Weight Room Title Bar

by Dr. Fred

When Mike arrived home that night, he found Peggy's note explaining that she was going to visit her cousin Cynthia in Nebraska for a while. Mike really couldn't imagine why Peggy would feel the need to go all the way to Nebraska just to get away for a while. Mike was in shock, what would he do without her? When would she return and what would she look like. If she weighed almost 190 when she left? What would she weigh when she returned?

The time away from Peggy passed slowly. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Peggy called Mike twice a week, they talked for hours, but she never would discuss her weight or when she would return home. She did explain that in the long run, they would both be happy as a result of her extended trip to Nebraska.

After three months of loneliness and despair, Mike received a call from Peggy that she had returned home from her visit with her cousin Cynthia. Peggy also said that Cynthia was a dynamite cook, and that she had gained a little bit of weight as a result of Cynthia's gourmet cuisine. Mike drove like a maniac to get home. He tore up her front door and knocked frantically. The door opened slowly, and there she was, Peggy in all of her glory!

He was in shock.

Oh, her face hadn't changed, she was as beautiful as ever. Her hips, boobs and legs had become noticeably larger. But, Mike was shocked by the size of Peggy's significantly enlarged belly. It was enormous. She looked like she was nine months pregnant.

"Peggy, is this what you call a little weight gain? I just can't believe it, you've gotten bigger than Alice. I was quite surprised when I saw Alice last week, and she told me that she'd hit 250 !"

Peggy's eyes began to tear, "Oh, Mike, I was afraid this might happen. I know I've put on several pounds. But, you think I've gotten too fat."

Mike joyfully exclaimed, "Quite the contrary, Honey , I'm just wild about your new sexy body, I just love it!"

"Well, I hope you really do love it. I have gotten so God Damn fat that my Cousin Cynthia said she wouldn't have been able to recognize me had she not been with me throughout my bingeing and gluttony over the past three months. She said that I either had to leave or join Weight Watchers because she said that I looked like I was going to explode! The nerve of her, serving me tons of gourmet food around the clock, then telling me that I've gotten entirely too fat!"

Peggy moved heavily across the living room, and sighed, "Jesus, I forgot how hot it is here in Florida after three months in Nebraska." She then took off the maternity style sun dress which was stretched tightly around her newly expanded body. Her slip clung tightly to her enormous, globular belly. Mike was mesmerized by just how large it had become.

"Oh my god," she said with a crack of anguish in her voice, "please don't tell me that you really think that I'm bigger than Alice. Alice looked like a blimp at 200 pounds. It just can't be true that I look bigger than Alice and that she now weighs 250!"

"Okay, Peggy, I am really convinced that you are fatter than Alice. Your belly is much larger than hers. If you aren't over 250, why don't you just tell me exactly how much you do weigh?

"Oh, I am not really sure," she responded while patting her pubic mound.

"Jesus, maybe you're right. I can't even see my feet because of this fat belly, I can't believe I let myself get this huge. Peggy began to cry, "I guess Cynthia was right, maybe I have gotten so huge, especially with this gut that I really do look like I'm pregnant. I can't believe that this busy body woman at the airport this morning asked me how I was surviving the pregnancy and that I looked like I was ready to deliver at anytime!"

"Mike it was so humiliating. I didn't know what to say. Oh, Mike, please tell me that I'm really not that fat. Please tell me that you really do like it, don't you?"

"Peggy, you know I do, you look marvelous. Why don't we see exactly how much you actually did gain?" He exclaimed as his dick grew harder.

"I'm not sure if I can face this, but I guess we should find out now. I'll go weigh and we'll see that I have gained about 30 pounds, putting me well under blimpo Alice." Peggy began panting as she supported her tummy with both hands and waddled toward the bathroom to find the scales. She stopped in the kitchen, pausing just long enough to grab a bag of potato chips. She began stuffing handfuls of chips in her mouth and muttered something about eating helps a girl develop great hormones. When she reached the bathroom, Mike moved the scale forward and adjusted the weight marker from 190 back down to 0. Peggy stepped on the scale; and as she peered over her protruding belly and began to cry.

"Oh, Mike, I can't see the fucking dial because of this goddamn gut!" Peggy got off of the scale and continued to sob.

"Don't worry sweetheart, Just pop right back up there and I'll do it for you," Mike said compassionately. Peggy froze. Her heart fluttered with fear. Peggy hadn't weighed in over three months. She really wasn't sure that she wanted to know how much she really did weigh. What if she weighed more than Alice? Could it be true that she weighed more than 250 pounds? At least Alice had an excuse. Alice was after all really pregnant. Peggy, on the other hand, looked pregnant, but wasn't! Although she knew she had gotten much fatter, Peggy refused to confront the extent of her expanding size in pounds. The only measurement of her increased poundage occurred in Nebraska when first she popped out of her size 20 clothes and was forced into a size 22. After moving into 24 , she got worried when size 26 really got tight around her mid section. Just before leaving Nebraska, she had to buy maternity style clothes in size 28 because she refused to go up to a much needed size 30 to accommodate her continually expanding super sized tummy.

