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The New Job
by TR

It had been a frustrating day of job-seeking. Sarah stopped in a cafe and tried to seek solace in a cup of coffee. Suddenly, as she sat drinking her coffee, her morose reflections were interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Sarah! I haven't seen you in months! How are you doing?"

It was her friend Elizabeth's voice. Sarah turned and was momentarily puzzled. "That's not Elizabeth!" she thought. But then she realized it was Elizabeth, just a much heavier Elizabeth than she had known before. It was quite a shock--Elizabeth had always been so trim, and now she was quite plump.

"He-hello!" said Sarah, "Good to see you!"

"That's lucky," laughed Elizabeth, sitting down and joining her, "since there's a lot more of me to see!"

"Well...yes. What happened? Did you get a job in a doughnut shop with great employee discounts?"

"Something like that. How are you doing?"

"Well, pretty lousy, to tell you the truth. I can't seem to find a decent job to save my life. Any ideas?"

"Uh, well, actually...they'd probably hire you at the place I work. But there is this occupational hazard..." she patted her round little pot-belly, which was poking out from underneath the tight T-shirt she wore.

"Where do you work?"

"Well, it's for one of those phone-sex lines..."

"Ugh! You mean you take calls from all these heavy-breathing guys who masturbate while they talk to you?"

"It's not that bad," said Eleanor defensively, "and anyway, the pay's great."

"Really? How great?"

"Well it works out to around seven-hundred a week. With benefits. And I only work about twenty hours a week."

"Are you kidding? Sign me up!"

"Well," said Eleanor, smiling, "you'd better find out more about it first. And I warn you, you'll get fat!"

"But why?"

Eleanor fished something out of her purse and gave it to her...it was a magazine ad.

Feeders Hotline


Our beautiful feedees are waiting to be fed! Every phone call buys one of them something fattening to eat! You can also order videos which portray our models as they eat and eat and get fatter and fatter!

Two photos graced the ad, one of a slim, beautiful, scantily-clad young woman pouting and saying "Feed me! I'm hungry!" and the other of the same woman in the same clothes, thirty pounds heavier and bursting out of them. She was smiling, finishing off a chocolate eclair, patting her protruding belly and saying "Thanks!"

Sarah was aghast.

"This is crazy!" she said.

"Well, maybe so," said Elizabeth, "but I've already made enough money to pay off all my student loans, and even put some away in the bank. And all I have to do is eat and talk on the phone."

"And make videos?"

"Well, yeah, but that's easy. They usually just videotape you eating and talking on the phone, and weighing and measuring yourself. It's pretty cool, because you get royalties from the videos as long as they keep selling them...even if you quit!"

"But how long are you going to keep it up?"

"That's a tough one," Elizabeth admitted, "I thought I'd quit by the time I got as fat as I am now, but the thing is...I keep getting more fans! I can't eat nearly enough to keep up with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, whenever you talk to somebody on the phone, they get to buy you some food, which either gets charged to their phone bill or against their credit card. Any then of course, you have to eat it."

"Why not just say you're eating it?"

"Well, the guy who owns the place is a real stickler for honesty. He figures a large part of his phone service is that it's real, no bullshit at all. The callers can even order videotapes of the conversation they have with you."

"Then what happens when you get full?"

"Well, you have to quit taking calls until you have room again...though often they want to talk to you anyway. I've got a lot of guys who just call in every day and ask how much I've gained."

"How much have you gained?"

Eleanor blushed slightly, and said hesitantly, "Well, uh, forty-three pounds as of this morning. Probably a bit more, considering how much I ate today. That's funny...I answer that question all the time, but talking to you it's kind of embarrassing..."

"Forty-three pounds! Jesus, Elizabeth! What did you weigh before? About one-twenty?"


"And you're not going to quit?"

"Not yet. Sarah, I'm making so much money! More every day! And there's one other thing."


"It's fun! The food is so good...you really get into just pigging out. And you don't feel that self-conscious about it because everyone else is doing it too. There are plenty of women there who are fatter than I am."

"But why would men do this sort of thing? I mean, call you up and spend all that money fattening you up?"

"It's a sexual thing. And it's not just men, either. hey're called 'feeders' and they get turned on by fattening people up."

"I don't believe it!"

Elizabeth stuck out her round tummy and slapped it.

"Come on! Where do you think this came from? Anyway, what do you think? Want to join?"

"Well...can I think about it?"

