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The Pro
by mjm

The aging matriarch sipped her mint julep as she watched the black car turn the corner. Suddenly the passenger door flew open, a young woman fell or maybe leapt from the speeding car. The matriarch hurried as best as shec ould to lend a hand to the obviously unconscious young woman while callingf or Oleta all the way. By the time the matriarch got to the young woman,she was huffing and puffing. Her age and incredible bulk was showing. Oleta arrived and together helped the young woman into the stately old mansion.

They cleaned and dressed her wounds. It was obvious from her attire that the young woman was a prostitute. Oleta, the matriarch's young black live-inmaid and companion said, "The lord works in mysterious ways." Martha, the 5'8" 410 pound 48 year old matriarch, only smiled and nodded her head.

Oleta went to prepare lunch for Martha while Martha tended to the battered young pro. As Oleta rolled in Martha's sumptuous luncheon, the young pro started to come to. She moaned and whimpered a typical, "Where am I? What happened?" Martha answered, "You had an accident and fell out of a car in front of my house. My name is Martha. This is Oleta and your name is?"

"Aaa it's Sabrina," the young pro answered. Martha and Oleta knew it was a fictitious name but they did not protest.

"Are you hungry? Do you feel well enough to sit up and have a bite to eat?" asked Martha. The young woman thought a moment. It had been several days since she had eaten and probably was.

"Yes, I'm hungry and I think I can sit up." Sabrina replied as she struggled to sit up. Oleta helped her to her feet and lead her to the dinner table which was laden with a lavish feast.

Martha took a seat next to her and as she dug in encouraged Sabrina to do likewise. Martha ate quickly and so did Sabrina. Sabrina's shrunken stomach filled quickly but Martha ate and ate and ate. Once Martha was obviously quite stuffed, Oleta brought in a variety of desserts. Martha selected several. Sabrina at first declined but with Martha's encouragement decided on a piece of chocolate layer cake. Sabrina could only hold a few bites but Martha somehow managed to eat every last crumb of her desserts and then polished off the remainder of Sabrina's layer cake. The two women retired to the den.

Both had a little trouble making the trip. Sabrina was still a little wobbly from her accident and Martha was just a little too over-stuffed. Martha noticed that the 6' blue eyed brunette pro had recently lost some weight by the way that her "ho clothes" fit so loosely. Sabrina probably weighed about 200 when the "ho clothes" were new but was probably now down to about 175 which some would say was still too plump. Martha wondered about the weight loss, dieting or drugs or both?

"How long you been working the streets?" Martha asked. Sabrina was at first a little surprised by the question but knew her outfit gave away her vocation.

"Three or four years off and on," she answered.

"Are you hooked on crack?" the matriarch inquired. Sabrina wondered how the old woman knew about the drugs.

"No, absolutely not!" she retorted with indignation.

"I can help you if you want my help but you can never lie to me ever again. Are you hooked on crack?" she asked again.

"Ok, I'm a drug addict! Are you satisfied?" she blurted out thenadded "But I can stay off the drugs if I'm not around it. It's just that the streets are thick in it."

"Very good. Now listen to what I'm about to tell you. I've been in the business for over thirty years, on the streets and in some of the best and worst houses around. About twenty years ago the business started changing. Thin was in, I had always been a little on the plump side plus with plastic surgery on the increase, the demand for a pro with my vital statistics was on the decline. I was working in a house on Bourbon Street in 'Nawlins' and wasn't making any money at all and this was one of the best around. The cajun lady who ran the house took me aside and said that if I wanted to start making more money I needed to do one of two things. I could either go on a diet and get a boob job or I could gain some weight and cater only to 'chubby chasers'." Martha paused to have a chocolate and offered one to Sabrina. As Sabrina ate her chocolate, Martha continued.

"I couldn't afford plastic surgery so since I could eat for free at the house, it was an easy decision. All I did all day long, day in and day out was stuff myself and within a month, I had gained fifty pounds. Business started picking up and I continued to gain. My weight leveled off at about 350. I made more money than anybody and that was with only about three tricks a week. Within a few years, I had saved enough money to buy this house and became independent. The years are catching up with me and my regular customersare slowly dwindling away. I need a replacement." Martha and Sabrina each had another chocolate.

