Weight Room Title Bar

by Dr. Fred

When Peggy awoke the next morning, she rolled over to Mike's side of the bed only to find it empty. She heard the shower running. And called out to Mike, "Oh, honey, I am starving! "

Pulling her legs over the side of the bed to boost herself up, she lumbered over to the mirror. "God damn it, Mike," she exclaimed, "I've got chocolate smeared all over my face and boobs."

"Well, Peggy, don't worry, you ate your share last night. Why don't you rustle up some breakfast if you so hungry."

"Great idea, sweetie, I'm ready for a hearty breakfast. After all of the energy I expended fucking you last night, I can afford to consume a few calories." Gee, a few calories, she thought to herself, as she gazed at her huge belly in the mirror, she looked even bigger this morning.

Who was she kidding ? She really needed a few more calories like the Sahara needed more sand! Peggy picked out a sheer cotton night gown to cover her mammoth body. Pulling it over her boobs was no problem, but as she pulled it past her waist, the once large gown was now almost as tight as a girdle around her globular gut and hefty hips. "Oh, hell," she thought to herself, "I'll just have to buy a new gown, or maybe I'll stop wearing the damn things altogether."

The sheer gown was ridiculously stretched to the limit with small checks of pink flesh of her belly showing through. She gazed at herself in the mirror, could this be possible ? Was this really her body ? Did she really now weigh 273 pounds ? She couldn't bear to look anymore. What if she weighed more ?

After consuming a couple of boxes of candy during all the great sex last night, she could actually be even heavier?

Peggy went downstairs to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and pulled out a half gallon of chocolate milk. She began eating sugar glazed donuts by the handful, washed down by large swigs of cold chocolate milk. She fried bacon, eggs, and microwaved a dozen sweet rolls. She carefully arranged the breakfast on a platter, set the table, and continued to down large swigs of milk, as she called for Mike to come down for breakfast.

Mike told her that he would be down in just a few minutes, once he finished shaving. The smell of the bacon and eggs, however, was just too overwhelming for Peggy to resist. She sat down at the breakfast room table, and begin to devoured all six of the fried eggs.

"Oh, shit, this gown is so tight around my tummy, I just can't stand it anymore." She pulled the gown up over her belly making it fit as a tight roll across her boobs. She now went for the crispy fried bacon quickly consuming, all but two pieces of the one pound on the platter.

As Mike entered the breakfast room, Peggy was eating her eighth sweet roll, having left four in the Microwave. "Oh, Mike, I am so full, I can't move, would you please get me another sweet roll out of the Microwave ?"

"Sure honey, I'll get it right away. How about a glass of juice to go with it ?"

"No, thanks, just get me that new half gallon of chocolate milk out of the fridge. This one's empty , and I am so thirsty after eating all of that bacon."

"Sure thing , sweetheart." Mike gleefully responded. " there's not much breakfast left for me. Don't worry, I'll get something on the way into the office."

"Oh, Mike, I am so sorry, I just couldn't help myself, I was so hungry, I just didn't realize that I had eaten all of this huge breakfast that I prepared for both of us. I am such a pig. I am so sorry !"

"Peggy, you're not a pig. I'm thrilled that you ate so much. Just think about it. Wasn't last night the very best sex you ever had ?"

"Mike, darling, you know it was out of this world. I am just so big now that it's going to be hard for me to get up from the table. Just look my belly covers what used to be my lap!"

Mike pulled Peggy up to her feet, pulled her close to him, and whispered in her ear, "You look so sexy now, I want to fuck you right here, right now. Let's do it right here, right now on this table."

"Oh, Mike that's so sweet of you. I'm just too bloated right now. In fact, you need to help me up the stairs. I bet I've gained 5 pounds since last night. I'm sorry I'm getting so fat, but after the great fucking you gave me last night, I get so hungry."

"Okay, Peggy, you're off the hook this time only because I've got to get to work. But, don't ever be sorry that you've gotten fat. I think you're sexy as hell."

"Mike, my back occasionally has muscle spasms, I am sure its from all of the weight I've gained in my tummy. I really need to wear that girdle more often . It gives me support in my back and helps hold up this heavy gut." Mike put his right arm behind Peggy's back for support, and held her left hand as he steered her toward the stairway.

"Boy, this is going to be fun !" Peggy moaned sarcastically as she approached the stairway. She clasped both of her hands together to forma cradle to support her bloated belly. "Oh, Mike, I sorry, but you're going to have to take it slow with me. I'm just too fat to do this quickly. Please forgive me , I just can't help myself, I love to eat now, and this gut makes it so hard for me to get up these stairs."