"Sure," Elizabeth gave her the office phone number, "make sure you tell them I told you about it. I get a recruitment bonus if I sign people up. But that's not the reason I'm telling you about this. It would be fun, having you there."

A few days later Sarah went to the Feeders Hotline office. Except for a job selling roof repair jobs over the phone, which sounded awful, none of her job leads had panned out. She had phoned the day before and they'd told her to come in first thing in the morning.

She certainly didn't want to get fat, but she figured she could gain twenty pounds without it being a big deal. That would only put her up to around one-forty--she could easily diet back to normal. That way she could make a few bucks at the Feeder's Hotline while saving money and continuing to look for a good job. Her expenses would be pretty low--she certainly wouldn't have to spend any money on food!

The offices were in a large converted warehouse on the outskirts of town. It was quite pleasant inside however...if she hadn't known better, Sarah would have thought she was in a ordinary business office. The secretary sent her into Rodger Waxman's office.

Rodger Waxman, the owner, was a neat, good-looking man in his forties or late thirties, not at all seedy (as Sarah had pictured). He introduced himself and asked her to have a seat.

"I'm the owner of Feeder's Hotline," he said to her, "it may sound a bit strange to you, but it's really a very good job...I assume Elizabeth has told you about it?"


"Do you have any questions?"

"Well, yeah...how did you get the idea for this?"

"Well," he said, with a bit of a sigh, "I'm a feeder myself. I've always loved the idea of fattening up women. But I could never find a reasonable way to do it. The rare woman who actually wants to get fat is usually fat already. And it's tough being fat in our society. Then I figured out this way of fattening up women and actually paying them well for it...giving them benefits and good money and 401k and all that...I figured that way it would be worth it for them. And it's worked out pretty well."

"But what happens when they get so fat they can't gain any more weight?"

"That doesn't happen. They have regular check ups and they have to leave before they get to the point where the extra weight is a serious health problem."

"And then what happens to them?"

"Well, I give them good severance pay and good job leads, plus plenty of opportunities to learn job skills while they're here. And actually, a lot of them get married to guys they meet on the phone."


Rodger shrugged.

"Well, I don't recommend it, but if an employee wants to get together with a client, I have the guy checked out. I retain some excellent detectives.

"But there are some hard facts in working here," he continued, "I won't delude you. Most women who stay on for any length of time--a lot of them wash out in the first week or first month--gain quite a bit of weight. Five to thirty pounds a month. They usually can't stay much more than a year. So you have to be prepared to face the fact that even though you make a lot of money here, in a year you'll be a lot heavier and looking for a job again."

"I don't think I'd want to stay that long anyway. Is there any minimum amount of weight you have to gain?"

"Of course not. You can leave at any time, and I'll pay you every cent I owe you. And, of course, you'll get royalties from any videos of you we sell. But I warn you--a lot of women stay longer than they think they will. Also, there's a tendency to make promises to clients."

"What kind of promises?"

"Well, they often want to know how long you're going to stay and how much weight you're going to gain. They tend to call back more if they know you're in it for the long haul. Since all your conversations are on videotape, I'll find out if you break promises. There's a severance bonus that increases the longer you stay and the more weight you gain, but it decreases if you break promises."

"So...are you offering me the job?"

"Well, you're very attractive, and I'm almost certainly going to hire you...but we do insist on an audition," he buzzed his secretary, "Miss James will escort you to a studio and instruct you. And you'll be paid for the audition even if you're not hired."

Miss James was a very attractive, very fat young woman--Sarah wondered if she was an ex-feedee. She led her into a brightly-lit room containing a couch, a television, and a balance scale. A coffee table stood in front of the couch.

"Would you change into these, please?" asked Miss James, handing her a pair of panties and a T-shirt. Sarah hesitated, suddenly embarrassed.

"Change in there if you'd like," said Miss James, nodding at a doorway that led to a small bathroom. Sarah changed, noting that the clothes were tight and revealing.

"Now if you'll sit on the couch, we'll get started," said Miss James. As Sarah went over to the couch, Miss James left the room and shut the door.

Sarah noticed with a start that there were three video cameras pointed at her. She suddenly felt very vulnerable and afraid--but surely Elizabeth wouldn't steer her into anything dangerous...would she?

The speaker phone on the coffee table came on. It was Rodger Waxman's voice.

"Relax," he said, "you look so nervous. Would you like a drink?"

A small sliding door in the wall opened up revealing a dumbwaiter with a glass of brandy on it.

