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The Rental Car
by KW

My girlfriend Pat is an aerobics queen who teaches a class before she goes to work and again after she gets off work. She frequently runs during lunch as well. She seems driven to work out and stay slim, but doesn't seem to enjoy the work out or being thin. It's like she thinks it's expected of her or it's a challenge she's obligated to meet. She's frequently moody and irritable. I've suspected the constant suffering and denial for something she doesn't enjoy were a partial cause. I've often wished she would get fat. It would drive me crazy with desire and probably make her happier as well. As you're about to see, sometimes wishes do come true.

One day, while on her way home from the evening aerobics class she's involved in a serious car accident. Fortunately the seat belt prevents her from receiving more than a few bruises, but her car is nearly a total wreck. The body shop tells her that it will take quite a while to repair so much damage. "That's fine" she says, "I can do without a car for awhile. It should be no big deal".

Well, a week goes by and she finds out it is a big deal. She has to ride her bike and take the bus to work. This takes a lot longer than driving and means she no longer has time for the aerobics classes she used to do. Two weeks go by and she's about to go crazy. She's going through "exercise withdrawal" from not doing her usual routine and feels she's getting fat. Unable to get around as easily as she could with the car, she also feels somewhat isolated from others and trapped in our apartment. Actually, she hasn't gained a pound (although she is slightly "softer" looking) and her friends have been good about coming over to do things at her place - giving her rides when needed. But, perception is everything.

I ask her why she doesn't get a rental car until hers is repaired. She replies that she forgot to get that type of coverage on her insurance and can't afford the expense herself. She asks me if I could help her pay for it. I agree to do it, but tell her I want to set some conditions on our deal so I don't go broke paying for a rental car while her car sits in the shop for months. After thinking for a moment, I tell her paying for the car will cost me a lot, so I want her to pay a high price also. I want her to gain 3 pounds each week she needs the car. We'll establish a base weight when she picks up the car and each week she has to weigh 3 more pounds than the week before. Even if she gained more than the required weight previously. She looks at me with a very shocked expression, so I explain that I know staying slim is important to her. When she feels her clothes get tighter and her body get softer, she will be very motivated to have the body shop finish their work quickly - saving me from a lengthy car rental period. When she hesitates to accept the deal I get nervous - seeing my chance to have her become the plumper I've always wanted her to be slipping away. I quickly tell her that the car will probably take only a few weeks and that she can probably lose the weight quickly when the deal is over. I know both of these are lies. She has an old, rare car that will take lots of time just to find parts for let alone repair. As we all know, losing weight isn't easy or quick either. Once fat you tend to stay that way. After a moment (one that seems like an eternity to me), she asks if I will still find her attractive as she puts on the weight. Truthfully this time, I reply "Of course I will. I'd find you attractive at any size. Who knows? I may even find you more attractive with a fuller figure". This seems to console her and she agrees to our deal.

We go to pick up the rental car, a shinny new Mustang convertible. I know a boring sedan would be cheaper, but I'm hoping that a fun car like this will help counteract the apprehension she has while gaining the weight. From the gleeful look in her eyes as she gets in the car, I'd say that it will. We drive off. Starting an adventure I hope is my wish coming true.

At home, its time for the weigh-in. Standing in just her bra and panties, she steps on the scale. Waiting for the dial to stop spinning, I stand nearby admiring her. She is quite good looking. She has shoulder length charcoal brown hair, parted on the side and cut in a "pageboy" style. Her clear olive skin, high cheek bones, big brown eyes and full red lips give her the face of a goddess. While quite skinny, she is muscular. Her breasts are rather "little girlish", but the underlying muscles do give the area a little shape. Her tummy is flat also with the well defined "6-pack" look years of abdominal crunches have provided. Narrow hips lead to "toothpick" legs that match her "toothpick" arms. Her best feature (in my opinion - not hers) is her butt. Its relatively large and full but firm. Something you can really grab on to. The needle on the scale stops at an even 100 pounds. Even at only 5 feet tall, that's not lot of weight.

At first Pat has trouble eating enough to gain any weight. Years of self denial have made eating a lot difficult both mentally and physically for her. After a couple days of watching her take small portions, finish them and claim to be too full for seconds, I have an idea. Instead of letting her serve herself, I load the plate with food before she sits down to eat. Naturally the plate is overflowing with food. When she claims to be too full to finish all of it, I take the tone of a parent scolding a child and say "No sex for you tonight until you finish your dinner young lady". She knows it's an empty threat, but it seems to help - she finishes her dinner.

