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Preggy Peggy - Part 5
by Dr. Fred

As Peggy drove out of the "Pea and the Pod" parking lot , she peered down at her bloated belly, and thought, "Oh, how can I ever face Alice again ? This is just unbelievable ! I used to be so slim and sexy. Did I really let myself get this enormous ? Alice now knows that I've actually gotten a lot fatter than she is ! I used to be on her case for getting so fat- -and, now, just look at me - I have gotten enormous ! How could I have let myself gain so much weight that I' look like I'm pregnant, but I'm not ! Who would have thought that in just a year that I would have ballooned from a slender 119 pounds to close to 300 . Close to 300 ! I can't believe I am even saying this ! I am now a lot bigger than 250 pound Alice . Ugh, I better go on a diet , lose some weight, and hope that Alice keeps gaining." "Diet . diet, diet, Oh, I can't stand the thought of that now, I'm so hungry now, " Peggy lamented as her belly growled and roared from hunger pangs.

After all, it had been since breakfast, early this morning, that she had stuffed her growing gut, and now it was demanding to be filled.

"I've just got to get something to eat , then I'll feel better." Peggy rationalized, as she turned into the Super Sonic Burger and Shake Drive In.

She pulled her Beamer into one of the stalls, licking her lips, thinking of how delicious a hot juicy burger, shake, and fries would taste. Pushing the speaker button, she yelled, " I need ah , two double bacon burgers with cheese, a Biggie chocolate shake, two large orders of fries, and a maxi hot chocolate fudge Sundae with double whipped cream and extra nuts. All for here . And please hurry, I'm starving !" Peering down at her belly. She began to smile, as she anticipated eating, "How wonderful , she would soon be able to scarf down some delicious stuff, and stop this belly growling and hunger pain ! " Peggy consoled herself, "OH, I know, I really shouldn't eat like this, but, I just can't stand these hunger pains, I'll just have to diet tomorrow, I just can't stand this growling gut, I've got to eat something now. Actually, an empty belly is just too much for me to endure after all of that shopping and hassle with Alice and those snooty bitches at the '" Pea In the Pod" .

Oh, I was so humiliated by those bitches and their snide little remarks about my and hassle with Alice and those snooty bitches at the '" Pea In the Pod" .

Then Peggy's thoughts reverted to her recurring weight gain, "Oh, NO, I really shouldn't be eating this huge lunch, or, I really will be up to 300 pounds in no time !

If I keep eating like this, how will I ever face Alice. Soon, I'll be busting out of this size Triple Extra Large Maternity Girdle !

Oh, God, what am I going to do, I keep gaining and gaining. How could I have let myself get so enormous that I look like I'm pregnant with triplets ? "

A skinny, teen aged car hop brought Peggy's order to the car, and announced, " I 've got your order, do you need anything else ? (" surely, " the car hop thought to herself, "no one person could possibly need any more to eat ! ")

As she looked into Peggy's car she was shocked at the size of Peggy's massive belly. "Wow, the skinny teenager flinched, " this woman has such a beautiful face, how could she let this pregnancy turn her into such a blimp !"

" I guess you don't have to count calories when you're eating for two ?" she asked as Peggy stuffed a double bacon burger with cheese in her mouth.

"Ah, I've heard that too," Peggy responded after a loud gulp. " I just get hungry beyond belief at times ," then she sucked down one of the maxi chocolate shakes. After finishing off the shake, she emitted a loud burp , then dug into her fries.

The babbling teenager continued, "My oldest sister gained 45 pounds with her pregnancy, and only lost 15 of it after she delivered. She looks terrible as a 160 pound overweight mom.

I don't think having a kid is worth it. You know , losing your sexy figure ." "Well, kid, it just depends on how you define 'sexy figure' My husband seems to think that my figure is pretty damn sexy !" Peggy retorted. "Oh, really , that's too unreal to believe ! Just how much have you gained ? " quipped the anorexic adolescent . "Oh, I 'm not really sure ," Peggy responded as she started stuffing the second Double Cheeseburger into her mouth.

" I just hope that you keep your shorts zipped tight so you don't get knocked up. Then, you won't have to worry about whether or not getting pregnant is worth the weight gain ! " The smart ass skinny kid responded loudly as she walked away from Peggy's car, "Well, if I ever do get knocked up, I'll control what I eat so that I don't end up looking like a beached whale ! "

Peggy was furious. "That ditzy kid was such a piece of work. What a little bitch ! I'd love to be around long enough to see her get pregnant and pile on a ton of weight, and then remind her of her smart ass remarks ."

As Peggy finished off the second order of fries, she felt her girdle expanding to accommodate her growing gut.