"I think I will," said Sarah, reaching for the glass, "can you hear me?"

"Hear you and see you. Those are computer-controlled video cameras that track you everywhere. It's very Orwellian, I know, but you can turn them off anytime. There's a switch there by the side of the couch."

She tested the switch. Immediately the cameras drooped down and pointed at the floor. She turned them back on again.

"You're very lovely," said Rodger over the speaker phone, "You could do well here. Would you mind going over to the scale and weighing yourself?"

She did as he asked, hearing the muffled whir of the stepper motors as the cameras swiveled after her.

The scale read one-eighteen--she'd actually lost a few pounds over the last month, what with traipsing all over town looking for work and worrying. I could gain twenty-two pounds before I quit, she thought.

"And could you stand next to that line on the wall? It will automatically measure your height."

She was exactly five-feet six inches. He then asked her to take her measurements with a tape measure by the scale. He was pretty fussy about how she used it, making her repeat the process till the numbers were consistent.

"35-24-36" he said finally, "very nice. Now back to the couch...All right, I'm going to call you back in a little while and pretend I'm a client."

"What do I say?" she asked, "shouldn't I be trained or something?"

"No, just be yourself. And pretend I'm a client...try to make me happy, so I'll stay on the phone a long time and make a lot of repeat calls."

"How does the feeding part work?"

"Whenever your caller agrees to feed you he notifies us by touch tones and we deliver food to you via the dumbwaiter."

"What if I can't eat any more?"

"Make sure you tell him. If he feeds you anyway, that's his problem. And oh...what do you want your name to be?"

"Uh...I don't know. You pick something."

"What's your favorite color?"


"No, something more exotic."


"Cinnabar. Perfect. Okay, I'm not going to call you for a while...watch TV if you want."

He hung up. She notice a folder on the coffee table and picked it up. It was a lavishly-illustrated menu containing practically all the rich, fattening foods you could think of.

She turned on the TV and alternately channel-surfed and checked out the menu. She soon finished the drink and wished she had another one.

An hour passed. She was starting to get hungry--knowing that she was going to have to eat a lot, she hadn't eaten anything that day and very little the day before. And the food on the menu looked so good she could hardly wait to start.

Finally the phone rang. She touched the button to activate the speaker.

"This is Cinnabar," she said, "who are you?"

"Call me Bob."

"Hi Bob, I'm glad you called. I haven't eaten anything all day."

"That's too bad...how much do you weigh?"

She recited her recently-gathered statistics.

"Oh! You're skinny!" he said, "We'll have to start fattening you up right now."

"Oh yes," she breathed, "I want to get nice and fat."

"First describe your belly."

"Oh, it's completely flat. My ribs show and my pelvic bones stick out. I really need to start eating!"

"What do you want to eat?"

"Uh...how about a Jamaican Chocolate Shake and a Deluxe Cheeseburger and fries?"

"Kind of expensive...why don't you just get the shake for now?"

She pressed in the code for a shake and a recorded voice asked him to authorize the purchase. The phone beeped, and, with amazing rapidity, the shake appeared in the dumbwaiter.

"God, this is delicious," she told him, "I can feel my stomach fill up as I drink it...though I wish I had a hamburger too..."

"All right," said the voice, "let's see how much you can eat."

Some beeps came over the phone and the cheeseburger and fries showed up without Sarah having to do anything.

"I didn't know you could do that," she said.

"I've got a prestige account," said 'Bob', "I can order anything for you. I'll call back later and see how you're doing."

"Uh...okay, but don't you want to hear how--"


She ate happily--Elizabeth had been right. The food was delicious, though awfully rich. By the time she was about half done, she started feeling full, and by the time she was finished, she felt impossibly stuffed.

She'd hardly finished before she got another call. It was Rodger, of course, but he called himself Fred. After she described herself and what she'd eaten, he asked her to weigh herself again. She got up slowly, feeling kind of sick.

"Jesus--I've put on a pound and a half!" she told him.

"Still hungry?"

"Well, I'm sorry, but I'm really full...maybe a bit later..."

"You feel all right?"

"...not really...I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not used to eating like this."

"That's okay. Get dressed and come and see me in my office."

Glumly, Sarah got dressed. She was sure she flunked the audition...she hadn't eaten much at all. When she got to Rodger's office, she started apologizing.

"Don't apologize," said Rodger, "you're obviously not used to such a rich diet. We've got to give you a lighter menu until you get conditioned."