"Don't even give it a second thought. Peggy, honey, I love your sexy body, and I love helping you . Just be happy that you make so happy and turn me on big time !"

When they reached the bedroom, Peggy was panting. "OH, Mike, Whew, I ate so much , I'd better go on a diet. I used to run three miles a day. Just look at me now. These stairs are just too much for a fat girl like me !"

"Bull shit !" ,Mike retorted, "You are a sexy fat girl .Absolutely no way do you to go on a diet. Absolutely not!"

"Okay, Mike, if you'll just help me at times like this and keeping fucking me like you did last night !"

"No problem darling, that will be my pleasure. Peggy, by the way, are we going to the Vandergraff's kid's engagement party this Saturday night?"

"Oh, shit, I forgot all about the big gala. Mike, honey, I don't have the nerve to show up there . What will people say when they see how much weight I've gained ? I'm just too embarrassed to bounce in there at 273 pounds. No one will recognize me."

"Peggy, you're sexy and beautiful, fuck 'em if they don't think so. I'm proud of you. After all, whose opinion, counts, mine or a few twerps who don't know glamour when they see it?"

"Okay, Mike, I'll go, just try to understand that it may difficult for me . I probably weigh more than 273 pounds now, and the last time I saw most of those people, I weighed no more than 150. A lot of them had complimented me when I dieted down to 125. It will be hard for me to face them. at twice my former size!"

"It will be just one. Just remember that you're my sexy fat girl, and that's all that counts." Mike responded as he kissed Peggy's big belly, then kissed her lips before leaving for the office.

Peggy glanced at her bloated body in the bedroom mirror. How could she have agreed to go to the Vandergraff party. The once lithe 125 Peggy was now a whopping 273 pound fat woman ! She suspected that she now weighed even more than 273, but was afraid to get on the scale to see exactly how much more. Even if she had the nerve to get on the scale, she wouldn't be able to read the numbers because she couldn't see over her enormous belly.

Peggy was now confronted with the big question. What would she wear. All of her new clothes were casual empire waist, maternity style sun dresses. She really needed a spiffy cocktail dress, Peggy looked through her closets. What a joke that proved to be. She took out her largest cocktail dress. It was a size 13. . It was one of the old ones when she weighed 150 pounds. She couldn't imagine that she once fit in anything so small. She was now in a size 26 , or was it a 28. It was hard to tell at the rate she was gaining. And, when you wear tent dresses, sizes 26 and 28 are even bigger than the same sizes in form fitting clothing.

She would simply have to go out buy a dynamite new cocktail dress. That would give her just a little bit more confidence! But where would she purchase a dynamite dress in her size ? As she stretched her Maternity girdle over her huge belly, the thought came to her. She had ordered a Maternity girdle to help hold in her ever expanding fat belly, why not go to a classy Maternity Shop to find a sophisticated cocktail dress ?

As Peggy continued to struggle to pull the girdle from her hips up over her big gut, the front support panel popped loose This created a gap between the bottom and top of the front control panel. Oh, my God, she thought, I've gotten so fat that I'm busting out of XXL Maternity girdles. I've got to go on a diet. What will I do if I really do get pregnant. I sure hope Maternity girdles come in larger sizes. How could I have let myself gain so much weight ?

All of these misgivings continued to preoccupy Peggy's mind as she drove to the Ridgefield Mall, parked her car, and slowly walked through the mall and into the "Pea N' The Pod." The "Pea N' The Pod" was the tony, upscale maternity shop for all the local yuppies. They had the right clothes, expensive prices, and snooty sales staff.

When Peggy entered wearing one of her "run of the mill" sun dresses, Sharon, the tall ,thin sales manager whispered to her two assistants, "Look at the Blimp coming in now. She's busting out of that tacky sun dress!"

Sharon's equally lithe assistants, Monica and Elaine, both giggled as they turned their heads to the side and clasped their hands over their mouths to hold back their laughter. "My God,

she's one of the fattest preggos I've ever seen!" exclaimed Monica. Elaine chimed in, "She's got such a beautiful face, this pregnancy must have really destroyed her figure. See, that's what happens when a girl eats everything in sight for nine months."

"Look at the size of that belly, it's enormous. Oh, she must be miserable waddling around like that. You, know, girls we've got to watch everything we eat or we'll get bulging hips like that!" replied Sharon in a serious tone.

