Weight Room Title Bar

By Dr. Fred

Mike heard the door slam shut with a crashing sound, followed by the sight of Peggy entering the kitchen through the garage door.

"Ah," she exclaimed, "I can't believe it is this hot this morning, and I just ran three miles!" The 5ft. 8 inch willowy blond pulled her long hair away from her face, grabbed a towel and wiped the perspiration off of her golden tan face. Mike couldn't believe that she actually went running in this terrific Florida heat wave.

He also couldn't believe how Peggy had changed over the past year. From a 150 pound. voluptuous bombshell with curves in all the right places, shapely legs and prominent boobs; Peggy was now a rail at 125 pounds. She had transformed herself into an androgynous, anorexic with little feminine shape or form.

"Oh, Mike" she yelled from the bathroom, "I am down to 123pounds, isn't that terrific! All of my dieting an exercising has really paid off. No fat or flab for me, it's going to be lettuce and Perrier water for me for the rest of my life!"

"That's great, just peachie, I am so happy for you." responded Mike in his typical disingenuous tone.

"That was a god damn lie." he thought to himself. He really was distressed that his once, voluptuous wife of two years now looked like one of this waify models. Mike always preferred larger women, and when he met Peggy she represented promise of becoming bigger. At 150 pounds. she had slightly extended hips, a bulge of a tummy, shapely legs, and wore a size40C bra. Peggy seemed to gain weight easily throughout their courtship, and Mike anticipated even greater expansion of her as they settled into marriage .

Little did he know that Peggy would come under the influence of Jan, the neighborhood health and fitness nut. Jan, who was a P.E. teacher at the area high school, had successfully convinced Peggy to begin this intensive diet and exercise program. "Why, Oh Why, did they have to move into a neighborhood with that busybody Jan?" he thought to himself as looked at a photo of Peggy taken during their honeymoon. She was wearing a tight one piece swimsuit that emphasized her protruding belly and full hips. Jan had certainly convinced Peggy to deprive him of his sexual fantasy, a wife that would gain weight and become even more voluptuous throughout the years of their marriage. This was certainly not how it was supposed to happen for Mike. He became less and less aroused with Peggy as a sexual partner in proportion to each pound that she lost. His sexual appetite for her was now virtually non existent.

Peggy, on the other hand, actually thought she was sexier than ever since she lost 25 pounds. and tightened every inch of flab on her body. All that was missing in her life and marriage was the thrill of motherhood. She wanted children, and wanted them now, after all, she was 32 years old, and the old biological clock was ticking. Of course, since Mike could rarely get turned on enough to have sex with her, the probability of her conception continued to diminish. Peggy really didn't understand why she hadn't become pregnant, after all she wasn't on the pill, and she and Mike had sex occasionally. After two years, she thought she should have gotten pregnant.

Peggy decided that she would telephone her old college roommate, Alice. After all, Alice had been married for five years and was pregnant for the second time. Alice would be a source of counsel and advice just like the old days when they were undergraduate students. Alice always had an answer for Peggy. If anyone could tell Peggy how to fix this problem, it was Alice.

"Well, Alice, what do you suggest I do?" Peggy queried after a detailed explanation to Alice of her plight of being married for two years and remaining childless.

"I have an idea," Alice responded. "Why don't you make an appointment with my OB/GYN, Dr. Maxwell? He is wonderful, I'll bet that he'll have a medical slant on this. In fact, I am going next week. I'll call his nurse and get you and appointment at the same time. We'll go together. Next Friday at 10:00 AM. Pick me up at my house at 9:15 we'll go together."

Peggy responded, "Oh Alice, I just knew you would have a plan! Since I haven't seen you in a year, tell me where your new house is located so I can be on time Friday morning."

"Just go to Ridgefield Woods, and we're the third house on the right on Ridgefield. You do know how to get to Ridgefield Woods , don't you? After all, Peggy, you grew up in our neighborhood !"