"But...I'm not sure I can get conditioned...maybe I can't even gain any weight."

Rodger laughed.

"Don't worry about that. I've never met a woman I couldn't fatten up, if she was willing to try. You are willing, aren't you?"

"Well, sure...if that's the job requirement, that's what I'll do...but what if nobody calls me?"

"Oh, they will. A lot a feeders are intrigued by the kind of challenge you represent. And when you finally start getting fat, it'll be just that much more exciting. Anyway, do you want the job?"

"Well, I'm still trying to decide..."

"This is your check for the audition," he said, handing her a check for a hundred dollars, "call me up as soon as you decide. You've definitely got a job here if you want one--you've got incredible potential."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, extra weight looks better on some women than others. I've become kind of a connoisseur, and I can tell that you're going to be one of the most beautiful fat women we've ever had here."

"Uh...thanks, I guess," said Sarah, unsure of how to respond to such an odd complement.

"Oh, and Elizabeth wants to see you. She's in number 11. Don't go in unless the green light over the door is on."

It was, so she went in. Elizabeth was scantily dressed, of course. Sarah marveled at how voluptuous her friend had gotten. Her breasts were full and jiggly, her stomach round, her legs chubby. Elizabeth turned off the cameras.

"What do you think?" she asked Sarah.

"...I think I'm going to do it. Or try anyway. But it's a little scary. I haven't said yes yet."

"You should...Tell me, what do you think of the guy in this video?"

She turned on the VCR. An attractive young man was talking to the camera.

"I know we've never really met," he was saying, "but I'm really crazy about you, Elizabeth. I think I want to marry you. Please see me!"

"One of my clients...look, he's showing off his house."

It was an incredible house.

"Wow!" said Sarah, "and he's pretty cute, too. Is he for real?"

"I don't know. Rodger's trying to find out. I've gotten some pretty good offers."

"Maybe I should take this job," Sarah mused.

She started two days later. She weighed herself--she still weighed 118. As soon as she sat on the couch and turned on the phone, the phone rang.

"Hey, Cinnabar, this is Jeff. I saw downloaded your picture from the Feeders Hotline home page--you're gorgeous!"

"Thanks, Jeff," Sarah was surprised--Rodger had said something about the homepage and about posting her picture on it, but she hadn't realized how quickly people would get it.

"But you're way too skinny. We need to put some meat on those bones!"

"I'm glad you said that. I was just thinking how much I'd like to have some Belgian waffles smothered in blueberries and syrup and whip cream."

"Go for it!"

Apparently they had switched her to a lighter menu...the waffles tasted marvelous, not heavy at all. She didn't even feel that full. Jeff chatted with her as she ate. She found him pleasant to talk to.

"I may actually like this job," she thought.

But only one burrito and a milkshake later she was full. She managed to get down a chocolate truffle on top of that, but that was it. She didn't feel as sick as she had before, but she was way too full to eat anymore--and she'd only taken three calls!

Still, a few more guys called her anyway. And then Rodger called her to see how she was doing.

"Listen, don't worry about it," he told her after she apologized for her poor performance, "consider yourself in training right now. And besides, you are getting some calls. Just relax and do the best you can."

The odd thing was, she reflected on her way home, she felt kind of frustrated...the food had been so good she really wanted to eat more, but she just didn't have room...

After a week of working there, however, she still couldn't eat very much. The feeling was reinforced by the fact that by then she'd watched the other girls eat. Some of them could eat more in a day than she had that whole week!

She talked to Rodger about it.

"Relax," he said, "you're improving. Remember your audition?" he checked his computer, which had records of what everyone ate, "In addition to a brandy you had a cheeseburger, a milkshake, and an order of fries, all half-and-half..."


"Yeah, we have different levels of fat content here. "Extra-Light" is about twenty-five per cent fat, and "Extra-Rich" is about sixty. In between are Light, Half-and-half, and Rich. Since Half-and-half made you sick, I switched you to Extra-Light the next day, but I've been gradually increasing the fat content...and today you had a cheeseburger, fries, milkshake, a Brandy Alexander, and a chocolate eclair--all Extra-Rich! More than twice as fattening as your first day!"

"Really? ...but I'm still not gaining weight."

"Well, you've got one of those metabolisms that just speeds up when you eat more than usual--but soon you'll be taking in more calories than you can burn in a day, and when that happens (if it hasn't happened already), your body will have no choice but to start packing on the pounds."