Monica approached Peggy and spewed forth her canned new customer greeting, "Hi. I'm Monica, welcome to the "Pea N' The Pod", we're so glad you dropped in, what may we show you, " etc. , etc.

Peggy responded that she needed several items.: a cocktail dress, sheer panty hose, and a girdle.

"Great, we can help you with all of those items," Monica cheerfully replied. "What would you like to start with first?"

Peggy thought that she would first get the panty hose, then the girdle, and then the dress. That way she would have the new girdle on to support her expansive belly when she tried on the cocktail dresses. Peggy answered, "Let's start with the panty hose."

"We have a great selection in several colors, sheer, with a light control top. What size are you in now ?"

"Oh, I'm not sure" Peggy winced. "How are yours sized ?"

Monica was now going to put Peggy on the spot. She would have to know Peggy's height and weight to see where Peggy fell on the size chart. "Ours follow height and weight just like the regular , non-maternity panty hose. The only exception is that they are made to expand with you as grow though pregnancy. What's your height and weight, and I'll get your size for you?"

"I am 5 ft. 8," Peggy muttered. Turning red in the face, and unable to say any thing else.

"Okay, 5 -8 for height, now I'll need your weight," Monica smugly inquired again.

"I, I,

I think, ah, I'm over 200 pounds, I not sure exactly just how much" Peggy responded.

"We'll need a number more exact than that if we are to fit you properly" Monica responded, knowing that Peggy had to be lying. There was no way that with her enormous belly and wide hips that Peggy could weigh in at a mere 200 pounds!

"Well, I've really gained a lot of weight in the last few months, I was never this heavy, but, I've really let myself go,

I hate to admit it , but I guess my weight might be up to 250." Peggy finally answered with a crack in her voice.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but, are you sure that might be just a little bit low. I work with a lot of pregnant women, and I am a pretty good judge of size. Is it possible that you're just a little bit heavier, maybe closer to the 270 to 300 pound range?"

Peggy was in shock, she couldn't speak, the words 270 to 300 pounds kept ringing through her ears. Could it be possible? Could she actually weigh that much ? She knew she was up to 273 just a couple of days ago. Did she really look like she was in the 270 to 300 pound range ? She had never heard anyone but Mike describe her as being in the 270 pound range. Now she had heard it from another woman, a complete stranger. Some person she had never seen before in her entire life just told Peggy that she was now in the 270 to 300 pound range. Peggy was startled, she couldn't possibly be up to 300 pounds. No way.

Of course, she couldn't even see the scale because of her protruding belly. How could she be sure how much over 273 she actually was. "Well, I am not exactly sure, maybe you're right, I seem to gain weight so quickly these days, You might be right. But, I don't think I'm much over 270." Peggy replied with tears in her eyes.

"Okay," Monica quickly responded, that would put you at a size "G" that's for women who are 5 ft. 4 ins. to 5 ft. 8 inches and 270 to 300 pounds." "Size 'G' ?"

Peggy questioned, "what does the 'G' stand for ?"

Monica replied, "Well, dear, all I can tell you is that our pantyhose start at size 'A' which is the smallest for women ranging from under 5ft. in height to 5 ft. 4 inches and weighing 100 to 125 pounds. Size 'G' is the very highest range. They just don't come any bigger . Why don't you try these on. They come in four different colors. The tummy stretch control panel provides support and added comfort."

"Oh, I'll try them on when I get the other stuff, then I'll make one trip to the dressing room. I guess I need to check out the Maternity girdles. What type do you have ?"

"Well, we a couple of styles, I think I'll ask Elaine to come over and help us she's our girdle expert." Monica answered as she subtly waved for Elaine to come over to assist them.

"Hi, I am Elaine, anything I can do to help ?" she announced as she strolled up. Elaine's eyes were fixed on Peggy's huge tummy. She hadn't really seen a Preggo get quite this big in all of her five years of maternity sales experience.

"Yes, Elaine," Monica answered, "we need you help in selecting a Maternity Girdle."

"Sure, I'll be glad to help. I'd recommend the PreNate Super Support. It's our best long line support girdle, and it's the best we have for undergirding the larger tummies.." Elaine replied, as she thought to herself, this fat Preggo is going to need all of the spandex we can get for her to support that humongous belly and hold in those fat hips. "It's also the best we have for preventing lumbar stress caused by pronounced distension of the tummy."

Peggy was taken back by Elaine's descriptions, "undergirding the larger tummies" and "pronounced distension of the tummy." Peggy thought to herself these were politically correct terms which really meant that she needed specialized help because she had become a fat pig!