"Here's the deal. You need to gain at least about 75 pounds to be fat enough to start making any money. You can live here. Oleta will cook for you and help fatten you up. I'll even give you a little spending money but you must gain at least 25 pounds each month, no drugs at all, no working on the side and I get fifty percent." Martha said as she held out a chubby hand for Sabrina to shake to close the deal. Sabrina reached out a little too quickly to take Martha's hand. As they shook, Martha knew that Sabrina had scamming in mind but hoped for the best. "Do you need to go and get any of your personal belongings?" Martha asked. Sabrina thought about her chances of getting her stuff without a hassle or without getting stabbed and said, "No, I don't think so."

Oleta showed Sabrina the guest room. Sabrina looked at the few odd piecesof bric-a-brac and wondered how much crack she could get with the contents of the room. She checked the window and found it covered by exterior burglar bars along with the bathroom window. The only way in or out was through the door. Oleta returned with a bathrobe for Sabrina and began to draw her a warm bubble bath. She undressed quickly and slid into the warm scented water. It felt so good. How long had it been since she had taken a bath? Most of the places she stayed only had showers.

She almost drifted off to sleep when she heard a knock at the bathroom door. "Yes?" she responded. "Got a little snack for you. Need to eat it all up." Oleta said as she laid the tray across the tub. Sabrina began to nibble and slowly the desire for a rock began to fade. She really enjoyed the snack that Oleta had brought and especially enjoyed not feeling driven to go get another rock. Before long, Sabrina was too stuffed to eat another bite and settled back to soak. Oleta came in to check on her.

"Not too bad. Are you good and stuffed?" Oleta asked.

"Very." was Sabrina's reply.

Oleta removed the tray and held up an enormous terry bathrobe for Sabrinato slip into. "You need to take a nap and let that belly-full of food turn into fat." Oleta directed. Oleta had already turned back the bed and Sabrina climbed in. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought about a happier time years ago before the drugs and the street. She slept for several hours and was awakened by the feeling that the bed was going to tip over. She opened her eyes and saw Martha sitting on the side of the bed smiling at her.

"Sorry to wake you, but supper will be ready soon." said Martha. "I sent Oleta out to get you a few things." she said as she handed Sabrina a big brown bag. Sabrina opened it and pulled out the new panties and bras along with an oversized sleep shirt. She checked the sizes. The bra was ok but the panties were too big and said so. "Don't worry about the panties. You'll grow into them. "Martha said reassuringly. "Makea list of anything else you need and tomorrow, Oleta will get it for you.Oleta threw away what you were wearing when you arrived. I hope you don't mind." Martha added. Sabrina shook her head and pulled on the nightshirt as Martha slowly waddled towards the door.

Sabrina looked at herself in the full length mirror and the desire for a rock was almost unbearable. She wanted out and wanted a rock right now. Then she heard a knock at the door and Oleta telling her that dinner was served. With no clothes and no money, Sabrina knew that she would have to wait until later to make her escape with enough loot to get a rock.

Oleta had prepared a salad, ravioli and garlic toast. As Sabrina began to eat, the desire for a rock began to fade. Once well stuffed, after much encouragement to keep eating by both Martha and Oleta, the desire for crackwas only a faint memory. Oleta served up big hunks of Italian cream cake for dessert. Sabrina did her best but Martha had to finish it for her. They retired to the den to watch TV and digest.

Sabrina was in a bit of a stupor which was disrupted by Oleta telling Marthathat they had "company". The middle aged gentlemen was invited into the den where he was introduced to Sabrina as "Jim". Martha and Jim excused themselves and headed for Martha's bedroom. Oleta followed to check on their needs and returned shortly.

"Jim is a once a month "visitor". He always gives Miss Martha a grand." Oleta said as she took a seat on the couch and offered Sabrina a chocolate. Sabrina took one even though she was still too stuffed to eat it but took a bite anyway as she thought about a $1,000 trick. The most that Sabrina had ever done was a $500 trick and that was only because theguy was so drunk that he thought he was counting out five $20's instead of five $100's.

