. "Is... Is it permanent?"

"Why? Don't you see, I really LIKE this extra weight on you,"Ethan said. He put his arms around Laurie, his hands squeezing her plumpass gently. He nuzzled her ear and breathed, "Here, let me show youhow much I like it." He planted kisses down her neck, and bent downto start nibbling on her breasts. Laurie let out a low moan, and as he gotto her nipples she ran her fingers through his hair and pushed his headfurther into her big breasts. Ethan's cock was way past rock hard, and hestopped exploring her ass with his hands long enough to get out of his ownpants.

He pulled free from Laurie's grasp, and continued working his way downher stomach, kissing its new folds and softness along the way. The gentleswell of her belly gave way to the mound of her pussy, and as he nibbledher clitoris, she squeezed her legs together involuntarily, shutting ofall sound of the outside world as his ears were buried in her inner thigh.He continued lashing away with his tongue, and Laurie's gyrations grew moreintense, more hurried. Ethan worked one of his hands in to the area to helpout his tongue, and when he started fingering her, Laurie's hips suddenlythrust violently up into his face and locked themselves there. A tremblingovertook her, and Ethan was in danger of losing consciousness if he didn'twork his way free of her leghold on his head. Gradually, Laurie relaxedas her orgasm dwindled. Ethan pulled free, and looked up at Laurie, whowas still panting heavily.

"That was the most intense orgasm I have EVER had, " Laurieexclaimed. "It was as if it was magnified ten-fold."

"That's probably because you have more nerve endings reporting toyour nervous system now then you did an hour ago," Ethan replied. "Infact, part of the nanites' programming is to produce more nerve endingsin your erogenous zones. Think of it as an incentive plan," he grinned.

"Then it's really true? You really like all this extra weight?"

"And more, if you thought you were up to it," he answered.

"Well, mister," Laurie replied evilly, "All I can say is,if fat is what you want, then fat is what you're going to get!"

"What do you mean?"

"Come here, I'll show you!"

Chapter 3

Laurie took Ethan's hand and led him downstairs to the pantry, where amonth's worth of groceries had been stored away earlier in the day. "Alright,Ethan, here's the deal. I'm still hungry, so I'm going to tear into somecookies for dessert. We'll see if your 'nanites' really do their job, andif they do, you'll have do exactly what I want you to do. Deal?"

Ethan's mind reeled. Laurie had saved him the trouble of trying to gether downstairs by bringing him here on her own initiative, so his plan wasactually ahead of schedule, so to speak. What had he to lose?

"Deal!" he said.

Laurie grabbed a box of Oreos and a quart of milk from the fridge. Shestarted dunking the Oreos into the milk, the occasional crumb falling onher pontoon-like breasts. "So, " she said between bites, "justhow much do you figure I weigh now, anyway?"

Ethan studied her closely. "Oh, I'd say around 150 or so. Why?"

"Just curious. I'm still hungry for some reason, and I was wonderingjust how far this is going to go tonight before I'm done."

He went over the nanites' programming in his head. Since they convertedall the food Laurie ate directly into fat as fast as she could eat it, therewas no theoretical way that she could eat enough to be 'full'. In fact,the more she ate, the larger she would get, including her stomach. Thiscoupled with the reproduction rate of the nanites meant that growth couldpossibly approach an exponential rate: more food meant more growth, thenmore room, then more nanites, then the need for more food. He looked atLaurie's new chunky figure, and the thought of what it would soon becomemade him hard again.

"Oh, the hunger should diminish after a while. The trick will beto get enough food in you fast enough," Ethan said.

By now, Laurie was approaching the end of the box of Oreos. Time flieswhen you're hungry, Laurie thought. A tingling sensation was starting inher breasts. She looked down, and sure enough, they were slowly swellingagain. In fact, her legs were starting to press against one another, soshe shifted them apart to relieve the pressure. She felt a warm, tinglingsensation all over her body, and her hunger was just as sharp as ever.

"Shall I get you some ice cream," Ethan asked.

"Sure, that would be great!"

Ethan got out a gallon of rocky road and gave her a tablespoon to go withit. Laurie dug into it with gusto, trying to eat as fast as she could sothat she could move on to her plan for Ethan. Her cunt was definitely gettingwet, and Laurie was suddenly keenly aware that she was getting excited again.It was definitely a more intense excitement than before; it must be theincreased ability of her nerves. It seemed like each time she swallowedanother mouthful, she could feel a small surge as she slowly expanded alittle bit, and each expansion brought with it a little more sexual excitementthan the one before. God, this could be such a turn-on if I got carriedaway, she thought. She continued eating, closing her eyes to concentrateon each new sensation passing through her growing bulk.

Ethan meanwhile was keeping busy. Laurie had seemed to pass some criticalstep, for now she let out a soft whimper every other bite. Otherwise, sheate in silence, eyes closed, occasionally shifting in her chair to accommodateher ballooning butt and thighs, which were slowly pushing her away fromthe back of the chair. She had easily gained 10 pounds on the past fifteenminutes, and the growth was showing no sign of abating.

Keeping an eye on Laurie, Ethan dug through one of the shelves in thepantry and pulled out a tube he had kept hidden in the back. He quicklymoved the tube to the countertop behind where Laurie was sitting. Perfect!He glanced over at Laurie, who by now was almost completely oblivious tothe goings on behind her...

Laurie took another spoonful of ice cream and swallowed. Again she couldfeel that sudden surge, and "MMMmmm," that delicious tinglingsensation in her breasts and cunt would escalate a little more. She hadit down, almost, yes she did, why everytime she takes a bite like this -"MMMMmmm," oh, the sensation would come again, like clockwork,so maybe she could get them to come closer together, yes, that would bedivine, so here's another bite, and "MMMM-mmmm," and now another,quickly, and "HMMMmmm", oh yes, take another, "MMMMMMM"...

Yep, Ethan thought, she's definitely around the bend now. He surreptitiouslyplaced another gallon of Rocky Road in front of her, and when she was inmid-bite, he quickly switched the full gallon for the almost empty one.Laurie kept eating, not missing a beat, as her whimpers had now groan increscendo to outright moaning. Hmmm, he thought, must taste pretty good.Laurie was now visibly swelling, as the first gallon was now in full swingin terms of the nanites conversion process. Her stomach was visibly rounded,both to accommodate the larger payload it was being asked to carry, andbecause the fat was slowly being piled on. Her calves would put a violin'scurves to shame, and her thighs were becoming massive.

Ethan broke away long enough to set up the tubing. Taking one end, heduck-taped it to the business end of a keg they had waiting for a partythat was only a few weeks away. He took the other end and draped it overthe back of her chair. As he stood behind her, he had an incredible viewof the changes taking place. Laurie's breasts were now enormous, cappedwith aereola that were easily 8" in diameter, and that had nipplesthe size of those little bite-size tootsie rolls. As he watched, they stillwere growing, and they were slowly rising as the shelf that was Laurie'sstomach slowly continued ballooning out, forcing her breasts up and apart.Her legs were also losing the battle to stay together; she had long agosplayed her legs over opposite sides of her chair in order to keep themfrom rubbing each other. In a word, they were trunks, as they were eachas big around as a normal woman's hips, and they tapered down to her feet.

Ethan nuzzled up against Laurie's neck and shoulders, slipping his armsaround her to cup her breasts in his hands. He massaged her nipples, thenslid his hands under their curves to the warm cleavage that now existedbetween their bottom and her stomach. His hands could completely disappearinside that fold of flesh, and it hadn't been there a few hours ago! Heresumed kneading and massaging her breasts as he murmured in her ear, "Arewe having fun yet?"