"Oh, for sure," answered Peggy, her thoughts turning to the nostalgia of her old neighborhood, and the renewed comfort in having Alice help her solve the biggest problem in her life. "I'll be there at 9:15. And, I can't wait for you to see the new skinny me." Peggy proudly proclaimed.

"Well, just wait until you see me!" the currently six months pregnant Alice responded. "What's that supposed to mean?" questioned Peggy. "Oh, you'll have to wait and see for yourself, just let it be my little surprise. You might say I am just glowing through this pregnancy! Just honk your horn Friday morning and I'll pop right out so we won't be late to Dr. Maxwell's office. You're really going to love him, trust me on this one."

Friday morning, promptly at 9:15, Peggy pulled her BMW 325 into Alice's driveway and honked the horn no less that five loud blasts. She was so excited, Alice would be with her again, and a solution to her problem was hand.

Out of the front door, lumbered a huge figure of a woman. Peggy was in shock, her once lithe college roommate and best friend looked like the Goodyear blimp. She must have weighed in excess of 200 pounds. My God, how could Alice have reached this size? Her weight never exceeded 130 pounds all through college.

Alice waddled over to the car, her large belly seemed to jiggle, sticking proudly beyond her large boobs. Alice opened the passenger side car door and slowly lowered herself into the seat. "Whew, couldn't you have bought something with more room up front. These foreign cars are hell to squeeze into!" Alice responded as she held her massive pregnant belly with one hand, and pushed the seat adjustment lever fully back to a reclining position.

"Oh, Alice, what has happened to you? I know you're pregnant, but you look like you've gained 75 pounds since I last saw you!" Peggy's voice strained in shock.

"Actually, as of last week when I weighed at Dr. Maxwell's, it was80 pounds. I weighed in at 210. I'll bet it will be even more today. I eat constantly, and this morning, I really had to to tug and pull to get these XL maternity panty hose over my belly. Jerry says I am big as a house, but he likes me this way. Can you believe it? My husband thinks I am a classic Madonna with child. Gosh, am I lucky, or am I lucky to have a man like him?"

"And. speaking of weight, which concentration camp did you just get out of? You look terrible. You don't have a curve left on your body. I'll bet you've lost at least 20 pounds!" Alice sparred back.

Peggy shot back, "Well, actually, it's more like 25 or 30. However, Honey, You have gained more than twice that amount! How much have you gained since getting pregnant?"

"Oh, about 30 pounds." Alice responded. "I kept about 20from my first pregnancy, but I packed on the first 30 just after Jerry and I got married! You know you might have to adjust to just this kind of change yourself when you get pregnant!" the ballooning Madonna replied.

"God, I hope I won't get that big, I wouldn't be able to face Jan. She would have a stroke if I weighed 200 pounds. Besides, Alice, a girl has got to watch her figure if she wants her man to lust after her!"

Now Alice was really getting upset, "Just who in the Hell is Jan, and what does she have to say about it? And, more importantly, how do you know that Mike wouldn't lust after you if you weighed 200 pounds ? A lot of men are turned on by fat women. Jerry is a perfect example. Now that I am this size, he can't seem to keep his hands off of me. It's really a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing him get a massive erection when his eyes fixation this big belly!"

"Okay," Peggy responded, "I'll tell you my take on this. Jan is my neighbor who happens to be a P.E. teacher. She has been my inspiration to lose weight and get in shape. She convinced me that no man wants a fat wife, and that when I weighed 150 pounds., I was approaching the threshold of obesity. Jan also says that being overweight makes it more difficult for a woman to get pregnant."

"Well Peggy, that's very interesting. Your friend Jan seems to know so damn much ! How many kids does she have, and how often does her husband screw her ?"

"Jan has never been married, and doesn't have any kids. She hasn't had a man in her life to my knowledge."

"Well, well, well, our wonderful Jan is a real success story isn't she ?" replied Alice with confident sarcasm. "Jan is just a fitness expert who wants to help women like me by helping us to control our weight."

"Just how does Mike like your new slim and trim body? Does he find you alluring and irresistible ?"