"Miss Martha has some regulars that visit every two weeks at $1,000 a visit." Oleta added. Something strange happened. Ordinarily, Sabrina would have thought about how much crack she could have bought with that much money but not this time.

After and hour or so, as the stuffed feeling was beginning to wear off and the craving for a rock began to grow, Martha and Jim emerged from thebedroom. Jim kissed her and left. Martha took a seat in her easy chair while Oleta went to fetch a large glass of milk and a big hunk of layer cake. The craving for a rock was getting stronger and stronger. Sabrina eyed the piece of cake so Oleta went to get another for Sabrina. She dug in with gusto and soon that craving for a rock was replaced by a warm glowing stuffed feeling. Then it was bed time.

Sabrina fell asleep quickly and slept for several hours. She awakened with a start. The crack pipe was calling for her and she had to have some as soon as possible. She threw on the bathrobe, wrapped as many curios into a towel as she could and headed for the door. Just as she touched the knob, she heard the sound of the dinner cart rolling down the hall on the other side of the door. She hid her loot under the bed and jumped into the bed and had just covered herself as Oleta knocked softly and entered. "Thought you might need a little snack" Oleta said as she rolled the cart over to the bed. It was much more than a "little snack", more like a small feast.

Sabrina could not control herself and charged Oleta. Oleta was a hell of a lot stronger than Sabrina had imagined. When she realized that she couldn ot get past Oleta, Sabrina became hysterical. Oleta slapped her face good and hard and said, "Get a grip. Sit down and eat." Mechanically, Sabrina did so. Oleta stayed with her. Eventually, Sabrina got good and stuffed and the desire for a rock vanished. Although Sabrina thought she was finished, Oleta thought different.

"Keep eatin'" Oleta demanded. Sabrina's face still stung from the slap so she resumed eating. Oleta watched sternly as Sabrina ate bite after bite. As the pain from the load in her belly was about to become completely unbearable, a strange thing began to happen. Sabrina began to feel intoxicated. She continued to eat. The drunken sensation that came over her completely obliterated the pain in her gut and without a doubt the high was a better high than she had ever gotten from any drug. She eventually became so intoxicated that she passed out. Oleta quietly left.

Sabrina dreamed of huge meals and a huge belly to hold all the huge meals and the dream was good. When she woke, she had no hangover as she expected from being intoxicated because she thought that Oleta had spiked her food but she hadn't. All she felt was hungry.

The days passed quickly and Sabrina's weight shot up drastically. It was pretty easy for her. She would just eat until she would get too stuffed andt oo intoxicated to continue and pass out. Then after a short nap start the process all over again. Within a month she was up to 250 and Martha was ready for her to start entertaining company. It was really weird. Customers would pay her lots of money just to feed her and make love to her and the funny thing was that getting fed to intoxication and then made love to was so great that she would have gladly paid them if she could have.

After six months of working for Martha, Sabrina was approaching 500 pounds and it looked like she could manage to go to seven without any problem and probably would eventually. She was seeing six customers a day, every four hours, seven days a week so she was getting stuffed to bursting 42 times a week. She literally had no other life but she would not have had it any other way. Martha had basically retired except for the occasional long time customer that had grown old with Martha.

Within a year after coming to Martha's, Sabrina passed the 600 pound mark and was still maintaining the six a day every day regimen. Martha, canceled one of Sabrina's appointments so that the two could have a heart to heart. As the two fabulously fat women gobbled their meals, Martha's accountant and financial planner, James, arrived. He and Martha had a special barter arrangement for his and her services. James came prepared with charts and graphs spreadsheets which he presented using an overhead projector.

The women continued to stuff themselves as James made his presentation. "Sabrina, as you know, Martha has retained me to handle your money as well as hers. Naturally, Martha's account balance is significantly larger than yours. However, as of this morning, your current balance is $607,725.13 while if Martha doesn't mind me telling, her balance is a little over $1.8million." Most people would have swooned from hearing those numbers but the women never missed a bite except Martha mumbled with her mouth full, "You could retire too, you know."

Sabrina held back her fork long enough to say, "Not yet. I'm still having too much fun and I want to keep working at least until I hit sevenhundred and by then I should have well over a million." and resumed her eating.