For Peggy, this was one of life's moments of shocking truth. She reluctantly stepped back on the scale, turning her head to the left side so as not to attempt to be peering over the grand protrusion which had prevented her from seeing the results. As Mike bent down to read the numbers his head brushed against her huge belly. The scale's numbers rolled on and on past the 190 marker, on to 230. When it hit 250, Mike's dick pulsated, then it hardened like a steel rod when the final number came to rest.

"Oh, Peggy, Honey, you won't believe this!" Mike blurted out as his dick felt it was about to flow with cum, "Oh, Peggy, Honey, darling, you just won't believe this!"

"Okay, Mike, I guess I'll have to know sometime, what is it, go ahead and tell me. I know, I'm probably up to 230 pounds, right?"

"Lover, it is more like 273!" Mike proudly announced.

Peggy screeched, "Oh shit, I couldn't possibly weigh that much! That would mean that I gained 83 pounds alone during my trip to Cynthia's. I can't believe that I let myself get fatter than Alice. She will really go bananas when she sees me!"

Peggy thought to herself, "Wouldn't Jan really stroke out if she could see me now? I've gone from a low of 119 to a new high of 273 pounds. My God, I have more than doubled my weight. What if Jan was right? Have I gotten so fat that no man, including Mike could ever be sexually attracted to me?" Now Peggy wanted to confront another moment of truth. Would Mike really be sexually happy with woman who was so fat that she appeared to be in the latter stage of pregnancy?

She threw down the challenge, "Let's go to the upstairs bedroom and see if you really appreciate the new me." Then, Peggy pulled a tape measure out of her cosmetic drawer and said in a somewhat hostile tone, "O.K. mother fucker, let's see if this really gets your dick hard!" Peggy started up the stairway to the bedroom. Mike followed behind her holding his dick as it swelled and throbbed in anticipation of what was to come. Peggy was panting and breathing heavily as she waddled up each step, holding on to her massive belly.

"I hope you're happy, you son of a bitch, I have gotten so god damn fat, It's hard for me to make it up these stairs. Whew, this is really tough on a woman whose belly gets in the way of everything. How in the hell will I be able to fuck you if I ever make it up there?"

"Let me worry about that Peggy." he said, barely able to hold the cum from shooting out of his red hot dick.

She panted and mumbled as she reached the top of the stairs, "Oh mygod I look so pregnant, just look at my gut, it's so fucking huge, I can't even see my feet. This huge round "9 months Pregnant Lookin" fat belly will make it impossible for you to fuck me."

Mike responded in exasperation, "God damn Peggy your belly is beautiful and really turns me on. Every inch it increases in size causes my dick to get an inch longer when I am on hard!"

They both entered the upstairs bedroom. Peggy was startled by her image in the full length mirror. She didn't recognize the bloated form she saw in the mirror, having not been to the upstairs bedroom in six months. She didn't have a double chin and her arms weren't any larger. She must have gained over 120 pounds below the waist, with most of that going to her belly and smaller gains in her hips, butt and legs. She was shocked! She just couldn't believe how big she'd gotten. No one would have ever believed that once slim, trim 119 pound Peggy would have reached 273 pounds in less than a year! How could she have let herself get to this point? Everyone would think that she was pregnant. How could she face her friends and family knowing that she looked pregnant, but was really NOT?

She was still panting heavily from the laborious trip up the stairs when Mike asked her to take off her slip which was bursting at the seams struggling to her encircle her belly. When Peggy removed her slip she stood there only in a bra and girdle. Mike asked her to take off the girdle. Peggy explained that it was actually a size XXL Maternity girdle. She had to buy a maternity girdle because it was the only thing that would fit her ever expanding girth. Peggy also explained that she was afraid to take the girdle off simply because it was the only thing keeping her belly from exploding out to an even greater size.

However, the truth was that she couldn't get it off. She tugged and pulled, panting and breathing heavily she exclaimed, "Mike, you're going to have to help me get this mother fucker off. I can't believe it's a size XXL, and its skin tight !" With that exclamation, Peggy lost her balance, then began to fall, supporting herself as best she could, landing on the small sofa which was immediately behind her.

"Sure. Peggy, I'd love to help you get that constraining damn thing off of your lovely body. Come over here, Sweetheart, and let me help you rip that damn thing off." Mike responded with anticipation of seeing even more of her expansive tummy.

Peggy tried to get up from the sofa, but couldn't push herself up. She panted, and heaved her huge belly up in the air several times, but she was simply too overwhelmed by the sheer size of her belly to get up from the low slung sofa.