"I guess he's kinda of neutral on my new look because he doesn't seem to chase me around the bedroom anymore. It's probably because we've been married for two years now." Peggy responded defensively.

"Listen, Peggy, maybe you should take another look at this situation. Don't be so sure to think that this Jan is right. It doesn't sound to me like her advice has gotten you anywhere but a state of emaciation. "Peggy was amazed as they entered Dr. Maxwell's waiting room. It was mostly packed with women with huge bellies all of whom seemed to be chattering in hushed tones. A nurse called for Alice to come back into the examining room. Alice pushed herself out of the chair and held her massive belly as she got up to walk to the exam room.

"Geesh, I bet I've gained five pounds since last week." she said proudly.

"Get serious Alice, Dr. Maxwell is probably really gong to let you have it for gaining so much weight ."

Alice retorted with open hostility as she exited the waiting room, "You know Peggy, I've never met that stupid bitch, Jan, but you are beginning to sound just like her !" Two hours later, Peggy returned to the waiting room sobbing. She walked over to Alice who had been patiently waiting for over an hour and a half for her Peggy's return.

"Hey, Peggy, what's with you? Let's be a big girl and not cry just because we had to go to the doctor!" Alice was clearly trying to be humorously consoling.

"Oh, Alice, that's just it, Peggy continued to cry, The problem is I am not a BIG girl. Dr. Maxwell said that my estrogen levels were dangerously low, and that my entire endocrine system was out of wack because of my weightloss and extensive exercise."

"So, what does that mean? what effect does that have?" Alice questioned. "Listen Dumb Ass, it means that I may never be able to have a baby! Let's get out of here before I become totally hysterical. "The ride home was somber. Alice was pensive and Peggy was teary eyed as she continued to bite her upper lip.

Alice interjected, breaking the silence, "Hey, I gained seven pounds since last week and Dr. Maxwell said I was doing just fine."

"I am damn thrilled for you," Peggy responded, "too bad for me that I've lost 34 pounds. My weight is down to 119 pounds. Normally, I would be thrilled, but I am not so thrilled about it now."

"Look Peggy, you have got to work through this. This is not the end of the world. Just stop taking advice from that stupid bitch, Jan. Start eating again, and cut out all of the knock yourself exercising. Who knows, you probably have a good chance of getting your hormones back to normal."

Suddenly, Peggy had a burst of insight which we seem to get only a few times in our lives. Alice was right. She would begin to eat again. She would stop the running and never walk back into the trendy Spa again. . . She would begin to eat, and eat, then eat more. Mike had liked the sex with her when she weighed 150 pounds. Maybe if she gained back the weight he would want her again. She figured that she only had to gain about 30 pounds, that would return her to 150.

After dropping Alice off at home, Peggy went to the Gourmet Super Store. She went up and down every aisle, eating every sample available, and buying every item of food which was whose wrapper or package reported caloric values in excess of 300 per one ounce serving. She purchased four cases of SuperWeightGain Dietary Supplement Drink. While driving home she consumed 8 cans of the high calorie drink and scarfed down a dozen donuts. As she unloaded each sack of groceries from the car she stuffed food in her mouth. This was just the beginning. She ordered three supersized pizzas, and devoured them before Mike came home.

When Mike came home he found empty food cartons all strewn all over the house. He couldn't believe the place was in such a mess. He found Peggy in their bedroom, propped up by large pillows to enable to gulp cans of Super Weight Gain drink to wash down the handfuls of chocolate candy which she was stuffing in her gorged mouth. Mike couldn't believe his eyes . His "lettuce only eating wife" was consuming thousands and thousands of calories. So much so that she wouldn't open her mouth to say Hello.

Finally, she emitted a garbled "Hi" and mumbled something about needing more cans of Super Weight gain drink from the refrigerator. Mike couldn't help but notice how distended her tummy had become.