"Oh, hell, I can't believe I've done this. I've eaten so much , I hope this new Triple XXX Maternity girdle will still be big enough!"

I've just got to stop this overeating. Maybe that dip shit kid was right, maybe I' m too fat. Wouldn't she be shocked if she knew that this belly is pure blubber, and not the result of a pregnancy !

I just can't help it, I've got to eat this chocolate fudge sundae, its so alluring. As Peggy began to slurp down the sundae, she felt her crotch getting moist. Oooh, Oooh, this tastes so so good, God damn it, this sweet hot milky chocolate really turns me on ! Too bad that Mike is not here with me . He could really get me going ! Shit, I've got to stop this, or I'll have an uncontrollable orgasm right here in this parking lot ! "

Peggy heard another car drive up to the stall at the end of the parking lot. Slurping down her second chocolate shake, she looked over to her right- only to spot Brad Marsten.

Jesus , of all the lousy luck ! Why would she have to run into him here. Peggy had dated Brad before she met and fell in love with Mike. They dated just after Peggy graduated from college, back when she weighed a mere 150 pounds. She knew that Brad had stopped dating her because she had gained weight. He preferred the more svelte, sylph like blond beauties.

Peggy was 130 pounds when she first met Brad, but gained 20 pounds during the year that they dated. Brad had repeatedly chided her that she was getting too fat, and urged her to go on a strict diet. When Peggy 's weight reached 150 , Brad dumped her. Alice (then a mere 130 pounds herself) told Peggy that Brad had to find another girl because he thought Peggy was getting too heavy.

Over the years, she had heard that Brad had become a very successful Orthodontist, and that he remained single, but dated a number of women at one time. Peggy reflected , "Lucky for me that Mike came along, fell in love with all 150 pounds of me, then married me. Lucky for me that Mike now loves me at almost twice that weight ! " "Oh, SHIT, " Peggy thought, " What will Brad think when he sees how fat I've gotten ! He'll freak out, If he thought that I was too fat when we dated, I'll really repulse the Hell out of him now ! "

"Oh, Gawd, I am so embarrassed, I just don't want him to see me in this condition. I at least want him to remember me as a cute fat girl at 150 pounds , not a near 300 pound heavyweight woman with an enormous pregnant looking belly ! How can I face him with this huge fat gut ? Its times like this that I hate myself for getting so fat. I've got to get out of here before he sees me. "

As Peggy nervously reached over to start her car, she knocked her keys out of the ignition switch and they fell on to the floor.

She reached down past the steering wheel to pick up the keys, however, her protruding belly blocked her reach. " Ah, no, oh. " she moaned as she became red faced and began panting from the strain of groping for the keys. " Whew, Aah, this is just terrible ", she thought , " I've gotten so God damn fat that I can't get past this huge belly to reach the keys on the floor. Oh, how totally embarrassing ! How could I have let this happen.

This is just awful! My enormous belly is preventing me from avoiding an embarrassing encounter with a sexy man of my past. God, just look at him, he is still such a hunk. No wonder he couldn't stand me at 150 pounds !" Then, Peggy heard Brad screaming from his open car window, " Hey Peggy, Peggy is that you ?'

She had a sinking , shocky feeling all over her body, except for her stomach which was tightly pressed against the steering wheel. "Oh, pleeze, pleeze God, don't let him come over here. I just don't want him to freak out when he sees me.

Why , oh, why, did I let myself get this huge . Maybe I 'll just ignore him , and he'll think I'm someone else, then, he'll just go away. "

Brad exited his car, and began walking over to Peggy's car, "Oh, Peggy, I knew it was you ! You're still that beautiful blond with a gorgeous face ! " Peggy cringed as she thought, "Yeah, I'm still that beautiful blond with a gorgeous face ." You just can't see below my shoulders ! " If you get any closer, you 're NOT going to think that I'm very beautiful ! " Before reaching the driver's side of Peggy's car, Brad exclaimed, "Peggy, sweetheart, I'm so happy to have run into you ! Its been so many years, Why you don't look like you've aged a bit !" "I , I, I, just, Ah, " Brad was stunned, as he reached Peggy's door. Looking down he saw Peggy's massive belly and wide hips.

He was speechless from the shock of his new view of Peggy's body . "Well, err, it, it really is you, right- Peggy ?" Brad questioned with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Peggy's eyes began to tear as she responded. " Yes, Brad, its me . I've guess I've changed a bit . I 've put on a few pounds since you last saw me. Oh, Brad, I can tell by the look in your eyes, you're thinking 'she looks terrible, look how fat she's gotten' "

"Well, err, Peg, I just can't believe its you -now that I've seen all of you. Your pregnancy makes you look radiant .", Brad responded trying to compensate politely for being so obviously shocked at the size of Peggy's huge belly. "They say that the Ninth Month is when a pregnant woman really blooms ." "Well, yes, Brad, there is a little more of me now than you were use to seeing, but I'm not..."