Sarah was still skeptical.

The next day was her day off, and she was looking forward to not gorging herself for a change. She skipped breakfast and spent the morning going over the job ads--she had a feeling she wasn't going to last long at the Feeders Hot-line. She just had a bowl of soup and some crackers for lunch. In the afternoon she wrote some cover letters, got some resumes together and walked down to the post office to mail them. On the way back, she stopped for some coffee, browsed in a bookstore, and checked a few bulletin boards for job leads.

She got back home around seven, and made a nice salad and some pasta for dinner, thinking how nice it was to eat lightly for a change.

To her surprise, her dinner disappeared almost instantly. It was hard to believe she'd actually eaten it--her stomach didn't seem to even notice it. She actually checked the pot she'd cooked the pasta in, to make sure it was really all gone.

"Weird," she thought. Then she shrugged, went over to the couch and turned on the TV. The phone rang. She leapt up excitedly and answered it...but it was just her mother.

After talking to her mother, she realized what had happened when she heard the phone--for a brief moment, she'd thought it was a customer about to buy her some food.

The phone had had a Pavlovian effect--she was suddenly incredibly hungry, even though she'd eaten normally, and even though she'd started out the day still full from the day before.

"I guess I really am changing," she thought. She started worrying about it but then realized she could worry about it just as well on the way to the Barbeque joint down the street--but actually she was so full of anticipation that she forgot all about it until she'd put away a beer, an order of ribs and some potato salad that tasted heavenly.

She tried to worry as she left the Barbecue joint, but then she passed a doughnut shop and all she could think about was doughnuts. She ordered a dozen, went home and spent the rest of the evening watching television and blissfully eating doughnuts.

She was supposed to have the next day off too, but around two in the afternoon she got hungry and decided to go to work anyway.

She weighed 121 pounds--three pounds more than her first day, but still within her normal range. She looked at her belly. It wasn't really any bigger than normal, though it seemed a bit...looser somehow, after all that stretching.

Since none of her regular customers expected her to be in that day, she had to wait quite a while for a call.

"Hello, Cinnabar," said a voice finally, "I'm Phil."

"Well fill me up, Phil. I haven't eaten today and I'm starving."

"Oh, you poor thing...but wait...aren't you the one who has trouble eating very much?"

"My appetite's improving. Yesterday was my day off, and I ate like a pig! And I was supposed to take today off too. I came in because I wanted to!"

At Phil's insistence, she told him what she'd eaten the day before.

"I've never had the ribs here, Phil...maybe you could buy some for me?"

"Sure, toots. Anything else?"

"Maybe a Brandy Alexander and an order of fries?"

"You got it."

The ribs were much better than the ones at the restaurant by her house had been. She ate rapturously, and soon finished everything. And she wasn't even full yet!

Fortunately another call came in, so she was able to have some apple pie a la mode for dessert. A little later, someone else bought her another Brandy Alexander.

A couple of hours later Phil called her back.

"How are you coming along, Cinnabar?" he asked her.

"Great!" she said.

"How much have you eaten?"

She checked her print out (with every order, she received a print-out of everything she'd eaten that day).

"Ribs, fries (thanks Phil!), three Brandy Alexanders--"

"You're pretty fond of those."

"They make really good ones here."

"I bet they're fattening."

"Oh, God yes! And I had some apple pie a la mode, three pieces of fried chicken, two slices of pizza and a chocolate truffle."

"Wow! Your appetite is really getting good!"

"It's not just that...I guess I've learned how to enjoy overeating."

"Have you gained any weight yet?"

"Well, three pounds since I started--but that's not unusual, to vary three pounds in a week. Of course I'm not including what I've eaten today...want me to check?"


She got on the scale--it registered 126 pounds. Almost 127.

"Good job!" said Phil, "can you eat any more?"

"I don't think I can just yet..."

"Why don't you call the masseuse?"

"The masseuse?"

"Yeah--she just started yesterday. The must have forgotten to tell you since you weren't in. She can help you eat more."

Shrugging, Sarah called the receptionist and asked for the masseuse. Soon a slim, attractive, scantily-clad young woman came in.

"Hi, I'm Jane," she said, "Feeling a bit too full?"

"Yes...what are you going to do?"

Jane just smiled and asked her to lie back. She turned on the speaker phone so they could talk to Phil and gently started prodding Sarah's belly.

"Hey!" said Sarah.