Peggy belched then exclaimed, "I have got to take this tight ass jeans off, they are so tight I won't be able to eat another morsel ." As she moved over in the bed to get up, the jeans button popped off and flew across the room, leaving the front fly zipper wide open. As her belly bounced out she gleefully announced, "Well, I guess I won't have to worry about these tight son of a bitches anymore."

Mike just couldn't believe it. His lithe wife now boasted a pronounced tummy the size of a small globe. Peggy pulled off the now split jeans and entered the bathroom to hop on the scales "Wow, Mike, guess what? I now weigh 125 that's a 6 pound gain since this morning! I know I've crammed at least 10 pounds of food in though since then."

Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing. His waif of a wife was now trying to gain weight. He thought he was in the "Twilight Zone". Was she really trying to gain weight, or was this episode just a fantasy? He decided that this was all for real because Peggy continued to stuff herself throughout the night.

When he got up the next morning, he found her in the kitchen eating waffles which were laden with mounds of butter, and taking large swigs of maple syrup straight of the bottle. Yes, this was for real, for whatever reason, Peggy was constantly eating large quantities of high calorie goodies. Mike decided that rather than question her about what prompted this drastic change, he would remain silent and adopt a wait and see attitude. This was just too good to be true.

Peggy's solid eating coupled with no exercise continued for six weeks. She and Mike never really talked because Peggy was constantly eating. The drastic increase in caloric intake, coupled with the absence of any physical exercise was really taking its toll on Peggy's expanding body. Her once exercise induced high metabolism plummeted to a new low and was supplemented by a Mega calorie intake to propel her weight up to 156 pounds. Peggy had returned to the plumper status she held when first married Mike. He was more than thrilled, and aroused.

After another two weeks, Peggy got on the scales. She was shocked, as she saw the dial roll up to a whopping 175 pounds! She was heavier now than she had ever been at anytime of her life. Peggy had now begun to wear loose fitting size 16 shift dresses to accommodate her expanding girth. She was packing on the pounds with ease.

Occasionally, Peggy would catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe that her once willowy 119 pound body had ballooned so quickly to 175 pounds. Had she done the right thing? Sure, Mike wanted to have sex now, but she really wasn't ready. Had she gotten too fat ? She really didn't look all that fat in the mirror. Or, did it just depend on where on the newly expanded Peggy that you looked for the new poundage? Her 56 pound gain mostly accumulated on her tummy and hips. Her long legs were rounder and more shapely. Lucky for Peggy that not an ounce went to her face, neck, or arms. Regrettably, even her boobs were only slightly enlarged. In fact, if you had seen Peggy from the waist up, you would have never known that she had gained weight. From the waist down was it was an entirely different picture! Peggy's hips had expanded appreciably. But, the real poundage was centered on a belly that was so large that the casual observer would justifiably mistake Peggy as being about four months pregnant.

Throughout the next two weeks, all was going well, until Jan decided to drop in to borrow some Perrier Water. As Peggy opened the door, Jan screeched, in shock, "My God, Peggy, what has happened to you? You look like you've put on 50 pounds since I saw you a couple of months ago! What has happened to you? You've actually gotten a lot fatter than you were when I first met you !"

"Oh, Jan, I know I have gained a little bit of weight," Peggy said embarrassingly, "I just can't seem to help myself. I think it's a hormone problem. At least that's what the doctor told me, you know that I had some kind of hormone imbalance."

As, Peggy continued to eat handfuls of potato chips, Jan scowled at her disapprovingly, "Peggy, I think if you're honest you will agree that you have gained more than a little bit of weight. You have really gained a hell of a lot , and it shows! If you keep this up you will become an obese and unhappy woman. Actually, to be honest, at your height, you have already reached the early state of obesity. Look at that big gut, and those wide hips! Don't you have any pride in yourself anymore ?"

Peggy began to cry. "Jan, please, I know I am getting fatter everyday. I just can't help myself. I am unable to run like I used to because it's just too difficult at this weight. Maybe, you should just stay out of this!"