Cutting in before Peggy could finish her sentence, Brad questioned, "Just how much do you weigh now ? " " I'd swear , it looks like that you've doubled your weight since when were dating." "Peg, , you 've kinda of let yourself go since we dated . You know, its not healthy to put on so much weight with a pregnancy. " Peggy began to sob, "Oh, Brad, I am so embarrassed. I hate to admit it, but , I think my weight is over 270 pounds now.

Just this year, I lost control of my eating, and let myself get this huge. I just can't seem to help myself anymore, I can't stop eating . And , I'm getting fatter and fatter every day. And, as for the pregnancy, well, I , I, just hope.."

"Peggy, how could you have done this to yourself ? I mean, I thought you got a little chubby back during our college days, but , I would have never thought that you would let yourself get this heavy. I guess it happens, a woman gets married, gets pregnant, then destroys her figure by packing on the pounds !"

"Brad, I'm so sorry I've disappointed you, I really didn't want you to see me like this. But, I must tell you that my husband loves me this way. He can't keep his hands off of me, and loves to fondle my fat belly. Our sex life is better than ever !" Peggy responded defensively.

Then, she attempted to reach her keys again. She knew that she had to get out of this parking lot , before Brad made any more unkind remarks about her massive weight gain.

Huffing and puffing, she reached and groped past her big belly trying to reach down to the car floor to grasp the keys.

Peggy thought to herself, "Whew, now you can be really stunned, Brad, just look at me, I've gained so much weight that my big belly makes it impossible for me to reach down beyond it to the floorboard of this car. If You think I look terrible, you must really be shocked to see that I ''ve gotten so huge that it is impossible for me to bend down and pick up my keys ! "

Brad interjected, " Peg, you're right. What's really important is that the two of you are happy. I guess, I'd just never thought you would have totally lost control of yourself . I guess that when we were dating, I always feared that you would go from pleasingly plump to overweight. I guess I just never thought you'd end up obese. I'm so sorry for you, but if your husband is happy with you, well, I guess that's all that matters. Here, let me get those keys for you, I just can't stand to see a woman struggle and exhaust herself."

Brad opened Peggy's car door, knelt down on the pavement, and began to feel around the floorboard to find Peggy's keys. As he was fumbling around trying to find the keys, his face was parallel with Peggy's huge belly. Lurching for the keys, Brad slipped forward, his face falling into her belly. He quickly pulled has right arm up from the floorboard in an attempt to regain his balance. As he pulled his arm up, it became lodged between Peggy's legs, stopping at her moist, engorged crotch.

He moved his right hand tightly against her crotch in an attempt to push himself up. Peggy became noticeably stimulated. Peggy was really getting wet. Her engorged clit was beginning to make her swollen pussy throb.

Brad was strangely becoming very aroused. Peggy's fat thighs and crotch felt so sensuous. His head tightly pressed against her massive belly felt so warm and comforted, much like , when as a child, he would put his head in his mother's lap .

Could this be possible ? Could Brad become so turned on by a Preggo whose belly was so enormous that it prevented her from reaching past it to touch the floor ? Brad had always found fat women to be so repulsive. Could a woman who he had once dumped because she had weighed 150 pounds, and, who was now approaching 300 pounds, really turn him on ? Before this experience, he wouldn't be caught dead in public with a woman who had become so fat! "Oooh, Peggy. Oh, honey, your massive gut and chubby crotch are just turning me on! You feel so soft and sexy ! Oh, please, please, I want to put my dick in your fat pussy ! Pleeze, Oh, pleeze let me stick my throbbing dick in your fat pussy. I just can't stand it anymore -your fat pregnant bloated belly is such a turn on !"

"Brad, baby, are you sure, I 've gotten so fat. I've lost control of my self. How could you possibly want to screw me since I have gained so much weight ?... Oh, Brad, you feel so good keep holding your hand against my pussy," Peggy exclaimed as she began panting, and heaving her huge belly up and down against the steering wheel.

