Weight Room Title Bar

by Dr. Fred

"Hi, Peggo, what are you doing here?" Alice asked again as she made it over to the rack.

Peggy's face turned red. She muttered, "I, I, I, needed, needed to pick up a few things."

When Alice walked around the rack to see what dresses Peggy had selected. She was shocked at the site of Peggy's massively bloated body. "Oh, Peggy, honey, what has happened to you ? You must have gained more than80 pounds since I last saw you. Peggy what have you done to yourself, I wouldn't have believed it, but you've gotten bigger than me! Peggy, you look like you might tip the scales at close to 300 pounds ! I just can't believe you've let yourself get so heavy !"

"Alice, please, I know I've really gained a lot of weight. I just can't seem to help myself . I just can't stop eating.

The good thing is that Mike is wild about it and our sex life has never been better."

"Peggy, honey, you aren't pregnant are you ?" '

"No, Alice, unfortunately all of this big belly is pure fat !

I am ashamed to admit this ; but, now that you've seen me here , you now know that I've gotten so fat that I have to wear maternity style clothes!"

"Oh, Peggy, I was afraid of this. I knew you were packing on far too many pounds too quickly. Why your belly is now a lot bigger than mine!"

"You're crazy Alice, no way have I gotten that god damn big!"

Alice responded, "Okay, Peggy, I'll show you" as she moved next to Peggy so that their big bellies were parallel. Peggy's belly obviously protruded out several inches further than Alice's 9 months pregnant fat belly. It was also obviously wider, and generally more massive in appearance.

"Peggy . dear, I am so , so sorry, but you have really gotten huge. You are fatter than I am I . Can't you see that. Look in the mirror. Why you must outweigh me by at least 30 pounds!"

"Okay, Alice, you're right, I have gotten bigger than you. I can't stand to look at this anymore!" Peggy replied as she turned away from the mirror and moved away from her side by side position with Alice.

"Peggy, just how much do you weigh now?" "Oh, I am at about270 pounds, but you're the only person in the whole world who knows that except Mike. You've got to promise not to tell a single soul!" Peggy replied defensively.

"Get serious, Peggy, All of the people in this store have got to know that you weigh at least 270 pounds. Why I bet that you're heavier than that. Hell , I weigh 252, and I you outweigh me by 25 to 30 pounds ! You know I warned you that you'd be up to 300 pounds in no time if you didn't control yourself."

"Oh, Alice," Peggy began sobbing, "I can't believe this myself. I would have never believed that I would let myself get this huge. I never thought this would happen to me. But, I love to eat now. I just can't seem to stop eating . But, before you get too critical, try to understand that Mike and I really like me this way, and our fucking has never been better !"

"Okay , Peggy, I think I understand. But, you do need to try to control yourself. You really don't want to get up to 300 pounds. And , I think you're dangerously close to that point now. You're not even pregnant yet. What will you do if you get pregnant?"

"Alice, I just don't know what I'll do. I am so embarrassed that people who see me now think I am 9 months pregnant ! Mike and I have got to go to the Vandergraff engagement party this Saturday night. I didn't want to go but, Mike insisted. I am so afraid of what people will think when they see that I have gained so much weight. They will think that I am pregnant and obese. How will I tell them that I am just obese?"

"Well, Peggy, if I were you, I wouldn't have the nerve to show up there in your condition. Those people haven't seen you since your skinny days, when you weighed 120 pounds. Some may even remember when you weighed150 pounds. But, they will be shocked when they see have big you've gotten now ! If you just have to go , just evade their questions about being pregnant. They'll definitely think you're pregnant, and conclude for themselves that pregnancy is the reason why you've gained so much weight."

"Alice, I've got to go to prove to Mike that I am secure with myself as a fat woman. He thinks of me as 'His sexy fat girl' and I don't want to destroy that for him. I am happy with my new size because it really turns him on. I get turned on whenever I stuff my face. Our sex is now so good that I am sure that I will be pregnant soon."

"Listen, Peggy, don't you think for a minute that I don't enjoy being a sex goddess for Jerry. He loves my big fat belly and wide hips. I wouldn't think of slimming down. I love to eat for him, and screw him !

I just want you to watch how much you gain now so that when you do get pregnant the added weight of the pregnancy won't be too hard on you."

"Yeah, I kinda know what you mean," Peggy responded. it's getting more and more difficult for me to wield this huge gut around. I have difficulty going up stairs. And ,at your size, you probably know that a large belly means that your man has to help you move when fucking ! But, of course, I like it when he caresses my belly and lifts it up and down. Oh, shit, I better stop talking about this or I am going to cream in my pants right now!"

Alice interjected, "Good idea , Peggy, let's stop this discussion, and see what we can do to get you decked out for the Vandergraff's party. I like that black dress. Let's go back to the dressing room, and see what you look like in it." Alice was trying to get Peggy off the subject of fucking since she seemed to be pre-orgasmic right there in the store! Peggy picked up the panty hose, the girdle, and the black cocktail dress.