"Damnit, Peggy, don't you see that you're going to lose your husband? No man wants to be married to a fat woman. Mike will wants to hold a slim and fit woman in his arms. Right now he couldn't get his arms around your huge Gut!"

Peggy fired back, "I guess I'll just have to take that risk. By the way, Jan, how many men have there been in your life? How many of them were attracted to your body?"

"Actually, there has been only one man in my life." Jan retorted. "But we broke up years ago. He just didn't like the physical fitness lifestyle which I lead."

As Jan was walking out of the front door to return home, Peggy fired her last volley, "Maybe, you ought to think about giving up some of your fitness lifestyle, then maybe, just maybe, there would be a man in your life!"

"Yeah, great idea Peggy, then I could become a blimp like you!" Jan added for closure.

Peggy returned to the bedroom, and viewed herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe her new size. She was pleasantly astonished at her belly which now extended far beyond her bosom. She was now wearing a size 18, which even in loose fitting shift style dress was becoming far too tight thru the waist and hips. The encounter with Jan now prompted Peggy to wonder what would Alice's response be to her recent weight gain. What would Jan's reaction be to the new Peggy at 175 pounds? Would Alice be as startled as Jan? Of course, it would be hard for Alice to be as critical since Alice must have weighed in at well over 200 pounds herself!

The next day, Peggy called Alice and invited her over for coffee. She told Alice that she would be surprised to see some changes over the past couple of months that resulted in the emergence of a "New Peggy".

Alice arrived at Peggy's house at 10:00 in the morning. She slowly got out of her car and waddled up the driveway to the front door. Peggy peered out of the door to get a good look at Alice. Gee, Alice must weigh in at over 210 pounds. Boy, she was really getting big with this pregnancy. Her hips must have expanded beyond 48 inches.

When Peggy opened the door to let the Mammoth Madonna in, Alice exclaimed, "Whoa, Peggo, what have you been doing to yourself ? You have really gotten bigger, I just can't believe it's you! I never would have believed that you would let yourself get this fat! You look huge compared to my skinny little friend of a few months ago!"

"Okay, Alice, you told me to change my lifestyle. You told me to return to my former plump size to appease my husband. You told me that I could get a handle on this hormone thing and be able to get pregnant if I gained the weight back! Now, you're shocked that I've gained weight to do all of that!"

"Oh, Peggy, Honey, I don't mean to be critical. It's just that you look like you've gained so much so fast. I just didn't expect that you'd get so big this fast."

"Alice, I don't believe you're saying this to me. You pack on a ton of weight and can hardly walk up the driveway. I gain back a little weight, and suddenly, you're on my case."

"Peggy, dear, I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that you already look like you're a little pregnant. In any case how much have you gained?"

"Oh, I'm up to 175 pounds." Peggy responded patting her protruding tummy.

"Jesus, Peggy, you look like you're heavier than 175! Wow, You went from 119 to 175 in a couple of months. I weigh 215, and your belly is getting up there, or should I say out there with mine!"

"Oh, Alice," Peggy began to sob, "Do you think I've gotten too fat, I just wanted to get my hormones back to normal. You told me it would be okay, that I would be able to satisfy my husband again and get pregnant I was afraid of this. People saying, Oh, have you seen Peggy, she has really gained a lot of weight! Doesn't she look terrible!"

"Peggy, stop this crying. I don't think you've gotten too fat. I am just concerned at the rate at which you are gaining. If you keep up this pace, you'll be hovering around 300 pounds in no time!"

"Alice, oh, please, tell me I am not going to get that big. Why, at that weight I'd be huge."

"Peggy, I could end up close to 300 pounds, but you won't. I didn't mean that for sure you would get that big. I'm just concerned at the rate at which you're gaining. I am also concerned that you're gaining like crazy mostly thru your tummy. Hell, you already look pregnant!"

"Well, I'm not God Damnit!" Peggy replied with emphasis. "I don't know why but every ounce I gain seems to go straight to my belly or hips."

"Peggy, maybe that's just a forecast of things to come!"