Brad pleaded, "Peggy, Peggy, pleeze, I want to thrust my dick inside your fat pussy. You are soo, soo sexy. "

"Brad, you don't really mean it. I am so embarrassed that you've seen me in this condition. I'm approaching 300 pounds, I've gotten so fat that its difficult for me to move. Oh, I'm so sorry that I've disappointed you and let myself gain so much weight. Oh, Oh, Brad your hand feels so good against my clit, Oh, pleeze keep rubbing it ! Brad, I was sexy once. Last year, when I was down to 119 pounds you would have really thought I was a knockout. It's true , Brad, I had a flat belly, small hips, and a slinky waist ! You would have never dumped me. Now, look what I've done to myself ! You're right, Brad, I really let myself go. I'm so ashamed that you've seen that I've gained so much weight that it's now hard for me to move this big gut around !"

"Brad, please , please, don't tell people, 'Peggy's gotten so enormous. She is so fat ! You wouldn't believe it. She's gotten too fat to fuck ' ! "

"But, Peggy, you ARE super sexy now ! I could only tell people that you really turn me on. I am so thrilled to see you like this ! I never knew that touching a fat woman with such a huge belly would send me into orbit like this. " Brad continued to ramble as his dick got harder and redder: "Your body is such ecstasy ! You are such a sexy wench ! I just love to touch your wide hips ! You are so hot! I just can't take it- Your big belly and fat crotch are so exciting ! I can't believe that I've been missing this excitement all of my life .. ! Oh, Peggy where have you been all of these years ? Peggy, Oh, Peggy, your sexy body is making my dick so , so hard! I, just was never turned on by you like this before -this is just too much ! " "Brad, You don't really mean it. You're just feeling sorry for me because you know you hurt my feelings when you told me how terrible I look since gaining all this weight . Brad, please don't tease me, I've become very sensitive after getting so fat ."

"Peggy, Its the honest to God's truth, you really are such a sexy turn-on. I'll never be the same after touching your bloated belly and soft fat crotch. You never turned me on like this before ! My God, I never knew touching a fat woman would make me lose control like this ! I want you. Oh, Peg, I want you now !

Peggy began panting and gasping for breath as she held her huge gut, trying to move up and down.

" Brad, Brad, I'm so sorry but, Whew, AH, Oh, Brad, can't you see ! I've gotten Oh, Oh, so fat that its too hard for me to move quickly." "Help me move, Oh, God, please help me move up and down ! I want to move faster, but my belly is too fat for me to move! " Suddenly, Peggy was shocked to her senses by her own words:

'Help me move, Oh, God, please help me move up and down ! I want to move faster, but my belly is too fat for me to move! ' Those very words were the words that she had cried out when Mike fucked her brains out on the day that she had returned from her trip to Omaha . It was then that she was shocked to learn that she gained so much weight that it was difficult for her to move while trying to fuck Mike because of her huge belly! How could she now betray the love of Mike, her fat adoring husband ? Peggy realized that Mike loved her and loved her expanding belly. Why should she let this jerk enjoy it ? Wasn't this the same dickhead who dumped her a few years back because she gained 20 pounds ? In a moment of lucidity, Peggy screamed, "Brad, damn it, stop this ! My fat body is the sole property of my husband! "

" Jesus, and what a lucky bastard he is ! Peggy, please, please let me pump your fat pussy with cum. I just never knew that any woman would be so sexy after gaining so much weight. Oh, Peg, I never knew this was possible ! Please, Peggy, I've just got to bang you , Oh, Peggy, your big belly is just soo sexy ! "

"Brad you're crazy, , we're in the middle of a public drive in restaurant in broad daylight.

" You have got to stop this . Brad, Stop ! Stop this right now- God damn you ! ",

"Okay, Peggy, Here are your keys. Now, will you let me fuck your big beautiful body ? My dick is going berserk ! I can't even feel the rest of my body ! "

Peggy then pushed Brad off of her, and screeched loudly, "Mike would kill you if he found you touching me ! I love my husband for loving my fat body, and every inch of it is his and his alone !"

Brad moved his hand away from Peggy's crotch, grabbed his 'on hard ' dick, and, screamed, " Shit ! I ' m shooting off right here in my pants ! Ah, Ah, Ah, oh, Peggy, look. God Damn ! Look, just look what you made me do ! You are the most incredibly sexy woman ! I really want to do this with you for real ! Please, please, come to my condo with me right now Please, Peggy, Please Peggy, You've just got to let me fuck you ! " " Sorry, Brad, you'll have to find your own sexy fat woman, " Peggy confidently retorted, "THIS ONE is taken !"

She threw her car in reverse, started the engine, and began pulling out of the parking lot, leaving Brad standing unbalanced, moaning and holding his cum soaked wet crotch. Laughingly , Peggy jeered, "Hope someday you find the sexy fat woman of your wet dreams !"

Peggy sped away sporting a broad smile .

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