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The Pickup
by TR

This story is dedicated to the incredibly sexy plump girl I saw on Telegraph Avenue today. I only saw you for a moment, but it was one of those moments that stick with a person.

Beatrice was having a great time at college. She loved being away from home. She had a fairly light course load and her parents had given her plenty of spending money, so she was able to spend a lot lot of time just hanging out with her friends and doing whatever she felt like.

The best part was her mother not being around to nag her about her eating. She wasn't overweight, but her mother was always afraid she'd get fat, and was always nagging her to eat less.

But now she would eat whatever she wanted at the dorm, usually having seconds of everything (especially dessert). And around ten o'clock in the evening or so, she would often go out for a snack with some friends--pizza, hot fudge sundaes, or cheeseburgers and fries.

She also ate well at breakfast and lunch, along with the odd candy bar.

She didn't worry about her weight at all, until one morning she looked at herself in the mirror, and realized she'd definitely filled out. Her breasts were bigger, and her belly and hips had accquired an undeniable pudginess. She weighed herself for the first time in two months and found to her horror that she'd gained 20 pounds!

Of course she'd known she was gaining weight--after all, hardly any of her clothes fit her anymore--but she hadn't realized she'd gained _that_ much weight.

"I guess I'll have to go on a diet," she said to herself sadly.

That evening she went on the Internet to look up the latest information on diet and weight-loss. Somehow she wound up in the fat-support areas.

"Well," she said to herself with a laugh,"if I get fat, at least I'll have resources to help me cope with it!"

And then she got to the fat-positive groups. She was amazed. There were women who _liked_ being fat? Were they serious? And there were men, called "FAs" who _preferred_ them that way? Beatrice couldn't believe it.

And then she stumbled across something even more amazing...there were women, called "feedees", who gained weight on purpose! And there were "feeders", men who like to fatten women up!

But the most amazing thing of all was that when she started reading the feeder/feedee stories, she got incredibly turned on. She had never much like pornography or erotica, but now she couldn't stop herself from masturbating frantically as she read story after story, envying all those women who just ate and ate and got as fat as they wanted.

Before she knew it, it was 10PM. There was a knock at the door.

"Beatrice, we're getting pizza," said one of her friends, "Coming? Oh, I forgot, you're on a diet, aren't you?"

"I haven't started it yet," said Beatrice. She went with her friends down to the pizzeria. One of them began ordering their usual, a large pepperoni and mushroom, but Beatrice stopped her and ordered an extra large, explaining she was really hungry that night. She ate half the pizza herself. Her friends teased her good-naturedly about what a pig she was making of herself. She went back to the dorm (fortunately her roommate was out of town), ate candy bars and read feeder stories until very late.

The next day she went out shopping...she really needed some new clothes. She found a nice pair of pants and looked around for a blouse to go along with them. She finally found one she liked...one that exposed a narrow strip of pudgy tummy flesh and hip flesh just above her pants.

She had to see if anyone would admire her new plumpness, if there were any FAs really out there--and this was the perfect outfit. It showed exactly how chubby she was getting, and implied that she was proud of it.

She went for a walk down Telegraph. Sure enough, she did get a lot of looks. Some people looked disgusted, some fascinated, but a few looked unabashedly lecherous.

She went and browsed for a while in a record store. She suddenly realized a man was standing nearby. She turned and looked at him, catching him staring directly at her belly.

He looked embarrassed, so somehow it was easy for her to ask him what he was staring at.

"I...I thought I recognized you for a minute," he stammered,"but I guess I was wrong."

She shrugged and turned back to the CDs she'd been looking at.

"But I wonder," he said,"would you like to go out for ice cream? My treat."

She gasped...she knew from reading the feeder material that "Would you like to go out for ice cream?" was a feeder code phrase! This guy had to be a feeder!

"Uh...well...I don't know..." she said, trying to remember the proper answer.

"You don't know?"

Then it came to her.

"Okay," she said,"but I'd better warn you--I have a really good appetite."

"That's fine!" he said, smiling.

He took her to Edy's.

"Oh Edy's!" she said when they got there,"I thought you said Eaties!"

They both laughed and went in. She ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

"I thought I was taking you out for ice cream," he said, teasingly.

"I can't order that now--it'll melt."

When her food came, she ordered a banana split as well.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" he asked,"Don't you know banana splits are really fattening?"

"That's okay," she said,"it's kind of a...hobby of mine."

"What is? Eating fattening food?"

"Yes, I really love fattening food."

"Aren't you worried that you'll get fat?"

"Of course not. That would interfere with my hobby."

She still wasn't quite sure about Bill (for that was his name)... if he was a feeder, why was he critical of her eating habits? Shouldn't he be encouraging her? Of course, maybe he was just trying to figure _her_ out first.

The banana split came...it was immense. She hoped she could finish it. Fortunately, it tasted terrific.

She decided to go on the offensive with this guy.

"So, what do you think of my hobby?"

"I think it's great," he said.

"Even if I get fat?"

"I think you'd look good with a few more pounds on you."

"Well, we just may find out if you're right..."

She was incredibly stuffed when she finished the banana split. It was actually hard to walk. When she got into his car her pants felt so tight it was almost unbearable. After they drove a little ways, she asked if he minded if she unbuttoned her pants, since they were so tight.

"No, I don't mind," he said. He practically crashed the car because he was watching her belly as it sprung out of the confinig pants.

He stopped in front of her dorm.

"Can I see you again sometime?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said,"I don't really think we're that compatible, besides the feeder/feedee thing."

There it was. She'd said it.

"Uh, I know what you mean. It really isn't enough to base a relationship on..."

"Of course," she said pensively,"it _is_ enough to base casual sex on."

They went to his place. Stuffed though she was, she managed to eat a few chocolate truffles as he made love to her.

It was the best sex she ever had.

She weighed herself the next day and felt a kind of guilty sexual thrill--she'd gained another pound. She thought of Bill...pity he wasn't more her type.

"Of course, there must be others out there," she thought, putting on another of the outfits she'd bought the day before. She checked herself out in the mirror--if anything, this outfit showed off even more plump flesh than the other one.

Eagerly, she walked out and headed toward the Avenue..