Peggy began to wail, "Oh my God, Mike, I just can't believe this. I've gotten too fat to get up from a low position like this! I am so embarrassed. Not only do I look like I'm 10 months pregnant, I am unable to move this huge gut up high enough to stand on my own. Wouldn't Jan love to see this, I've become obese just as she predicted.!"

Mike knelt down, put his arms around Peggy's tummy, kissed it repeatedly, then said "Sweetheart, you are sexy and beautiful, Jan is full of crap!" Then, he pulled Peggy up from the sofa, and exclaimed, "Now let me help you get that girdle off of your beautiful bod." Mike grabbed the each side of the girdle at her wide hips and pulled down with all of his strength. When the rumpled girdle reached Peggy's crotch, her belly burst out like a huge balloon. Peggy was again very embarrassed. Her belly seemed even more overwhelming. How could she had let herself get to this point. She just knew that with her huge gut that it would be impossible for Mike to fuck her!

Mike pulled the tape measure around her firm round boobs which now measured 44 (up from the old 38 when she was at 190 lbs). Then he moved the tape measure down to her waist which stretched to 50 (up from 30 at her old low weight). Her now broad hips measured 50 inches (up from the old 38 or 40). Then, for the piece de resistance, he strained the tape measure around her belly. The tape tugged tightly as both ends met, his dick throbbed each time he tugged on the tape. As the end of the tape reached 60 inches, Mike could feel the cum moving to the head of his dick.

He couldn't stand it anymore.

He grabbed her in his arms, fell back on to the bed pulling her on top of him . She was on top of him, her huge globular belly resting on his. She struggled to lift herself upright, slapping her boobs in his face.

"Oh, Mike, I'm sorry I let myself get so big, you'll never be able to fuck me!" Peggy's thoughts fleetingly regressed to her once slim 119 pound body. Was Mike disgusted with her now at over twice that weight? Could he really get turned on by a belly now so immense that it made it difficult for her to move? Mike could feel the juices flowing from her fat pussy as they rolled down his legs. God damn, this was truly the sexiest woman he had ever touched! Peggy cried out, "Feed me, oh please, I mean fuck me, no I mean feed me!" as she slowly heaved her big belly up and down trying to straddle his hips.

Mike reached over the bed to the nightstand tore open a large box of candy and grabbed a handful of chocolates. As he began to stuff the candy in her mouth she moaned in ecstasy, "God damn, this is so fucking good, I need to be fed candy and cum, please help me get fatter, please give me some cum so I can really get fatter and pregnant!"

Mike stuffed more candy in her mouth, and put his hands under her belly, supporting the massive globe as Peggy tried to move up and down, pressing herself on Mike's dick. With the consumption of each piece of candy, her belly seemed to swell to greater size. As he thrust his dick into her fat, wet pussy, he felt her clit swell and throb. Her pussy muscles tightened and throbbed. She screamed out, "Help me move, Oh, God, please help me move up and down I want to move faster, but my belly is too fat for me to move."

"OH, no," she panted, "please help me, I'm so sorry I've gotten this huge!"

Mike grabbed her heavy hips and began pushing her belly up and down with each stroke becoming faster than the next. Peggy was breathing heavily and moaned that she was having the mother of all orgasms.

"Oh, Mike, I can't take much more, Oh I feel like my pussy is in a spasm, Oh please stop this is too much for a fat girl like me!"

"Just, one more chocolate and you're not fat, you're super sexy!" Mike said as he loaded a handful in her mouth and thrust his dick deeper into her pussy.

She gobbled down the candy in seconds and cried out, "You were right Mike, I am not too fat to fuck. Jesus, Mike, this fuck is the greatest, please Feed me, I need to get bigger, then I'll be able to get pregnant! Oh please, fill my pussy with cum!" At that moment, Mike shot the biggest wad of cum he had ever pumped in his entire life.

Peggy screamed in ecstasy, "Oh please, please stop before my pussy explodes, I can't take it, I am so fat now I'm going to explode! Please stop now!" As Mike pulled out of her, his dick went limp. Peggy lost her balance and rolled off Mike and fell down beside him on the bed. Her belly looked like a large mound heaving in a quake as she panted and exclaimed, "God damn mother fucker, that was the greatest orgasm of my life. You were right, my big belly doesn't get in the way of fucking, it really makes fucking even better!"

He kissed her cheek while holding a chocolate to her lips. She opened wide for the treat and said, "Mmmm."

" How much fatter are you planning to get?" Mike asked.

Peggy thought for a moment and said, "I don't know for sure but I do know that I am never going to stop trying to get fatter no matter how fat I get as long as I have you to keep me gaining."

"You know Peggy, if we keep this up, you might just get pregnant. Jesus that would be great, because you'd get even bigger!"

"But Mike, I am so huge now I am not sure you could handle me if I were any bigger!"

"Oh, Peggy, we've had this discussion before." Mike quickly pulled Peggy on top of him and began putting more candy in her mouth. "If we keep this up you'll be pregnant by the end of next month."