"What size do we think we'll need?" Monica asked with a snicker. "Let's see, normally, they are sized according to pre-pregnancy waist measurement. We want to be sure it will be large enough from the beginning of the pregnancy, right up to delivery. But in this case I think we're already pretty far along. Perhaps, in this case , we should try a XXL." Elaine responded .

Peggy knew that pre-pregnancy waist measurement in her case was just a big joke since she wasn't pregnant. Now she would have to admit that she was already in the XXL size, but it was too small. With tears forming in her eyes, she quivered , and blurted out, "Ah, I am wearing an XXL and it's a little snug.

Do you have anything larger ?" Could this really be happening to her, a year ago she was at a willowy 125 pounds. Now, she was standing in a Maternity Shop at over 273 pounds and asking for a girdle in a size larger that double extra large ! How could she have lost control of herself and become so fat?

Elaine and Monica exchanged snickers, knowing that Peggy would need something larger that a XXL. "Well, we do have a triple XL and a quad XL... I think we ought to try the XXXL first. It should be large enough through your delivery date" replied Elaine as she pulled a Prenate Super Support Girdle box from the shelf and handed it to Peggy. "But, I must warn you that if you gain much more weight, say another 10 to 15 pounds , you will need a Quad XL., and that's the very largest size made !"

"Yes, I think the size triple XL will fit." Peggy responded, thinking to herself that there was no way that she get a quad XL. She could never admit to getting that huge. Could this be possible? She was happily announcing that a size Triple XL would fit her. She would have never believed that she would be happy to be in a size Triple

Extra Large. Peering down at her distended belly Peggy knew that size triple XL would fit for now, but she might need to resort to the Quad XL in the near future. Putting the girdle and panty hose aside on a nearby table,

Peggy said, "Thanks, for the help, I think I'll browse through the dress racks, I need a sophisticated cocktail dress for a special party."

Elaine and Monica were really sneering and doing their best to hold back the giggles. They thought it was just hysterical that a woman as fat as Peggy could possibly think that she could look sophisticated in any dress. How could a woman let herself gain so much weight and think she could look sophisticated? "Sure, your size is on this rack over here," responded, Monica, pointing to a a rack a few feet away.

"And, just what size would that be?" Peggy retorted in a somewhat hostile manner.

"That's where we have the size 24's to 28's. I think you'll need the a 26, could be a 28." Monica pertly answered.

Peggy was really getting pissed, She thought to herself, Just because I've gotten so fat is no reason for this bitch to humiliate me. If this wasn't one of the few places that can fit me, I'd walk out of this fucking place !

Peggy walked over to the the rack and began shifting through the size 26 cocktail dresses. There was one in black that looked pretty good. Maybe the black would make her look smaller .

As Peggy was lifting the black dress up to look at it more closely, she heard someone say, "Peggy, what are you doing here?"

Looking up, Peggy saw Alice waddling over from the front of the store. Alice looked every bit of the 250 pounds which she had announced as her new weight to Mike only last week.. She looked like she was ready deliver at any day now. Oh, shit, Peggy thought to herself. Why in the hell did Alice have to be in this god damn store today. They hadn't seen each other in months. It was just before Peggy's trip to Nebraska that they were together. Then, Peggy had claimed to weigh 175 up from a low of 119 pounds. Actually, Peggy's weight at that time was 186.

Alice had been so critical of Peggy for gaining so much weight so fast, and she cautioned Peggy to restrict her rate of gain. Alice had warned Peggy that if she didn't control herself, she would be up to 300 pounds. It would now be painfully obvious, that Peggy had dismissed Alice's warnings and was getting close to the big 300 pound mark.

How could Peggy face Alice. Peggy now weighed about 25 pounds more than Alice. Peggy had always been so critical of Alice back in the days when Peggy weighed 119 pounds and Alice weighed 215 pounds.

Alice was now in her last month of her pregnancy and weighed about 250. Peggy, who was not pregnant now weighed somewhere in excess of 273 pounds. Alice would see that Peggy was on the way to 300 pounds! This was so embarrassing. Alice would see that Peggy had lost control, and that she had to buy maternity clothes not because Peggy was pregnant, but, because she had gotten too fat for regular style clothes!

Alice was probably a bit over 250 pounds, with large hips, a round face with a double chin, and big boobs. Peggy had never thought it possible, but she was now fatter than Alice. As Alice approached Peggy, she could only see Peggy from the bust up because the clothing rack blocked any view of Peggy's body from the bust down.