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A Night in Paradise or "Am I in fat city or what?"
by Steve

The hypnotic hum of the tires rolling over pavement for over 14 hours was about all I could take. My head rolling around like a loose bowling ball in the trunk of a car told me that I needed to find a room for the night. The billboard fast approaching in the beam of my headlights told of a reasonably priced motel next exit. the sign mentioned "FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST BUFFET" At two in the morning I was happy to have a room let alone a free meal.

Finding the motel proved to be quite easy. After parking the car and retrieving my overnight bag I walked into the lobby and what I later concluded to be my destiny.

The light was on in the office behind the front desk. I rang the bell and came the most beautiful woman I had seen in a very long time. She was extremely tall, with red hair that partially covered a round face displaying a warm smile, a shining personality emanating from the prettiest eyes of deep blue. How could one look so beautiful at two in the morning?

Now it just doesn't end there, she was also very very fat. The fullness of her breasts were like globes , supported by a full tummy roll causing her blouse to pull apart between the buttons, and well rounded buttocks and thighs. This was turning out to be a night to remember. You see, I happen to be one of those men who adore and prefer women who are fat.

The name on the name tag was Greta. Greta asked if I would like a room, in which I responded positively and proceeded with checking in. While checking in small talk ensued. I mentioned I was travelling east for a job interview, and that I too was in the hotel and travel industry. I asked her if she enjoyed working in a hotel. She responded that she enjoyed meeting people from all over the country, however she went on to explain about working her way through school by working nights. At this point I became extremely tired and proceeded to my room and bed.
As I lay in bed I closed my eyes and visualized Greta, exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.

The next morning after showering and getting dressed I my hunger was definitely going to take me in the direction of the dining room and my "free" buffet breakfast..

When I entered the restaurant I was met by a very attractive hostess, a very attractive fat woman. She smiled as our eyes connected, and I suspected she noticed I was attracted to her.

My initial thought was, is this a coincidence, or does the hotel manager have a penchant for large women.? As I sat down, I noticed a couple of women sitting across from me. Guess what? They too were FAT. What gives here? Employees, Guests everyone in this establishment was quite large. The ladies were looking in my direction and laughing. I had to go over and ask if they wouldn't mind telling me what was so amusing. The one lady introduced herself as Marie and said that I seem to have an expression of bewilderment as to how come there are so many fat people. It is quite obvious as with many strangers new to this area, that you are amazed by the overwhelming amount of fat people. I told Marie that she was a very perceptive woman.

Marie introduced her friend Simone. Simone, although pleasingly plump by comparison was a very attractive woman. Simone explained that she went away to college and just returned to the town where she grew up. She studied Hotel management in California and returned to work for her Father at a nearby bed and breakfast located in the mountains 5 miles from there. At that time I received a little lesson in the towns history.

It seemed that the town and surrounding areas were inhabited by very large people as a result of minerals discovered in the underground springs, which had increased the fat cells in the body. Why this happens no one know for sure, but as the founding families settled here there growth did not seem to bother them and they stayed and developed the area. It never has been an issue except with outsiders.

Simone jumped in by saying that while she was away at college and all her roommates were gaining weight, she had lost weight. After being away for 4 years, she was at 5'9" what many would consider stocky. Since returning she started to gain back some of the weight and in about a year will probably return to her "normal" weight. We talked for hours and I mentioned how my work has been in hotels and I was travelling east for a job interview. At that point Simone told me about a position at the hotel owned by her father and uncle. If I was interested she would gladly arrange an interview. I thanked her and told her I would love to be considered for the opening. God! Was it my imagination or after a day my pants were becoming snug? Naw, couldn't be.

That afternoon, I met George (Simone's Uncle). George was a man in his forties, very prosperous and true to the towns legacy, very fat. We talked for hours and really hit if off. At the end of our meeting, I told George I would be very interested in receiving an offer of employment. He asked if I could stay another night while he conferred with his partner.

That night I met with simone, and it would appear that we too had hit if off. by now I was extremely hopeful that I would receive an offer from her uncle. We shared notes and experiences about the hotel industry and how much we had in common, of which it seemed cooking was a joy we both shared. I was thunderstruck and could not focus on anything else but Simone. Her beauty , intellect, and warmth, along with the most comforting voice that would make the hardest of men weak at the knees, and although not a large as the others in town, she definitely was not thin. Simone picked up on how attracted I was to her and sensed my desire for the fuller figure. She went on to tell me that she would be larger in the not too distant future. It was at that time I told her how much I enjoyed being with her and hoped that her Uncle would make an offer. She smiled that smile and we fell into each others arms, kissed passionately and I invited her for a nightcap along with an enticing dessert.

The next day, George called and invited me to his office..... I got the job!. What followed was certainly the last thing I ever expected to happen only two days before. A great job, meeting a terrific woman, in a town I only fantasized about, and finally what I determined as fate smiling upon me.

After a few months of settling in on the job, Simone and I became quite close and moved in together. It was quite noticeable and exciting to see the changes we were both experiencing with weight gain. By this time I was 60 pounds heavier, and so was Simone, we just couldn't keep our hands off of one another. She loved taking me shopping for new clothes. In the beginning it was hard to find the smaller sizes since the towns clothing stores catered to a larger clientele, but soon we were able to select from a wide variety of suits, pants, shirts, etc.
I was made to feel like I was really fitting in.

Many nights we would come home to prepare dinner for one another. This would include feeding one another little bites of food while we were preparing our meal, only to find ourselves so excited by the feeding and enjoyment of eating together, that we would wind up making love on the kitchen floor.

The additional weight seemed to heighten our senses, and I never realized how nice and sensual it felt having the heightened sensation of our fleshy bodies together.

Simone always told me that our bodies would reach a certain limit and not to worry about becoming too fat that we wouldn't be able to do the things we enjoyed doing. It felt good to me and I didn't seem to mind a bit.

A year has passed and the inevitable occurred.... marriage. On the anniversary of our meeting I proposed (right after we left the kitchen floor). She teasingly hesitated, then with the most passionate of embraces, she said yes. We had a nice dinner then made love again.

It had been a little over a year since I had seen my family. I told them about Simone, but never mentioned the part about gaining all that weight. The day of the wedding was more than they could have ever imagined, not only had they gained a daughter in law, but there son had gained as well, It was quite a surprise.
Since weight in our quaint little town was never an issue, it hardly seemed necessary to bring it up. After the initial surprise everyone focused on the occasion and no one ever brought up weight again. We feasted and celebrated and well you know the rest.... We lived happily ever after.