When Peggy and Alice went to the rear of the store and entered the dressing room area., all three of the sales staff, Monica, Elaine, and Sharon began to chuckle. They had never seen two preggos who were both so huge waddling through the entry way for the dressing room. "I bet there is enough poundage there between the two to them to anchor down the Queen Mary!" Sharon laughingly exclaimed.

"My God, you're right." Elaine responded, "If I let myself go like that, I hope someone would just take me out and shoot Me!"

"I'd never keep a man , if I let myself get that fat," Monica chimed in. "You'd think they'd t really be embarrassed to go out in public looking like that !"

Peggy opened the door of one of the individual dressing rooms. She and Alice both tried to cram themselves into the room. What a joke. There they were: two big bellies pressing against each other. Both of them so tightly packed in the small room that they were unable to breathe.

"Sorry, Alice. but, you'll have to wait outside.. It's obvious that there is just too much of both of us to fit in this room."

"Damn, Peggy, do you remember when we were in college , we used to go to the dressing rooms together, and try on clothes."

"Yes, Alice, but that was back when we both weighed 130 pounds. We're both twice that size now !

"Can you believe we used to be so thin, and now we've become such really fat women." Alice responded, "I know, Peggy , you're right, we have really gotten fat, but doesn't the really good fucking we get make it all worthwhile!"

"Okay, Alice, cool it with all of the fucking talk. You just want to get me to cream in my pants. I've got to get serious about getting some clothes for this party."

Alice left the individual dressing room, and waited outside in the large outer dressing room entry area. Peggy quickly took off her sun dress, then, struggled to pull down her size XXL Maternity panty girdle. She broke out into a sweat, and began breathing heavily.

"Oh, God damn it Alice, I can't get this son of a bitch off it's so fricking tight!"

"What is so tight, Peggy ? Can I help you with anything?"

"This god damn girdle is so tight around my gut, that I can't pull it down." Peggy exited the individual dressing room, and asked Alice to help her pull the girdle off.

"What size is that?" Alice questioned , while peering at the girdle which had gaps in the front panel through which Peggy's immense belly ballooned out.

"Since you had to ask , Nosy bitch, It's an XXL, but the new one is a XXXL." Peggy quipped.

"See, I told you, you really are a lot heavier than me, I'm wearing a size XXL girdle, and it fits just fine. Oh, Peggy, honey, I didn't really realize just how huge you've gotten until looking at you without a dress on and in that busted girdle. That belly of yours is just enormous!"

"Okay, Alice, cut out the critical Bull Shit. You're only 25 pounds away from having this same problem with your XXL girdle."

"NO, Peggy, I don't think so. First off, I gain all over boobs, butt, hips, belly, and legs. Secondly, I don't think I'll be gaining any more."

"Well, Alice, don't be so damn self righteous. You seem to retain20 to 30 pounds with each pregnancy. I am sure you'll be up to my weight in just a matter of time."

"Maybe so ,Peggy, but just remember you've still got the weight gain of pregnancy to go through.. By the way, I noticed that your support pantyhose are size 'G'. That's for the 300 pound preggos. I told you that you had gotten a lot fatter than me. I only wear size 'F'"

"Alice, please , stop the lecture and help me get this god damn girdle off ! We've got to be careful though. The last time Mike helped me pull this tight son of a bitch off I lost my balance and fell onto a nearby sofa. He then, had to help me get up . You know this big paunch does make some things difficult."

Alice pulled a large chair over. Peggy stood near the chair. Alice grabbed the

front and rear sides of the girdle , and Peggy grabbed the girdle at her hips. They both pulled, and tugged. Each of them , breathing heavily.

After two minutes of tugging, the girdle came down past Peggy's hips. Peggy was teetering and reeling having difficulty maintaining her balance. As predicted , Peggy lost her balance and fell back into the chair.

Alice now saw Peggy in the chair with her huge belly , now not constrained by the girdle. "Oh, Peggy,. honey, you look so big, maybe you should go on a diet. You can really see just how huge you've gotten with that girdle off !"

"Alice, I told you before, stop that Bull Shit ! Now, be a good sister fat girl and help me up out of this god damn chair! "

"Sure, Peggy. I just never thought I'd see the day where you'd become so fat that I'd have to help you get up out of a chair. This is just incredible. Once skinny Peggy has ballooned up to true fat girl status in less than a year. It just unbelievable !" Alice exclaimed as she pulled her fat friend up from the chair.

"Thanks a lot , Alice, I really need your cute comments right now. You're really trying to make me feel good about myself because I've gotten so fat, aren't you ?" Peggy replied with sarcasm.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Peggy, I really have all of these same problems .Jerry has to help me get up from low sitting positions all of the time. He even helps me up the stairs. I'm just amazed that you've gotten yourself in the same condition. You were such a fitness and diet freak. Then, in less than a year you are so immense that you can't get out of a low slung chair without help !"