"Well, I certainly hope you DO mean that this belly will be getting even bigger soon because I do get pregnant?" Peggy questioned with a quiver in her voice.

"Of course that's what I meant, Peggy, don't be so overly sensitive. Just because you've gained weight is no reason to be so sensitive. I want you to be happy because you're like me: fat and pregnant. Not, just fat and looking like you're pregnant !"

"Alice, please tell me that I'm doing the right thing. Jan was here yesterday and told me that she was shocked that I become obese. She told me that I looked terrible."

"Peggy, screw Jan, what in the hell does that manless, childless, self-righteous jockette know about anything? I hope you set that bitch straight!"

"I think that I did. I just hope that she's wrong, and that Mike will really lust for my body even though I'm now 25 pounds heavier than when he married me and over 50 pounds heavier since the last four months. "Peggy sighed.

"Well, what has Mike said or done differently?" Alice intently questioned.

"Oh, he says he thinks I'm sexy and good lookin since I've added a few pounds. But, I've been afraid to push the sex thing. At least not until I think my hormones have gotten closer to normal."

"Well, Peggy, you ought to check, I think you weigh more than 175.Just slow it down so that you don't soon find yourself teetering at the300 pound mark !"

"Thanks a lot for the sound advice Miss 215 pound getting bigger everyday yourself, Alice, my good friend." Peggy responded defensively. They both laughed, and Alice made some excuse about needing to leave right away to get to the hairstylist for a before lunch appointment.

"Yeah, Alice, I can understand that. When you get a double chin, it helps to keep the hair looking good. It helps even out a bloated face! "Peggy quipped at her round faced best friend.

"Okay, Peggy, you win, I am fatter than you and I need all of the help I can get. Just remember that throughout all of our college years, neither of us ever weighed in above 130 pounds! and just look at us now! "Both of the big beautiful women laughed again and hugged each other as closely as they could considering the size of both of their bellies bouncing against each other.

After Alice had driven away, Peggy begin to question herself again. Was Alice right, was she gaining too much weight entirely too fast? Could she already weigh more than 175. Peggy had weighed 175 only a few days ago. But, now, Alice was telling her that she looked like she had gained even more!

Peggy picked up a box of chocolate covered peanuts and began munching them by the handful as she stepped up on the scale. The numbers zoomed past the red line marker: 100, 150, 165,175, 180 and came to a halt at 186. "Oh, My god, I can't believe it. Alice was right. I weigh closer to 190 than 175. Shit, 190 is closer to 215 than when I weighed a mere 156. I can't believe, I thought that -a mere 156, - when close to 215 means 190 which means almost as fat as Alice!

Peggy knew that this was it. This was the point of no return. At the rate she was gaining Peggy knew that she would have to stop now, or she would really get huge in a relatively short period of time. What would happen if she got as fat as Alice. Worse yet, what if she got bigger than Alice, say hitting close to 300 big ones!

Peggy held her expanded belly and thought, "Oh, I really want to get bigger, I want my hormones back to normal again. I only hope that Mike will still be attracted to me if I get fatter. Oh, God damnit, I don't want to get as big as Alice!" She was determined to get bigger, but to do that she needed to get away from Jan and her hostile criticism. Also, she was afraid to see Alice again face to face . Wouldn't Alice love to know that she weighed in closer to 190, than the 175 which Peggy had claimed.? Would Mike begin to reject her as she gained more and more weight?

Peggy decided that the answer to her dilemma was to get out of town for a while. She would go visit her cousin Cynthia on her quiet farm in Nebraska. That would give Peggy the opportunity to decide whether or not to continue her weight gain without the pressures surrounding her at home.

Subconsciously, Peggy knew why she had chosen her cousin Cynthia's as the site for her visit out of town. Cynthia was a gourmet cook! It would be even easier to eat and gain and eat even more. Cynthia's cuisine was to die for!! She boldly decided that she would leave for Nebraska without even discussing her decision with Mike. She booked a flight, left Mike a note of explanation, and departed on the late afternoon flight for Omaha.