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The Three Little Plumpers
by The Observer

(The following, like other realistic weight gain fiction of the author, is based upon true tales --- in this case a combination of a chatroom discussion and a sighting on the Dimension's website. Comments of readers are welcome)

Leah was an intelligent, talented, and perceptive teenager. She kept out of trouble and managed to make good grades in school. Indeed, she could even cook and sew as well as any adult --- unusual for a teenager in the nineties but reflective of her previous involvement in the local scouting program.

Despite her own skills, however, she knew things had been tight financially for her parents since her Father was downsized out of his $15 per hour job. He was now making $10 an hour and her mother had gone back to work as well. They had also sold their home and moved into a reasonably nice apartment complex where the payments were half their former mortgage.

Given this background it was natural for her to accept the summer time offer of Natalie Madison, one of the other tenants, in the complex. Nautilie's husband was a line haul truck driver who was one the road two thirds of the time. Natalie had managed to secure a lunchtime job at a local restaurant two months before and was now being invited to work the very tip-rich evening shift.

She wanted Leah to cook supper and help prepare her three children for the next school year during the evening so that she could take advantage of the opportunity. Leah would earn $20 a night, have her meal there as well, plus free privileges in the kitchen for herself if she wanted to. And she would be home each night before 11:00.

It all worked very well for the summer. Natalie was bringing in over $100 in income (mostly tips) each night and Leah truly enjoyed being "on her own" while saving her parents the cost of another mouth to feed. And she wasn't overly concerned about the fact that her clothes seemed to be getting a bit tighter.

As school time approached, however, Leah did become concerned that continuing the arrangement could tie her down in terms of school activities. She was also mature enough to realize that handling both cooking and homework tutoring chores could impact her own grades. So she made a proposal to Natalie.

Two of her friends who lived nearby, Marcia Holmes and Sandi Meeker, would work with her during the school year. At least two of the three girls would be there each night and that way none of them would be overburdened. The salary would be increased to $30 a night and split between whoever was there for a particular evening. To justify this the girls would also take on responsibility for the laundry and some cleaning.

The children by this time had come to love both Leah's cooking (which, to tell the truth, was more varied and tasty than that of their mother) and so Natalie agreed. She, in fact, became quite pleased with the way the house was being maintained and her children progressing. Her husband was impressed as well. Accordingly they took pains to make sure the larder was always stocked with frozen pizzas, frozen pies, ice cream --- even an occasional cake from the day-old bakery.

You can guess, of course, what happened. Each night after the children were in bed the girls did their homework --- but also contentedly munched on the goodies which had been provided. After a year all of them had gained at least twenty pounds --- and Leah had gained thirty.

The remarkable thing was that none of the trio seemed a whit concerned about their growing bodies. Leah's semi-regular boyfriend, a letterman on the football team, even praised her as being "prettier than ever" and threatened her with a banana split if he caught her dieting. She was also elected Treasurer of the student body for the next year and her two friends both became officers in campus clubs.

Leah's parents were thankfully not of a mind to nag her about weight issues. They had their problems to deal with and were relieved that their daughter was doing so well and insisting on making her own clothes while saving them money at the same time.

Still, Leah knew that she was growing larger month by month. As the school year drew to a close she sat down with one of her instructors, a larger lady named Barbara Mahoney and explained her dilemma.

"I know," she said, "that if I keep going like this I may be 200 lbs by the time I graduate. But for some reason I have no interest or motivation to change. It is if I actually enjoy the experience. Is there such a thing as a normal person actually liking to be big?"

"Yes," Barbara assured her. "There is. How large a person becomes is a choice no one else but the person should make --- just realize that, once made, it is very difficult if not impossible decision to reverse. Also, some may criticize you for it. But if it is truly in your heart and mind to be such a person there is not a whole lot you are going to be able to do to change it."

Leah decided to stop worrying about her dress size and concentrate on the student body budget, her three young charges, and her grades. Her friends did likewise. Halfway through the school year her Father finally got a job in line with his former income. As a result the family debts were wiped out and her parents began talking about buying a house. But when their daughter brought home two consecutive straight A report cards and won a scholarship at graduation they decided to buy her a very nice used car first.

Her duties at Natalie's, of course, ceased when Leah went on to the same college this year as her boy friend (yes, he got a football scholarship ) --- but Marcia and Sandi, plus another girl named Rhonda, are still there. Both they and the kids are a little rounder now than they were a few months ago. So the saga continues.