"God Damn it, Alice, would you please get over this ! I know that I have really gained a lot of weight. You're right, I have changed. I really enjoy being a a fat girl, and being fucked as 'Mike's Sexy Fat Girl'!"

"Sure, Peggy, I understand."

Peggy opened the size 'G' Maternity support panty hose. She was breathing heavily as she lifted her right leg in, then her left leg, and pulled them up over her big belly.

"Well, at least my legs and thighs haven't gotten very big . They're just curvaceous" Peggy announced as a slam to Alice whose fat calves and thighs were pronounced.

"Jerry says that my fat legs are as good of those of Elizabeth Taylor's15 years ago when she was a sexy fat woman!" Alice responded defensively.

Peggy became instructive when she replied, "Sure, Alice, I know, your thighs have gotten very portly as you gained weight . Fat thighs could make you look older than 32. Think about it ,we all have our weak points. For some of us it's an oversize belly, for others it's fat thighs !"

That remark left Alice speechless.

Peggy pulled the new size XXXL maternity girdle over her big belly. It actually fit without much of a strain. It helped restrain her explosive gut, probably reducing it a few inches in circumference. "Whew, that feels so much better! My back feels better. And, this new girdle helps hold my gut up so much better than the old one." Peggy exclaimed as she noticed that her big belly seemed to be pushed up an out.

"Yes, it really seems to give you some lift." Alice responded supportively. However, Alice thought to herself that the new maternity girdle lifted Peggy's belly up and out so much that she looked even more than pregnant than before. What a shame, Peggy was really going to have a tough time explaining her new fat and pregnant look at the Vandergraff party.

Peggy glanced in the mirrors in the dressing area. She just couldn't believe it was her . Multiple images of a woman with a ponderously huge belly and hefty hips jumped out at her from all directions.

"Oh, Alice, I really do look terrible, Jan was right . I have become an obese woman . So obese that I look more pregnant than you!"

"Bull shit, Peggy, you are a sexy fat girl. Just put this cocktail dress on and see what it does. You know you're really a beautiful woman. "Alice replied trying to divert her friends anxiety and self deprecation. Alice really felt guilty. Maybe she had gone too far with her criticism of Peggy's recent weight gain.

Peggy pulled the size 26 dress over her head and shoulders. It fell past her boobs, then her belly. It finally hit just above her knees. It actually fit. "Oh, Alice , something actually fits me. I never thought I'd be happy to get into a size 26. I guess these maternity dresses are cut larger than regular ones."

"Yes, they are cut larger. and this one seems to be a good fit. The black is somewhat slimming." Alice replied, knowing that Peggy really looked huge, but wanting to give her some confidence.

Peggy tried to twirl around quickly to look at herself from all sides in the mirrors, but her huge belly made it impossible to move with any grace.

"I think with the right jewelry and heels, I might be tolerable Saturday night." Peggy announced. "Let's leave now, I want to pay for this now and get out of here before I have to be humiliated anymore by those tacky sales bitches !"

Alice replied, "I'm with you fat girl, let's get out of here. I am going to order the blue jeans I wanted from the catalog. I hate to deal with those sneering critical skinny bitches anymore today."

Peggy and Alice returned to the sales floor and Peggy paid Sharon for the clothing..

"We're sure happy you were able get fitted here," Sharon added as she returned Peggy's credit card to her. "We try to maintain an adequate selection in the plus sizes."

Then Peggy and Alice overheard Monica whispering to Elaine, "We need to remember those two fat preggos. That's what happens when a girl lets herself go. Those two are perfect examples of young women who have allowed pregnancy to wreck their bodies. I bet their husbands are disgusted with how fat they have gotten!"

"You can save all of that Plus size Bull Shit for someone who doesn't know better" Peggy retorted. "We are sexy fat girls ,and we wear sizes for fat women ! What's more important , our husbands love every pound of our fat bodies. They constantly lust after us because we eat everything in sight. Then, they get so turned on by our obese bodies that they fuck our brains out !"

"Yeah, I bet you anorexic bitches hadn't had a good fuck in 10 years!" Alice added defiantly.

All three of the skinny sales bitches were speechless.

Peggy and Alice briskly waddled out of the store with their heads and bellies held up high.

When Peggy and Alice were well out of ear shot, Monica interjected a sobering thought for the sneering skinny trio, "Well, at least they've got husbands. They may be obese, but they've got husbands, and they've got husbands who like to bang their fat bodies. You know, that's more than can be said for any of the three of us .

Sharon added, "And, I hate to admit it , but, in my case, they're right about the 10 year thing !"

"Same for me," Elaine quipped, "Maybe, they know something we don't know !"


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