"Relax," said Jane, "oooh, your belly is full! It's hard as a rock! You've been very good today."

As Jane gently massaged her belly, Sarah could feel the food moving around, redistributing itself. She started feeling more comfortable--she even belched a couple of times.

"Oh, yes!" said Jane, "you've got lots more room in there, you lucky thing!"


"Yes! You get to eat and eat and get nice and fat. I'm envious."

"Why don't you get a job as a feedee?"

"I tried," said Jane sadly, "But I couldn't stand getting fat! I like to fantasize about it, but doing it freaks me out! But at least I get to help others." She looked admiringly--lecherously?--at Sarah's protruding tummy. "Feel like eating some more?" asked Phil.

"Sure!" said Sarah, "how about a hot fudge sundae?"

"Why don't you feed her, Jane?"

"Oh, can I?" asked Jane, excitedly.

"I guess so," said Sarah. She thought Jane was pretty strange, but she and Phil seemed so excited about it Sarah figured she might as well go with the flow. Besides, it would probably look good on video.

Most of the hot fudge sundae went down easily, but toward the end of it she started feeling incredibly full. She could barely finish.

"I'm proud of you!" said Jane, gently patting Sarah's swollen belly, "you ate the whole thing!"

Sarah had never been so stuffed in her life. As she slowly walked out, trying not to stagger, the secretary told her Rodger had asked to see her. She went into his office.

"You're really getting into it, aren't you Sarah?" said Rodger, his eyes on her distended belly, "You're doing great."

"Really?" she said, smiling. Then something occurred to her.

"Do you watch while we're talking to clients?"

"Of course," said Rodger, grinning, "why do you think I'm in this business?"

"Don't you think it's kind of sick?"

"Probably," Rodger said, with a shrug, "maybe there should be a law against it. But there isn't."

The days that followed were heavenly. Sarah found that if she took it slow and had Jane give her a massage now and then, she could eat practically all day. It was great fun...the food seemed to get better all the time.

One day a client called up and asked her weight.

"Well, I weighed 145 when I came in this morning, but after all I've eaten today I'm up to 147."

"How much have you gained since you started here?"

"Let's see...I started at 118, so that makes 27 pounds, or 29 pounds if you count--" she suddenly stopped short. Jesus! she thought _I was going to stop after I gained 20 pounds...but I sailed right past that point without even thinking about it!

"What's the matter?" asked the client.

"Oh...I just hadn't thought about how much I'd gained before. That's really a lot..."

"How long ago did you start?"

"Oh...let's see. About five weeks ago."

"That's not all that much," he said, "that's less than a pound a day. Some of the feedees gain two a day."

"I guess you're right..."

She decided she'd better think about when she was going to quit, and left early that day.

The odd thing was she didn't really feel especially fat... although she was the heaviest she'd ever been, she was still one of the slimmest feedees there. And the clients complemented her constantly (most of them downloaded pictures of her over the internet to keep up on her daily enhancements), so she still felt very attractive, even though she had a bit of a pot-belly now that wouldn't quit. Anyway, her clients had nothing but praise for her pot-belly. She was even getting kind of fond of it herself. And she liked the way her breasts and buttocks were becoming fuller and more assertive.

Jane was full of admiration too. Jane was almost exactly the same size Sarah had been when she started. They had similar body types. Jane told her she liked looking at her, thinking about how she could have been as fat as Sarah if she'd kept feeding.

Sarah was taking more calls these days--and making more money--since she could stay and eat for a long time and because she had lots of fans.

And of course there was the eating...she was really getting into it now that her capacity had improved. She could just eat and eat...

She didn't feel like quitting at all.

Of course the next day was going to be a reality check...she was going to her parents for Thanksgiving. What were they going to say?

"Hi Sarah...putting on a little weight?" her Dad said cheerily, when she showed up at home the next day.

"Oh, a few pounds..." she said.

"A few?" said her mother, skeptically.

Sarah had dressed in a rather loose-fitting dress, but there's no way to hide a twenty-five per cent weight gain.

Then Sarah's sister Jane showed up.

"I think you look great!" said Jane, smiling.

"You would," said their mother, rolling her eyes.

Jane, Sarah's 18-year-old sister had just been away at college for three months. She'd always been a bit chunky, and college hadn't changed things a bit.

"Feed you well at the dorm, do they?" asked Sarah, grinning.

"Not as well as they've been feeding you," laughed Jane, pinching one of Sarah's love handles, "I've only gained ten pounds, but you've gained a lot more than that!"