On Thursday, after finishing a big helping of lasagna, Pat sits down in front of the TV with a carton of chocolate ice cream. After only a few spoonfuls she puts it down claiming to be full. I know she can do better so I move around behind her. Unbuttoning her pants her belly bursts out forcing the button and the button hole about few inches apart. I move my left hand down there and begin massaging her "nether regions" while gently caressing her neck with my lips. As she to responds to the attention, I feed her the ice cream with my right hand, making sure to tease her lips and tongue with the cold substance. As her excitement grows, she takes the ice cream faster and faster, until I can barely keep up with her demand for the stuff. Before we know it, she's finished the entire half-gallon container! Now she really is full. She is so full that she has to lean back, unable to sit up because of the pressure on her belly. We decide to continue things upstairs in the bedroom so I help her up from the couch. Standing, she's a sight to behold. Her slender figure makes her belly appear very erotic - sticking way out from the rest of her body, bloated and round with the skin stretched tight. It looks as if she were several months pregnant. As we move up the stairs, I can't keep my hands off of it - caressing it's fullness. In the bedroom, the feel of my belly rubbing against her very full belly is heavenly.

By the end of the first week, she has barely made her weight gain requirement. During the second week though, her appetite improves and she learns to relax and enjoy eating whatever she wants. She had planned on resuming teaching her aerobics classes, but the health club gave the job to someone else in her absence. She doesn't want to go as a "student" so she skips the work-outs, but continues to do easy runs at lunch. At the end of the second week, she's easily made her 3 pound minimum gain with a pound to spare. While she isn't chubby yet, she does look much softer than a few weeks ago.

Dressed, she doesn't look much different. If you look closely, her belly bulges out a little below the waistband of her pants. Her legs and hips are filling her pant legs a little better and her breasts are starting to look like ... well ... woman's breasts. Undressed however, the changes are more noticeable. Her whole body is covered with a thin layer of fat that hides the veins and the "cut" look of her muscles that used to be there. Her tummy is beginning to get a nice roundness to it and there is a definite roll of flab below her belly button that hangs out over her panties a couple inches. The very soft roll extends around her waist, giving her the start of love handles and some very cute dimples above her butt. And speaking of her butt. While still firm and somewhat muscular, it has a nice layer of fat covering it now - a little more than other places on her body. Giving it just the right "squeezeably soft" look that I love and she hates. Her formerly "toothpick" arm and legs are thickening up with a fair amount of flab too. They don't jiggle yet but are looking pretty fleshy.

Pat hasn't been blind to the changes in her body. As I thought it would, the feel of her clothes getting tighter and her body getting softer has bothered her and she's been calling the body shop almost daily for updates on her car. I think the constant nagging has annoyed the guys at the shop to the point that they are intentionally delaying the work on her car to get back at her.

Although Pat hasn't liked gaining weight, she enjoys going for drives through the mountains with the top down on her rental car. Now that she's not spending the bulk of her free time doing the aerobics classes she doesn't really like, she's able to do things she does like. This has put her in a much better mood. She's also noticed that I'm paying a lot more attention to her now and she likes that too. So far my plan seems to be working.

At the end of 4 weeks, she's gained 15 pounds. While she isn't chubby yet, she's definitely on her way. She used to be able to hide the weight gain, but now it shows no matter what she wears.

At work, her coworkers are starting to tease her. Most know about our deal and while teasing her are supportive. A few are being nasty. They say things like "You used to have such a nice figure. How could you let yourself go like that?" or "Look at you. Your turning into such a 'blimp'. If you're not careful, your hips will be so wide that you won't fit into the chairs any more.". She says the attention is embarrassing but at the same time she feels a little aroused and is confused.

I think she's figured out that her weight gain turns me on. When we go out now she wears clothes that show off the new "bulges". Like the other night. We went out dancing and she wore a halter top that barely contained her breasts and pants that look like they were painted on her. The tight pants really showed off her widening hips and created a nice tummy bulge below the belt line. They also forcing an intoxicating roll of flab to hang out over the belt. She made a point of frequently "posing" so as to show off the flab in provocative ways and "complained" about how fat she was getting - pointing out the spots with noticeable gains. By the end of the night, I was so horny I was trembling!

She jiggles when she walks around the apartment naked now. She seems to find lots of excuses to go up and down the stairs when she does. It must be obvious how much the jiggling and bouncing excites me. She denies it, but I think it excites her too.

She admitted that while out running the other day she got very aroused by the sensation she felt as her flab bounced to the beat of her steps. At first she barely noticed the bouncing or that it was exciting her. But as she began to notice her belly, boobs and butt jiggling, she became embarrassed by the movement and her feelings of arousal. She tried to ignore them. But, the more she tried the more noticeable they were to her. The more noticeable they were, the more excited she got. By the time she got back to work, she was in quite a state of arousal. She took a cold shower, thinking that would help - it didn't. Finally she gave into her feelings. She closed her office door and "serviced" herself - hoping nobody would walk in and see her. Now she is seriously confused about her feelings.

One night, while watching a movie at home. I go into the kitchen to make some nachos for Pat to snack on during the movie. When I get back with the nachos, I catch her with her t-shirt pulled up playing with her tummy fat. Sitting, her flab bunches up and creates a very pleasing mound. She's kneading the mound with one hand and playing with her belly button with the other. Her index finger is almost engulfed inside her belly button. Her hips are rocking rhythmically back and forth and her eyes are glazed over. Totally absorbed in what she's doing, she doesn't even notice that I've come back into the room or that I'm watching her. I startle her as I say "We have to talk".

We talk for a while about her recent experiences. How she feels about the changes she's going through. And, how I feel about them. She admits that she likes the way gaining weight makes her feel. How it makes her so much more aware of her body and how much more sensual it feels lately. But also hates getting fat. She feels that among other things, she's losing control of herself. I put her on the couch and doing my best Sigmund Freud imitation say "You have a high need for control in your life. You see getting fat as losing that control. But, since you are gaining the weight intentionally you are still in control." Our talk seems to ease a lot of the dread she's having about getting fat. While not embracing getting fat whole heartedly, she does seem a lot more comfortable with it.

At the end of 7 weeks, she's gained 30 pounds.

Pat's starting to get a double chin and chubby cheeks. Her breasts are really filling out nicely. She's gone from flat chested to very voluptuous. She now has a large, soft pot belly which must stick out a foot or so from her body. It's matches her wide hips and very large, soft rear end. Her formerly "toothpick" arms and legs are now thick and jiggle at the slighted provocation. Even her feet have gotten pudgy. I love the way her new, softer body feels against mine. I can't really describe it but the words "feather pillow" and "whipped cream" come to mind. Even her skin has become softer.

She's always liked wearing sexy, revealing clothes. Gaining weight hasn't stopped her. Like the other day. She wore this silk blouse that may have fit a week or two ago. But now it was straining to contain her breasts. With the top 2 or 3 buttons undone to make more room, the blouse revealed some very provocative cleavage. Her wide hips and generous rear end caused the short leather skirt she wore to ride up and reveal even more of her soft chubby thighs than it was intended to. The fishnet stockings drew even more attention to her thighs while her high heels formed her chubby calves into a nice diamond shape. A very attractive package.

As the weeks go by, Pat is becoming quite the plumper. Now into week 10, she's gained 50 pounds. That's a lot on her 5 foot frame. I'm constantly aroused by the sight of her full, ripe body and we both enjoy the enthusiastic sex that produces. She seems to actually have begun to like being chubby. Where I used to have to remind her about our "agreement", now she needs no encouragement to eat and gain. She seems to have a much better disposition now and more self-confidence.

One night, while dining at an "all you can eat" buffet, I recount my "glory days" with the other bicycle racers. We would do a long bike ride in the morning and go to an "all you can eat" buffet for lunch. We'd stay there for hours, stacking up the empty plates, until the manager would kick us out. His usual excuse was "nobody could eat that much food. You kids must be hiding it some place to steal it". Pat's competitive nature asserts itself and she asked what the record number of plates was. I can't remember but say 12. She says she can beat that and loads up another plate of food, then another. By the end of the night she has polished off 14 plates of food. Almost single-handedly emptying an entire tub of macaroni & cheese by herself. As well as polishing off all the prime rib they had and doing serious damage to their supply of deserts.

Having undone her pants so her belly could expand to hold the mountain of food she ate, Pat had counted on being able to cover up the undone pants by letting her sweater hang down over them when it was time to leave. As she got up to leave, her she found her belly had swelled to such an enormous size that it caused her sweater to ride up, covering only half of her belly. Leaving the other half and her undone pants completely exposed. I gave her my jacket to put in front of her as we left. The jacket prevented her from appearing "indecent" but it was obvious what had happened. Her belly was hanging out in plain view. People noticed and stared. Some looked disgusted, others looked envious. (Whenever I'm in an all you can eat restaurant, I wonder how many of the other patrons are feeders or feedees - I'll bet it's more than a few.) What surprised me was Pat. This would have sent the "old" Pat crying out of the restaurant with embarrassment. The "new" Pat actually seemed to like the spectacle.

At the end of week 12, I love the way Pat looks and feels with all the weight she's gained, but I'm beginning to worry I won't be able to afford the deal much longer. Fortunately, fate intervenes. Pat finally gets the call from the body shop that she's been waiting weeks for. Her car is repaired and ready to go.

We pick up her car and reluctantly drop off the rental car. As we leave the rental car agency, we both look back at the Mustang in the parking lot. Somewhat sorry to see our adventure end. Feeling the need to do so as her boyfriend, I offer to help her lose the weight now that she has her car back. To my surprise, she explains that she's felt better in the last few months than she ever has. She finds being plump is kind of fun and she doesn't want to lose the 78 pounds she's gained.

My wish has come true!