"I thought I'd better put on a few pounds and keep you company."

"Well thanks, I appreciate it!"

Their mother gave them a big lecture about how they'd have to take their "weight problems" more seriously, and all through dinner, she watched them like a hawk. To keep the piece, both girls ate modestly.

But later, in Jane's bedroom (Sarah was sleeping with Jane, since relatives were staying in her old room), Jane brought out the junk food she had stashed, and the two of them pigged out on pork rinds, Ho-hos, moon pies, beef jerky, soda, potato chips and candy bars.

"How much do you weigh, Sarah?" asked Jane when their eating had slowed down to the point they could talk.

"Well...147, last time I checked."

"Really? Another five pounds and you'll have caught up with me!"

"Oh, I'll probably gain a lot more than that..."


Sarah told Jane about her new job. Jane's eyes grew wide with amazement.

"I don't believe it!" said Jane, "what a great job! And to think I've been gaining weight for free!"

"You've been gaining on purpose?"

"Well," said Jane, blushing, "yes. I've always wanted to get fat, and it's really easy now I'm not living at home..."

"Gee. Well, maybe you should come work with me..."

"Maybe I will this summer. I don't want to quit school. Of course, in that case, I'd better not gain anymore weight."

"That's true. The more you don't gain now, the more you can get paid to gain later."

"Yeah...in fact, maybe I should diet now, so I can gain that much more weight...but how do you like it there?"

"I love it," said Sarah, "the only problem is, I get really horny all the time, since I talk about sex constantly. And I don't have a boyfriend, so it gets pretty frustrating sometimes."

"Why don't you just masturbate?"

"Oh, I do, of course...the clients ask me to all the time. They like that almost as much as they do my eating. But while I like masturbating, it doesn't quite do the trick, if you know what I mean..."

"Why don't you go after that Rodger guy? He sounds interesting."

"I don't think he's into real sex. I think he just rather watch it on video."

"Are you sure?"

"Well, no..."

Jane announced the next morning that she was going on a diet.

"That's wonderful!" said her mother, "and what about you, Sarah?"

Sarah was putting away a plateful of waffles with lots of butter and syrup.

"I don't know Mom...I kind of like being voluptuous, for a change."

When Sarah got back to work on Monday, she was up to 152 pounds. (Jane had been serious about the diet and had given her stash of junk food to Sarah, who had put it to good use) She told Rodger about Jane.

"That's great," said Rodger, "if she's anything like you, I'll hire her in a second...by the way, it looks like you put on a few pounds while you were away..."

"You sound like one of our clients."

"Yeah, well, you know, it's kind of like the Hair Club for Men...I'm not just the president."

"Do you ever seduce any of the feedees here?" asked Sarah.

"Uh, no, of course not. That would be sexual harassment."

Sarah laughed. It seemed like a funny thing to be concerned with at a place where sex was the product being sold.

"However," said Rodger, "the employees do seduce me now and then. There's nothing wrong with that."

"Oh? Are you an easy lay?"

"Very easy," said Rodger, grinning.

"Hmmm. Well, anyway, you're right...I gained about five pounds while I was away...can you tell?" she stripped down to her bra and panties while she talked, and showed off her round pot-belly.

"Yes," said Rodger, "a very nice enhancement."

"Oh, Rodger, what's this?" Sarah went over to Rodger and felt his rock-hard erection underneath his pants.

"I'll show you in a minute," he said, "but aren't you hungry?"

"Oh...yes, I am, actually..."

Rodger punched some numbers on the keypad beside the dumbwaiter (yes, he had one too, Sarah noticed for the first time) and soon he was feeding Sarah her favorite goodies. Sarah ate rapturously. The food was so much better than the junk she'd been eating that weekend. And then Rodger started diddling her as she ate. "I must be in heaven," she thought. Rodger got more and more worked up as she continued eating and expanding her belly. Finally he tore off his clothes and made wild love with her. She tried to continue eating for a while, but then got too caught up in it and concentrated on fucking. He was a fantastic lover.

"God Rodger..." she breathed, "don't stop..."

"Take your time," said Rodger happily.

Finally she came explosively, fantastically.

"That was incredible, Rodger!" she said, "why didn't I seduce you sooner?"

"I don't know. I'm sure glad you didn't wait any longer. I might have had to harass you!"

"I like your kind of harassment..."

[to be continued...]